What is the objectively best gun for high rounds in CWZombies right now?

2022.01.28 00:27 Funky_Col_Medina What is the objectively best gun for high rounds in CWZombies right now?

I usually say “the best gun in the game is the gun you do best with”, but I can’t seem to get past round 60 on Die Maschine. I used to use the Hauer but it seems that they nerfed the damage barrel. I moved to the spas-12 with Shatter Blast, but it also seemed to struggle at higher rounds. I had the DIE Shockwave 3x pap as a backup, and used a Death Machine for Megatons at range. I thought this was a good strategy but maybe something like an M-16 would keep me alive more? Tec-9? Thanks in advance-
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2022.01.28 00:27 Candid_Quantity_2474 What is good hot or cold, but not at room temperature?

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2022.01.28 00:27 ivaya Looks can be deceiving

I am currently sitting in a train . Just 10 minutes ago a middle aged guy who looked like an office worker boarded our coach .
I was sitting in the side seat with my mom . We were waiting for the chaya kodukunna chettan . That’s when the office guy walked past me . I was looking at him because we are in a sleeper coach and the final destination is just 1 hour away so no one usually boards the sleeper at this time of the journey(probably) . My mother was sitting opposite of me so she couldn’t see him . He walked some berths further and stopped and looked back at me and started unzipping his pants and took out his dick and started rubbing it. I was shook to my core so I quickly got back to my seat away from his sight.
don’t know what to feel or do right now. I want this journey to end as soon as possible. Haven’t told this to anyone. Currently its just me , my old parents and that pervert in this coach . I just wanted to vent this somewhere..
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2022.01.28 00:26 RaphaelKepler KPLER - Clemenza [Boombap] (2022)

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2022.01.28 00:26 RoseOfTheNight4444 Funny Skyrim Moments #9 | Inigo!

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2022.01.28 00:26 Jojong 77 Summon missions Part 1 translations

15/50 tickets confirmed to be obtained through missions during part 1 of the 7th Anniversary. I'm bad at reddit formatting to look good so I'm just gonna simply list them out:

Source: https://dokkan.game-db.org/db/7th-77gacha/
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2022.01.28 00:26 EkriirkE S& C PWP 425 - Does it resemble a microwave?

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2022.01.28 00:26 feellikeaburden Honestly just looking for advice or help

This might be long, I'm looking for anyone that can relate or any advice. I'll be talking about my mental health, suicidal ideation, and being trans - so if any of that might bother you, feel free to visit a different post ❤️ Forgive me, I'm not sure where to start or what exactly to say but im just going to try.
I suppose I'll start with some accomplishments; I realized I was trans around 4-5 months ago and it saved my life, I've been able to start hormones and it's almost been 3 months, I feel a lot better mentally and about myself. I feel so much has changed mentally, but that isn't always visible on the outside, and really I haven't made much progress on the outside which makes me feel like so much yet not much has changed at the same time. When I say outside I don't mean the physical changes from hormone replacement therapy but what my life looks like through the eyes of someone else; even though I've never felt better in my life still all I do is lay in bed, I don't go anywhere, I don't see friends, I don't enjoy anything, etc.. so it looks like nothing has changed for when I've been worse mentally.
Before I realized I was trans I had been suicidal nearly half my life. I'm 21 now but I started to decline mentally around 10. I have been on medication since 11 or 12 years old, I've gone to therapists, but it only helped me to the point where I was able to survive - and even then I feel it is a miracle I haven't committed suicide. I hated myself with no explanation, I felt sub human like a creature, I self harmed, didn't feed myself, didn't brush my long hair in months until it was one big knot, I didn't shower for weeks, didn't brush my teeth in weeks, didn't change my clothes in weeks, my room was trashed with dishes and molding food remains, I avoided mirrors because I wanted to kill myself when I saw my reflection, I isolated myself really badly so all I did was lay in bed.. even back in highschool I would go to school then get home and lay in bed - after highschool ended I stayed in my unmade bed unless I had to get food or go to the bathroom, all I did was lay yet I was wholely exhausted. It wasn't always this bad but this is what it looked like off and on for extended periods of time. In these times I was suicidal, scared, alone, and disgusted by my own existence, I thought it was a disgrace anyone would have to even look at me. When I was around people my social anxiety would only make me feel worse, a lot worse.
The times that didn't look like that weren't that much better but the frequency of person hygiene would pick up - that's the most notable change. Instead of months of not brushing my hair it could be only weeks, days, and for short periods of time daily if I was doing really good. Sometimes I would be able to start a healthy diet, enjoy thing, exercise, and try to get better; it never really lasted more than a couple months at a time if I were lucky.
I just want to show the difference between some of the lowest points and some of my highest points. In between these times are 2 different selfs, in the worst I lose myself, my personality, I am disconnected from what I saw in the mirror. I wanted to add in the times I felt, compared to my worst, okay - because although it was never long lasting sometimes I was okay.
I could say a lot about how I was made to feel by the reactions of my mother to my messy room or unkept self, it's understandable but at the same time so hurtful. She would say "I didn't raise you like this" "you need to do something" "when will you find a job" make jokes that I'd never leave or move out on my own, etc.. they don't sound bad, but I never had emotional support or guidance on any healthy level. It's also just inconsiderate, if I could control how I lived and felt why would I ever want to be the mess that I was? My relationship was never healthy with her we use to argue and yell until we were both crying. I am not saying I'm innocent or not responsible for anything but also I was a kid who had no way to express unexplained and indescribable emotion, no guidance, was never shown a healthy relationship or how to deal with my emotions/problems. (I hate complaining because I know so many people have it worse but when these comments are constant it really doesn't help the already painful existence)
So I've said all that to kind of help explain the way I felt, and although it was so much more than that hopefully you understand why I say depression disabled me. So now we can move onto my current problem, I don't have a job or an income. I have been out of highschool for 3-4 years ago and have only held one job for 3 months - that was 2 years ago, it was one of the last times I was near suicide. Of course I'm scared to try again after how far I have come.. I have only just started to truly feel better and like I am able to look back on what I've been through to try and heal. I am terrified to lose what I've gained. I feel like I just started to live and the world seems to be falling apart faster and faster it makes me question if I should even keep trying. My mom has started making comments about me getting a job again and it takes me straight back to how I use to feel, after 2 years clean of self harm those comments were enough to overwhelm me and I cut myself again.
I don't know what to say I just want to hear I will be okay, that I'm not alone, maybe others have gone through this and made it through to better times. Please I want to hear something, positive hopefully
I just want to say my mom is not mean to me, she is a nice person and she struggles with her own mental health. I want to say I am incredibly lucky that she has even given me this much time without a job even though the alternative would me being dead, I just feel I am not ready.. I feel like I need more time.
Im sorry. I don't know what to do, I really am trying to get better I just need help 💕 if you've read this, thank you. I really don't like to complain so much but im getting exhausted again..
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2022.01.28 00:26 Awkward-Click-8688 Is it haram to keep a pocket knife for protection?

