What is a movie that has aged horribly; the opposite of a timeless classic?

2022.01.18 00:38 SpiceBoiGio What is a movie that has aged horribly; the opposite of a timeless classic?

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2022.01.18 00:38 Several-Disaster6452 Good night! ❤️ Eat the pussy 😋

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2022.01.18 00:38 savingsomeoneelse Reporting Inappropriate Behaviour From Teacher Years Later

When I was 15 in high school there was a male science teacher who behaved uncomfortably towards me. He made strange comments to me and to the class. He once told the class that he had access to all our grades and that I had the highest grade. He said that if a school shooter ever was behind the locked classroom door, he would be the farthest away, and because I had the second highest grade, I’d be the second farthest person away standing right in front of him and everyone else would act as a barricade to the school shooter.
He once asked the class to raise their hands if they wanted kids and then raise their hands if they didn’t. I and some others didn’t raise their hand at all because I wasn’t sure. He called me out by name and asked me if I wanted kids. He didn’t call out any of the rest of the half of the class that didn’t raise their hand.
Once I was early to class and just sitting at the table and I saw him staring at my chest area. He didn’t notice me notice because he was too busy staring at my chest and not my face. I got uncomfortable and put on my jacket zipped it up.
He also stared a lot at me in general. When I asked a question during work periods I would bring the textbook to the teachers desk and gesture to the question I had and explain what I was confused about and he would never look at the textbook, not once, just stare at me. I would point repeatedly at the textbook to try get him to stop staring but he wouldn’t. Eventually I stopped asking him questions about the textbook.
When he spoke to the class he would often just stare straight at me. When I answered questions he would get all red in the face and avoid eye contact despite incessant staring every time I wasn’t speaking.
In the halls he would rubberneck me and stare at me as I passed. If the hall was mostly empty and there weren’t a any people within earshot he would look at me and make these gasping sounds and I wasn’t sure what he was doing for but it made me uncomfortable.
One of the things he did to the whole class was when they were talking a lot during work periods he would take a textbook or this arm length stick and slap it really hard on a table. Once he slapped it on my friend’s table and it caused to ringing in her ear for several minutes.
He made uncomfortable political commentary like trans people aren’t real and that anyone who says they are trans is the same as someone saying they want to cut off their limbs because “that’s what they identify with” , women in hollywood sleep with executives to rise up the ranks then later lie and report SA.
The in class things like strange questions and inappropriate remarks lasted the whole semester but the staring in the halls and the gasping sounds and eye contact he tried to make every time he saw me while I avoided looking at him out of discomfort lasted until I graduated at 18 even when I was not in his class anymore.
When I was in high school I was scared to report any of this and was not even sure how to explain any of this. I have no proof and he never made any physical contact but acted a little obsessively towards me.
It has been a few years and I have no graduated and I am afraid of another girl being harassed but I’m not sure what to do. If I report it anonymously and don’t come in for a meeting the most they can do is put a note in their file for a few years and use that as additional evidence if someone else comes forward. If I agree to an in person meeting I have no proof. And though he never made physical contact with me his actions made me feel unsafe constantly especially since my locker was on the same floor as the science hall and therefore often passed him in the halls.
Is there anything in the situations stated that is worth reporting and will it make a difference if I don’t have proof and am still afraid to have a meeting with the principal? Will they take this seriously?
I never told any of my friends in high school about this because I didn’t even understand what was happening, just that it made me uncomfortable, and it gave me a strange sense of shame that I deserved it and I always thought teachers were safe mentors but here was the first teacher ever making me feel uncomfortable and it felt like my fault. As a result I mentally avoided the situation and it took me a while after graduating to even think about reporting it.
Any advice is appreciated.
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2022.01.18 00:38 Noah_1464 my parents and me

