What external storage will allow me to play XS games?

2022.01.18 20:20 TylervPats91 What external storage will allow me to play XS games?

I’m so annoyed with constantly having to “free up space” every single update. I’ve had two external storages, but “in order to play XS games they must be stored internally”. I literally only have 3 games installed on the internal drive and now to get the Halo campaign I have to delete one. What am I supposed to do here???
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2022.01.18 20:20 A_Very_Stable_Penis Banana Republic Extra 60% Off Sale Items (Discount Automatically Applied in Cart)

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2022.01.18 20:20 parkstar86 🐹They banned the hamsters!🐹 Hong Kong to put down 2,000 small animals after hamsters in pet store test positive for COVID-19

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2022.01.18 20:20 fastvoted-bot Hacker News: Locked out of 'God Mode', runners are hacking their treadmills | 241 points in 4 hours

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2022.01.18 20:20 420_Shaggy I hate living here

My brother is in trouble for something and my stepdad is screaming and threatening him. All three of my brothers are getting into trouble and acting like assholes constantly and that will probably never change. I fucking hate it when he yells, it makes me feel like a child in trouble again and gives me really bad anxiety and makes me feel like I did something wrong, even if I didn't. I hate living with these people and having past trauma being basically repeated with my brothers right downstairs and feeling it all over again. And my parents still don't realize their parenting isn't doing anything good. I'm a mentally ill dropout and my brothers are also on really shitty paths and two of them have already been in legal trouble. But my parents won't change anything or try to do better, my stepdad just screams like an idiot and my mom avoids everything and doesn't fucking do anything.
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2022.01.18 20:20 PenultimateJedi Total Combined Days of World Title Reigns

Total Combined Reigns
I think someone shared something here earlier that made me get all this added up and made it something that I track, but there was a post in squaredcircle that made me want to revisit and share this.
My game started in TEW 2016 in...I think mid-late 2018. It started with The Death of the Territories mod and then I put a lot of effort into moving it all over to another mod I've forgotten once TEW 2020 came out...it took a lot of work for me to transfer it all over and feel like I was playing in the same/similar world that I got used to in DOTT.
Molly Holly has only debuted rather recently in game, I intend to eventually make her one of my legendary women's champions. I foreshadowed this in game by giving her a fluke title win over Yumi Fukawa, who had hit a popularity ceiling anyway. Holly then dropped the belt to Sonoko Kato on her first defense. When I'm really ready for Molly to step into the spotlight I imagine it will be after a prolonged feud to take the title from Kato.
I'd be really interested in seeing what other people's total reigns are looking like. I was surprised to see how dominant Sting had been, because I definitely have no memory of a point in my game where I said "Sting is my guy."
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2022.01.18 20:20 RooNard Let's share our first show's setlist

Got this idea from ToolBand. Feels very appropriate to do the same here. Lets celebrate our favorite band.
3/13/2013 Union Transfer Philadelphia

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2022.01.18 20:20 CharV01 Can’t tell whether these are real or fake…

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2022.01.18 20:20 Blanco_ice Hiking with friends' dog, man that pup has endless energy.

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2022.01.18 20:20 tryptophantom Home network stops working when my phone reconnects

I've been having this issue for many months and can't figure it out. Sometimes when I leave my apartment and my phone gets out of range of my WiFi and then I return and it attempts to reconnect, the entire network stops functioning (wired and wireless). It is fixed by resetting the router, but this is a nuisance because people may be streaming and suddenly lose connection. This seems to only occur with my phone (Android if that matters). My only thought is maybe this is an IP address conflict, but I don't know why it would happen so regularly.
For background, I have the Netgear Nighthawk R7000P router and separate cable modem with no QoS settings and dynamic IP enabled. I could possibly do a factory reset on the router, but we have many devices connected and it would be a pain to reconnect all of them (Hue lights, Google Homes, printer, phones, laptops, TVs, other smart devices, etc.). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.18 20:20 datingthrowinsocal 26 [M4F] Southern California - Am I crazy looking for love on Reddit?

