Roux Method

2022.01.26 13:25 tgracchus19 Roux Method

Been sub 30 on CFOP for a hot minute, and I've been looking for ways to mix it up. So anyway I started screwing around with Roux yesterday, and I'm having a lot of fun with it
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2022.01.26 13:25 NotRealOpinions P!NK

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2022.01.26 13:25 TradingPokemonSWSH I stand with the mods.

I saw the interview on Fox News, I believe that everything that was said was completely and truly valid. We need to stand by our cause more then ever, and evil corporations like Fox are trying to divide us up into hating one another to allow for capitalism to flourish. We all should stand by the mods, and to Fox News, I have only one thing to say to you: Middle finger.
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2022.01.26 13:25 Kubo_1_ Ideme si tak po ľade a čo nenájdeme?😅 !NEUROBILI SME TO MY!

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2022.01.26 13:25 BaDumDumTish Delete

Trying to delete any file that has less than 6 lines or less of text in a specific directory.
The below code always returns a line length of 1 so it deletes all files. Not sure where I'm going wrong.

ForEach ($Name in $FileList) { # Minimum number of lines to keep file. $MinSize = 6 $LineLength = Get-ChildItem $Name | Measure-Object –Line | Select Lines if ($LineLength.Lines -le $Minsize) { $FullDeletePath = $ResultsDir + "" + $Name Remove-Item -Path $FullDeletePath -Force } } 
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2022.01.26 13:25 Remy385 Every time I have to sit thorough a mandatory corporate meeting I think of this scene

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2022.01.26 13:25 A_boring_user My brand new Netherite Armor

My brand new Netherite Armor
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2022.01.26 13:25 Lol33ta Griffith and Zodd The Inmortal by Ana Teresa Rivera

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2022.01.26 13:25 Surenzo Inu Tech Intro

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2022.01.26 13:25 TheMovieKing94 NO WAY HOME multiverse confusion

Recently, I got into a discussion on Twitter that somehow escalated into a flame war. It started with me going through the #MakeTASM3 tweets to see how the campaign is doing and I stumbled onto this tweet explaining why Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man is the best:
It brought back my concerns and fears over the three Tobey Maguire movies and the two Andrew Garfield movies being retconned because the villains were "cured", remain alive (even though Sandman and Lizard never died), and they go home. After asking asking that question, someone responded. All of the sudden, when he said "it’s hard to say until we see those universes again" and I responded "if we see these universes", things got out of hand.
Here's how the conversion went down, though note that I'm not mentioning the responder's Twitter name for the sake of his identity:
ME: Does this mean the ending of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 has been retconned?
TWITTER USER: Only for Electro, That universes Peter still went through the whole movie, nothing was retconned, shenanigans just saved electros life.
ME: So, Andrew goes back to his universe while yellow Electro goes to a parallel universe?
TWITTER USER: It’s unclear what the criminals go back to. Some speculate they just went back to their deaths. Some say most went back to whatever point in time their spiderman was from, to avoid paradoxs, it’s hard to say until we see those universes again.
ME: Well, if we see these universes. I really hope we do and with no MCU connection.
TWITTER USER: That’s a needlessly petty desire. The MCU is what revived those movies and you just want any movie resulting from that to pretend it didn’t happen? Just to specifically cater to your own dislike for the MCU? Your just dedicating yourself to being unhappy at that point.
ME: What I mean by no MCU connection is no mention of NO WAY HOME, Avengers, etc. and just focus on Tobey and Andrew’s universes.
TWITTER USER: Again, thats petty. There’s no reason to not have the movies brought by the MCU not make a passing mention of events in the MCU apart from that it’d offend you specifically. Are you seriously going to throw a fit over them keeping continuity?
ME: Are you on drugs? We want to continue THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN continuity. The MCU is already continuing it’s own and you seriously suggest I’m going to throw a fit like a child?
TWITTER USER: the Amazing spiderman continuity is A PART OF THE MCU now. Maybe if you watched the dang movie instead of hating it blindly you would realize how important it is to the continuation of the plot.
ME: No it’s not. If it were, the two AMAZING SPIDER-MAN films, the three Tobey Maguire films, and the two VENOM films would be considered MCU films, but they’re not. Also, I know what happens in the movie and the older continuities are NOT part of the MCU.
TWITTER USER: Yes they are, all three appeared in no way home as part of the plot. If you’re just gonna deny reality this conversation is done. Have fun being disappointed by every movie sony puts out from now on. You’re clearly determined to be.
Like didn't Amy Pascal recently explain the three different cinematic universes with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony's Spider-Man Universe, and the animated Spider-Verse movies? Are the continuities of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Hardy's Venom part of the MCU now?
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2022.01.26 13:25 LQin Does heart events trigger after marriage ?

