2022.01.26 22:30 goodusernam99 h

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2022.01.26 22:30 The-True-Apex-Gamer Can someone help me understand these results?

I’m running a dual katana build amd wanted to see which dealt the most damage, but after receiving some inconsistent results I decided to keep running the tests.
I tested 3 katana types (Uchigatana, Black Steel Katana, Washing Pole).
I did the same type of attack (single slash r1s) for each run; I did not include damage from multiple attacks, r2s, roll attacks, or running attacks.
I did not 2 hand my weapons
I only counted the damage from the undead soldiers wearing gambison and did not strike any soldiers while their shield was up, while their back was turned, or while they were on a ladder.
My original test followed the path from the first bonfire in The Forest of Fallen Giants to the ladder that leads to the second bonfire. However, I noticed that I was still getting unique results by the time they all despawned, so I then ran my route from the courtyard just outside of the second bonfire as a loop back to the second bonfire.
Understanding the results
If the number has a plus following it that means that I killed it too many times to count. Only two numbers from each weapon correspond to each type a higher number and a lower number. I understand that the former includes “counter damage” and the latter seems to be the standard damage.
My StDex was 36/44
If it has a % that means I encountered it 4 times.
If it has a £ that means I encountered it thrice.
If it has a • that means I encountered it twice.
If there is nothing following the number then I only encountered that damage value once.
Black Steel (190+166) 471+
Uchigatana (230+124) 469+
Washing Pole (240+124) 419+
Why are the results for specifically the Washing Pole so inconsistent?
Is there a drop off for damage farther down the blade?
I noticed midway through the experiment that I was wearing the ring of blades, does that ring apply to all attacks or just some?
A few attacks from the Washing Pole were significantly higher than any others, what could have caused this?
Is there a “sweet spot” on the blade that deals extra damage?
What could have caused the rare attack values that were lower than the main attack values on all 3 weapons?
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2022.01.26 22:30 dcent12345 Aurelion Sol type meteor spell for multiplayer.

I am attempting to do an aurelion sol type spell for multiplayer. I currently have the logic down to spawn the actors I want rotating around my character, but I can't seem to get the replication/damage correct. When I call it multicast I see the actor with different speeds and sizes for server vs client. When the overlap triggers it does the damage incorrectly as well. It seems to trigger the damage for client and server and when I see the unit die it still gets hit on the server.
Does anyone know a good high-level solution for this type of spell and how you would do it with replication.
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2022.01.26 22:30 PulsatingRat Am I crazy for this

I literally JUST finished the game maybe an hour ago and I already want to do NG+ and experience it all again and I feel like a crazy person
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2022.01.26 22:30 Adventurous_Line1956 Can’t just be me

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2022.01.26 22:30 Crusader3456 New leak about Redfall

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2022.01.26 22:30 robrob220 Ex fiancé ended things. I realise she was pretty abusive but I still miss her?

Me and my ex fiancé (both 29 y/o) and also baby mama to our 17 month old daughter broke up about two months ago.
Over the course of our relationship we had a few issues whereas:

I know I’m not perfect but I treated her well and I accepted this behaviour for the sake of our family, I was more afraid of saying no just incase this exact scenario happened, or there would be a huge argument - whenever we did argue she’d threaten to leave.
We broke up because she felt like she lost the spark, I asked if she wanted to work on things and she said she wanted to be on her own.
Since then we’ve had arguments as to why she wasn’t happy and I accused her of seeing someone else as the last few days of the relationship she was acting rather secretive etc but she denies it. I have even begged at one stage to save our family but she manipulated it to say “I walked out”. But she said she wanted to be on her own and she didn’t want to be with me!
Things calmed since and she said we will never get back together but she does wish that I find the happiness I deserve.
Tl;dr - fiancé and I broke up, despite our troubles I wanted us to work for our daughters sake. But I think this is very doubtful and would anyone go back to this type of person?
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2022.01.26 22:30 bamisbig An endorsement of Taprman612, and a message.

I’m going to start here by getting straight to the point: I’m endorsing u/Taprman612 (bull moose) for president, and I hope you do the same. However, I am not making this endorsement happily.
I am a newcomer here. Member of the liberal party, in an underdog race to oust the incumbent for NC governor. However, what I’ve seen in my few days has disgusted me.
The Bull Moose party should be allies of us Liberals, working to defeat the republicans and help make our nation great. In past America, we would’ve all been in the Democratic Party, but now, we can’t even get along.
In recent elections, the Bull Moose party has spouted lies about us Liberals. Not working for change, but for power. This has stoked division, and caused many of my colleagues to consider voting for Shrek in our upcoming election.
We have a crisis going on, and a nation in need of fixing and stimulus the republicans won’t deliver. The Bull Moose party can fight for positions just like we can. I’m in a governor race for NC against a Bull Moose candidate, and I have not lied about him.
I think I would be better for the state and our nation, but I’m not going to resort to insults built on lies and personal issues to get that future.
We have a problem, and I hope I can lead us all to fixing it. It may be the only way out of our crisis.
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2022.01.26 22:30 motoxizack cursed_homies

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2022.01.26 22:30 Alarming-Meaning3107 Upgraded my tanks fresh and salt water pools!

