They're the same Picture

A critical 31-13 win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday improved the 49ers’ playoff odds significantly.. Had they lost, their chances of making it to the postseason would have dropped to 31 percent. Those odds now are 88 percent after the win. After starting the season with a 3-5 record, San Francisco found its rhythm again and has won five of its last six games. Electric cars, they are normal now. Find out firsthand from these normal people who drive electric vehicles It is worst on the in-built Disney+ app (the Star Wars movies + The Mandalorian scenes are so dark you almost cannot see anything, as well as Marvel's Black Panther!). It is also noticable on Amazon Prime for shows such as Hunters in 4K mode. When you select the non-4K version of Hunters the picture... There, their and they’re are homophones, and they can be tricky ones, too. Practice using the correct word every time with this worksheet! | The Official Site of Major League Baseball We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2022.01.22 11:49 D_Juniorart2 They're the same Picture

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2022.01.22 11:49 Savings-Potential-38 My Choice

You see I made a choice. I had everything I ever wanted. Wife, children, a happy home, so on and so fourth. Why on earth would I want that all over again with someone else? In my opinion, in my heart,…….you can’t replace everything in life.
Most say “You’re wrong, this and that”……What does it matter to you who I choose to love. You cant take away what you didn’t give me. I love my wife. I love my children.
My youngest daughter always tells me, “Papi, never leave me.” …………I’ll never leave you my love. I’ll never leave you baby. How much my soul misses my family. Believe me, if I could I would be doing anything else. This is my destiny…….you see I made a choice. How can you take away what you didn’t give to me?
To my person: I stopped fighting it long ago. I pray you have the happiness you have always wanted. You and our children have given me that happiness and I would like to say “Thank you”. Perhaps I have lost my mind and that’s fine by me.
You are with me and I am with you. Til death do us part my love. I trust God and he knows my heart. I must keep going. I just want you to know that I will never replace you or our children. I care not one bit about the past nor does it even exist for me. All I know and see is the present. Right here, right now, this very moment. I will always love you, …..You and no other.
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2022.01.22 11:49 worsthairlineNA In your opinion what is the most devastating lost in lol esports history?

I would have to say 2019 G2 losing in worlds finals. Winning spring, summer, MSI, being the favorite to win the series with worlds in Europe and you lose. I'm not sure if you ever really 100% get over that. Any others come to mind?
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2022.01.22 11:49 classicclazy wts lf runes and or keys

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2022.01.22 11:49 Ldiddy-the-69th I want to find out what the community thinks is the hardest boss ( excluding mist Nobel due to him being the obvious answer)

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2022.01.22 11:49 Rugged_Bat_Wing Finally this blazer looks cute somehow

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2022.01.22 11:49 shallah Texas attorney general refuses to hand over Jan. 6 records

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2022.01.22 11:49 FlyOrangeBird MetaGods heroes offering a universe of content blowing up 🤯 right now as it uses crypto to generate real cash. Such a huge catch

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2022.01.22 11:49 alyahs001 Saw this on Pinterest 😂

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2022.01.22 11:49 Elshodbee What language people think that it is useless but it is very useful?

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2022.01.22 11:49 Rastafanta Two questions. Could you critique my "Intro" below? Also, do people find these kind of "infodumps" interesting?

Intro is the wrong word, what I mean is between chaptes I have the intention to place minor infodumps about historical events whose outcomes affect the world, or add information that makes the reader understand the world, events, or charactes in a different way.
Anyway, here's the segment.
The Heralds Some four-hundred years ago in what is now the Northern Wastes, a great kingdom of warlocks waged war on the Gods in response to the divine chaos that had ensued for the past months. The war was fought in the divine halls of Geldbrandt where the Gods met their fate. Left in their divine halls were their heralds, the fourteen most powerful warlocks with whom they had entrusted their powers. These heralds had not accounted for the fact that one of the Gods was not present in Geldbrandt – the God of the Sun, Moon and Stars. After closing the gateway between their realms he laid waste to the entire kingdom before going into hiding. The Gods were decimated, all but one. The heralds, last of their kind, were trapped in Geldbrandt, forced to act on the Gods’ behalfs. The Great Kingdom of Artherin Nox was eradicated from the face of the world. Such was the outcome of their War on the Gods.
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2022.01.22 11:49 RevolutionaryFun9694 28 [F4A] The House sa Netflix

Mabilis ba internet connection mo? Bored ka ba ngayon? Nood tayo ng The House. Hahahaha. Positive kasi ako at nakaquarantine ngayon. Mga pusa ko na lang kausap ko madalas 🤣
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2022.01.22 11:49 Barkhardt What brand and style of T-shirt do you prefer to dye or wear? And Why?

