My wife wanted to continue working, was terminated anyway

2022.01.21 01:57 EconHistoryKid My wife wanted to continue working, was terminated anyway

My wife was hired as a seasonal customer support specialist at a fintech company. When she was hired, they made it clear that she could potentially transition to a permanent role. She worked very hard to meet necessary quotas, filled out the survey indicating she wanted to continue, told her supervisor on multiple occasions that she wanted to continue working for the company, and learned this week that she has a couple weeks left and won't be continuing with the company. To add insult to injury, on the hiring section of their website, they are hiring a customer support specialist. They literally would try to hire a totally new person than keep my wife on as a permanent employee. But yet the business people wonder why their employees are quitting and why they can't fill open positions.
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2022.01.21 01:57 Poch391 Kise From Kukoro no Basket

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2022.01.21 01:57 freakpirate1 Cursed Napoleon

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2022.01.21 01:57 Munkey323 The Pizza is A Lie ! First time playing Black Mesa and stumbled on a neat easter egg.

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2022.01.21 01:57 sinjd12 Was also randomly approved today, here's my circle, XXX DRS in the works

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2022.01.21 01:57 Lightsurgeon Government sabotages rule of law in Djokovic case for political advantage - Michael West Media

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2022.01.21 01:57 oooooferss I know this is a bit pathetic, but is there a list with jumpscare time stamps anywhere? (Please no spoilers past episode 3!)

I just binged the first two and a half episodes, got absolutely OBSESSED, but had to turn off the third one part way through when the ‘man with no eyes’ showed up. I live alone in a pretty busy area, and just can’t stomach horror and jump scares like I used to :(. I LOVE what I’ve seen so far and want to keep watching, but don’t think it will be good for my sleep if I get spooked like that again. Thanks y’all!
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2022.01.21 01:57 SEspider How do I disable "Mute Call"?

It happens to me all the time. And when I hand the phone to others to speak, it happens to them as well.
While talking to someone, my ear, hair, whatever, will randomly open a sub-menu and mute the call. This option is in the hamburger menu that rests near the top riggt of the screen, during a call.
There is no notification sound when this option is pressed. I've gone an entire 30 or so seconds talking to someone and they've not heard a word. And vise versa b/c when muted, I can't hear them either. They often assume the call was dropped. As did I when it first started happening.
I've gone through the settings with no luck finding the feature. And no one online seems to have the answer, although it's apparently a realitively common issue. And Google has been of zero help. My phone's screen is suppose to blacken during calls, but it doesn't always do it.
It's very frustrating. And Reddit is my last possible source for an answer to this issue. I'm using a Galaxy A50.
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2022.01.21 01:57 bruharan finally found 2 cyber trucks in a small supermarket out of all places

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2022.01.21 01:57 Neat_Artist_996 I think you know what am I talking about..

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2022.01.21 01:57 ambercrombie8181 Making time for a selfie and a smile during a busy day in the office

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2022.01.21 01:57 Objective_Watch7506 How to access 2021 paystubs?

Do they disappear after a year?
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2022.01.21 01:57 CryptographerCool173 Stuck with CC portfolio

Hello friends I was selling covered calls like for 7 months now. Started small with NIO and then invested from my line of credit 44k.
With recent downward trend, my value has come down to just 31k. That is 30% reduction.
I have major exposure to LCID, MARA, RIOT, FUBO, CHPT and so on.
I am trying to hold on to it without selling any shares. But I don’t know until when I can bear the losses. Tomorrow will be another big red day.
What do you guys think, I should do ? I did not open any new position in January. Trying to sell monthlies. But even monthlies above my adjusted cost base is really low.
I am depressed about the situation really. Any advice ? Should I average down where possible ?
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2022.01.21 01:57 BKO2 yooo wtf r33 in frl

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2022.01.21 01:57 Willing-Clock-8884 Juliana Bonde atraca no apresentador

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2022.01.21 01:57 regachoisiah D'Angelo - Untitled (How Does It Feel)

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2022.01.21 01:57 Numbre002 Moog Tech Support??