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2022.01.26 22:30 Turbulent_Friend1551 Amazon Labor Union rallies workers against corporate greed: ‘We will win!’

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2022.01.26 22:30 PlaySasha Finally Framed and Hung This

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2022.01.26 22:30 Withouta__trace *Update* Stray bunny showed up in my yard 🙃 he is safe and sound! And my buck is not pleased lol

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2022.01.26 22:30 Whey-Men Know Your Rights – A Guide for UK Sex Workers

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2022.01.26 22:30 Elon__Muskquito The 140 megabox situation could have been a blessing in disguise for Supercell if Supercell managed it properly (I have different talking points than other posts I promise)

To begin with, I'll say that Brawl Stars is the only mobile game I play, so that's why I care so much. I'm posting this even though it's been days since the "accident" happened because I wanted to wait and see if there was any good response from the devs beyond the initial tweets. Unfortunately, they still want to pretend that there's no problem. They say "only 0.2% players got the deal" but they lied about legendary drop chance, token doubler drop chance, etc, so why believe them now?
Unlike the ppl who complain about everything, I literally was never mad at anything about Brawl Stars before. I forgave server issues, glitches, level 11, golden tickets, match-making, etc. This 140 megabox situation though, I genuinely think the community is completely justifiable in how mad we are.
But here's the thing, Supercell could have used this opportunity to make everybody who complained about level 11 happy. Giving everyone 140 megabox for free would be too much, and free to play ppl weren't mad at the megabox situation anyways. But to satisfy the ppl who didn't get a chance to buy original offer, Supercell could have a deal that is better than average but not as crazy good. Maybe 140 megabox for $20, and 14 megabox for $2. This would have made the "it now takes a billion years to max out" crowd very happy. Because they will think "hey this compensates for how Supercell made the game too hard to progress in before". And so many ppl demanded the progression to be reworked to be easier which would have taken Supercell so much time and effort. If ppl got megabox for cheap that means Supercell do not have to make the game progression easier anymore.
It's not going to ruin the in game economy. YouTubers such as Kairostime have proven that it takes more than $5000 USD to max out an account, so $500 worth of megaboxes would only be 10% of what it takes to max an account. (140 megabox bought not on sale would be $700, but megaboxes are the worst value, so when you compare it to real value, particularly brawl passes, it's lower, I went with $500 as a neutral estimate) Based off my previous point about how so many people demanded to make progression easier, isn't this the perfect solution? To release very cheap megaboxes that will speed up progression for a lot of people?
In addition, due to how long it takes to max out even a single brawler now, it's not like they will lose sales, since after a few brawler releases, ppl will be far from maxed out once again, so they'll continue to spend even after they get 140 megaboxes.
For those who say "Supercell will lose millions from lost sales if they give megabox for cheap"....do you not realize that many industries lose multiple billions over mistakes that are not even the company's fault!!! Companies should be willing to lose millions after a mistake, since well, it's their fault. I know that Supercell does need to make money, I understand how business works, but a good business cares about its customers. Supercell's response shows that they don't really care about customers.
And as for the ppl who say "Everyone needs to calm down,140 megaboxes are only equal to 3 months of progression, not years, it ain't that much" to justify why Supercell shouldn't give everyone the deal.....Well if it isn't worth that much, then that's good reason why Supercell SHOULD give it, not why Supercell shouldn't give it.
Furthermore, Supercell will lose money from all the players who say they won't spend now due to how mad they are, so Supercell might lose even more money than if they just compensated the complainers. And think about it like this, if Supercell compensates players, players win, Supercell loses. If Supercell doesn't compensate players, players lose, but Supercell also loses. Isn't a win-lose situation better than a lose-lose situation?
Besides, the 140 megabox situation if handled correctly will serve as great advertising. Brawl Stars spends a lot on ads anyways (remember how they sponsored multimillion-dollar Mr. Beast videos?), so isn't giving out super cheap megaboxes kinda like paying for advertising in a way? They'll gain new players, and finally make all the players who happy.
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2022.01.26 22:30 michaeldancer People who do martial arts, how have you used tickling to your advantage in training?

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2022.01.26 22:30 ConsiderationLow8042 Sunset shot in Little Italy!

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2022.01.26 22:30 Unbiased__Opinion Bear necessity

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2022.01.26 22:30 KaiKanderson Brandi Rhodes - 11 Images

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2022.01.26 22:30 snooshoe Security scanners across Europe tied to China govt, military: Nuctech has been frozen out of the U.S. for years due to national security concerns, but it has made deep inroads across Europe, installing its devices in 26 of 27 EU member states

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2022.01.26 22:30 woowoothepoopoo This dude barely ever appears for a few minutes at a time but whenever he does it’s absolutely great. Am I the only one who hopes we get to see his character expanded on more? I find him really endearing personally.

This dude barely ever appears for a few minutes at a time but whenever he does it’s absolutely great. Am I the only one who hopes we get to see his character expanded on more? I find him really endearing personally. submitted by woowoothepoopoo to StarWarsCantina [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 22:30 NeverRisen God

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2022.01.26 22:30 SuccotashWorried9124 pecq - Too Far Gone

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2022.01.26 22:30 dirtyydonut Question about shipping

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2022.01.26 22:30 Ok_Flounder_9795 POV: you’re losing a Roblox argument in rap battle

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