So recently I came back from a trip with my father, my parents are divorced and have been since I was 3. The interaction between my parents are filled with tension, and many times turn hostile. My father is a peaceful man who just wants to hang out with me, and the many family members in the area. My father lives in NC while me and my mom live in Virginia. My mother can be very anger inducing, she made it clear that she doesn't accept my sexuality(I'm bi), gaslights my too many times to count, and even gets mad at me if I don't think people who are LGBT or get plastic surgery, are lesser human beings. I went on a trip with my dad for a month, and came back home. The trip wasn't as painful as I thought but once I faced the door of my house, I found it hard to even knock, I stood there, trying to stop myself from tearing up. After picking up my luggage and moving it closer to the door I knocked for my mother to let me in. After I got my luggage in my mother hit me with the devastating news. My father and mother organized a trip to NC this summer, but my mother wanted to take me abroad to England. Although it seemed cool to go abroad I wanted to be with family, as it seemed way better then travelling abroad, but sadly it wasn't a choice. I went back to my room, locked the door and sat in my chair propped by the window. I sat there, My eyes watering, my heart stopped. I broke down, my mind flooding with the memory's of that trip.That trip was the first time I've smiled, in a very, long, time. I have been kicked in the dick, been hit by stone and had to get stitches, and god knows how many times I bumped my head, but this hurt more then all of them combined. It took my 2 hours to unpack my luggage, not because it was a lot of stuff, but due to my sobbing in the chair, unable to find the strength to even unpack. its been a day and still sometimes the reality hits of my situation. now of course my father is not dead, but I didn't see him for 7 years due to my moms beef with him; even then I only visited him a handful of times after the 7 years. I miss out on special moments with my family, and my dad definitely isn't getting any younger. At this point my fear isn't of height's or drowning. its losing precious time with the ones close to me. the ones that care about me.

My emotions are still in whack, but I'm gonna be fine, just need time, but I do wish things were different. I just look at others and see that they have mothers and fathers. I wish I had that, I wish I didn't make trips to see family, every time I come back each time I felt like a peace of me has been ripped from my body, not knowing whether I'd see them again in the same year or even next year. Hell, the first time I saw my father after years, my one fear when leaving was never seeing him again; still something that sticks with me to this day. at this point my emotional health is in shambles, kinda like a duct tape on a bottle filling with pressure, fixed for a very finite amount of time.
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2022.01.18 00:38 Boopadoop23 The cleric who never wanted to be

