A horrible little short.

2022.01.27 13:49 fortunefishes A horrible little short.

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2022.01.27 13:49 mahh17 🖐️

Need a team to play with in Europe server
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2022.01.27 13:49 lss_bvt_and_01 LssTest-TextPost-81128

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2022.01.27 13:49 MilkAndC00kies Regice on me. Adding 5

Be online!
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2022.01.27 13:49 Classic_Stomach8108 Just stand up, not that difficult mate.

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2022.01.27 13:49 Pingayaso La chairiza aún aplaude la liberación de Ovidio y calla el babeante hocico ante la muerte de periodistas.

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2022.01.27 13:49 Mnkeyqt In How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014), Toothless shoots fire where Hiccup is gliding so he rises up and maintains altitude.

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2022.01.27 13:49 Lizard_Jesus1 Are there any live recordings of Tricot 2017 and after of performing stuff from the Komaki era?

I've only found video's for G.N.S and Ochansensu-Su.
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2022.01.27 13:49 KosharySa2e3 Why do people hate scientology/scientologists?

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2022.01.27 13:49 unemployed2022 I put in my 4 week resignation, then I was asked to take my resignation back only for it to be denied and fired on the spot. Please give me advice on how to process this (long read

Hey guys some of you might remember me. I was the same guy that was working for a government agency and would brag about not doing shit until my manager got fired and I was left alone to handle all of the financial activities for this agency from September up until now. I was giving an “acting” finance manager (the same lady that made my real finance manager quit), the lady had no background in accounting and I was stuck not only doing my role but assisting her doing my finance managers role. For the last 4 months I have been constantly belittled, embarrassed, and humiliated by her. I put 6 complaints against her and nothing had been done
On January 5th she got in my face first thing in the morning and started yelling at me and I went to the director and gave my 4 weeks notice. The next day he called me to his office and told me that he hired a new HR person and new finance manager literally on the spot and to reconsider my decision. I told him I would do so only after telling the hr manager and finance manager everything I have been through and for them to take action against this lady who had been so cruel to me for the last 4 months.
Last week I met my new finance manager and had a 3 hr meeting detailing everything that happened to me and also giving her my detailed resignation letter as proof. She apologized for the hell I was put through and also pursued me to change my decision- which I did.
Yesterday I came to work and right before Lunch I was called to the hr managers office and told I was terminated effectively and my resignation take back was denied. They said I’m still getting paid till 4th February which was my last day of work based off my resignation.
I am stuck with no job, an apartment which costs me a fortune, and just lost. Please advice me
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2022.01.27 13:49 PeriodistaKR AfreecaTV StarLeague (ASL) Remastered Season 12 Finals Champion Trophy Ceremony Crowd Reaction

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2022.01.27 13:49 capital_awesome GME : Fibonacci Retracement

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2022.01.27 13:49 el_wakim Maserati Grecale (2023) - Testing At Extreme Temperatures

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2022.01.27 13:49 mh_envy My beautiful baby🐍 I did some makeup 👄

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2022.01.27 13:49 alienpotatoeee Does subliminals work?

I find it fishy how people say they changed their eye color just by listening to something does it really work?
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2022.01.27 13:49 throwaway6189102 I lost weight. Every time someone compliments me, it makes me hate them.

