I can’t be the only one that got my butt handed to me right? Right???

2022.01.29 04:49 milito3003fn I can’t be the only one that got my butt handed to me right? Right???

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2022.01.29 04:49 slightlyillteanager Poor Kristen

Kristen was abused by Tom Dougherty (idk if that's how you spell the name, I just can't spell) and also at the same time, and even way before, was being harassed by Ed. Ed may not have meant any harm or didn't believe what he was doing was upsetting her. She went to work and was constantly being interrupted by Ed and when she wasn't at work her abusive boyfriend would be waiting for her. Plus, she even worked with the guy. And when she finally got away from him and was with Ed, thinking all was well, she is told by Ed (who she literally just slept with) that he murdered her ex boyfriend. She then tried to get away because she was disgusted and terrified of him and just wanted to get away and Ed held her back and killed her by accident. But she died in fear. Imagine dying like that. I'm just saying, Kristen deserved way better. I love you Ed but that wasn't exactly a shining moment for you
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2022.01.29 04:49 Zeeking99 Don’t blindly follow West in criminalising marital rape: Gov

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2022.01.29 04:49 Pala7497 Menší vtípek prosím upvote aby se to dostalo k Mitovi

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2022.01.29 04:49 Key_Debt_5906 Vitamins and saxenda

Hi all,
Just wondering are you still able to take vitamins with saxenda? Anything that you definitely shouldn't take?
Thanks 😊
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2022.01.29 04:49 sad_cricket_cat Pointy ear catto reflecting his life choices on danger swing.

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2022.01.29 04:49 thatnaughtynerd Your last chance to win 1 ETH

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2022.01.29 04:49 Lemoncitrus69 People on Discord are Selling Roblox N.F.T For Min 20,000 Rs and Max 15,00,000 Rs not kidding...

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2022.01.29 04:49 djbillytsg Justice for GMAT Student

Hello GMAT,
I am writing this with a heavy heart, I am writing to all of you in hopes that someone/anyone will be able to shed some light on a recent injustice done by GMAC counsel and/or tap into your resources to help with this. I am begging that someone hears us out. It has been a rough 2 months for us, we have exhausted all other resources, none of which were willing to even help us.
My significant other, is hoping to pursue her MBA and she recently attempted her GMAT exam online. On her first attempt, 8th December 2021, the system (examity) crashed and disconnected her from the exam. Eventually she reconnected back into the system and was allowed to complete her exam. Her official results eventually came out with the remark “Testing Issue” which by definition means disqualified by reasons beyond her control however she is allowed to book another round of exam. We were shocked by the results however with Round 2 application deadline fast approaching, we wrote to GMAC for an appeal whilst booking another attempt at the GMAT Online.
On 27th January 2022, she took her online GMAT exam once again, this time with no complications. However on 29 January 2022 she received an email from the GMAT test security team notifying us that the exam taken on 8th December 2021 had violated GMAT Online Policies and Procedures and she is banned from taking any GMAT exams for 5 years along with her academic record being tarnish.
The injustice towards her needs to be heard. She is a government scholar, finishing in the top 1% in college, her stellar academic records shows that she is someone who would go above and beyond to achieve her dreams. She is merely just trying to make her family proud. To be accused for something so significant and to be slapped with the maximum punishment is wrong and there is a strong form of injustice that has taken place. We have tried contacting GMAT, GMAC Counsel, and every other relevant departments in hopes that we could get some answers however we were either turned down, redirected or just placed on hold for a long time.
My significant other suffers from a mental disorder and her mental health has been significantly affected because of this, she is currently vulnerable and is in a constant state of mental torture. It pains me to see her in such miserable state hence why I am writing here in hopes that someone or anyone will be able to help in any ways. I beg all of you, if you have any resources, contacts or any way of helping, please help us. We have not only lost so much money and time, we are slowly losing all forms of hope, knowing that we are fighting a losing battle. We do have evidences and records that shows we have followed the system, enquire through the proper channels however because of GMAT privacy clause we are not able to share the letter that they have sent to us. I sincerely hope that all of you will be able to understand where we are coming from and that you will be able to fight with us, to help an innocent student to get what she rightfully deserves. Bill Tan
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2022.01.29 04:49 z-and-z NKD - Para 3 LW

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2022.01.29 04:49 EmotionalNerve5347 SNEAK PEAK of upcoming Extraterrestrial NFT drop. Stay tuned to sea more. __ALBUM DROPPING SOON__STAY TUNED___ [Check out my profile for other cool artwork and more NFT albums]

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2022.01.29 04:49 RadioCaca_Ben Radio Caca on Twitter: We are listed on Giottus Exchange!