Wondering if anyone has had any luck reaching ANYBODY at Moog.
I have now tried 3 separate times over the past year to reach Moog support via their main support email and their ticket system and have literally never gotten a response.
I have a Matriarch that has had a slowly dying mod wheel. It officially died last month so I reached out about it again and still.. crickets.
I totally understand that they are probably impacted by the pandemic but this seems absurd.
Does anyone here maybe have any experience or advice about disassembly of Moog synths? I've seen a teardown of a Grandmother on YouTube and it looks straightforward. I'm assuming, perhaps stupidly, that the Matriarch will be similar. I'm fairly handy and hoping that there might be something obvious that's causing the mod wheel not work.
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2022.01.21 01:57 Dank_Darkness Our mother

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2022.01.21 01:57 Old_Championship_586 一年中最冷季節來臨中醫教你防寒保暖

印度犀利士有什麼副作用 印度犀利士選擇
持久液選什麼好 持久液能天天用嗎 持久液有副作用嗎
威而鋼有什麼副作用 威而鋼有效嗎 威而鋼在哪裡買
印度犀利士有什麼副作用 印度犀利士選擇
持久液選什麼好 持久液能天天用嗎 持久液有副作用嗎
威而鋼有什麼副作用 威而鋼有效嗎 威而鋼在哪裡買
印度犀利士有什麼副作用 印度犀利士選擇
持久液選什麼好 持久液能天天用嗎 持久液有副作用嗎
威而鋼有什麼副作用 威而鋼有效嗎 威而鋼在哪裡買
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2022.01.21 01:57 PipelineGamer First Water Cooled Build Looking For Advice on Parts

First-time water-cooled build I think I picked out some pretty good parts that took me a while to decide. Just seeing what experienced builders think. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Still trying to design my loop as well so not quite done that part yet. Thank you for any and all advice
PC Water Cooling Build
Case Asus GT501
EK-Leak Tester (3831109816738): $42.00
Monsoon Hardline All Pro Deluxe Bender Kit 1/2x5/8 (TKH-KIT-1258-DX): $100.00
Monsoon Hardline Pro Measuring Kit (MON-PRO-MEASURE-KIT): $15.00
RGB Terminal (Which One?): iCUE Lighting Node CORE Digital Fan RGB Lighting Controller (CL-8930009): $35.00
Water Temp and Flow Meter: Aquacomputer Flow sensor high flow NEXT G1/4 (53293): $129.00
CPU Motherboard Water Block: EK-Quantum Momentum ROG Crosshair VIII Hero D-RGB - Plexi (3831109819203): $163.00 (Have a Crosshair Dark Hero
GPU Block: (MSI TRIO 3090):EK-Quantum Vector Trio RTX 3080/3090 D-RGB Nickel + Plexi: $195.00
GPU Backplate Block: EK-Quantum Vector TRIO RTX 3080/3090 Active Backplate (3831109859483): $244.00
GPU Vertical Mount:EZDIY-FAB Vertical Mount $50
GPU Vertical Mount Cable:ROG Strix Riser Cable $75,
Thermal Compound (Liquid Metal?):K5 PRO 60g $37, Thermalright Thermal Pad 2mm $22,
Hard Pipe (12mm/16mm): Monsoon PETG Hardline Tube 1/2" X 5/8" - 36" 4 Pack Clear $17.00 (Need 2 Kits)
Cooling Liquid (Color and Brand): EK-CryoFuel Solid Electric Purple Premix $21.00, EK-CryoFuel Indigo Violet Premix $18.00
Fittings (Connectors and 90°):Monsoon Free Center Hardline Compression Fittings, 1/2” x 5/8” Six Pack - Matte Black Straight (FCH-1258 CN-6-MB): $35.00, Monsoon 90° Rotary Fitting, 3/4” OD Matte Black (MON-RO-90-34-MB): $12.00, Monsoon Light Port 45° Rotary Angle Fitting 3/4” matte black (MON-LP-45-34-MB): $12.00, check out bitspower
Reservoirs (Size?):ULTITUBE D5 200 PRO LEAKSHIELD reservoir with D5 NEXT Pump and Leak Prevention System (34142) $443
Leakshield Extras: Fill Tube (34143): $30, Power Kill Switch (53216): $10,
Fans Need 7: Corsair CO-9050072-WW LL Series LL120 Series RGB 120MM Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fan 3 Pack with Lighting Node Pro $130.00
Radiators (360mm)x2:Black Ice Nemesis GTR 360 $134.00, Corsair Hydro X Series XR7 360MM $140.00,
Radiator (140mm)x1:Black Ice Nemesis GTS 140 $40.00
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2022.01.21 01:57 TheCoolDean Suggestions for upgrading my CPU

