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Can’t Mount my scope

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. UNESCO World Heritage Centre This application uses licensed Geocortex Essentials technology for the Esri ® ArcGIS platform. All rights reserved. Loading, Please Wait... Station Details: ID: 068257 Name: CAMPBELLTOWN (MOUNT ANNAN) Lat:-34.06 Lon: 150.77 Height: 112.0 m Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. Produces the Losmandy product line of precision equatorial mounts, dovetail systems, the Gemini goto control system and a variety of telescope accessories.

2022.01.21 15:26 JohnJohnLuffy Can’t Mount my scope

I recently bought a LT-20 M72 from Lancer Tactical, (I know, it was kind of a joke) and I have a 300$ scope meant for real rifles I was going to use, but I can’t because the rail on my gun is too wide. Do I beed a new scope, or is there another way I can mount it?
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2022.01.21 15:26 xFloopyMoon oh oo, what did i do???

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2022.01.21 15:26 helpmetofindusername Arkadaşlar kgbtr diye bir yer var yorum yapamıyprum nr yapmalıyım birisine sordum aparkatatanbaksira sor dedi

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2022.01.21 15:26 caramelbunny2x https://onlyfans.com/caramelbunny1x

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2022.01.21 15:26 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Couple arrested after launching hateful rant against family, including 10-year-old boy, on train | NBC

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2022.01.21 15:26 BoopserStrikesBack Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Five Months.

Today, my mind is like pine sap. Sticky, slow, sweet, and bitter.
Yesterday I was vibrating. Laughing a genuine, sing song laugh. The butterfly of newfound hope flapped her wings under my rib cage. These were seedlings of a beginning untouched by him. Untouched by a previous me. I could see the horizons of newness entirely unimpacted by a good man’s interest. The smokey perfume of love, sex, and pleasure have dissipated. My senses are opening.
The weight of disappointing someone based on my actions has lifted. Locations are reduced to that – locations. Simple coordinates on a map presenting new side quests but no longer carrying the high expectation of someone else’s dreams and ideals. What I discover here may be what I discover there. I could uncover 10,000 adventures in 10,000 places. The trick is my own effort to seek out what currently feels undiscoverable. I learned this lesson years ago and somewhere along the way, that knowledge was lost.
Relearn the following: it’s not the place you’re in but the energy you give to it and the community you create. Paradise is closer than you think but not without effort. You must speak out for it. You must move for it. What you’re looking to escape will follow you through the red desert, the vast plains, the raining pacific, or home to the violent east.
I’m as prepared to handle this place as I’ve ever been. That all the lessons and iterations of my wandering life have given me the tools I’d need to face such frigidity, such motion, and such harshness. A monolith of concrete walls, seductive cocktails on every corner, rats playing tag in the alleyways, and nature fighting its way through cement as it seeks rare glimmers of sun. A woman at the bar reaffirmed that yes, my forehead was as creased as I thought it was but not to worry – expression lines are life.
Sometimes I wonder if my insides are more scar tissue than organ.
Bundled up and insulated from the cold, I can comfortably observe the comings and goings of the heartbroken. Those hoping to rediscover and prove to themselves that magic does exist, and if not in people or love, at least within this city’s secrets and language. No longer a main character, dressed in red velvet and soaking up attention, I am instead finding myself to be of the masses; to be one of the half-healed strangers in a black puffer waiting for a delayed subway train. Relieved that the spotlight is off me.
I am moving as freely as I’ve ever allowed myself to move. Fearful and fearless all wrapped up into a tax paying, decision averse adult-child. Truthfully…it’s comforting to know I’m only responsible for my own stumbling around. I could go anywhere. Be anyone. See anything. Try whatever.
Mess up here? Whoops.
Too upset? My own problem.
Not sure of what happens next? Oh well…I’m the only one to worry about.
I am breathing. I am smiling. I feel curiosity again.
Yet…when the high subsides, I miss his face. His gentle eyes. His hands. The kind way he looked at the world, and at one time, me. When it’s dark and I’m tired of my chilled bones, I wish to be seeking solace with him in this tiny room. Whispering the strange and unusual things we’ve witnessed. Thawing out, together. I wanted to share my life with him. My hopes, my thoughts, my musings…my tissue paper ideas. My fantasy mind would have us grasping hands, throwing glitter to the wind, and watching the sparkling fractals of possibility land in our outstretched palms.
I looked forward to whatever came next, though a little afraid. He was afraid of what was next. There was nowhere for him to look forward to. Only west. Only away from me.
Perhaps forward to me meant forward on my terms and mine alone. As the months pass, I face the idea that I am also responsible to move the dial. Not to undermine what he did or the hurt I hold…but did I grant the vulnerability that I expected of him? I held my breath in fear of spooking. Maybe it was too much all at once. I couldn’t think straight either. Maybe I too, was spooked?
Is he curious to be with the person I am becoming? He’s not reaching out, but he did say he wanted to know how I was doing. It’s possible my silence says something other than self-preservation.
Was I able to make compromises the same way I expected him to make compromises for me? I mean, we were faced with the same set of circumstances, and I made the same decision he did. I think I could be productive now, that my emotions wouldn’t swallow me.
“What could I say to you to make it okay to you?” I wonder, often. I could forgive. I could.
Could he forgive me?
Fear of a second rejection and an understanding that there’s only one outcome I desire prevents me from reaching out. I'm too afraid to be cracked open again. There's a larger idea that maybe we do want different things from love. Mistakenly swallowing vodka when I really needed water. How could I misread those signs?
I thought I knew. I thought I knew.
Funny...I’ll lace up my boxing gloves and get back in the ring after a good pop in the face, but I’m terrified and avoiding the ghost in my camera roll.
…Tick. Tick. Tick. Tomorrow, I may be higher again.
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2022.01.21 15:26 svanapps The reviews are in: AMD’s mining-averse RX 6500 XT also isn’t great at gaming