When I met my partner and his family, they all made comments about how lucky he was. I regularly heard how he shouldn’t “let one like me go”, how photogenic I appeared in every picture, how beautiful our children would be.
It was mostly the older women and men, but nearly everyone had made a comment at some point. I didn’t need this attention, nor did I seek it out, but it made me feel confident and comfortable about myself. I believe I subconsciously became reliant on it, because it was such a regular and sure part of my visits to them.
Then, I got pregnant with my first. The entire pregnancy I heard about how I’d “bounce back” and that I was “all tummy, no fat!”. This did not happen. I developed repeated ovarian cysts, ruining every hormone in my body. I went from 120lbs to 190lbs by 4 months postpartum. I would stop getting periods, only for them to come back for 4 weeks straight. I wouldn’t eat for 2 days then binge excessive amounts for 1. Exercise made me dizzy. No one would listen. I had people tell me it was because I didn’t breastfeed long enough. That I didn’t walk with baby enough. That I didn’t take the prenatal vitamins long enough afterwards. That I needed to have sex more to “reset” my body. I had to beg doctors to take me seriously that something was wrong, and that this wasn’t just “normal postpartum things”. When I finally had an ultrasound one of my cysts was 15x20 and another 10x12. They told me to be prepared to lose my ovaries. I thankfully didn’t. Not one person wished me lucky on my surgery. They were more excited it might “fix” my weight issues.
The next two years, every compliment had stopped. People stopped taking pictures of me. People stopped telling me my son looked like me. People stopped telling my partner he was lucky. A few people mentioned diets here and there. Some suggested teas to boost my metabolism. Some would send articles on Facebook about celebrity’s workout routines, or the “hack” that worked for them. If I got a second plate at thanksgiving/Christmas, someone was always there to tell me to let my first settle first, and I might be less hungry. It was instant, as if I’d switched a flip. None of these people ever meant it to be harmful. It was just so natural to them. They thought it was helpful. But it hurt. I didn’t need to hear compliments 24/7, but to know the only different between me 1 month after baby was born and 4 was my weight. It made me resent myself so much more than I would’ve. I excessively looked for support from my partner, who couldn’t understand why I suddenly had such a high need for validation that my fat body wasn’t some disgusting mess that needed fixing. He was supportive, but clueless. He didn’t understand. I gave up explaining. I was battling severe illnesses, in and out of doctors appointments trying to control how insanely my hormones had thrown every system through the loop and now hated myself on top of it. It was hell, and I felt so alone.
2 years of this, I got pregnant again. More suggestions for how to lose weight pregnant, but the rest was typical “helpful” weight loss advice. I did nothing different than my first. After the second baby arrived, the weight dropped. It was horrific. I felt so lethargic. I ate and ate but couldn’t keep it on. It felt like I was about to die any second. It finally slowed down around 110-120lbs, but I feel worse than when I was fat. I can barely make it upstairs. I need 2-3 naps to get through a day. My second is 5 months old now, and I sometimes wake up completely unable to see her because of the blurriness and stars in my vision. It is scary. The doctors once again will not take my seriously. It will likely be months before I know what’s wrong again.
But despite feeling 1000x worse, looking miserable 24/7, being so lethargic I can barely stand for more than an hour, the compliments have all returned. Suddenly I am the photogenic queen again. I am a “beautiful mama”. My husband “must be worried” about how other men see me.
These comments are no longer harmless, confident boosting little pick-ups anymore. I feel disgusted and sick when I hear them. And I look at the person saying them, who did not give a shit about me when I was fat, and continues not to give a shit that I’m suffering, and I seethe with hate.
I hope when I feel better, I regain enough confidence to admit this all to them. But for now, I just bite my tongue and smile through gritted teeth and hope I can pass as the beautiful person they think I am and not the mess of hatred that I really feel.
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2022.01.27 13:49 Tars-01 Real Flight Sim

I bought Phoenix on Steam a few years ago and I went to play it now and it's been pulled from Steam. Pretty irritating because it was quite expensive.
I'm looking at Real Flight 9. It's really expensive.. When I played Phoenix I had one of those 2.4Ghz dongles that I have paired with a Spektrum DX7. Does anybody know if this setup will work with Real Flight?
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2022.01.27 13:49 Biggie_cheez_ New helmet

Dunno if this is the place to ask. But I'm in welding school rn and the helmets there. Suck. I'm almost the only one in my class without my own helmet. I really like speedglass helmets but damn. I can't find any decent helmets I can even afford. Does any of you know if I can buy a speedglass helmet for 150$ or less? Or will I have to invest more money for a helmet
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2022.01.27 13:49 CostumingMom Inserting profile views - how do I control the offset?

the set up:
I'm working on a very large project. The main alignment is about 1.1 miles long, with 15 cross streets. As a result, the size of the drawing gets really big really fast when all the different components are in the same drawing.
In one drawing, there is the existing surface, the alignments, profiles, (existing & new), and profile views.
In another drawing, I'm creating new surfaces for the ADA curb ramps. I've shortcut all the info from the original drawing, but I'd like to have the profile views in the same location as the original as well.
I started by putting circles on the grips of the original profile views, then copied those circles to the new drawing.
But when I make a brand new profile view, it does not insert at the same location as the grip. Instead, the view, (and grip), are offset to the right of the insert point.
The first thing I did at this discovery, was to copy, (so I don't lose the original circle location) and offset all the circles based on the difference between where the insert point was and where the view ended up at.
But then I discovered that the insert offset wasn't consistent.
Is there any way to make the insert point of the profile view the same as the grip point? Or am I stuck having to readjust the view after every insert?
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2022.01.27 13:49 5p4c37r166 Good advice for this sub every transfer window

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2022.01.27 13:49 TerexCZ První POST Prosím Mithe do Videa

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2022.01.27 13:49 MonsterCug Euphonium mute for drum corps

Hey guys, im wondering if it's possible to use a mute for a marching euphonium. I live in an apartment complex and I dont want to make a lot of noise when practicing (I've already had a noise complaint filed against me).
What do you use to mute your horn with?
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2022.01.27 13:49 Petroguru boulder

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2022.01.27 13:49 Populationdemography How migrantophobic are Europeans? How many europeans would not like to have neighbors who are immigrants, 2017–2021, % [OC]

How migrantophobic are Europeans? How many europeans would not like to have neighbors who are immigrants, 2017–2021, % [OC] submitted by Populationdemography to dataisbeautiful [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 13:49 cabbarya Asyalı Şirket Kadını