As promised in another post, here is the story of a man who never wished to be a cleric. Whose name has been stricken from utterance and memory.
Aboard a merchant ship sailing through the stormy seas off the north-eastern point of the Norland isle. Lightning flashed and thunder roared, as a captain offered up prayers of safe passage to any God that would listen.
"Grant upon me a boon, to see my ship and my crew unto the dawn of a new day. I ask not in selfish desire, and accept whatever compensation sought from me."
The captains prayer was heard, a beacon of light shined in the distance, south by South east, their bearings made clear. The ship set course as the raging swells capped, pressing them in haste upon their course. As another flash of lightning streaked through the moonless night it illuminated their surroundings as though it were the light of day. To port, as well as to starboard sheer cliffs, only feet away, in a narrow pass they found themselves. With a final heave of the sea and a belching wind the ship was thrust out of the passage into the calm Sea of Moonshae. The ship and his crew spared, the captain offered up his thanks to whichever deity answered his plea.
As morning light crept over the cragged peaks, the serenity of silence was pierced by wailing tears. The captain and crew rushed to deck and scanned the horizon, with not a single ship in sight, yet the crying continued. "Where the devil be the cause of this clamor!?" the captain demanded of his crew. From the galley, the cook popped his head through a porthole and exclaimed "Captain! What in the 9 hells is a baby doing in the cargo hold!".
The captain dove beneath decks, racing to the hold, crashing through the door. He stood stock still, as a baby wrapped in canvas and bundled with lines lay amidst the sprawling cargo. The captain took knee, cradling the child in his arms and a voice unheard to any other echoed "recompense". With only that, the captain knew what was being asked of him. To raise this child upon the sea.
And so it would be for the boy, his future upon the seas. Raised amidst sailor, scoundrel, and an ever changing cast of passengers. From all appearance, just a normal human child, even if perhaps clever beyond his year, though on occasion, speaking in an unknown tongue. He hungrily consumed the wisdom of others, learning what he could of the greater world, and greater knowledge that lay beyond the borders of his small view from passengers. As he grew, he was put to work as a deckhand, earning his keep. He was taught the sword for defense from pirate and creature alike. By his 16th year he had no equal in skill aboard, in sword or sail.
The following is an excerpt from his journal.
I grew up on ships, and according to my old captain, I was even born aboard his ship, or at least that's where I was found, down in the hold with a weird little canister that when you listened sounded of a storm driven sea. Maybe that's where I should start? His name was Captain Danlos, an Aasimar of questionable repute of I'm being entirely fair and honest, but he was a mostly good sort. He did raise me after all, though some might call it child labor. I learned much from Danlos, the way of the sea, how to read the wind and weather patterns, he even taught me to speak, read and write common. The other two languages I was born knowing, but he instructed me never to speak them around others. Seeing as how he left me on a deserted island for three weeks the one time I disobeyed him, I've stuck to common perry stridently there after. As for the important bit of my story... I believe I was roughly fifteen when we lost our bearings in a storm and ended up trespassing into Umberlees domain for the first time. Lightning struck our mizzenmast, the splintering explosion sent charred daggers of wood as though they were thrown with purpose. Half the crew including captain danlos were struck and lay bleeding in various states of disarray on Deck, Danlos himself still clutching the helm attempting to guide the ship toward safety. First mate Guyven rushed to his side, his dark skin going pale as he arrived. I still vividly remember the look of horror on his face as he saw the captains leg, missing from the mid thigh down. I couldn't look... I had to move, had to distract myself with the task at hand. If I stopped now it would all sink in, and I would be paralyzed with fear and horror. Setting myself to task, I severed the stays and freed the fallen mast from the deck. Waves crashed unrelentingly over us as the debris was deeper astern, fouling the rudder, sending us circling. Though I wasn't aware of that yet, I had been slammed against a railing and swept overboard by the waves, only by good fortune did my foot catch in the cargo netting.