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2022.01.29 04:49 Xikor42 Tarkov in 20 seconds

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2022.01.29 04:49 Plato2901 what can I improve on or is this really good

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2022.01.29 04:49 starfilledvoid Going insane

i’ve recently been getting angry anytime my music shifts from talking heads to any other artist. im becoming an addict. or maybe im just more mentally i’ll than last month
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2022.01.29 04:49 Bish_m1514 Finding Hair Ties in my house??

I’ve been dating my girlfriend for a little over 5 months. just before we started dating, i moved into a new apartment. since we’ve been dating there has now been 2 cases in which she’s found hair ties (the little skinny elastic ones) that aren’t hers (she only uses scrunchies or clips). One was on the bedside table opposite of where i sleep (1 month ago ish?), and one was in the shower next to the shampoo (like 10 minutes ago). prior to them being found by her, i’ve never seen them. and i have not had any females over after we started dating as that, to me at least, would be very disrespectful. i’ve never cheated and i would never cheat. but this is seriously stressing her out and i genuinely have no explanation as to where they came from because i don’t have a single clue. Someone please help lol
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2022.01.29 04:49 Amandsbra The POS that did this only got 2 months in prison

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2022.01.29 04:49 Ransome62 ‘Freedom Convoy’ Size Exaggerated by Miscaptioned Videos

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2022.01.29 04:49 LITTEN028 All opinions are biased

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2022.01.29 04:49 Mangert The Titular guide for Artifact of Command builds

