Average bench period

2022.01.25 02:52 WearetheStonk Average bench period

Joined deloitte last week in consulting. Going through Dstart tasks and working with RM to get into projects. Do you guys know how much time it takes to get into project. I am not interested to stay on bench for long. I see around 200 folks joined onboarding meeting. Deloitte is hiring so many folks but do they have projects to allocate all these folks?
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2022.01.25 02:52 sadcellz Why can’t I die in my sleep

I want to fall asleep and dream, and dream forever and never know I died. But knowing I never have to wake up again.
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2022.01.25 02:52 Fine_Orange My 6th house protection year is coming up in a few weeks! What does it have in store for me? What can I do to prepare myself for the next year?

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2022.01.25 02:52 mightyDandelion An important realization

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2022.01.25 02:52 The_controler My crack head Sesame Street Elmo set

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2022.01.25 02:52 Ninja__Shuriken Excuse me Ningguang?

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2022.01.25 02:52 Artikzzz So i played a classic challenge to try out some decks and 7 out of 10 games i went against hog and 8 out of 10 games had AQ

Amazing game so much variety 👍
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2022.01.25 02:52 TriHardCx12345 Real picture of big O's mum telling him to stand up to pee (the joke is that he isn't tall enough lol lmao hehe)

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2022.01.25 02:52 rqumey I still the games forcing to build Diana

I've got her in cap pulls 2 times
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2022.01.25 02:52 Careless-Minute-1275 Lump on dog, really worried, plz help.

Lucky is 3-4 years old and is a Pekingese mix. he's really chaotic and sniffs literally the weirdest things like cat poop and i constantly tell him in a strict but calm tone "lucky, no" i have had dogs in the past and I've never seen them develop a lump like this and im really worried. i cant tell if its just acne, or an infection, or something he developed from having his snout in places he shouldn't have.
the lump on his snout
info about him-he does not show any signs of pain-the area was lighte not as big couple days back-its hard for me to tell if the area is hard/ soft because its too small to feel properly.-it did develop around after his last groom and that slightly weirds me out. (not sure if that means anything)
i want to take him to a clinic but our family cant afford it. we are barely able to afford the lowest rent around us. if there is anyone that could help me by looking at it and giving a rough diagnosis or suggest places that would have affordable check ups it would mean the world to me. thank you so much, i love him and i don't want him hurting.
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2022.01.25 02:52 DavidsASMR My faithful 800+ has begun to fail me, any ideas on how to fix it?

I've had an 800+ for 4 or 5 years now, and it is an excellent pencil. After a while with less use, I am going back to school partially in person and want to use my 800+. However, it has been giving me some problems. The worst offenders are that the screw off top disconnects with very little pressure and slips up a groove or two. Secondly, it sometimes takes upward of a full minute to dispense any lead. On top of those, the clicking mechanism to expose the head of the pencil is fairly tough. It takes more pressure than it did before, and the clicking noise is noticeably louder. Does Rotring do repairs, or are there any shops that do repairs? I like the slightly tarnished look, so I would rather get a repair than a replacement. Any help is appreciated!
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2022.01.25 02:52 Levitating-Farm-Cow Quiz #2

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2022.01.25 02:52 IgniXAxii Selfie from IG Story

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2022.01.25 02:52 idoso_gostoso69 O Clube de Gelo, by Vomir (tape+sculpture)

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2022.01.25 02:52 jayofheartz Two of my most recent paintings

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2022.01.25 02:52 azokai1 How do I apologize To my mom for yelling at her?

Yesterday at 3am my mom told me to go make the beds I went upstairs as i should to make ‘‘em shortly after my mom came upstairs to use the bathroom, after she did she asked for my phone I asked why out of curiousity she said it’s so I don’t play on it while I make the beds I said o ok and I handed her my phone later after I made all the beds I asked her for my phone she said she would give it back to me when it’s time for everyone to go to bed I was a bit anooyed but hay what can I do so I waited and waited till it was 10 pm after I took a shower I asked my mom for my phone she said no it’s too late(yesterday this happened but she actually gives my phone back at nighttime)I was really fustrated because I waited 7 hours to be able to use my phone just to find out I was not gonna get it I said loudly MOM WHAT HELL she took that to great offense as she if I’v cussed her out now the reason why I said he’ll and nothing else was because she lets me use hell heck I,v said hell to my mom 4 times that day not to be rude of course (and if your wondering how I used the mostly by saying mom what the hell is that)so I was suprised to see he offended she quickly called my dad and told me to go to my room now forwarded to present day she doesn’t talk to me she took my ps4 the tv remote and of course still has my phone so for the past 3 days after I came form school I’ve just stayed in my room and sleep for those 3 days i,ve felt anger towards my mom but today I’ve realized that I’m in the wrong and now I wanna apologize to my mom but I’m scared(similar events have happened like this to me and usually what happeneds is after the conflict I stay in my room filled with anger never really think that I’m not in the wrong up until now and my dad would talk to me and and that would be the end of it no more grounded the reason behind the conflict is resolved etc)I’m scared of her not acceptping the apology or her thinking that I’m just doing this to get my devices back i wanted to try today but whenever I look at her I just feel Ashamed of myself for what I did and then the it just becomes awkerd I really want to say I’m sorry I don’t care if she still holds my stuff I just wanna admit that I’m sorry how can I achieve this Reddit please help? If u have any questions please fell free the ask.
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2022.01.25 02:52 incomplete-username Nigeria's Unitary federalism

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2022.01.25 02:52 Brief_Relative_3000 I personally think that many people do not understand the difference between characters and actors. #harrypotter

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2022.01.25 02:52 Flashy-Requirement41 I'm a monogamous person in love with a poly person and have made up my mind to kill myself instead of dealing with the heartache.