For what must have only been a few minutes unconscious I woke amidst the screams of frustration and confusion. Danlos had finally succumbed to blood loss and shock, leaving Guyven as acting captain, for all the good that was doing. Clambering back on deck I took stock of the situation and once again set to task. Guyven was entirely useless, worse yet, an active hindrance, as he tried to issue orders in rapid succession that would countermand those given prior. In short order all be fish food, except Finley, he was a merfolk, but unfortunately very much knocked out. A cannon had rocked free abs crashed into him, tossing him down into the galley.
No merit complaining about it now though, so back to trying not to die.
With a firm resolve I marched to the ships bell, ringing out for times, my resolve made clear on its claxon, and I bellowed out my demands.
"First things first, Guyven, by all that's holy shut the hell up and give the wheel to Tully. Second, you lot, ignore everything that bumbling idiot said, set about to your stations and do what you've been trained to do! If you're in too much of a tizzy to be useful, then get the ruddy hell out of the way and start bailing water."
I think my first speech to the crew went remarkably well, all things considered.
The crew responded better than expected, each going to their respective posts, Guyven stood aside as Tully took the helm, I finally made my way to Danlos who was sprawled out on the deck, still breathing. Removing the captains sash I tired it around the stump, serving as a cruise tourniquet. Guyven crouched next to be moon mumbling "Talos, please offer us mercy and safe guidance."
Lightning tore through the sky striking Guyven. The deafening creek and the blinding flash stunned me, the world was a white ringing haze, my left side felt hot, my back cold and there was a pressure on my shoulder. As the whiteness cleared I found myself staring up at the sky, the pressure on my shoulder, Tully shaking me back to awareness.
"Hey kid, are ye still with us" Tully still shaking me asked.
"Aye... Did ye get the name of the schooner that hit me". I asked groggily. Tully heaved relieved sigh as he helped me to my feet.
Guyven... Still kneeling, smoke rising from his charred body.
"Bloody fool, should have known this is the playground of the Bitch Queen." Tully stated grimly.
This was the first time I had heard Umberlee referred to that way, and it certainly wouldn't be the last time. Our first encounter, this was a fateful day.
Tully filed me in on the stuck rudder and that we were, in so few words, more screwed than a whore who is the only one on shift at a brothel during shore leave.
"We need to get that rudder free, any plans Mr. Acting Captain" Tully promoted. It took me a few moments before I realized he was talking to me.
"Oh... Bollocks." "If only Finley didn't take a cannon to the face... Alright, I'll get that sorted, you man the helm and stand ready" I said as I fastened a line around my waist and walked to the stern. Tully tilted his head quizzically as I took a step up on the rail. "Oh... and can you tie off the other end of this line, thanks" as I dropped off into the roiling sea.
Now I don't knew what Tully said as I dropped out of view, but if his startled face is any indication, I imagine it was quite amusing.
Darkness. All encompassing darkness, that's all there was as the waves swallowed me whole. Hands reaching out in the darkness, I found a line and I grasped with all I could, pulling myself under the ship. As I pulled myself in my face struck wood solidly. Found the rudder! Undheathing my dagger I started cutting away at the rigging stakes around the rudder, lungs screaming I felt as though it would never come free. But just like that, with a pop the rudder sprung free.
The current eddied around it washing me away along with the fallen mast, getting wrapped up in the flotsam. The ship pulled away and the line ties around me went taught, "Bollocks" I wanted to say, but of course all that would put would be "Burble".
I started questioning my choices in life up to this point, though frustratingly I realized I hadn't really made many, and one of the first was jumping off a ship in a storm, that is the result of a good having a temper tantrum. It was very brief contemplation, as I quickly started trying to free myself.
My lungs were burning, the lines were binding tighter by the second, squeezing the life out of me. I'd say everything went dark... But it was already dark, what with it being a stormy ocean I was in.
Light flooded my eyes, as I sat up on the deck of the ship, spewing water. I looked around confused, how did I get back aboard and where did all this damage come from?
An enormous tentacle slid of the deck.
