Лучший автомобиль

2022.01.27 22:57 e95shark Лучший автомобиль

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2022.01.27 22:57 ashtoinePH My ideas for bitlife

  1. Hero update - when you're born you'll have a random chance to get powers or you can use god mode to give you powers you can also get superpowers by getting struck by lightning, bit by a radioactive animal, etc. You can apply to be a hero or a villain. you can also marry hero/villains and your baby will be a hybrid of you an your partner's powers
  2. Business update - if you graduate from business school you can start a company with category like mechanical, food, electronic, Etc.
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2022.01.27 22:57 SimvivorORG Come and Spectate Simvivor S15: China!

Here at Simvivor, we are diving back through the history of the CBS show, Survivor, one season at a time, using each season's unique rules and twists. The series’ production team is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality seasons, with strict measures against cheating, while still having a happy medium where we don't restrict everything from the spectators.
After a fun-filled season, Simvivor: Fiji, where Delany was crowned the winner, 3-3-3 (2-1-0), after outlasting 18 other castaways, join us to spectate our latest season, Simvivor: China. We're hosting 16 new and exciting players to battle it out for the shot to earn the title of Sole Survivor!
In this server, we provide:

If any of these features interest you, please join and in no time we might see you become our next Sole Survivor!
Server Link: https://discord.gg/rZFnY8D
Logo: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/867096121154732053/918525860351459348/China_Logo.jpeg
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2022.01.27 22:57 Brave_Alternative216 Should I date this girl?

Well she had a ex and they had sex but everyone in the school knows about it and me not knowing I was one day going to like her told my parents now forward a couple of months I’m talking to her and my parents don’t think it’s a good ideal because of that situation. What should I do please help.
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2022.01.27 22:57 AikaTsumiki I recreated the Flak Bus (8,8_cm_Flak_37_Sfl.) in Green Earth fashion

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2022.01.27 22:57 cbbBot [Post Game Thread] Hofstra defeats Charleston, 76-73

Box Score

Team 1H 2H Total
Hofstra 39 37 76
Charleston 33 40 73
Index Thread for January 27, 2022
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2022.01.27 22:57 icydata Schenn's shot goes blocker side

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2022.01.27 22:57 Chemical-Cap3904 Investing in S&P500 and Ethereum

Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the investing/ crypto landscape, but I'm thinking of investing a few hundreds of dollars into the S&P500 and regularly adding money into that over a long period of time (hopefully several years). I'm also thinking of just trying out Ethereum (by maybe putting in a few hundreds of dollars) into it as well and just holding it for several months/ years. I'm Australian and I think both of these (or at least the S&P500) are American investments. I may also dip my feet into the ASX200, NYSE/ NASDAQ in the future.
Could you guys recommend what stock broker I should be using? Ideally I want a low fee for the transactions, I want there to be low fees for the currency conversions (for AUD to USD) when I'm buying the stocks and I don't want the minimum spend to be too high either. I've heard that Stake, eToro, Superhero, CMC, SelfWealth are decent. Would it be risky if I use an American broker (eg. eToro, Vanguard) bc if anything crazy goes on (eg. my account gets hacked and someone steals the money), will the money be secured or will I lose all the money? Is it better to use NAB/ Comsec as my broker due to the fact that they're located in Australia? Are there any ways I can prevent people from hacking into my account? Also, is it important to be CHESS sponsored?
Also, I've heard of IVV, Vanguard S&P500 (VOO), SPY, etc. Does it matter what I go with? Are they all the same thing or is the IVV just speculative?
Thanks so much in advance. :)
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2022.01.27 22:57 CantaloupeOwn1009 Looking for mod help

Anyone out there interested in helping me moderate this site? It mostly involves taking down the ads for online ket sellers but this is a big community now and it could be more active.
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2022.01.27 22:57 spaceberry2002 Would you consider horse racing ethical if the "standards" were respected?

I'm fairly new to reddit and this is my first post so I hope this goes well.
Recently I came across a guy who said he was fond of horses and horse racing. I asked him how could he love horses and horse racing at the same time. It seemed paradoxical to me. He went on to say that in our country(we both come from the same country) horses are well fed and taken care of, basically living their best lives, that the jockeys themselves are careful not to harm them(with whips etc) as it would be to their own detriment if the horses did poorly, that horses LOVE racing and even feel proud when they win(lol), that these horses(thoroughbred) have been bred to race and that they would likely die if left in the wild. He also added that if he were a horse, he'd rather die being euthanized(which happens when they fall during a race) than to be left hurt and agonising in the wild. Apparently, he was able to visit stables back in our country several times and "witnessed" how they were treated.
Now, I don't know a lot about horse racing(looked up some things on the internet but mostly found biased answers from people from that field)but imo it is a form of animal exploitation and I definitely do not condone it. However, I could be wrong and I'd love to hear the perspectives of other vegans. How would you respond to him? Assuming that horse racing was properly "regulated", would you consider it ethical?
P.s. I can't confirm anything concerning our country respecting the "standards" of horse racing because it isn't documented and no one really questions the way animals(other than cats and dogs) are treated back there.
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2022.01.27 22:57 ccaarr123 a FREE Aot game, and it has Erwin, WITH ARMS!

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2022.01.27 22:57 Freequense We were laughing the whole game playing this and then I broke everything

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2022.01.27 22:57 pantherBlitzz Europeans gotta build a wall in the Atlantic Ocean and have Murica pay for it!

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2022.01.27 22:57 CandideSeraph New Political Discussion Club!

Howdy, I am forming a
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2022.01.27 22:57 MariMar9444 Noah went to the barbershop to get his haircut – Noah Toys Review

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2022.01.27 22:57 KevTravels The rise of Marvel’s post-credits scenes, explained

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2022.01.27 22:57 SB6P897 Kill shot guaranteed, you say?

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2022.01.27 22:57 Ordinary_Presence_41 Super Liga Dm me

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2022.01.27 22:57 m00nbum $12 (Reg. $39.99) Crocs Toddler Kid's Tie-Dye Graphic Clogs! Sizes: 4 Toddler & 5 Toddler

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2022.01.27 22:57 Strange-Deal8299 Video link in the comments

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2022.01.27 22:57 Dq38aj Sniper celebrates 'Straya day (A tad-bit late)

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2022.01.27 22:57 SyFuture2305 Robyn trains Aurora to have panic attack😒

Just rewatching Season 9 episode 4..."Counseling Texas Style"...starts out with the Adoption discussion and Robyn has a full on "panic attack" when she starts discussing the particulars of stripping her ex husband of his parental rights...they all look stunned!! Like where did that come from...SMDH. THIS IS WHERE AURORA GETS HER THEATRICS!!
Bisch Please! Surely to goodness you have considered what it would take to do this, in a plural family, out of state, with a man that already has 14 children to support!
Miss me with the Middle School performance! UGH!!
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2022.01.27 22:57 AStrateA I’ve thought about it all week

And I would say there’s an %8 chance of an album dropping, maybe %8.5 That’s very low, BUT it’s still possible, I just want my homie bulk to continue being a god
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2022.01.27 22:57 Jaded57 I don't think is can do much better than this

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2022.01.27 22:57 rodricast How much does the heerf covid funds give you? And how many are there

In my previous university they gave 2 $700 checks, how much do they give in UTSA?
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