Hi I just married doctor (yay) but went I went to the page to see like the residents music note things I noticed the hearts are gone😭 does this mean I can no longer trigger their heart events?? Man I didn't even do a save file since this is my first playthroygh and don't really know much about it
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2022.01.26 13:25 TemptedIntoSin Spider-Man 3 is an anticipated movie in the Nolan universe confirmed

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2022.01.26 13:25 cheshsky What the shit happened here?

I keep seeing posts about problems on this sub that are removed the second I open them? What the fuck is going on? Mods, we can't make this sub better if we don't know the problem. What's happening?
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2022.01.26 13:25 upbstock $TWTR callzzzz opened

(OPTION ALERT) TWTR new opening call sweep on the ask -- TWTR Jan22 28th 34.0 Calls 794 contracts at $1.41
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2022.01.26 13:25 J2thearrin I 3D Printed Pregnancy Announcement

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2022.01.26 13:25 lukiyo Wanting to buy Canon AE-1 program, need advice

I want to get into photography, Im a complete beginner.
Someone wants to sell his Canon AE-1 Program (black body) with 4 different Lenses for 200€ to me.
- Canon 50mm FD1.8
- Canon FD 35-70mm Kit Lens.
- Vivitar 135mm 2.8
- Soligor 80-200mm Tele Lens
- Sand Spot filter and UV Filter.
To me this looks like a really good offer, because there are 4 different lenses. Are all 4 compatible with the AE-1?
Is the offer worth it or how much should I be spending and which lenses are perfect for beginning?
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2022.01.26 13:25 Ok_Quality_907 Anybody else giving NET-2 for Business Studies & Social Sciences

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2022.01.26 13:25 healingbleeding Is the N cow carried at all Kroger affiliates?

Will this be carried in stores like food for less, etc?
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2022.01.26 13:25 rWordCloudBot Word Cloud for: /u/ukpolbot - Comments (1000), Submissions (1000)

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2022.01.26 13:25 luvmud96xj M&P10 slim midlength handguards

Has anyone found these recently? Been checking ebay, numrich, and Midwest. Called s&w as well. Anyone selling? Or know where to find?
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2022.01.26 13:25 CuteUnicornLover901 LOOKING FOR BAT DRAGON

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2022.01.26 13:25 ReactQ Jennifer Gonzalez (13-5) has signed with the UFC!

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2022.01.26 13:25 Brilliance_Falter Last Minute Theory for Next Chapter (Chapter 157)

Metal Knight is going to come in to help deal with one or both of the new giant Disaster Level: Unknown monsters.

What am I basing this on? Child Emperor sent him a text asking for his aid and saying that the situation is dire. And every S-class hero besides him and Watchdog Man has made an appearance, even Blast.
I think if he does come, he would be reluctant but would spare some of his arsenal to deal with one of the two monsters, possibly Sage Centipede since he previously tested his weapons against Elder Centipede, then he'll leave.
Is this theory based on flimsy and little evidence? Probably absolutely but wanted to put these ideas out here before the chapter drops so everyone can see when I'm inevitably wrong.
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2022.01.26 13:25 sofiaclark My cousin and I are pregnant. I’m a month further along. She just lost her baby.

Just like the title says. How do I navigate this? She was 12 weeks along, and I’m 16 weeks pregnant. I feel so awful. Clearly I won’t feel comfortable keeping her up to date with everything that’s going on. Should I hide my pregnancy posts from her on social media? Do I give her space? Should I call her? I don’t really know what to say! She does have a young daughter and while this is my first baby, but I don’t feel that that makes it any less difficult for her. To top things off, her mom always makes everything a competition and as a result my cousin has compared herself to me a lot throughout our lives. I don’t want this to ruin our relationship.
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2022.01.26 13:25 Beans_Breaking Help with Language settings [Steam]

I got the pretty much when it released. And it was in english and it was great. then i open the game after not having played it since the month that it got released. Now the game was in danish (im from denmark). I dont want it to be in danish, and the translation is to put it lightly very freaking bad. So i go in to the settings to change the language to english and the box to change it is greyed out and i cant click the arrows to change the language.

Please Help! TY
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