On the positive end of things I was accidentally picked up and deposited on the deck.
The negative?
It's a bloody kraken.
Then the most peculiar thing happened, nothing. Nothing happened. It was just an eerie calm as the ship passed through a smooth sea. We were alive and had made it through the untamed pass. Well, half of us did.
We brought the ship into port and started repairs. What was left of the crew split further, men counting their luck stars voted never to return to the sea. Those more stalwart in character got drunk for a few days and came back to their posts. Danlos managed to pull through, at the time I thought it a miracle... Befit long I would find out it wasn't a benevolent one.
A few months passed and the ship was left to be, Danlos' parting gift, said his adventuring days were done. I was surprised by how many of the men stayed with me, calling me captain. Tully nevaaah my first mate, choosing he would follow me through he'll and back, because "well we managed it once already, I fancy my luck on managing fine a second time". A man couldn't ask for a better first mate.
Story swiftly spread of our voyage, of our successful passage, and our crew filled out quickly. Men cane from all over to crew aboard the ship that devoted Umberlee, abs serve the "Daring young captain". I'll say this, the car was set pretty damn high for the next voyage.
Playing on the notoriety I was able to not only fix the ship but make some massive upgrades. The ship was made into s first class vessel, and with it I could really start making money. First step... Proving it wasn't a fluke that wet had managed a great that had never been done.
The problem being of course, it was totally a fluke and I knew it. Though apparently I was the only one who did.
So our first passage was booked, Bunch of researchers who wanted to study Umberlees playground. Damnef folks the lot of them. Though to my surprise at bad the pass. Weird traveled even further this time abs at became famous. The only downside of course, is that we only received charters to cross that stretch of water... But damn the money was astounding!
I spent some of it on renaming the ship to "The Bitch Queens Revenge" and for years I sailed that pass, making it look easy, which caught the ire of many captains. Through all the attacks I grew stronger, fighting off all magnet of attacks. In hindsight I did get a touch arrogant, which ultimately lead me to where I am now.
Contrary to some people's belief, I didn't make any deals with Umberlee, in fact my very existence was increasingly getting on her nerves. She stepped up her game, and I kept besting her, on a few occasions I could see her up there personally directing the storms. Oh my the look on her face when I made it through anyway!
I got full of myself in regards to her, abd would often taunt her, but despite that image I knew I was playing with lightning.
I wrote out my "will" leaving the ship to Tully should I die, or otherwise be unable to captain the ship, with the caveat that he retire from masking any more ventures through Umberlees pass. I guess that brings me to what just happened.
A passage like the countless others, reading tempest, with driven seas. A Kragen floating dead, and varied abominations of the depths lay dead on the deck. My series glistening with fresh blood abs a defiant smile on my face. I looked to fly, steadfast at the helm. "Well I dare say Tully, I think Umber is losing her touch."
"Do you think it wise to bait her as such" Tully replied.
"Wise? Assuredly not, but amusing? Oh most certainly! And what are the odds she's actually listening anyways". The answer to that question? High. The odds were very very high. The sky ripped itself open as the sea went flat as glass. A pillar of light streamed down to the sea and steam blotted out of where the light net the water.
"Your arrogant self righteous mortal, you dare to insult me!" a booming female choice rang out.
"Ah, right... Tully you might be right. That... Yeah, that's my bad"
The steam swirled and parted, too reveal a woman striding atop the water towards the ship. Even at a distance I could see her beauty and her anger. Yeah, I screwed up. But I wasn't about to show that in the face of a goddess. I sheathed my sword and walked to the starboard side, lowering a block and tackle to offer her a lift aboard. I may be a dick at times but I do have manners.
This came as quite the surprise to her, as her face visibly showed when she stepped into the deck, which had been cleared off the crew. Time to press forward, keep the initiative and keep her off balance.
"Umberlee I presume, welcome aboard, I feel like this meeting is far overdue." I say with a wink.
"You impertinent mortal, you speak as though you are my equal? How dare you!" Umberlee hissed.