Dating apps are pretty bad, and I don't get an opportunity to put myself out there as much as I'd like. Maybe Reddit will work out? It's worth a shot anyways.
Why you should date me:
I'm a good listener. People have always sought me out to tell me what's going on with their lives.
I'm super open minded and flexible. I like trying new things or taking part in most activities.
I'm (semi) tall. Nearly, but not quite, 6 feet tall.
I'm not extremely extroverted, but I'm not super introverted either. I'm the nice, balanced mix in the middle
I'll take this seriously. I'm trying to settle down and find someone to love. Hopefully you are too?
Full disclosure: I've never been in a relationship, so this is all new to me. I think it's time that I put myself out there though, so I'm trying here.
I'm only looking for something completely in person. I'm open to anything long distance, but we'd have to plan to meet sooner than later. Also, I'm not interested in anyone older than 30. The closer you are to my age, the more preference I have, but all those 18-30 who are interested are encouraged to send me a PM.
Please PM me and we can get to know each other. I'm hoping to see some orange envelopes
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2022.01.18 20:20 RadiantLobsterr What if i dont like my skateboard?

Hi im thinking about getting the backfire g2 and idk much about backfire and their return policy. What if it has been used but i dont like it and i have gotten the warranty as well. Will they refund me the money I spent?
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anyways i just love pepa so much💖
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2022.01.18 20:20 economicsdesign DeFi101: Introduction to financial risk for stablecoins

We provide over 100+ FREE crypto articles on our SubStack! :D (Link on our profile). This is not financial advice.
When we discuss risks in crypto, we look at both risks from the perspective of token owners and risks from the protocol. By knowing their major sources of risk exposures, we can have a better picture of what the protocol will possibly be like in the long term, and a more thorough understanding of the whole crypto space. In this article, we will walk through a general framework and additional points to consider for financial risk analysis of stablecoins.
General classification of risk
Before moving on to financial risk in details, let’s recap on the general classification of risk that we are using. Under our analytical framework, risk is either systematic or idiosyncratic.
Systematic risk are the ones that affect the whole market and cannot be well controlled by the protocol itself. This includes the market risk like price variations, failure of underlying blockchain layer and irregular user behaviour.
Meanwhile, Idiosyncratic risk are the ones that are relevant to token and mechanism design, which can be controlled by the protocol to some extent and only directly affects the particular protocol itself.
Fig 1. General risk classification
Under our definition, financial risk is a type of idiosyncratic risk. It describes the risk of losing money in operation, which is predominantly determined by how the token is designed under the protocol. Financial risk for stablecoins comes from two main areas: cashflow and collaterals.
Financial risk from cashflow
When conducting risk analysis, cashflow is often one of the most direct and easily analyzable sources of risk. Changes in cashflow for the protocol over time gives information on how well the protocol is operating, and also its ability of pulling through a crisis. Meanwhile, cross comparison of cashflow figures and growth with other protocols can show which tokens in the market are in better financial standing and hence likely to be more sustainable.
In the long term, protocols with healthier cashflow conditions are more likely to gain investor confidence and attract more people in buying the tokens. This is extremely important for stablecoins, as their values are pegged to a previously specified amount with very minimal variation in monetary values. Investors make decisions to buy stablecoins based on how they plan to utilize the token, and also whether the token is reliable in the future.
The most common way to analyze financial risk from cashflow is to break down the incoming and outgoing cash over fixed time intervals, and compare their growth. Depending on how the protocol is designed, income and expense can be further classified into sub-categories based on where they come from, such as interest, trading and operating. Significant changes in the proportions of each category may indicate structural changes in the protocol’s financial performance.
Advancing to a higher level of analysis, we can look at the key ratios calculated from cashflow data. These key ratios are created based on the data available for each protocol to compare income and expense data with the important token metrics such as price, transaction volume and market capitalization. Some of the possible key ratios that can be considered, but not limited to, are the following:

