Top AD songs

2022.01.20 12:03 Big-Listen-1524 Top AD songs

What’s your “Top 3” AD songs? Mine are: 3. Hot tub of love 2. Steve/Krampus 1. Shot of B12
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2022.01.20 12:03 BigZypher Why the fuck am I so horny

I'm at day 2 now, and I can't comprehend my urge to look at anime tiddies. I hate this teenage hormones I wanna quit, any tips?
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2022.01.20 12:03 wot_studios Bowser junior is not a hot fellow

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2022.01.20 12:03 The_Almighty-Potato This accident looks familiar

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2022.01.20 12:03 Nickynick329 Freaking out!!! Shut light out 4 hours late to flowering 12/12 plants. Am i ok??

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2022.01.20 12:03 mbaramars Music-news blog

Music, global news, blues rock news. Updates every day
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2022.01.20 12:03 0SwifTBuddY0 Are there any penalties or financial hits for leaving amazon or being terminated during the career choice program? Or would schooling just cease and you have whatever credits you've gotten unless you want to finish out of pocket or with scholorship(s)?

Thanks for any help, kinda new here
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2022.01.20 12:03 cummy_devil_doll Jaspurr. Standard Issue Ginger Cat.

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2022.01.20 12:03 martinjuhasz Suggest a scifi novel to a non-fiction book reader

Hey everyone,
i recently read (well listened to) {Project Hail Mary} and fell absolutely in love with it. Normally i read mostly non-fiction books, some of my favorites would be things like Sapiens by Harari or Factfulness.
On the other hand i watch a lot of scifi movies and television shows and enjoy them also. I'm also interested in Astrophysics and Astronomy in general. But never really got into reading science fiction. What i enjoyed about "Project Hail Mary" so much is that is not too far away in the future and you can still relate to it and also that it was mostly based on real/true/possible details, no magical or too impossible technology mixed with a lot of facts about the universe.
Might there be any other books in that direction i could take a look at?
Thanks in advance for this great community :)
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2022.01.20 12:03 Paddes Use Computer located somewhere in the house

i would like to know if anyone has thaught of, or tried to extend the range between the PC and VR glasses.
My PC sits in a small room, and i dont want to move it. Routing long cables wouldnt be an option either.
I thaught of using a KVM via IP switch. PC on one side, with connection of HDMI and USB to the KVM switch, which is connected to the local network. In the other room the counterpart to the KVM connected to the same network and HDMI + USB connected to the VR HMI.
Has someone tried this before?
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2022.01.20 12:03 katripi_ why does thoughts?

Why does everything become so much more entertaining past 2am? Like ive been scrolling through the tiktok and suddenly a still image of a capubara is ingrained in my mind and i am in physical pain from laughing. I need helppppp.
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2022.01.20 12:03 OdysseusRedacted Too Much?

So We Both Admitted That We Like Each Other, Now I've Been Getting A Little More Physical With Her, Putting My Hand On Her Back And Kissing Her Cheek And Head, And I've Been Texting Her Good Night Every Night Am I Doing Too Much Too Fast?
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2022.01.20 12:03 enrichedElder How often have you identified your partner being braless?

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2022.01.20 12:03 Halkaramov2019 Buy Anti Slip Ice Snow Shoe Grip online from Luxenmart Buy here: Stretch to fit size! Material: Rubb...

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2022.01.20 12:03 TestohZuppa IKELOS SMGs for PvE, my roll vs Banshee's one

I got one recently from gunsmith materials and now Banshee sells one, which one is better?
My roll:
- Fluted Barrel/Polygonal Rifling
- Appended Mag/Tactical Mag
Banshee's roll:
- Extended Barrel/Hammer-Forged Rifling
- Appended Mag/Alloy Magazine
They both have Dynamic Sway Reduction and Surrounded with Handling MW, mine has pretty high handling, okay stability and range and Banshee's one has high range, a bit less stability than mine and high handling. I know these rolls are not that great, but which one is better?
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2022.01.20 12:03 Bath What are some horror movies that are actually scary (is this even really possible)?

I feel like knowing that movies are fake is enough to dampen the scare factor. That being said, I've watched a few horror movies like paranormal activity, scream 5, etc, and I didn't think they were very scary aside from maybe some jump scares (which hardly counts).
What are some movies that are actually scary (in your opinion)?
I've heard of people saying Paranormal Activity 3 was scary, but I honestly thought it was just an extremely boring movie.
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2022.01.20 12:03 theslimnacho [Academic] Designing a "Measuring Cup Cap" for a class, (anybody)

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2022.01.20 12:03 cnmferguson BTC not right in portfolio

So as of writing this, BTC is running up around 43k but in the portfolio tracker it's showing around 42.1k no matter if I refresh, clear cache, re-login, etc. Clicking on BTC to go to the details shows the correct price around 43k. Fix this please thanks.
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2022.01.20 12:03 that_crazy_asian_96 My current mental state

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2022.01.20 12:03 jbdsgym Upcoming sneaker drops for 2022!

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2022.01.20 12:03 JJKirsch Start staking on the Algebra DEX in under an hour 🚀

Stake for as long as you want, with the amount of tokens you want! No limits on time and staking amounts + 150% APR on
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2022.01.20 12:03 assu_chebet Looking for Remote Work? Companies are Hiring in The US. Apply Now Using This Simple Dashboard

I have collected a list of jobs from multiple companies in the US. We understand times are tough right now and we hope this list might be of help to you all.
Here is the tool with a list of vacancies;
Click here to see the offers and use the multiple filters to refine your results
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2022.01.20 12:03 Milkweed_arts TWF Timeline Q's

Does anybody know if there is a post or doc out there displaying the full TWF timeline? I'm newer to the community and was just wondering if theres already one floating around, otherwise I'm going to make one myself 😭
I know Mattpatt and other YT theorists have loose ones described in theory videos, but I'm really looking for like, solid dates and relation of events. pls🙏
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2022.01.20 12:03 cum_assassin No avenge quests

Since it's a weekly challenge I decided to do an avenge quest but suddenly realized that after 100% completing the game and over 200 hours I have never once seen an avenge quest available. I tried that method where you sit idle on scotthoh farm roof with no luck. Anyone have another method? I'm on xbox one x
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2022.01.20 12:03 KillBoosh Sim City 2000

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