"Equal? Well I certainly wouldn't go that far, though to be fair, I have been besting you and your efforts for years now, so I feel as though that has earned me at least a little room to speak now hasn't it?" I say, curling a smile.
"You... You insufferable brat! You pass through my domain, defeat my servants and best my champions then speak to me with such impudence! I've never met such a frustrating man!" she lamented.
"Frustrating? Oh and here I was aiming for intriguing, mildly irksome but ultimately ruggedly handsome and charming."
Umberlee stood silent for a moment, looking at me fully, taking in my statement and assessing the situation.
"Are you... Flirting with me right now?" Umberlee asked, the curiosity clearly surprising even her.
"Only if it's working, otherwise I'm just leaving behind some epic last words."
Her hand sprung out, faster than my eyes could perceive and grasped me by the collar, pulling me to her suddenly and violently. Mere inches from her, I found myself staring into her eyes, as deep and violent as the raging ocean, but just as beautiful.
" You better measure your next words carefully mortal, they may be your last upon this plane." she stated, as threat, but flat and without the previous venom and bite.
I lingered there in her grasp, taking in her words, her gaze eating into me. What words were there left? For the first time in my life I had none. So I didn't use any. But I did still use my lips. I learned in and I stole her mouth as she had my words. I do not know how long that kiss lasted, but I do know my ass hurt after I landed twenty feet away on deck from the lightning that shot out from her. I was in a mild daze staring up into the turbulent sky, as she walked over and stood over the top of me. She just looked down at me, I'm not sure what she was waiting for, maybe to see if I had survived?
"Well, that was a hell of a first kiss Umber" I say in a slight sing song fashion.
"You say that as though there will be a second." Umberlee says with a slight laugh.
"Well, why wouldn't there be my dear, my heart is still beating, and isn't this the perfect chance for you... To finally take me down?" I croon up to her. I figured, if I'm going out, I'm going out like damned captain. Either she kills me on the spot for the insolence, or maybe... Well I'll just say it was the latter. Her eyes locked on to mine, and then her lips devoured mine in a passionate embrace.
I'll spare the sordid details, for like I said earlier, I do have manners.
As we lay upon the deck covered only by the clear sky, Umberlees hand traces up my bare flesh, skating across old scars from fierce battles. We exchange memories of each she lingers upon. And... Then I fuck up.
"You, are a remakable man. Remarkably annoying, remarkably resilient, remarkably intriguing. To think a mere mortal could... Deliver such ecstasy to a goddess. Did you ever believe you would find such... Divinity?" she said in a sultry voice that made my blood run hot.
By all the gods I do not know why I said this. But I replied...
With a hefty satisfied sigh "hmmm, I've had better". I didn't have even the slightest moment to regret my sheer stupidity, as I found myself falling in a realm of eternal storm. I could feel her presence all around me, she did not speak the words, but I heard the all the same.
"You insolent prick. Death is too swift, too merciful. I will instead make use of you, oh you who are so full of confidence, arrogance. I will strip you of that which you love and bind you to my will. You will be at my behest, your fame and your name stricken from the tongue of all. You will be known only as Blasphemer. I will take all that you are, your strength you skill, it will all be mine. I will leave you only with my power, and you will spread my name in worship and deed. Across all the realms, across all the land, forbidden from the sea. Cursed to go where I wish when I wish it. And blessed with power that comes from me, and a life that only ends when I deem it appropriate. Remember Blasphemer, I am the Bitch Queen, I hold my grudges for an eternity. "
So yeah. That's how I became a cleric in service to Umberlee. And that's why I showed up on the top of this blasted mountain in middle of nowhere in a bolt of lightning. Because apparently there's some stupid task I have to do for her here. Oh, looks like there's an adventuring party coming this way, maybe I have to help them on a quest or something? I don't know cause she never actually tells me what in the hells I'm supposed to do when I get places! She just strikes me with lightning if I don't do it right!
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2022.01.18 00:38 thronrose chibi chibi chibi chibi chibi chibi chibi chibi