Changes in these ratios give information on how the protocol has been growing over time, which helps us to identify the stage of development and expected amount of variations in finance performance to better gauge their level of risk exposures. Given the complexity of token data and the fact that most protocols have only been created in the very recent years, we are still unable to form a clear cut-off for these ratios to distinguish between the different levels of risk. Nonetheless, these ratios can be used for comparison across time and market. Also, we will expect newer projects to have less stable financials, so the seemingly negative ratios in the early stage may not lead to the conclusion that protocol is facing high financial risk. But for projects that have existed for years with a stable pool of users, significant variations of key ratios may hint there could be changes in operation that changed the token holders’ decisions and unhealthy cashflow.
Financial risk from collaterals
Another significant source of financial risk of stablecoins comes from the collaterals. In the token market today, stablecoins maintain stability of value through collaterals or algorithmic mechanisms that balances the reserved assets. The types of collaterals used directly impacts buying decisions of the stablecoin, hence play an important role in determining the financial risk exposures. To analyze such risk, we will first look at how the stablecoin maintains its value, whether the reserve is made up of on-chain assets (other tokens), off-chain assets (cash and cash equivalents), a combination of the two, or through algorithms with no reserve or partial reserve.
  1. On-chain collateral For stablecoins collateralized with on-chain assets such as DAI and LUSD, the degree of transparency is often the highest as collateral data can be queried. We can study the composition of collaterals, including what are the assets making up the collateral pool, collaterization ratio of each type of asset and if there had been any significant changes in the structure of collateral pool in the past. For a stablecoin to be considered as having low financial risk exposure, the collateral pool should be relatively stable with no significant flux in proportion of each asset type. The collateralization ratio should also be set to a reasonable range, such that the value of collateral reserve can still sustain if there is a sudden decrease in collateralized asset prices, but also not to an overly high level that discourages investors from holding the token.
  2. Off-chain collateral For stablecoins collateralized with off-chain assets, such as cash, commercial paper, fiduciary deposits, secured loans, short term treasury bills, corporate bonds and other investments. For these tokens, financial risk exposure is lower when the proportion of cash is higher, as a reserve pool will have better ability to deal with unexpected situations that require high liquidity of assets. On the other end, tokens backed with assets that cannot be readily converted to cash may not stabilize to its pegged value when there is a sudden drop in collateral value. An important point to note here is that some protocols do not give a clear breakdown on the components of their fiat reserve. Instead of disclosing the proportion of cash, they report the proportion of cash and cash equivalents together to make the numbers more appealing to investors. Such lack of transparency will also lead to doubts and inconfidence, thereby increasing financial risk exposure.
  3. Non-collateralized Lastly, there is also a group of stablecoins that uses supply-changing algorithms to maintain its token price to a pegged value. Some of these tokens are partially backed by on-chain and off-chain reserves, while others are uncollateralized. For these algorithmic coins, we need to make specific analysis according to their structure of collateral. If they are completely unbacked, we can instead focus on the financial cashflow and ability of these tokens to maintain at a stable price.
Financial risk from token performance
In addition to factors arising from token design and mechanism, token’s performance is also a critical factor of financial risk. These include the ability of the stablecoin pegging to a specific monetary value, market dominance and applied uses that directly affect token’s transaction activities and income.
Low price volatility indicates that the token is well-backed by collaterals or supply is under control by algorithms, hence has better ability to store and maintain monetary value. This will attract more people to hold the stablecoin and more platforms to utilise it. We can also consider indicators like market dominance, and overall ranking of the stablecoin in the whole token market. Tokens with better rankings are likely to have more investors and transaction volume, which bring a stable income stream and enhances the protocol’s resilience against financial risk.
Just like the case for many other financial assets, risk analysis for stablecoins is a complex process with no clear distinctions or standards, and we may face many difficulties in deducing the level of risk present. But going from the main sources of risk from financial performance, collaterals and token performance, we can get a general picture of the financial risk exposures of a protocol. Due to the difference in design and mechanism of the various protocols, a thorough risk analysis needs to cover multiple aspects and may require analysts to create new metrics specifically applicable to the protocol.
Some additional points to consider here include the time frame of data used, as financial risk is a long term concept that is hard to predict if there are unexpected changes in token design after governance voting or new regulation being implemented. Some metrics may also have double-sided impact on financial risk. For example, over-collateralization gives a stable cash reserve to sustain through a financial shock, but also leads to large amounts of funds unused which may hinder token’s scalability in the long term. Thus, we need to be aware of these limitations, understand the interactions between different types of risks and make careful judgements when determining the level of risk exposures.
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2022.01.18 20:20 missingno_real *Greetings mentlegen.