My current build includes a 4790k and 1080 Ti, I mostly use my PC for gaming on my 3440x1440 monitor. I want to upgrade to Windows 11 and due to my cpu and motherboard, I’m not eligible.
I’m thinking of getting a 11700k which costs about 400$ here, and seeing that there’s a lot of options in the cpu market right now I don’t really want an expensive cpu. I just need a nice upgrade from my 4790k so that I can get a better gaming experience along with upgrading to Windows 11.
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2022.01.21 01:57 OldAd1132 That New Orleans an Houston show gone get canceled or shit gone get ugly😬😈

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2022.01.21 01:57 kirkwood0288 Trouble wiping my 2015 MacBook Pro to prep for selling after upgrading to an M1 Pro. Any thoughts on a workaround would be much appreciated!

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2022.01.21 01:57 HysteriaStrange “I’m looking for someone who doesn’t have a silver spoon in their mouth” = have a car and be on call for $7.25/hr

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2022.01.21 01:57 Anon-Aussie-Cop The Collapse of Sovereignty in Western Australia.

I am a current Police Officer in Western Australia (WA). Due to the pandemic WA has been in a perpetual state of emergency since early 2020, with no end in sight. I am growing more and more concerned with the expansion of WA Police responsibility and powers. I see the curtailing of individual sovereignty being used as a punishment for non-compliance rather than a genuine effort to combat Covid 19.
In 2020 a state election was held and Mark McGowan won 85% majority of the house. This wasn’t due to his overwhelming competence, it was due to the incompetence and inexperience of the representative of competing parties. Mark McGowan won only because the majority could not see a viable alternative, not because his policies were believed in. I see a growing number of people, both in and out of my workplace, that are beginning to see the danger of one man having all the decision making power over their existence in WA.
Since Mark was entrusted with the care of the state he introduced the toughest and most drastic measures in the country. So much so that the state has become the laughing stock of all others, this was demonstrated in an advertisement where a satellite image of Australia was missing WA ( These efforts and restrictions have, thus far, lead to WA having the lowest number of Covid cases in Australia. But, how many rights and freedoms will the citizenry of WA forfeit in an effort to feel safe?
Mark, Christopher Dawson (Commissioner of WA Police) and Andrew Robertson (Chief Health Officer [CHO]), the shall be referred to as ‘The Trinity” slowly changed their method of getting WA Police officers to be vaccinated. Initially, which was the correct method in my estimation, officers were encouraged to be vaccinated. The three urged the importance of vaccinations, their efficacy and how it would stop the spread of the virus if it entered WA. They provided documents and studies to support their claims, I remained apprehensive but was coming around to their arguments that it might be the right thing to do.
Then, out of nowhere, a very silly and intellectually incongruent “Commissioners Direction” was enforced, all unvaccinated staff were required to wear a mask at all times while at work. This was masqueraded as an initiative to protect the Police Service in general. All while there were zero cases within the community; furthermore an officer could commute over 100km of public railway, coming into contact with thousands of people from all over the metropolitan region without a mask and according to the CHO they were at no risk of infection. I received an internal email chain whereby a Commander was instructing Sergeants to inform their unvaccinated staff about community clinics to get a vaccine; it said, in unequivocal terms, that the mask direction had the desired effect of motivating officers to get vaccinated. The vaccines remained optional and encouraged while I still wanted further convincing and my Doctor told me it was my decision but they couldn’t recommend it.
Get vaccinated or lose your house and go hungry. The Trinity then mandated vaccinations. Officers who did not wish to be vaccinated would be dismissed as of December 1st 2021 with no pay (this hasn’t occurred for officers on trial for criminal offences). For an officer to receive the vaccine they had to sign a document that they consented to receiving treatment. Understandably, many officers folded and just shut up and got their needle, when it's a choice between food in your child's mouth, or receiving a “conditionally approved” vaccine still undergoing trials the decision is out of your hands. I believe consent in this instance is not possible, it's obtained by threat or financial coercion.