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2022.01.18 00:38 ZoolShop Globular cluster Messier 14 and its peculiar multiple stellar populations investigated by Hubble

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2022.01.18 00:38 Arthritist Is there a succinct way to express contrast in this sentence?

I'm trying to say: "There are two ways of sampling, downsampling, which converts high freq to low freq and thus needs aggregation, and upsampling, which converts low freq to high and doesn't need aggregation".
The second half of the sentence seems verbose. Is there a better way to say it?
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2022.01.18 00:38 Hindumaliman [The Office] Jim is a sociopath

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2022.01.18 00:38 rafaelza this snowed in car

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2022.01.18 00:38 Lapoderosita888 Do y’all think Mars in the 11th H ca be aggressive, staticky &fierce ? What’s your input about this placement ?

I have my mars in the 11th House and I just get triggered so easily in social settings , I would even feel like I’m on my 10 toes ready for whatever . I’m an Aries sun & I have my mars in Capricorn . I don’t usually hear about caps being aggressive but this mars in the 11th house has been showing out lately. Thoughts ?
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2022.01.18 00:38 Uhokayguy Make the comments look like Kody’s search history.

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2022.01.18 00:38 thsebrightlights A lot of questions on where to get some of the items worn/used on the show. Check out this gem of a website! Shop Your Tv

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2022.01.18 00:38 BeheadedGiraffe Systems vs Goals

I’ve recently been thinking about these two methods of productivity. Systems being routines and habits you build that focus on action rather than outcome, and goals being a set result that you want to achieve, meaning more emphasis on outcome rather than action.
An example for a system is creating a routine for yourself to workout everyday at 4-5PM, everyday except Wednesdays and Sundays. An example for a goal is setting a goal to lose 20lbs in 6 months, which is just under a pound a week.
The problem I have is that they both have their pros and cons, yet I can’t figure out how to implement them together. Here’s a table for the two:
Systems - Pros: They create a routine that you can rely on to maintain your momentum and consistently do something. Cons: Since there’s no set goal, it can feel as if you’re moving towards nothing, and you don’t really have something specific your aiming towards which can be demotivating.
Goals - Pros: You know exactly what you’re aiming for which is motivating. Cons: Since there’s not much emphasis on action, you often end up doing nothing/procrastinating.
I was thinking about how to somehow combine these two, but I can’t figure out how. Going back to the workout example, I can't make a system to achieve a specific weight because it is extremely difficult to predict exactly what you need to do to change your weight.
Idk, I'm struggling with this so I'm just gonna throw this out there to see if anyone has any ideas (also, the workout example is just in general. This question applies to all things one could want to achieve.) Thanks!!
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2022.01.18 00:38 Acatron25 I need some advice I'm worried

Hello I'm new here. I had a large brain tumor that pressed up on my optic nerves. The tumor is removed and there's some vision loss in my right eye, and visual snow now. Both eyes have a significant amount of eye floaters and dryness now and sometimes I'll see flashes of light in the corner looking fast left or right. My big concern is that in my left eye. My good eye when I look hard left, hard right, up or down and like over extend the eye besides the flashes I see a pink circle or bright spot. Only when over extended the eye. I don't see it in my right eye which is the bad eye. I've seen several Drs. And know one really can give me a good answer. Wondering if anyone here can.
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2022.01.18 00:38 ChingChongWhatUWong Knee deep

You're at the pool with your friends again.
You remember the last incident but choose to ignore it. Something grabs your leg and starts dragging you underwater, making you pass out. You wake up.
Back there.
The end of a staircase almost filled with water, it reaches your knees.
It feels more sinister this time.
You go up the stairs, through a door. Inside, the floor is flooded, up to your knees again. White walls, no lights, but somehow you can still see. In front of you are two doors, you can't see inside.
In one of them, your hear someone crying. In the other, someone laughing.
You go through the door with the laughs. "Not so bad.", you think. "Just a dark hallway with some water" .
The laughing becomes closer.
You make it to another white room, with a spiral staircase in the middle. The laughing stops.
"WELCOME BACK, I'VE MISSED YOU...", you hear coming through the hallway ahead.
You are terrified, petrified.
There it is. A creature, standing in the hallway. You can see it drooling.
It looks hungry.
Within seconds, you begin running up the stairs, but it grows out it's tentacles, grabs your leg and throws you down the stairs.
Everything goes blank.
You wake up back at your pool once again. None of your friends are there.
It's only you. The world feels quiet.
No sights of any animal. No reception on your phone.
You call out for your friends. No answer.
It feels as if you're all alone in this weird dimension.
Left to die alone.
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2022.01.18 00:38 sabertracker Issues with his "friends"

