This is privileged jamiriquay hes a c*nt because he hates the poor and he once spat on a baby for trying to steal his butternut squash

2022.01.19 08:44 Supreme_leader73 This is privileged jamiriquay hes a c*nt because he hates the poor and he once spat on a baby for trying to steal his butternut squash

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2022.01.19 08:44 TwinkGaming 2nd Promo Pic for GNTM 2022

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2022.01.19 08:44 Maleficent-Ad-8589 [H] 100€ Paysafecard [W] 75€ Paypal

f&f or g&s just hmu
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2022.01.19 08:44 tyranosaurusmemes BAK X4s Installed - Someone on MTC got their X4s for those still waiting on their order to ship

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2022.01.19 08:44 iamsaket7 Sunset 🌅

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2022.01.19 08:44 redraiderfurever How long does it take for HR to make an offer for an internal candidate's job transfer?

My direct head department reached out to me about a job opportunity, which is similar to what I'm doing now, but at a much larger scope (doing clerical/secretarial work as a coordinator for a unit, but moving up to an admin assistant that works directly with management and doing financial statements).
I was able to meet with the person who would be my future boss (let's call him Adam) for about 10-15 minutes along with my current boss and the expectations for the role. The next day, I ended up meeting the person (let's call her Blair) who I would be taking over to get an overview of the job.
I let my boss know that I was interested, and she said that she'd let Adam and Blair know explained the next steps, which was HR would make an offer. This was last Thursday, and I haven't heard anything from HR or Adam/Blair since then.
So, I sent them an email letting them know I'm still interested and what are the next steps (basically when is HR going to make an offer and when I can start training).
This is important because 1) Blair is leaving within the next two weeks, so time is of the essence. Essentially, she's the one running the office and created her own MS Excel Spreadsheets because our employer will provide this department a PM software. Anyone coming in will need to spend some time to understand how her she does the financial statements. Adam is a construction/project manager is usually out of the office.
2) We never discussed pay, but I'm not denying this is a good opportunity to learn and develop my skills (where I live the cost of living is low not to mention my boss went out of her way for me) led me to agreeing the job before an offer was made. Since I've never really handled financial statements or worked in construction/project management, I'm not sure how I'd negotiate pay. Also, since I agreed before knowing about the pay, there's a chance HR will lowball me.
3) The boundaries for this job/role aren't as clearly defined. I have some idea of what I'm doing, but I can see some issues in the future. This department is a three-person team, with Adam, Blair, and Chris (a project manager), and they're swamped with work, which makes sense because Adam and Chris would be doing all the physical work on multiple projects. I expect there may be some time, where I may need to step up my game to assist them. Sure, there's talk about hiring another PM, but that's still going to take time (with posting, screening, interviewing, & selecting) not to mention this is one of the smaller departments at my workplace (think approval for budgeting & cost control). To be clear, I don't mind the increasing responsibility because there's always a potential for growth in the future.
I know HR can take a while to hire even for internal transfers, which concerns me (I've known it took four months (yes you read that right) for someone I know and this was for director's position (from one department to another).
So, I sent an email to Adam and Blair asking on the status of everything that's happened so far. Adam replied back saying my boss and he were working things out along with admin and as soon as he gets the details, he'll let me know. I feel a little less anxious, BUT it doesn't change the fact that Blair is leaving within two weeks, and I'm assuming I can't start training (getting training pay) until I officially transferred to that department. I'm afraid that if HR takes a minute, by the time if they choose to make me an offer, Blair will be gone, and I'll be left by myself.
Has anyone ever been in this situation before? If so, what did you do to work through this. A lot of factors are making me anxious (no official offer, timing with training, possibly low(er) pay than expected, little-to-no job boundaries between admin assistant and PM).
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2022.01.19 08:44 22opferj I have important question

Does anyone here daily a slammed car. I just ordered coilovers for my Honda Fit and I wanna get really low but is it possible to daily at that point?
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2022.01.19 08:44 MaxCar123 Robert the Explorer

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2022.01.19 08:44 trynamakea_change I made the Field Roast poutine

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2022.01.19 08:44 tlou0 Presentata la richiesta di referendum per il matrimonio egualitario

