Multiple Companies are Hiring in the US For Work From Home Jobs. Check This tool and Apply Now!

2022.01.21 11:16 assu_chebet Multiple Companies are Hiring in the US For Work From Home Jobs. Check This tool and Apply Now!

I thought of sharing a simple Dashboard that lists a wide range of jobs including remote work within the US.
Link to the list; Click here to see the offers and use the multiple filters to refine your results
I hope this list might be of help to you all particularly those looking for jobs.
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2022.01.21 11:16 AaronPope8888 [HOME] Free Shiny Snivy From PoGo To 1st Comment

[giveaway] Just got traded a Shiny Snivy from PoGo. I have no interest in keeping it as I didn't obtain it myself nor it doesn't have one of ny OTs. 1st person to comment gets it
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2022.01.21 11:16 codeone347 he must be inhuman

he must be inhuman
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2022.01.21 11:16 SolusUmbra Non stop migraine club

I have seen a few other posts about having non stop migraines for a blank period of time, and now it’s seems I’m joining the club this season. I know the weather has been, pressure had been bouncing all over the place and humidity has been down (I do use a humidifier) but for some reason I feel at a loss as to why I’ve had 2 major migraines and several little ones in 1 week. On the days with the little migraines I try to take as little medication as I can to try to not get rebounds and yet I have another severe one right now (major migraine 2 this week) I feel like half my face is going to split open. I know I should be away from screen at all cost but being alone scares me more then the little extra pain at least at this moment. I feel like I’m over looking an important new trigger... I got a new herbal tea and happens to coincide with the time around these migraines but I didn’t see anything in the ingredients that screams out at me or that isn’t in any of my other teas.... so I’m at a loss.
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2022.01.21 11:16 XxSILVERSTACKER69xX What ever you do don’t listen to the talking head puppets shilling tech stocks that are way overpriced in terms of revenue and growth potential. Cramer is pretty much doing the dirty work for the central banks! Worst part is people respect him

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2022.01.21 11:16 fasd432 Sigma Behavior

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2022.01.21 11:16 twister5863 Better libido and sleep

Hello I saw a lot of about that cymbalta ruin sleep and libido is here anybody with opposite effects? Improvement of libido and sleep schedule?
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2022.01.21 11:16 cryptocalbot Add to your calendar Rocket Vault (RVF) event: WalletConnect Integration - January 31, 2022

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2022.01.21 11:16 Economy_Dream7920 گیمیار میشناسهD:

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2022.01.21 11:16 myahblauvelt He loves my Ugg comforter, I find him like this so much !

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2022.01.21 11:16 RealStoneyBologna My only clean underwear left are red pairs. Guess it is swingin nuts today.

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2022.01.21 11:16 iTzDrK_ Burenyuu

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2022.01.21 11:16 Horror-Comfortable16 My Bioshock collection (around 80% of it anyway)

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2022.01.21 11:16 Namurtjones Man, I wish any of my presentations were this good.

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2022.01.21 11:16 Magusman An Experimental Treatise On Mercenary Bands [CHPT 1&2] Warning: Text Heavy!