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2022.01.21 15:26 LucidMage89x This is likely my most fun, unique & creative 432 hz frequency consciousness elevating sleep track for lucid dreaming & astral projection that I have done to date.

It's called The Moon Phase Portal! It's highly tranquil, relaxing, soothing, and likely to have you falling asleep fast like a baby while improving your chances of having sweet dreams.
Within altered States Of Consciousness like lucid dreaming, astral projection, and out-of-body experiences it's possible to experience absolutely anything bound only by our imagination.
So, can you imagine dreaming about this spectacular portal, that can take you anywhere depending on your own, thoughts, beliefs, intentions, & expectations?
" I sure can! "
💫 Placebo Effects ✨
New Moon: 🌑 Gain a 35% increased chance to have a dream about rolling out of bed onto the floor of your room & becoming lucid. "
Crescent Moon: Gain a 21% chance to have a false awakening of being woken up by a wish-granting fairy. 🧚
Quarter Moon: Gain a 25% increased chance to both recognize dream signs, and to have dreams of performing successful reality checks.
Half Moon: Gain a 33% increased chance to be successful with all techniques & skills while lucid like flying, summoning dream characters, teleportation, time travel, manifesting items, changing dream scenes & more.
Full Moon: 🌕 Gain a 44% increased chance that a dream character will find you & let you know that you are dreaming.
💢 A powerful affirmation - I will believe to the point of manifestation, I will believe to the point of manifestation, I will believe to the point of manifestation!
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2022.01.21 15:26 Outrageous-Art-2157 Mary!! Get your glad rags out of storage. I've booked us a table and we are going out for dinner, a few pints and a bit o' dancing this weekend.

And I am going to enjoy every last bite and sup of it.
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2022.01.21 15:26 ChimpFromMars How can I give better examples while discussing a particular subject/topic?

