Does Omega has the Z-buster?

2022.01.21 12:14 littlebitbrain Does Omega has the Z-buster?

We know that, in the megaman Zero series, zero does not have anymore his original buster. I guess that they weren't able to replicate the buster as he lost it in the megaman series.
But still, I have a doubt: Does omega have the Zero buster? It seems superior to the buster shot, but it wouldn't make any sense if that was the case because of what I said in the first part.
Maybe it's just a normal buster shot powered by the dark elf because, otherwise, he should have the buster attached to his original body just like Copy-X
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2022.01.21 12:14 InVodkaVeritas People of Reddit who used to be younger, what little things have changed about yourself over time?

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2022.01.21 12:14 bumblebrutis11 Should I feel worried making a 4 digit transaction with my card

I want to pay a large sum of money for something that is a lot of money where if the debit card fucks up, i’m totally screwed and will be X amount in debt temporarily until customer support sort it. Is it worth trying to get this cashback because if it works just fine how it normally does, then the cashback reward will be huge and will definitely share my experience with it after the purchase if i do it on this card
Has anyone else has any transaction problems with large sum amounts?
I love cro btw, the journey has been amazing so far and will not be selling anytime soon
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2022.01.21 12:14 TwoFace240 Daily Gardenia 193

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2022.01.21 12:14 YellowSequel PGH Staircase. No filter or editing. taken with iPhone XR.

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2022.01.21 12:14 VelosBR Who thought it could get worse?

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2022.01.21 12:14 mayo_deftin I just bought another 55 so expect another dip soon!

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2022.01.21 12:14 wrongturn888 Positive advice for a bad work situation?

Hi, all!
I've been working at a nonprofit for two and a half years (the entire duration of the pandemic and then some). It was my first job out of college, and good at first. Now... not so much. Since I've started nearly our entire staff team has turned over, I have been forced into work situations that put me at risk (COVID), I have been harassed by a team member who was given no disciplinary action... I was literally the star workhorse of our team and passed over for promotions twice. Instead, they hired people in front of me so I no longer have upward mobility. I'm burnt out, I'm exhausted, and I hate my job. It's having effects on my mental health and personal life... it just sucks.
I'm graduating with my master's in May, and have a job lined up to start post-graduation, which is super exciting! It includes relocation to a better city and nearly a 50% raise doing more challenging work with upward mobility all over the place. However, I really need the paycheck, so I cant
How do I survive the next three months until graduation without checking out? How do I make an environment and work that I don't feel motivated or fulfilled by positively about? Any advice is appreciated.
Thank you,
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2022.01.21 12:14 wannabe2700 Recently grabbed a tactics book. This was in the hard section. Think I need to switch from checkers to chess

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2022.01.21 12:14 jpenaroche Buenas alguien tiene el teléfono de Greenwind Uruguay

Buenas gente, alguien conoce el teléfono de Greenwind Uruguay? Les tengo encargado un aire y ya no cumplieron con la fecha límite de envío y bueno, ni responden por Mercadolibre ni por su página de contacto, en la cual por cierto tampoco ponen el número los muy vivos :|
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2022.01.21 12:14 stupidusernamereq Any Oracle Marketing Consultants on here willing to share their experiences?

I saw a position that is really intriguing and I was hoping to get additional information from someone that is possibly in the same department
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2022.01.21 12:14 Frankfurter ODSpecs down?

I've been getting a Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource note. I've really appreciated using this site, great and simple organization of the information.
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2022.01.21 12:14 Tasty-Treat [Amazon] Arrested Development - For The Fkn Love [2 LP] - $3.99 [Pre-order]

Visit Best Vinyl Deals for this deal or direct link || Follow Best Vinyl Deals on Twitter
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2022.01.21 12:14 whatthefrickisupdude Got my snake bites pierced and idc if they aren’t trendy anymore

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2022.01.21 12:14 Bruh_24798643 Legends Zygarde

This is just pay sort of wish list, I hope the next legends game features Zygarde. honestly this post has no real purpose just wanted to put my thoughts out there just in case it does happen so I can say I told you so.
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2022.01.21 12:14 Ame3000 Polarstar jack problems

I recently installed my polarstar jack and I noticed that without the dwell being up at 50 it won’t shoot, I hate this cus it wastes so much more air! Any solutions?
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2022.01.21 12:14 PauloVersa Ranking the CFL Stadiums

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2022.01.21 12:14 RivenBow1975 We Deserve To Dream

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2022.01.21 12:14 bleek312 new patch (hotfix for the weekend)

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2022.01.21 12:14 3rdquarterking Add me to the list of frustration

Fortunately, I’m not too invested in Google products. I only have a Lenovo smart clock which I bought maybe 5 months ago, and a Nest Hub which I just bought back in December because it was 50 dollars. Before this lawsuit ruling, I was already having issues with presence sensing turning my status to away when I am sitting at home . But whatever Google has done to these products since then, its for the worse.
Like everyone else, I just realized this week my routines stopped working like before. My workday routine consists of my lights turning on every 10 minutes staring at 5:50am, announce the time, day and date, along with a reminder announcing through my Lenovo smart clock that I have x amount of minutes before I need to be out of the house. That’s no longer happening; the lights still come on, but only my first announcement happens at 5:50 and it comes though my phone not my alarm clock. The rest of the routine doesn’t seem to be running at 6am, 610 etc.. except for the lights turning on.
I’m not sure if it’s just the default routines that are provided in the app that are doing this. I have another “I’m in for the night” routine that seems to be running just fine turning off certain lights, but I have no announcements set up for it other than the app notifying me that it ran. I have a custom weekend routine that supposed to go off tomorrow morning that should turn on the lights, announce the time, day, and weather, and tell me it’s time to get up to go the gym all through the smart clock. I’m going to see if that works.
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2022.01.21 12:14 kkhan043 [Repost] [Academic] Opinion on Homelessness (US)

I am trying to obtain an understanding of the societal views on homelessness. All responses are anonymous. Thanks!
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2022.01.21 12:14 burndaherbs Shrooms shrooms LSD mescaline a lotta weed

Cant forget that THC
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2022.01.21 12:14 ThisWeekInFlips We don't do much retail arbitrage but if we see something while we're out, we get it. Picked up 6 of these at $18 and selling at $50 shipped.

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2022.01.21 12:14 magicandrogynouself Any idea how much this is worth?

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2022.01.21 12:14 roostervandy What do you think about vegans?

Only one right answer here
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