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2022.01.22 11:49 Bindi_Bop Restaurant forces employees to beg for reviews or they will be fired- thought this should be here

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2022.01.22 11:49 Diplodocus114 No parking outside our ouse

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2022.01.22 11:48 weissenb1234 Check

Am i
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2022.01.22 11:48 Anoir_Finland Price Check? Yes I know its not even close to BIS

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2022.01.22 11:48 SnooSquirrels3939 Preparing for decision?how long does the preparing for decision take?

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2022.01.22 11:48 VoteNarcianCYL I have to study alot for my exams.. real story short

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2022.01.22 11:48 ZaNaWaHa I Won a Ranked Game With No Monster Cards.

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2022.01.22 11:48 floooof97 Solid mail to wake up to!!!

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2022.01.22 11:48 fryingpansexual0405 This whole exchange is glorious

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2022.01.22 11:48 Independent-Worth-58 Test is now Negative!

I tested positive for HPylori in early December, finally finished treatment and post-treatment mid January, and just got back my results, negative!
I’m relieved, but also surprised. I was prepared for the possibility of multiple treatments, as I’ve heard on here that’s common and I’m also still experiencing abdominal pain occasionally.
If you got rid of HPylori, was this similar to your experience? Is it common for it to take a while for the symptoms to really subside fully?
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2022.01.22 11:48 sweptawayfromyou Was haltet ihr eigentlich vom YouTuber „Lingualizer“?

Der dürfte ja aus Österreich sein oder zumindest hier wohnen, macht aber Videos auf Englisch und wird mir in letzter Zeit dauernd auf YouTube vorgeschlagen, besonders in den Shorts!
Das, was er macht (Leuten auf Omegle und der Straße Geographie- und Fremdsprach-Fragen stellen), finde ich prinzipiell gut, allerdings ist das besonders in diesen kontextlosen Shorts teilweise eher ein Bloßstellen von überraschten, ahnungslosen Leuten wie damals beim Ö3-Mikromann, was aber schon irgendwie einen faden Beigeschmack hat, da das hier noch unseriöser als bei Ö3 passiert! Außerdem sieht es so aus, als ob den Leute scheinbar teilweise so schnell skippen, weil sie nicht weiterwissen oder was auch immer, dass er die nicht einmal fragen konnte, ob sie im Video dabei sein wollen! Ist das überhaupt legal in Österreich? Man kann ja besonders seit den ganzen Datenschutzregelungen von der EU nicht einfach Leute von Omegle, wo sie denken, dass sie nur eine einzige fremde Person sieht, nehmen und unzensiert einem Millionenpublikum zeigen, ohne, dass die das überhaupt wissen - erst recht nicht, wenn sie dann als ungebildet dargestellt werden, was deren Ruf schaden könnte! Außerdem filmt der teilweise mitten in Wien, wo die Kandidat:innen zwar wissen, dass sie gefilmt werden, trotzdem aber genügend Passant:innen zu sehen sind, die sicher nicht alle gefilmt werden wollen!
Dazu kommt noch, dass sein Kanal so wirkt, als ob es eigentlich um Sprachen gehen sollte, während es jetzt fast nur mehr um Geographie bzw. „Allgemeinbildung in Länderkunde“ geht, während der Typ aber selber scheinbar auch nicht extrem viel Ahnung von Geographie hat, da er beispielsweise immer von „above“ oder „below“ redet, wo es „nördlich“ und „südlich“ heißen sollte oder Leute falsch korrigiert, indem er beispielsweise sagt, dass Kashmir eine Stadt ist, obwohl es sich dabei um eine Region handelt!
Genauso fällt mir leider auf, dass der Name „Lingualizer“ an sich schon etwas schwierig gewählt ist, da er manche Sprachen gar nicht richtig sprechen kann, dennoch aber fast immer so wirkt, als ob er glaubt, dass er die Sprachen (genauso wie die Antworten auf seine ganzen Fragen) sehr gut oder zumindest besser als sein Gegenüber kann bzw. kennt!
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