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2022.01.21 15:26 queenmoite Regifting to first FC

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2022.01.21 15:26 Available-Peak1000 Problem sa profesorom

E ovako, u pitanju je profesor algebre na jednom tehničkom fakultetu, ocenjivanje se kod njega vrši kroz "domaće zadatke" i kroz 2 kolokvijuma što ukupno izađe na 100 poena. Nakon što sam saznao da mi prvi kolokvijum nije bodovan (nije loše urađen jer to označava sa 0) pokušao sam kontaktirati profesora preko mejla jer uglavnom ignoriše pitanja tokom predavanja. Nije mi odgovorio. Sad kad se završio drugi kolokvijum koji mi jeste ocenio kontaktirao sam ga opet (ovaj put sam kontaktirao i asistentkinju) ali izgleda da nema vajde jer nisam dobio odgovor. Moje pitanje je da li da nastavim da smaram profesora preko mejlova, i da ga nastavim ispitivati kad počne drugi semestar ili da se obratim nekom na višem položaju. Razmišljao sam da se obratim referentu za moj smer.
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2022.01.21 15:26 AboveNothing There's something in my head

There's something taking up space like I can't use all of it. I can feel that something isn't where it should be, there's something wrong?
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2022.01.21 15:26 throw0822away One active adult after spraying Alpine/Gentrol…

I’ve been super worried about seeing more roaches in my apartment (seven spotted in the past month), and my apartment complex sent out an exterminator yesterday morning. He was really helpful and sprayed everywhere with Alpine/Gentrol, and baited the hinges of my cabinets—nothing I haven’t seen being recommended on this sub, so that was a really big relief!
Last night when I went to get some water at 4am, I saw an adult on top of my coffeemaker…I immediately killed it and took the coffee machine outside to my freezing patio in a sealed bag (I figure I will try to unscrew it and see if there’s any corpses hiding in there tomorrow).
He was fast though and wasn’t slow/confused. I’ve seen nymphs by the sink/coffeemaker before, but never an adult. Is this a bad sign? I did see a dying nymph on the kitchen floor out in the open, but from what I’ve read on the subreddit, that means the pesticide is taking its toll.
I found out the exterminator visits every week and have scheduled a follow-up to spray again (and in the cabinets for good measure, despite never seeing one there). I’m determined to stop being scared of my own kitchen 😤
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2022.01.21 15:26 Dan_The_PaniniMan When you always come quick so you get a new nickname

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2022.01.21 15:26 touwe1 How do these guy's heads size compare to the bolt action sells? I feel they are a bit big.

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2022.01.21 15:26 Hummerous that one class

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2022.01.21 15:26 DrCryptolite Stray BULLET hits Dr in BED - USA🤦‍♂️

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2022.01.21 15:26 InductiveAutomation [HIRING] Entry-level Technical Analyst position that trains you to be a Software Engineer for us

Inductive Automation is a fast-growing industrial software company based out of Folsom, CA.
The Technical Analyst role is an entry-level position in our Technical Pathways Program that supports career development for individuals and puts them on a path to more advanced positions in the company. It is ideal for college students who want to work part-time, or recent college graduates who are able to work full-time.
You can read the complete description and apply on our website.
Let us know if you have any questions!
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2022.01.21 15:26 AIArtlab NFT drop - AI Art 500 unique NFTs created by AI Mint will be early 2022 Put in your $ETH wallet to win UPVOT and check our VR Museum (pinned post)

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2022.01.21 15:26 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Supreme Court's Sotomayor calls Texas abortion case a 'disaster' in blistering dissent | NBC

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2022.01.21 15:26 my-user-account Goddess

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2022.01.21 15:26 Albertjweasel Down on the farm in January