I (22f) am wondering if I have justification with my hard feelings towards my boyfriend (38m) for not showing any feelings and acting like things are normal after being harassed by out "friends". We've been dating for about three years and it's been easy going for the most part and just now running into a disagreement I can't just move on and forgive.
First was a mutual friend (late 20s male) who I stupidly allowed back into my friend circle. I worked with him and had sexual harassment issues that wouldn't stop until management got involved. A year went by without incident until we were drunk in a car full of friends and he was being extremely obnoxious. Someone commented, watch out or she'll hit you, referring to me and then he took that and ran with it implying that he would love sex with me as I'm sitting next to my boyfriend and he next to hi girlfriend. I was extremely uncomfortable and then got really mad and we yelled at each other until we could get an Uber. But my boyfriend said nothing and did nothing. Then wanted to hang out with him again at our house and, after saying no so many times, I gave in and said yes cause he was moving and going to be far away while giving us a good deal on buying his furniture and it was the last time I would have to deal with him. I eventually got mad at him for farting so many times and stinking up the living room that I went to bed. It hurts that my boyfriend didn't seem to give a sh*t at all and I feel like he wanted me to move on and forget about it.
The second incident isn't as bad. And I really wouldn't pay to much attention to it if it weren't for the first. We were drunk at his work party when one of his older coworkers approached me when he was gone and started saying things suggestively and made my skin crawl. I left and told my boyfriend about the incident. Few weeks later, he told me the same coworker invited him to dinner. I reminded him what happened at the work party. He said "I couldn't think of a good reason to say no at the time. You can stay here if you want".
Well, now I'm wondering how far should I push back and continue this argument. Was it partially my fault cause I was drunk and I should just not drink when I'm out with my friends? Even if it was my fault. I feel violated. I told him how I feel and he has ignored it. Am I being a bit much?
Tl;dr- is it partially my fault if we are all drunk and should I just forget about it.
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2022.01.18 00:38 Lost_Rabbitz My left ribs have become very dented over time and are now causing chest pains, what could the possible cause be, how can I fix it?

My left ribs have become very dented over time and are now causing chest pains, what could the possible cause be, how can I fix it? submitted by Lost_Rabbitz to medical [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 00:38 DerpylimeQQ Simple Monk Fix Ideas

Monk Ki has been remade, it now works like Light in Library of Ruina. At the start of each of your turns you gain a Ki point to spend.
Ki Starting at 2nd Level, your Training allows you to harness The Mystic energy of ki. Your access to this energy is represented by a number of ki points. You have a number of these ki points equal to your proficiency bonus, and at the start of each of your turns you regain 1 ki point. Additionally, once on each of your turns when you score a critical hit you now regains 1 ki point.
Flurry of Blows (1 Ki Point.)
Patient Defense (2 Ki Points.)
Step of the Wind (1 Ki Point.)
Stunning Strike (3 Ki Points.)
Way of the Long Death Mastery of Death now costs 2 Ki Points. Touch of Long Death is now 1 to 6: 1d20 per point spent.
Way of Mercy Hands of Healing You can use this feature equal to your Wisdom modifier, and you can't do so again until you finish a short or long rest.
Perfect Soul At 20th level, at the start of each of your turns you regain 2 ki points.

I want to know what others think, or have any feedback on something that needs nerfed.
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2022.01.18 00:38 Aladir0 Died through rock on reserve

Glukhar and his guards spawned in and around black pawn, me and my buddy ran behind it trying to pick a guard off or two. I take cover behind what I thought was a solid rock.
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2022.01.18 00:38 Banettery53 Friend made video

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2022.01.18 00:38 wutatthrowaway [WTS] LMT EBCG, new - $600 shipped (KS)

Brand new. Only taken out of bag to take the picture.
Price includes shipping. PayPal F&F.
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2022.01.18 00:38 ey_trev Crude Opiate Extract from Poppy Seeds?

If I were to buy poppy seeds from walmart or any other simple grocery store, would it work to make poppy seed tea, and then boil it down to a concentrated form? If so how much should I use and how do I calculate dosage? Any advice helps, thanks!
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2022.01.18 00:38 jaelwelch Binance Us Referral Id

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Funding Your Binance Account As referenced before, Binance is absolutely a cryptocurrency trade application. This implies that to begin exchanging with Binance, you will be needed to finance your account with some current cryptocurrency. This should be possible utilizing some other cryptocurrency trade wallet. Just go to your wallet where you have the cryptocurrency put away, select the amount you need to move, and send those assets to your substantial Binance account. The most awesome aspect of exchanging with computerized monetary standards is that everything occurs in a moment. When you select 'send' from your crypto trade wallet, your Binance account will be supported right away. If you register with a Binance Referral Link, it will provide to you 20% discount from your each buying.
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