Geçen senelerde bizim şirket asyalı bir şirketle ortak projeye girdi bu durumdan bütün şirket olarak memnun kaldık hiçbirimiz projeyi umursamıyorduk çünkü şirket şirket değil testesteron yuvasıydı geçen bir arkadaş baygınlık geçirdi aslında başlarda böyle bir durum yoktu kız ve erkek oranı çok orantılıydı ama bizim şirketin yöneticisi değişince olanlar oldu yönetici önce kadınların etek giymesini yasakladı , işe gelirken makyaj yapmalarını yasakladı, parfüm kullanmalarını yasakladı düpedüz kadınlara mobbing uyguluyordu bu durum kimsenin hoşuna gitmiyordu yavaş yavaş kadınlar istifa etmeye başladı iş başvurularında sadece erkekler mülakatlara çagrılıyordu git gide yöneticinin ( bundan sonra adını kullancam. duhan) gay oldugu düşüncesi içimize empoze oluyordu gay duhan adeta kendi haremini kuruyordu erkekler olarak tuvalette tek gitmeye korkar olmuştuk direkt laf atıyordu - o minik ceylanım nereye sekiyorsun gel birlikte gidelim - diyordu bu herif iyice sapıttı içimizden bazıları bu durumu kullandı ve mevkilerini yükseltiler boktan gay dizisi içerindeki heteroseksüel insanlardık ne zaman sandalyeye oturamaz hale geldik lanet olsun günlerimiz hep aynı tek kurşuna bakar bu düşüncelerden kurtulmam. Asyalı şirketle çalışcagımızı öğrendiğimde uçtu gitti bu düşünceler banane vurduranlar düşünsün şirketin kapısından xx kromozomlu hafif çekik kadınlar girdi şu an burası cehennem olsa iki defa düşünmem yine burda kalırım . kadınlarla birlikte erkeklerde gelmişti ama onları bir şekilde savuşturduk etraftan bizim mehmet onları erkekler tuvaletine kitledi galiba ama sorunumuz bu değil hemen gidip kadınlara yavşamalıyım gözüme bir tanesini kestirdim saçını arkadan toplamış beyaz gömlek bir tane düğmesi açık hafif dekolte altta siyah frikik vermek için hazır etek ve uzun siyah çorap ve laz burnu kadar uzun topuklu o an sarsıldım onun için ölmek dünyadaki en şerefli olaydı hemen herkesi ona yavşamaması için uyardım ( eğer yavşarlarsa evlerini kundaklayacagımı söyledim daha önce öyle bir şey yapmıştım !) hemen kızın yanına gittim hemen klasık yavşaklıgımı kullandım ve kadını kafalamaya başladım kadın konuştukça daha fazla konuşuyordu tam her şey tıkırında ilerliyorken gay duhan söze girdi ve tanışma merasimi falan filan dinlemedigim çok şey anlattı gün bitimine dogru kadının yanına adeta ışınlandım ve kahve içme teklifi ettim kadın ilk önce utanarak reddetsede ısrar edince kıramadı kadının tek şartı benim evimde içmek istemesiydi bu durumda antenlerim açıldı yolda gördügüm ilk taksiyi çevirdim ( normalde hayatta beni taksiye bindiremezsini amk taksicisi benim eve kadar malca sorular ve dünya para kaybettiriyor ) izafiyet teorisini tasdikler bir durumdaydık 30 dklık yol 2dk bitti kapıyı açtım içerisi mis gibi kokuyordu çünkü yaklaşık 10 yıldır bu an için bekliyorum kadını içeri davet ettim kadına terlik vermek istedigim ama o istemedi ayakkabısını çıkardı ve gözüme bakarak uzun siyah çorabınıda çıkardı ( ayagını sıktığını iddia etti ama yer miyiz) olayı hızlandırmak için türk kahvesi yapcagımı söyledim hemen mutfağa koştum cezve kahve su her şey 3 dkde hazırdı içeri götürürken kadının gömlegini ve etegini çıkarıp kapının dışına attıgını gördüm o an içimde bazı şeyler gitti kahveleri duvara atarak içeri girdim gözlerimde mutlulukla kadının yanına oturdum ama görmek istemedigim bir görüntü görüyordum önümde bir kadın gibi giyinmiş bir erkek vardı herifin malı sallanıyordu bayılmıştım kadın sandığım erkek beni yatak odama götürdü en son bunu hatırlıyorum sabah kalktığımda üstümde giysi olmadıgını ve götümde hafif bir acı olduğunu hissettim nalet olsun kandırıldım içeri girdiğimde eteğini bırakıp gitmiş ve komidinin üstünde para vardı
İnternette bu duruma baktım ve japonlarda karşı cins gibi giyinen insanlar oldunu gördüm kandırılmıştım onurum kırılmıştı haysiyetim gitmişti kalbim kırılmıştı...
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