Greetings, dear reader & thank you for purchasing this plain manuscript from your local merchant. If you stole this book then that is acceptable also.
For you see, this first edition treatise & any surviving copy about our known world is unique in that they are both visually & textually dissimilar. That said, it is a condensed & experimental foray into small unit tactics that aims to adapt to changing conditions.
If you have mastered the material, you will learn from the experiences of The Gauntlet mercenary group over the entirety of its history based on applicable proven strategies.
If you wish to seek me out for further clarification as I write the labor over polish the second edition, please see me at my office in the Hejsted old city.
Sincerely & always at your service, Alfred the Learned, Historian / Companion of glorious The Gauntlet
Chapter 1: Founding The Company
To start any enterprise is a harrowing affair. To start a mercenary company that risks lives for both revenue, and hopefully, positive profit flow is a terrible undertaking. From this Chapter & onward, I will guide you through the complex mechanics needed in reducing risk with the power of a variety of strategies both in & out of battle.
The rest is honestly random chance with a lot of luck. For example, a fellow warrior in the fighting line could have been a sword master or hedge knight with the latter especially having had actual battle experience in addition to much training.
Perhaps some divine blessings could win a battle or make your venture profitable? That is if you believe this last sort of thing? In any case, mere skill and prior experience means little when you miss a sword swing or crossbow shot at critical moments. Then you bleed out because a goblin shot you in the head with an arrow.
Things happen.
Basically, battles are rather chaotic. Random chances in addition to all sorts of factors may still end a company.
As a former mercenary of two different war bands, I do not depend on a benevolent ethereal deity or 2 or more of such drivel. If you just happen to be a cultist who worships Davkul, please do not visit me or send me letters. Davkul cultists are rather insane!
That said, if you believe you have both the gold crowns or courage to assume the role of the founder & original leader, you must keep in mind that our known world is mostly unexplored & quite small. The ability to both read, make then update, & properly use maps helps immensely. Because you are a leader, you can either learn or have learned such map skills or simply hire a battle brother who can.
Obviously, being able to use maps & knowing at least basic cartography would save money, but not everyone can do so. Delegation is key. Finally, lacking maps makes path-finding & exploration too much of a gamble when departing from roads. Getting lost often leads to ruin, but we will cover that in another Chapter.
As for the matter of needing gold, I will cover that major issue in the Finances Chapter, which is after I teach you about the basics of traveling outside of cities. Almost always, you must leave towns & cities to complete contracts so I stress the importance of thoroughly reading Chapter 2 & 3 before advancing to the critical knowledge I humbly provide about managing money in Chapter 4.
Now about leadership itself. From my experience as a hired sword for The Gauntlet, it seems to be an innate trait for some & a trained skill for others. If you are somehow lucky enough to enter this dangerous world a natural leader that is most wonderful. I applaud you. However, it takes true diligence & perhaps a sprinkling of various factors, such as hard work & real world experience, to survive on the front lines as a leader. Though I have noted it is possible to lead from the back lines far away from actual skirmishing like with our founder / leader Ragnar.
The key is to understand that leadership skills are vitally important to the daily management of a mercenary business. Our still surviving captain, though he hated titles asking us to only call him by name, started as an amateur. I am happy to say he eventually retired, but will talk about that later towards the end of this treatise demonstrating it is possible to command others against horrors like orc warlords to eventually retire comfortably.
With that related, I will regale you with anecdotes to close out this initial chapter. The Gauntlet happened because of a series of mishaps. We had survived a horrible grand melee fighting the infamous Hoggart the Weasel. Ragnar, Helfrich, Lothar, & I worked together in another band. We signed on to kill Hoggart after negotiating with a village elder. We were the only survivors out of sheer tenacity really.
In that terrible ordeal, Ragnar became permanently injured. He was useless in a real fight thereafter. Anyway, Hoggart fled leaving his men behind living up to his moniker. As the adrenaline left our system in the aftermath, we surveyed the crimson tainted field not quite knowing what to do. Uncertainty hung heavy in the air. Corpses, armor, & implements of war littered the area. Standing there glad to be alive, we elected Ragnar the reluctant captain of The Gauntlet.
Then there is poor Egil. We fought with him in the initial 10 or so days after we reformed with Ragnar at the head. Egil perished; ripped to shreds by a Direwolf. That poor rookie only lasted 4 days. The poor bastard.
Brothers & sisters get hired then perhaps get dismissed, retire, or simply die an early death in some horrific manner like the aforementioned Egil. His story of courageous sacrifice illustrates a major truth: death is truly an inevitability.
When your job is risking life & limb, you must be cautious. Controlling risk while deciding whether it is worth it is the entire point of this manual. All in all, it's risk vs. reward.
Ultimately, bad things occur. Training certainly helps. However, education is very important. Constant learning to eventually minimize mistakes aids you even more!
Remember: this is a business. It is not a charity.
Next Chapter, I shall expound on the importance of long term thinking focusing on Finances.
Chapter 2: Finances, The Downfall of Black Crow Balthasar, & Related Tales
The Gauntlet usually ran its finances poorly. That must be said early to lower your expectations as only the best commanders end up with well-run financials in their company.
The following really did happen, I swear... “GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF, YARIK!” The leader barked from the rear with no effect. “Rally!”
Then the bannerman raised our flag and, with voice booming, summoned forth his gift: “To the colors! To me, my Brothers of War & Honor!”
Despite that, the spectres kept coming with their horrible wails of nightmares real and imagined. We sometimes whispered of geists around the campfire hoping never to meet them. Too bad.
Unfortunately, Bertram the Lieutenant succumbed to his wounds from the horrific melee. A Fallen Hero got the best of the old lad & slew him with a heavy strike from his zweihander. Our former comrade arose moments after the kiss of Death. Dotted and splotched on his scale armor were bits of blood & ichor. Bertram the Dead groaned. We were shocked as we cowered behind our shield wall.
The sun shone down but hated us. And in a bit of shade from passing clouds above, our former brother became our enemy...
"Such a waste of coin and training," our passive leader later said.
In any company, mercenaries come & go, die, or hopefully retire with some crowns. Mostly they die or get maimed beyond belief. Our commander once let a fellow with a collapsed lung stay in our fighting line. Berthold ate a raider’s pike ending his suffering because he forgot his helmet. It’s a pity really.
Such stories are common and often true. In my expert opinion, the only false ones include tales of geese that lay gold crowns each day. Rubbish.
In any case, the big question is “How do you make a profit?” That is hard to answer besides the obvious, which are payouts from contracts & selling loot from the battlefield. While we certainly are not merchants, it is a good practice to buy trade goods at low prices, transport them to a citadel or city, and offload it all for a pretty pile of coin.
However, now don't get me wrong, merchants with caravan guards have made plenty of crowns playing mercenary and trader. Heavens, I know a caravan master who regularly buys loaves of bread to trade in the city at a slight profit.
Then, though I scoff at the lunacy of this strategy, we have “the dagger party.” The joke goes that there is a “dagger party & you’re all invited.”
The downfall and demise of Black Balthasar, also known as the Black Crow, was a mighty bandit boss. Was. Allow me, dear reader, to recount the glorious tale...
We had tracked the bandit king, or so he styled himself, to a crumbled keep out in the Eastingvale woods passing by a band of mercenaries, The Whistling Arrows, who were caught up in a grand melee with some raiders. Ragnar advised us not to join in the brawl and so we instead followed tracks and other signs for 2 days before coming upon the patchwork fort of Balthasar. Bossing about his minions, the thug king was battle ready dressed in fine lamellar and quite a sturdy helmet. He had a kite shield, a stolen knight's faded crest still on its face, and the most expensive sword I've ever seen that was a true work of art and deadly too. Balthasar clearly robbed a nobleman for his sword... and it appeared his snakeskin boots too.
In any case, we readied ourselves and Ragnar gave a fine speech:
"Today we fight not as men or scoundrels, yes that means you Lothar you bastard, but we fight as Brothers. We of The Gauntlet are the finest mercenaries in the land and shall reign victorious over these two bit thugs. Steel yourselves, friends, and let's get into the thick of it. Make it loud and fatal!"
The Gauntlet cheered at that and so we advanced into The Eastingvale...
At Balthasar's crumbling battlements, we met them in a magnificent battle that included puddles of blood, broken implements and armor, and nine of our initial company dead with only three in the reserves. Ultimately, the first skirmish ended in failure with our Bannerman struck down but alive with brain damage, which was rather fortunate somehow... He was braver but quite... slow.
In the rejoined brawl, we advanced back in with six battle brothers with partially scuffed, blood-flecked arms and armor with Ragnar in rear guard as our commander.
Balthasar had lived from the initial foray and came out bellow taunts. We ignored him as we formed a shield wall and edged in. Arrows rained down from bandit marksmen and thrown weapons weighed heavy on the frontline. Javelins and axes protruded from the interlocked shields, some kites and some basic round ones, as we kept a steady pace forward.
The first to fall was a southern merc, Hakim, who hailed from the grand oasis city of Karrakan. The Gilder, so the believers say, blessed Hakim with a strong physique and he fought in the tainted killing fields of The Arena.
He ate a hooked blade to the noggin. Shit happens.
We had cut a swath through the bandit ranks with only Balthasar the Crow remaining hefting his looted nobleman's war sword. The Crow struck down our already learning impaired Bannerman as our morale started to break.
A lucky hit with an arming sword to the head made The Crow reconsider his life decision. He began to rout. We rushed in for the opportunity as our vengefully driven sellswords and surrounded him, menacing him with drawn daggers.
And so Balthasar was no more; shanked into oblivion.
Chapter 3: [PENDING]
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2022.01.21 11:16 omokuo Wide Smile Marin