Da oggi si può firmare per il referendum per il matrimonio egualitario, siccome i referendum sono solo abrogativi, il comitato propone di legalizzarlo abrogando alcuni commi della legge sulle unioni civili, qui il sito dove si può firmare e c'è il testo del quesito. Abrogando alcune parole l'art. 1 comma 20 della legge Cirinnà diventerebbe "le disposizioni che si riferiscono al matrimonio e le disposizioni contenenti le parole «coniuge», «coniugi» o termini equivalenti, ovunque ricorrono nelle leggi, negli atti aventi forza di legge, nei regolamenti nonche' negli atti amministrativi e nei contratti collettivi, si applicano anche ad ognuna delle parti dell'unione civile tra persone dello stesso sesso" legalizzando implicitamente il matrimonio egualitario visto che non ci sarebbero più differenze fra unione civile e matrimonio.
La problematica principale sarebbe l'ammissibilità della Corte Costituzionale, visto che tende a bocciare referendum "taglia e cuci" come questo. In ogni caso il referendum non si può tenere nè quest'anno nè l'anno prossimo a causa delle elezioni politiche.
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2022.01.19 08:44 abdultraders Aluminum Packaging: 10 Reasons to Use It for Delivery and Takeaway - Article Ritz

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2022.01.19 08:44 George-Joji Tokyo-Odaiba

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2022.01.19 08:44 Proper_Scheme_894 Reese Witherspoon (my humour is broken)

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2022.01.19 08:44 osvaldotubino La Tristecita (zamba) de Ariel Ramírez - Tutorial de Guitarra - Arreglo ...

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2022.01.19 08:44 sk571 Is this normal?

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2022.01.19 08:44 Kelix1 Spotify “greyed out” songs

Has anyone else got the issue of when redirecting the Spotify country to anywhere the songs aren’t selectable in an album or playlist?
You can play the playlist or the album no issues but not select the songs.. the local network devices also are no longer visible too to “cast to”
With service level redirect proxy off it works no issues.
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2022.01.19 08:44 stormriver12x Anyone like arched soles? 🥺

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2022.01.19 08:44 liamlars Vikings : Prologue (Viking Surrender Book 1) by Ashe Barker

A horde of battle-hardened, ferocious Nordic warriors.
A Pictish village at the mercy of its enemies. A harrowing bargain struck for nine fearful and reluctant brides Delivered into Viking hands, claimed and conquered, each bride must accept that she belongs to her new master. But, as wedding nights bring surrender to duty, will fierce lovers also surrender their hearts?
The Highland wilderness is savage, life is perilous, and the future uncertain, but each Viking has sworn protection, and there are no lengths to which a man will not go to safeguard the woman he loves.
Begin the journey here...
Enter a world of suspense, seduction and adventure, told against the forbidding backdrop of medieval Scotland. Journey together with indomitable heroes and intrepid heroines, as they discover that the raging storms of fear and passion can transform into enduring devotion.
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2022.01.19 08:44 Valhalla073 Lifesteal Crit?

Can the heal from lifesteal crit? If so, can that lifesteal crit proc Combat Physician?
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2022.01.19 08:44 justvibing294 (Iktr)

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2022.01.19 08:44 OutriderZero Lost a player. What to do with his character?

So last session some group tension came to a head. Ultimatums we're given, a discussion was had and ultimately it ended in a player being asked to step away from the group.
However, I'm now stuck trying to find a way to write his character out, and bring a new character in.
Right now the group is 300 years in their future exploring a magical library and planning to enact a ritual to take them back 2500 years in the past to try and interfere with the ground work of a plan that will trigger an apocalypse.
So they aren't in a position for easily having characters come and go from the party. I'm sort of at a loss other than to handwave it, which isn't ideal.
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2022.01.19 08:44 Smooth-Function-1565 The Tokyo stores in Milan

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2022.01.19 08:44 MahoganyMel Say hi

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2022.01.19 08:44 bennzo1238 Christian Wakeford, the Tory MP for Bury South is defecting to the Labour party - formal announcement in 5 mins!

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2022.01.19 08:44 Keen_Conductor New (and free!) learning resource for conductors called ConductIT

Hi Everyone,
I hope it is ok to drop this here! I've been part of a cross university team that has put together a comprehensive guide to conducting which is aimed at everyone from beginners to experienced conductors: (
There're interactive lessons, print outs to try with ensembles, and interviews and documentaries with people like Marin Alsop and Sir Mark Elder!
There's no sign up and it's all totally free (like Wikipedia)
Hopefully this is useful to you all!
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