Okay, so I have fallen in love with artifact of command, and after hundreds of hours with it, I decided to make a guide on possible builds. This is inspired by Wooly’s command video. I built on his work and did my own testing.
I will not go over every single build, but I will go over the best possible build for progression, some alternatives, and fun builds I’d recommend trying for fun.
Before I go over the builds, for later stages and progression sacrifice+swarms gives you MUCH more items. Honestly the only reason not to run sacrifice+swarms is for the first stage which can be kind of slow on sacrifice. However all builds are the same even without swarms bolstering on kill effect items.
All builds start the same apart from purity builds, order is mostly your choice. Same with when to get defensive items. Ultimately your goal for defensive items most should be comfortable with 5-7 goat hooves, 10 bears, 2-10 harvester’s (need more as stages progress), 2-5 topaz brooch, optional wax quail, rose buckler, infusions, titanic knurl (after one spleen).
Base: Depending on your confidence in dodging, get a mix of lens makers (stop at 9) and goat hooves (stop when comfortable dodging, atleast 3-5) + 1-2 topaz brooch (I get this early if swarms) for whites. Order is up to you, and your confidence. Then get enough tri tips to max or almost max bleed chance while grabbing teddy bears (stop at 10 bears) too. Alternate tri tip dagger and bears basically. For greens grab ukulele, harvester’s scythe, atg, predatory, guillotine, both bands, pauldrons, and 2-4 more atgs in that order. You can mix a wax quail or rose buckler or extra harvester’s depending on your survivor and confidence in dodging. Once you have all that, you have a solid base to try any build. Always choose Shatterspleen as first yellow.
The best possible build with Command, to progress as far as you want, infinitely and trivially is the On Kill build aka “Dagger me not”. This involves ceremonial dagger (u grab guaranteed red on stage 4), will o the wisps, and crowbars. After base just get wisps for all greens and crowbars for all whites. You use Forgive me Not (get 3-5 fuel cells, 1-2 is fine tho, if you prefer to attack a little) and the whole map dies, ceremonial daggers stay around to snipe all new spawns. Focus wisps and jellyfish until you get Ceremonial Daggers. This performs very poorly without Daggers. After daggers grab clover+meathook but honestly this build doesn’t need more reds. This build outperforms the hellfire/razorwire build simply bc this build can run tougher times (insurance for progression). Now you basically afk apart from picking up items. Not that fun bc forgive me not does all the work for you. You don’t have to play the game. But atleast your damage is insane. Best part? Basically same on all survivors.
Alternative progression build: “Hellfire/Razorwire” this is another afk build. Get Hellfire and as many gesture as possible after stage 1 or 2, and grab 2 razorwire on your next greens, when u get it. After base, start grabbing razorwire for all your greens. Instead of Teddy bears you grab about 5 repulsion plates to make tincture do 1 damage. Don’t buy ANY bears. This build must mix with Proc Chain Hell or Dagger me not. You choose. This is best on Mul-T, bc with Mul-T you can keep tincture up while spamming another equipment like Capacitor, Jade, Missiles, forgive me not (for Dagger me not), spinal tonic (prob highest performing for Proc chain hell) etc. Great on loader who is weakest with Proc chain hell. Allows him to get easy procs.
Alternative progression build: “Proc chain Hell” is where you maximise your proc chains to get gigantic damage. Works on all survivors (loader prob worst at Proc chains). Keep base going but maximise procs. Infinitely stack atgs and predatory instincts for your greens at a 3:1 ratio. Grab harvesters as needed and any other defensive stuff at your discretion. Get close to max bleed with tri tip. Get shatterspleen. For whites, get 5-10 sticky bombs (you don’t need max) and then infinitely stack Syringes. Clover + meat hook. And then any more reds become clovers. I believe huntress is best for this build with her crit m1. But all work.
Fun builds:
Gesture builds (apart from forgive me not): stack gesture + fuel cells after base and pick a good equipment. Capacitor, tonic, missile launcher, jade and play melee acrid with focus crystals, jade+tonic with focus crystals for chainsaw mul-T, drones with captain, etc. experiment, have fun.
Fireworks: after base stack fireworks for all whites and refer to “Proc chain hell” for greens
Dots/death mark: play acrid. No atgs/ukuleles, but still do base. Get max tri tip, then 10-infinite gasoline, shatterspleen, shattered justice + brain stalks, guillotine, death mark. Spam r
Purity commando: do base apart from items affected by luck. Rush max crit. Grab 3-5 purities. For whites Infinitely stack syringe and backup mags at a 1:1 ratio. For greens stack wisps for progression, or predatory + infusions (or any defensive) for fun. Behemoth and Tesla coil for red. Spam Phase Blast, tactical slide (fly woohoo), and win.
Purity Artificer: same build as commando but it’s way worse… grab alien head too.
Purity mercenary: same build as artificer, but it’s awesome.
Purity mul-t: same build as artificer. Infinite stuns + headbutt. Weak but funny.
Various single Proc builds that are weak but worth a try: base with no other procs, get max sticky bomb chance, then syringes and predatory infinitely. Same but max tri tip instead of sticky + shatterspleen Same with only ukuleles Etc you get the point.
I’m sure there are more builds, but I mentioned all I think are worth mentioning. Mix multiple builds together, experiment, have fun!
Feel free to share your builds!
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2022.01.29 04:49 Thorfan23 How would you do the the Thrawn trilogy?

So a big thing on here is that the Thrawn Trilogy was basically sitting there and waiting to be used but how exactly would you have gone about it? the books take place a few years after episode 6 implying that to get a completely accurate version it would have needed to have been filmed somewhere between 1986 and the early 90,s .....but now in 2012 the actors are too old.
I imagine they would want it in live action so making them either an animated film or series would possibly be out the question. This means you would need to either slow the timeline and have Thrawn come into picture decades after the death of Sidious and face off with a much older OT trio and their children (Which would lead to alterations to the plot)
or do you just recast and pick up 3 years after Jedi with new actors...possibly with cameo,s from Mark,Carrie and Harrison possibly having it be them retelling the story to future generations
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2022.01.29 04:49 BAKED_TATER_ First to blink is loser

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2022.01.29 04:49 Sp33dl3m0n #Unstoppable

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2022.01.29 04:49 Amazondriver23 Lexus IS interior space for big guys?

I’m 6,1 180 pounds, would it be cramped?
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2022.01.29 04:49 bigbeans320 I’m bored so if anyone is interested in playing the numbers game dm me

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