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2022.01.21 11:16 motacular1 Split decision on GMFB. I’m so glad they didn’t all pick us. That would have been horrible.

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2022.01.21 11:16 Gregwoo82 Curious if any of these have any value fam?

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2022.01.21 11:16 Ap431 Affordable Spanish classes in Medellin

Hey! So I just moved to Medellin and would like to learn Spanish. I’m thinking about going to Spanish classes, but I don’t really want to spend a ton on classes. Most of the places that I found online ended up being $300,000 COP a week (roughly $75 USD/week or $300 USD/month), which is more on the pricy side.
I was eating dinner with a friend and she was telling me there are a lot more affordable classes out there in Medellin, but when I try and Google affordable Spanish classes in Medellin, I come up short.
Does anyone know of any affordable Spanish classes in Medellin that’s $400000 COP/month ($100 USD/month) or less???
Idk if that price range for Spanish classes even exists here in Medellin, but I just wanted to ask around just in case.
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2022.01.21 11:16 Duskwoodthingsss Who is the best girl?

Let's choose noww
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2022.01.21 11:16 IfTheMushroomManCan a friend of mine has a really fun realm cool people who wants to join ? no mobile sorry

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2022.01.21 11:16 Conscious-Bottle143 PYE & Peroi? Televisions

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2022.01.21 11:16 Odd-Week-2353 What's your height? Just curious.

6'4 for me.
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2022.01.21 11:16 Comrade_Shrek_22 Rip maestro 😰🙏

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2022.01.21 11:15 IrelandonRedditBot [r/europe] Romanian, Austrian, Hungarian, Azeri, British, Irish, Belgian, Russian and Italian soldiers at a WWI memorial during the 2014 Bastille Day parade in Paris

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