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How I lucked into my first Ber

2022.01.23 11:44 hoova How I lucked into my first Ber

I had to share this story with someone, and despite my wife's best efforts, she couldn't stop her eyes from glazing over when I got into rune conversions.
Like many of you, I am back after 20 years playing casually when I can. My cousin and I share inventory, and our long term goal is to build an enigma. I expected this to take several months, if not years based on how often we are able to play, and, of course, luck.
I can't just grind and grind, I need to play the actual game. So we came up with a little game where we use our keys to get unidentified torches and build a character based on what they are. He was hoping for a Druid, and I was hoping for an Assassin. We traded for our torches, and ID'd each other's torch. He rolled a druid! I did not roll an assassin. I got a sorc torch. A pretty nice sorc torch. I didn't want to start another torch, and we could use the runes, so I traded that for an ohm (I ended up getting a 10/10 assassin torch later for a pul). This is where my streak of good luck begins.
I traded the ohm down to a vex and some ists, and decided to make a hoto for my hammerdin. I've held on to this 4os flail since my first hell cow run. I gather up the items, make the hoto...and it rolls 40 all res, which is my first stroke of good luck. At this point I don't need a 40 hoto, I need way more elsewhere before I worry about maxing out a single item. So I trade that hoto 40 for a sur, the highest rune I've ever held. I trade that sur for a lo, vex, and some ists. At this point, we are looking at making a grief for a smiter, to run ubers (which I also have never done). So, with my newly acquired runes, and a phase blade I've also been holding on to forever, I log on to make the grief. Only issue is I don't have an eth on me, and my cousin isn't online. My next bit of good fortune.
I'll wait to make the grief, but I still have that vex, so I can finally make a hoto for my hammerdin. I grab a 4os flail, put in a ko, vex, pul...don't have a thul on me. Swap characters until I find a thul, put it in, and out pops a hoto 40!
I trade that for a sur, and because I haven't made the grief yet, I am sitting on several high runes, enough to trade for a ber. And, because everything I seem to touch turns to gold, the guy who traded me the ber used the sur to roll a max damage last wish. And that's how I suddenly, fortuitously, find myself one jah away from my major goal.
tl;dr: turned 4x3 keys into a ber
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2022.01.23 11:44 abjinternational Fixed Income Securities: A deep dive into bonds

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2022.01.23 11:44 Thatguyy50 100 Years

At death's door, a 100 years have passed. Breathe and puff; for it will by thy last.
Fragile I am, my heart thus beats in the parallel of strength, close so close to death.
All has led up to this moment, the things I have done and have not.
How could my life have got so tangled, like a solid knot?
This I assure myself is no time for distraught. The things I haven’t done and so much more, the distraught seems like all I got.
I have not got to climb the world's highest mountain, to see the children of my children grown, or travel the most vast of seas.
Just counting, counting away; at the fountain of life.
100 years I have withstood; have passed, but for time it seemed to not have last. I shall close my eyes one more time, before I close them for good.
May, just may, my child of my child come here at last? Before this withering soul must pass. Before I wither away.
“How are you doing today?” The child asked hesitantly. I am doing the best I can do, for a heart astray. I am too delicacy to carry on.
I would of course, trade all the finest riches and gold, for an age of you for me to be sold.
In this state of decay, I would bargain for a mere couple decades, rewinding of time.
Don't you know my child of child, 100 years have passed? That I will meet my dire fate at-last?
“You are still the utmost young my elder” the child of child responded in a state of confusion.
Thank you, but do not mistake this state for an illusion. 100 years have passed, and I shall close my eyes before I close thy eyes for last.
“With utmost respect, 100 years have not passed among your life. You are still precisely young.” replied the child of child.
Open your eyes, before the last time they close. Stare into the abyss of pure black, for eventually it will stare back.
Open your eyes, just one more time, before thy last.
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2022.01.23 11:44 18Lama Rampam falls, Netrang, Gujarat

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2022.01.23 11:44 LouisCyphre6 Rewatching RT's epic Miitopia story and decided to spice up my own with his Magical John mii... This was a mistake.

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2022.01.23 11:44 astronaut1156 no module named NLTK

Hello, i am coding a chatbot with nltk module, after tutorial i needed to import it into the file so i did with "import nltk". Then i ran it, now it shows no module named nltk, i have it installed both woth pip and pip3. Anyone know's how to get it installed? Python version: 3.6.3; OS: Ubuntu 20.04
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2022.01.23 11:44 FanMax I bet Adriana Lima gives the best head. Just look at those perfect lips!

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2022.01.23 11:44 Vasabk11 Art gallery damaged by water & smoke from building fire, still no access after a month.