I know love is a bunch of chemicals. Yet the connection I have made with this woman has gotten way more intimate than I ever imagined. She is the first person I could ever be honest with completely. No superficial relationship junk but the real deal. We have complete communication except for this suicide thing.
We are going on two years knowing one another. We were friends for the first half and started a relationship in the second. So it wasn't just some fling. I didn't come on to her and respected her as a friend and I guess this is what attracted her to be with me. That I don't think with my penis like guys she is used to getting perverted DMs from.
I knew she was poly and has a partner in another state that is seldom around and the lockdown made it impossible so we have been the only two together the whole time. I was attempting poly but didn't get too far because I felt it lacked commitment. I could find myself dating several people. So I didn't go forward on my end. We didn't really talk any structure out or ground rules. We spent every day together and it didn't even feel poly. It felt like a solo thing and she just texted some guy I never met.
The other partner wanted to come up a couple months ago and I complained about the situation until they did not.
I confessed that I was not into the polyamorous thing but don't want marriage either. To just be. To see where this takes us. She is still with me because she loves me just as much and keeps the other partner to one or two texts when I'm not around not to bother me. Yet flat out refuses for me to be the only one.
We now live together but she just won't be with me or let the other person go. It was decided that we were to find solo places and she wants me to try to find others to maybe give the poly thing another go. I do not want this. I tried a few dating capps and felt like a cheater.
So I have decided on our upcoming break to kill myself. I have a history of it. Four attempts. I will probably take the suicide note so she just thinks it's my bipolar depression.
I figured I can't keep a free bird in a cage by bending her to my will, but at least I can free myself from mine.
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2022.01.25 02:52 OrganismAssemblyLine melts with the wisdom which drowns in white sound

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2022.01.25 02:52 Visible_Praline_2425 My boyfriend watches older, muscular man in porn and it makes me very insecure

Hello everyone
Im 24 and my boyfriend is 21 we've been long distance dating for 1 year and 6 months now and i can say I've never been this much in love before. We haven't has sex for like 4 months now and i can tell this distance is tearing us apart. The problem is that 2 months ago i asked my boyfriend to send me a porn video he likes to watch just cuz he couldn't sext with me. He send me a video were a older muscular guy (daddy) has sex with a younger boy and he told me he loves this video. I asked him for another video again after 2 days just for fun and he send me another video but with the same type of cast, a very muscular, very rough and verbal older man and a younger guy.
idk why but this made me veryyyyyyy insecure in myself and i cant stop thinking about that he doesn't actually like me or desires me as much as an older guy. Just so you know im e very skinny, jokester personality, smooth guy. I dont even have a beard. People always tell me im cute and sweet but in my mind i can never compete with the sexual energy those porn dudes give to my boyfriend. I just love him with all my heart and i will marry him when time is right but all i can think about is him with another man.
Ofcourse i talked with him about this and to be fair he was in shook and couldn't believe i would think something like this. He told me he loves me deeply and that he doesn't even care about looks, he cares about the way i treat him, the way i make him laugh and the way i make him feel special. As for the porn, he told me thats just the way he likes it and there's no way he would prefer someone just because he's muscular. He told me i should stop thinking like this but all i can picture in my mind is him having sex with another man and enjoying it way more than he does with me. I told him this also and he got mad and just because i was sad he reassured me that its all in my head, and i should stop thinking like this because its making me anxious and borderline depressed. He told me that he cant see himself with another person in his life, that im perfect for him and that he will grow old with me. i know this is true but its been 2 months of just negative thinking, all i can think is me not being enough sexually, and pardon my language not fucking him the way he wants im very very insecure about this. The funny part is that everytime we finnish sex he tells me that im the best sexual partner he's ever had and we cum multiple times. I've become very cold with him and he with me.
I ask the wise gays for advice cuz tbh i can't anymore.
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2022.01.25 02:52 spongebobdmt Left kratom in room temp water overnight not refrigerated but in mug w napkin over it. Is it drinkable or throw it out? Been 16 hours.

Will it make me sick / sicker is it bad after sitting in mug in water already mixed for like 16 hours?
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2022.01.25 02:52 FawkeZen The first cause was in the universe.

The first cause is often the argument theists present. I dont think that the first cause makes sense. I like diagrams, so I made one. Causality is a property of the universe. so it does not make sense to claim that creation of the universe involved causality. Or did I miss something?
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2022.01.25 02:52 mochithehamster Enthesitis

What helps the most for Enthesitis? The joints all look ok on X-ray, but the entheses hurt so much.
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2022.01.25 02:52 SaucyOfficial Bored Ape Rick (Rick & Morty) - Link in Post

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