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2022.01.18 20:20 cCysis Watch "Getting SHOT at | Alien: Isolation - Part 4" on YouTube

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2022.01.18 20:20 wutatthrowaway [WTS] Zev Stripped AR15 Upper - $135 shipped (KS)

Brand new in box.
Price includes shipping. PayPal F&F.
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2022.01.18 20:20 Scylla--Charybdis FTM early induction

Hey, FTM here. I'm at 38w+1 and my doctor is scheduling me for early induction at 39w. I wasn't nervous to give birth until now. For those that were induced early, what was your experience like? What would you do differently if you had to be induced again? Hospital bag necessities? How long did your birth take once you were induced?
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2022.01.18 20:20 ThisIsARealAccountAP (Xcom) Advent Provides Chapter 21

This is a fan fiction that takes place in the Xcom universe, so I can't take credit for the setting.
I have written this story under the assumption that the reader doesn't know much about Xcom, so I explain the relevant lore in it. You don't have to know anything about Xcom to understand what is going on in this story.
General Summary: Sometime after Advent arrived and established dominion over Earth, things are starting to heat up again. The terrorists have been reinvigorated, and are causing chaos in the city. A cynical Advent VIP with a checkered past and a distrust of aliens, has his usual routine shaken up when he gets a new bodyguard. A bodyguard which may or may not be a Viper. Can he maneuver though this new world without getting killed by the terrorists or executed by Advent, and maybe get something out of it? Read on to find out.

What is up fellas. It is the most humble author you know: AP (Advent Provides author) Here with a new chapter. Chapter 21 is coming in at 7960 words.
Synopsis for this chapter is: Ya got baited. Lucas is woken up to complete the operation, but such things are easier said than done. It'll take all his experience to get through this in one piece, and he's not exactly a trained infiltrator. He makes a choice this night an important one, perhaps even a climax of the story worthy decision. But who can really say where his loyalties lay, he is after all looking out for himself most of the time. The night ends and he has a conversation with 11-7 that turns into game time. A moment of fun that has definitely been earned. You can read about this and more in this stealthy chapter.
As always, I appreciate any and all feedback.
Link to Story/New chapter: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28167819/chapters/90946324#main

The reason I am posting a link to the chapter instead of the chapter is because I have made a lot of progress in writing my story ~200,000 words now. So, it would take me a long time to transfer and get the formatting right on here for every chapter I've written. Maybe someday when I have more time I'll do that, but for now this is what's easiest.
First / Previous / Next
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2022.01.18 20:20 niceshot1 Cheems Martian 🐕|Fair Launching in 1 Hour|MEME TOKEN|Simply hold Cheems Martian and get paid!🤑|Enter telegram and get in early! ✅| Auto staking rewards| Amazing Team| Don't Miss This Gem 💎 |Massive Marketing Campaign incoming

💎Simply hold Cheems Martian and receive 10% dividends from every transaction in $BNB Token automatically in your wallet.
🐅Cheems Martian is a freshly launched community token that aims to be the next big meme coin that will take over the cryptoverse. Huge marketing pushes have been lined up to ensure that this coin will get the exposure it needs. Post-launch marketing campaigns have also been pre-installed to guarantee that it will keep its momentum.
🐅We are a community driven project gathering all the Cheems families across the globe. We are on the BSC with the best possible tokenomics that reward our investors by holding.
💰Taking advantage of the Cheems Hype we are creating this degen to hit that x100.
-Features for you
✳️Anti-Bot System
TAX 12%
🟩10% : Reward $BNB Token
🟩1% : Liquidity Pool
🟩1% : Marketing
💰Initial LP = 2 BNB
💰Initial Supply = 100B
🔥Initial Burn = 30%
💸Marketing Tx = 2%
💧Liquidity Fee = 2%
✨Marketing wallet = 3%
❌No DEV wallets.
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2022.01.18 20:20 ljohnston10 Any good social bike rides on Wednesdays in the area?

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2022.01.18 20:20 Better-Ad5488 Annoyed non-recruiter

This probably more of a rant than anything else. HR in California.
I don’t do recruiting. One the reasons I like my job is that I no longer recruit regularly but occasionally I get a call from people that “have questions about a job posting”. This was the case today. They never saw the actual posting and wanted to send me their resume and have me bulldoze them through. The thing is we are a large organization and if you can’t use the ATS, you will not be able to do your job. We can train on systems but we can’t train basic computeinternet skills (especially during WFH).
Anyway, I was wondering if this “call up HR to apply” works at your organization today or in the past. Are they old school or just out of touch?
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2022.01.18 20:20 Broad-Aside-2762 What do you think of Somalis

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2022.01.18 20:20 GatorOce Age of Empires IV — Patch 10257

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2022.01.18 20:20 FireDemon-181 What's a safe place to get a printer and what should I get?

I'm new to printing but I really want to do this, I'm ready for the hard times and heart breaks because I know it's a hobby but I don't want to get scammed and I can't really tell the difference between a few I've seen and would like to know people's favorites
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