Below the surface these actions have a deeper meaning. The Trinity do not believe that the average WA Police Officer is intelligent or capable enough to make decisions regarding their own health. If that is the case, why are they entrusted with firearms and handling highly addictive, expensive and easily disposable narcotics. It shows a contempt for their own rank and file, “These stupid cops don’t know whats good for them but I know better”.
Imminently, The Trinity will introduce laws that have been repealed in other states. They vilify the unvaccinated and restrict their movements to an extent that bail or parole conditions are unable to reach. The unvaccinated will not be allowed to attend: Cafe’s, pubs, bars, restaurants, sporting events (player or spectator), hospitals, movies, theatres, zoos, gyms AND… bottle shops/liquor stores. Despite the fact the WA is over 90% double vaccinated and almost the same amount triple dosed, for some reason the tiny minority of unvaccinated will somehow destroy the fabric of our society. This is not a control measure, it is punishment for not complying with the direction of The Trinity. This is most evident with the absurd restrictions on bottle shops (Bottle’o for my Australian Counterparts). An unvaccinated person can attend a shopping centre, buy their groceries and then is prohibited from entering or purchasing from the liquor section of that store; an area with often little to no physical barrier from the supermarket sections which also frequently swaps cashiers from the supermarket. The example is made even more absurd when you consider Aldi, where all one has to do is turn around at the checkout, pick up a bottle of wine and be refused service for only the bottle of wine.
In the words of Aldous Huxley, “ offence is so heinous as unorthodoxy of behaviour. Murder kills only the individual - and, after all, what is an individual?”. Compliance and conformity is the purpose of the unvaccinated exclusion zones. This is punishment under the guise of protection, the tyranny of the majority, blaming the minority for a danger they are adequately protected from with the vaccine.
The rank and file of WA Police are not unaccustomed to being told to do something completely superfluous and unreasonable by senior members of the chain of command. Usually this comes in the form of a new policy which results in nothing more than the duplication or triplication of recording all because a Superintendent doesn’t like to read reports off a particular program. They are usually waved off, not complied with or are complied with to such an extent so as to be positively counterproductive to the WA Police mission. This generally forces a change of behaviour for the manager not the subordinates.
I have faith most of my colleagues will treat these discriminatory rules (not laws) with the disrespect they deserve, making their “enforcement” counterproductive. This was based on many conversations I’ve had with officers from different districts. I have only met a handful of officers who truly believe that this discrimination is completely necessary and morally justified in order to protect ‘the public’. This handful classify the public as everyone, but no individuals. Another justification the handful mention is, “I had to do it, why don’t they just do it.” implying that envy may be their motivating factor for the enforcement of these rules.
I refuse to enforce these rules, I will not be a perpetrator of oppression on humans who are trying their best to maintain their bodily autonomy. Christopher Browning beautifully illustrates how Police can turn into mass murderers, all that is needed is a little momentum after the first step on the road of injustice. I do not think WA Police will be executing the unvaccinated ad nauseam, but I am terrified of where this road leads for both the unvaccinated and the perpetrators of their oppression.
I lack the ability to write a finely tuned argument on this matter and I am no expert on the medical necessities of vaccination and how the unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated. I am only sure that the right to refuse medical treatment or experimentation was put in place for a good reason, and to shirk the right as antiquated and unnecessary may lead to unintended consequences.
This writing was merely concerns that I hold as a Police Officer and the job I will be expected to perform when it comes to the treatment (legally not medically) of unvaccinated citizens. Is my concern rational, valid, completely unfounded, irrational or a combination?
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