Active federal (2 people died) and liability investigation has shut the building down for over a month now. I’ve watched water pouring out of my ground-floor gallery for 4 days straight because of the sprinklers and hoses from above and behind my space. I have not been able to get into my space for over a month now, and the building insurance and law firm has scheduled a “joint inspection” for mid February.
I want to be prepared: What things should I be looking for? What questions should I be asking? What information should I provide to get proper valuation for the consigned art and business property?
One of my main concerns is properly evaluating the condition of the art on the walls and in storage. Even if an artwork was untouched by fire or water, it was certainly affected by smoke and the frigid temperatures we have had for the last month. Art galleries are temperature-controlled for a reason, and the adverse effects of extreme temperatures will likely show up at a later time. I heard it being referred to as “diminishing value”.
Anyone have experience with this?
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2022.01.23 11:44 ezfrag2016 Home Assistant and Zigbee Control. My experience with every integration.

I am writing this in the hope that it may provide some less technically-minded or some newer users some perspective on using HA to control zigbee devices in their home. I am principally addressing myself a few months ago before I slammed my head into a brick wall over and over and found an answer.
Bottom line is that HA can do a great job controlling zigbee devices providing you have the right environment and are using the right set-up. If your environment is free from interference and your walls are nice and transparent at 2.4GHz then it will probably all work easily but for most people this will not be the case. I was using a Conbee II stick plugged into the USB port on a Pi4 running HA. I cannot code, don't write or read YAML but I am an experimenter so I will try things over and over until they work.
I have a mix of 30 zigbee devices that include Hue lights, Ikea lights, one Lidl light (that buzzes) some Tradri sockets and four Tradfri repeaters plus motion sensors, a water leak sensor and some doowindow sensors.
I set-up with ZHA which was really easy to use and kind of "just works" out of the box on Home Assistant. Unfortunately I had trouble pairing my Philips Hue Iris and Light Strip. After much fiddling they paired BUT after a while became unresponsive. I deleted and repaired them and the same happened... worked for a few hours and then became unresponsive. The whole network was kind of flakey but kind of worked sometimes which basically means you cannot rely on it and so its shite for home automation. Turn off the lights in the living room? Nope, one of them stays on and is unresponsive so you have to unplug it. All the while my wife is watching me wondering why we don't just use a switch like normal people.
I realised it was probably an issue with interference. So I ran a network diagnostic and could see that my Wi-Fi network (6 x Deco Mesh M9s throughout the house) was running the 2.4GHz network on channel 6 which was right on top of the ZHA default channel 15. An obvious solution would be to turn off the 2.4GHz network, right? Sadly I have too many devices that only use 2.4GHz so this is not an option.
it is not easy within ZHA to change the Zigbee channel, you have to scrub the network, change the channel and then reform it. So I tried this, choosing channel 25. It quickly descended into a nightmare and none of my devices would form a network on 25. They would join but the network would not form. So I tried changing to channel 11 and now it refused to change channel giving me an error.
So I took some advice on here and switched to using Deconz. This was a bit more of a pain to set-up and the community over at Phoscon.de were not particularly open to walking a noob through the set-up so I ended up trying it multiple times before I lucked out on the correct procedure. The help documentation is not aimed at noobs so it doesn't start from the beginning and walk you through set-up. Bottom line... I realised that you need to install Deconz FIRST as an add-on under Supervisor in HA and then add the Deconz integration. Apparently this is so obvious to everyone else that no-one told me when I asked for help installing it. Ok so I got it installed. Everything paired fairly easily at first apart from the same two Philips Hue Lights I had struggled with under ZHA. I finally got them paired and the same thing happened as before... worked fine for a few minutes and then stopped sending their state and then became unresponsive. I decided to pair them temporarily back with the Philips Hue Hub and use an automation to sync their operation with the Deconz lights. I would come back to them.
Unfortunately, then the trouble with Deconz began. It would not recognise any of my motion or open/close sensors. They would not pair. Turns out that Deconz is not compatible with my devices. I went into the Deconz set-up and started fiddling with something called a DDF where you basically tell the software how to communicate with the device. After a day of experimenting I managed to create a DDF that would allow me to pair the motion sensor devices and read their status. I then did the same for the open/close sensors. It was not ideal as I could not read the battery status and the interface between Phoscon and Deconz is not very user friendly. To add a new device you have to go into Phoscon and get it searching and then switch quickly to Deconz to see the unknown and unresponsive device appear in the network map and then edit it to link it to the DDF file before it then will show up in Phoscon. This is a pain but Deconz is more flexible and tweakable than ZHA and I probably could have persevered with Deconz and got to a place where it worked better. I returned to my interference problem with the two Hue lights and tried changing the channel on Deconz, it worked.... sort of. It said it had changed the channel but when I checked it was still stuck on the original channel 11. I rebooted the network and tried to change the channel but for whatever reason it seemed to always form back on channel 11. At this point I had changed systems so many times and reformed the whole network so often that it had become a comfortable process. I decided to move on from Deconz.
I removed all my devices from Deconz/Phoscon, removed the integrations and decided to try zigbee2mqtt. I was warned that this took a bit more fiddling to get set-up but in the end the instructions on zigbee2mqtt.io are actually really good and noob-friendly. The only subtlety is that you need something called an MQTT Broker to send messages back and forth between HA and your devices. Fortunately you can easily install Mosquitto Broker in HA and this worked seamlessly for me. The channel was easy to set to 25 so I could deconflict it with my 2.4GHz wifi network on channel 6.
Once zigbee2mqtt was up and running in HA I simply pressed the "permit join" button and the two Hue bulbs closest to the Conbee stick joined. I then turned permit join off and got them renamed and set up. Then I turned "permit join" back on and added each device in turn moving further away from the Conbee stick in order to define the backbone of the network. A lot of people suggest you move all devices near to the zigbee coordinator device (conbee stick), set them up and then move them to their actual positions and let the network figure out its own path but having set-up my network maybe 10 times over a month I found this usually left me with a problem device or two. Forming the network thoughtfully and purposefully starting with the backbone as I did at the end seemed to work much better. The great thing about zigbee2mqtt is that you can see a list of devices with the signal strengths in real time without having to keep polling them to get an update and you don't have to fiddle with a ridiculous 3D map to see what is going on. So I was able to place the Tradfri repeaters in the correct places in my house to end up with a really strong network backbone. Once this was up and running I tested it over three days. It was rock solid. At this point I paired the non-routing sensors and these were all recognised and added without any problems at all. All their entities were added and the experience as a user was completely seamless. No messing with DDF files or anything else. I was even able to place the water leak sensor at the far end of my pool in the garden and get a good enough signal back to the network. I use a water leak sensor in the filter basket to monitor the level of water in my pool as a safety cut-out to the pool pump which is triggered automatically by an automation. If the sensor is not detecting water the pump will not come on.
It has now been two weeks and my Zigbee network is finally rock solid, reliable and everything just works. My suggestion would be to go straight for zigbee2mqtt as it was actually pretty easy to set-up and just works really nicely. Plus, within the integration in HA you can see so much information and whoever manages the integration has done a really nice and thorough job in setting everything up to be easy as possible for the end user. I know this has been long but I hope it might provide someone with some guidance in the future.
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2022.01.23 11:44 beanmachine89 I have no clue what I'm going to do for a career and it terrifies me