So basically I been dealing with some things lately, and at this point it’s clear I need some type of weapon to defend myself. So like is it haram if you keep one with you at times?
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2022.01.28 00:26 Sharp-Hat-5010 Anti work truths

The truth is the mods are the real snowflakes.
We will all leave soon this post is dead. What a shame Fox took you down. Join work reform we are jumping ship.
Not everyone has logged in to un sub yet. I followed for months.
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2022.01.28 00:26 fuglypizza LITERALLY…….

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2022.01.28 00:26 Knightofni125 how to get new beta on android

I play on android, how can I get the diplomacy update? is it via just the app store? or another method?
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2022.01.28 00:26 T0KENUT Horizon Open Event

Well after nearly a month playing through the Series completing everything for the Min Max achievement, looks like I’m going to fall one event short since I just don’t see anyway I can win a Horizon Open Event. It’s really disappointing and aggravating to have these forced online events. Guess I’ll try again next month then just give up if it happens again.
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2022.01.28 00:26 soopirV GFCI outlet question

I have a GFCI outlet in my garage and I’d like to add a light switch and fixture to the area. Can I simply extend the circuit by connecting the switch to the “Load” terminal (hot) of the GFCI? I know it’s meant to supply power to other outlets that would then be protected, but I can’t think of a reason this couldn’t work, but am just a relatively experienced homeowner, not an electrician. I’m assuming also that I’d connect the neutral from the fixture to the Load terminal (neutral), correct?
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2022.01.28 00:26 Madoicz Just finished the lighting on my deck

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2022.01.28 00:26 CreativeSouth8320 Questions about climate change anxiety

I don’t want to come across as argumentative, I honestly just want to have a discussion. Looking through this forum, people are very pessimistic about our future. There are also studies like the one that found ~50% of young people feel “humanity is doomed” referring to climate change mostly. I don’t deny that it is real, caused by humans, and will have a significant negative impact, but is it really that severe? For example, even the most pessimistic studies estimate that global GDP will be reduced by ~7% by 2100 if we don’t cut emissions, compared to a scenario where we don’t see any further climate change. Definitely not something to ignore but also not really an existential threat.
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2022.01.28 00:26 HawaiianSunday Patrick Queen approves of the DC hire: 🦈 on Twitter

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2022.01.28 00:26 EpicMichaelFreeman WEF: World Mobile airships could boost internet coverage and help close the digital divide in Africa

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2022.01.28 00:26 deeman1st Help! Boost if possible

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/Iy3POsMVanb
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2022.01.28 00:26 TheKolbrin State Wide Emergency called - Lassa Fever Outbreak, Nigeria

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2022.01.28 00:26 fishbujin I like falco tho

I like falco tho
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2022.01.28 00:26 drforrester-tvsfrank If common brands gave you superpowers when you use their products, what would they be?

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2022.01.28 00:26 amancoreseg Cook: iPhone 13/Pro product line is in great demand

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2022.01.28 00:26 Acaibowlsss White spots in my arms - any ideas? Not itchy, tried clotrimazole and nizoral but didn’t work. They started late fall and feel like they’re getting worse the colder/dryer it got. Appreciate any info!

White spots in my arms - any ideas? Not itchy, tried clotrimazole and nizoral but didn’t work. They started late fall and feel like they’re getting worse the coldedryer it got. Appreciate any info! submitted by Acaibowlsss to DermatologyQuestions [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 00:26 Van0rak When should you let your principal know you're not returning next school year?

This is the first school I've worked at, so I don't know the procedure.
I'm having a pretty awful school year, and the environment here is not great. I've decided I'm leaving the district next year, and getting out of Sped. At this point, I don't care of I have a job lined up.
I've only been teaching for a few years. This is the first year I'm having trouble with admin, and when they push me to a point where I really just want them to know that I'm not coming back, and maybe they'll lay off me a bit (because sometimes it just feels like they want me to leave), but it feels too early and might work against me.
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