As we have passed the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, we can now see the days slowly grow in length, minute by minute, day by day. On the farm the longer days are a sign that spring, the busiest time of year, is on its way, the increase in daylight also gives more time for getting stuff done.
Farmers don’t really get much of a break but for many January does provide a bit of respite and a chance to step back, look at what needs doing and start on a few jobs, these are some of the things that might be going on right now down on the farm.
(See this post for sheep terminology)
If you’re in sheep country at this time of year you’re pretty much guaranteed to see or hear somebody racing about the fields on a quad feeding the sheep. Quite often the farmer will be taking bags of sheep nuts or sugar beet to his flocks, then you can hear the frantic ‘baas’ of the hungry sheep as they gallop across the fields to get their dinner, if it’s been frosty or snowing and the ground is hard he might be putting down some hay as well.
If it’s really hard weather, or forecast to be, then you might hear a different, more anxious, tone to the ‘baas’ and the farmer calling and whistling to his dog, this will be him taking them to lower, more sheltered pastures, or, if he’s got the room, putting the flock in a barn or shelter. On some farms, such as those which specialise in producing lamb for the traditional Easter market, these barns may already be in use as they will started lambing indoors by now.
Lambing season takes a bit of preparation, the pens must be cleaned and ready, food must be ordered, fences must be secure, so a sheep farmer will be thinking about this and phoning around for a few quotes, he will be trying to book a scanner in as well.
Slurry spreading
Hard, frosty ground is good for spreading slurry, or animal waste, too, which can lend the countryside air a certain pungent quality! Hard ground is useful as it avoids getting bogged down and ruining the fields with ruts, these fields will often be the ones from which silage or bay will be cut later in the year.
One consideration the farmer must make when deciding which fields to spread on is if there will be any risk of run-off into watercourses, a decent-sized field margin or buffer strip between fields and rivers or streams will prevent this, the fines you can receive for polluting a watercourse are very hefty, of course there’s always the wind direction to take into account as well when spreading.
Weaning calves
Some livestock farmers will now be thinking about weaning calves, although it’s still a bit early yet, weaning means reducing a mammals reliance on milk and with calves this can be achieved at anything from 5 to 10 months of age, dairy and upland cattle will also be weaned earlier than lowland cattle, as will calves in areas where the grass growing season has been poor.
Mending and Maintenance
On a farm there’s always things breaking down, holes appearing in fences, gaps to mend in walls, tracks to mend and constant cleaning to carry out.
Hedgelaying is one of those jobs that’ll be done in January whilst the grounds hard and before things start to grow, although many farms use flails which are tractor-mounted devices which basically operate by thwacking lots of lumps of metal on revolving chains against the hedge.
Hedge flailing has become a very contentious issue but is usually used by farmers as it’s cheap, quick, and efficient, tenant farmers who are under pressure to keep the hedges looking tidy as part of their tenancy agreement may have them flailed as well, it should only be carried out between Jan and March before birds start nesting, although it is sometimes done at other times of year to maintain visibility on roads.
A good farmer should care for his soil, after all soil is his whole raison d'être, the basis for everything he does, so he might get someone in to do some soil tests at this time of year, or do some simple tests himself.
If the grounds soft he might carry out an earthworm count, (although it’s probably a little bit too early to do this at the moment) this entails taking a spade and some kind of container and simply digging holes in a pattern throughout the field, taking the worms out of the soil and counting them to see how healthy the soil is.
There are three main types of earthworm, epigeic worms, which live in the top layers and eat leaf litter and dead plant material, endogenic worms, which live in the topsoil, and anecic worms, which burrow quite deep, each has a purpose and the target should be to have more than one epigeic worm per hole dug, over 14 endogenic and more than one anecic.
Another soil test that can be done is an infiltration test, whereby a pipe is knocked vertically into the soil and a quantity of water is poured into the top, the infiltration of the water is measured with a stopwatch and the result tells you how waterlogged the ground is.
One simple testing method has the delightful name of “soil my undies” (I’m not making this up I promise!) this is carried out by burying a piece of cotton cloth one year and then digging it up a year later to see how much has been eaten by soil organisms, if it’s all gone your soil’s healthy, if all the cotton is still there then the soil’s effectively dead.
There are many other tests which can be done to measure ph, chemical composition, ‘slake’ etc and countless other jobs that will need doing too, but I’ll leave those for other posts.
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2022.01.21 15:26 jacharcus [Grand Seiko] Just got this watch back from service!

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2022.01.21 15:26 Bonus1Fact Get Real News, weekdays at 9am EST on #AVAM:

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