I'm 26 and haven't had any job longer than like 6 months. I don't have a driver's license, I dropped out of college. I live at home with parents because i would probably be homeless if I had to support myself
How am I going to support myself in this world that is increasingly more expensive and less caring?
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2022.01.23 11:44 kershaw8706 What is your gamer tag that makes your SO cringe?

ChunkyFecalSoup made my wife rethink our relationship.
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2022.01.23 11:44 noname99 Abstract vegetation

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2022.01.23 11:44 intelligentreviews Psaki Slips up on Who Is in Charge at the WH

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2022.01.23 11:44 Helplessmum Is attendance compulsory for PS0002 tutorial and lab sessions?

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2022.01.23 11:44 photocactus Street corners in HK // Pentax 67 // Kodak Portra 400

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2022.01.23 11:44 thedankmind Obsessed with drawing ballerinas

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2022.01.23 11:44 StingRea9 Today is the day…..

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2022.01.23 11:44 indiediscotheque Tears for Fears - Break the Man

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2022.01.23 11:44 dissociatingonatowel wp2

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2022.01.23 11:44 magdy-abdelsalam-67 Iraq sets the date for the delivery of crude oil shipments for the month of March, amid strong oil demand

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2022.01.23 11:44 KindaDevilish_05 Make him bi

It wouldn't hurt for Kim dojka to hook up with Yoo Joonghyuk for once. I know it's not yaoi and I also don't want love thing to interfere much in this masterpiece. Just a thought....😋
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2022.01.23 11:44 Sharp-Ad-8555 Definitely worth it!

Loving the character design!
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2022.01.23 11:44 Viinexxus Visualizing Order Data

Visualizing Order Data Made a few visualizations on Steam Deck orders. You can commit info here, it would be greatly appreciated (takes 2 minutes, no sensitive info required).
Chosen storage tiers in percent
Delivery pre-delay
Delivery post-delay
Order regions in percent
Payment methods in percent

!!! accuraccy of post-delay & payment method visualizations !!!
Although I have some, Information on post-delay and payment method orders is extremely scarce. Enough information on post-delay would enable us to predict delivery times like u/v2266 did here for pre-delay.
You can commit at my Typeform, it takes 2 Minutes, all information will be published, disclosing payment methods is 100% optional.

The info for the visuals here is based on this survey by u/Tuftman as well as my own survey on this topic. Please make all new contributions in the Typeform.
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2022.01.23 11:44 demer8 My PC Wont Start!

One day my pc randomly stopped. I would simply have to start it again then the issue would be gone. This kept happening more and more until we decided to start testing. We swtiched out RAM,Motherboard,CPU. Finally we came to the conclusion it was my old disk. Got a new os on my better card and it worked. That same night I accidentally hold the power button. The next time I hop on this happens where my pc will load until windows loading screen and after that it simply turned black BUT the pixels were lit. I booted into safe mode to write this.
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2022.01.23 11:44 Estimate-Honest Is this true?👇🏻

I heard the we can use custom render in wwe 2k22
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