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Nozdormu is the solution to Sylvanas’s destruction of Teldrassil

2022.01.24 11:52 dl77_ Nozdormu is the solution to Sylvanas’s destruction of Teldrassil

What do you think? The Dragon of Time will make good on the mistakes the Sylvanas arc led WoW towards.
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2022.01.24 11:52 Amacfa How the HELL do you convert OUT of polygon with meta mask????

I have $500 in USDC on the polygon network. No matter what I do on my metamask wallet, it won't let me send the money out, it won't let me swap tokens (though I was able to change polygon ETH to polygon USDc ONCE) and it won't let do a bridge back to regular ETH.

WTF do I do? My funds are stuck in this metamask polygon wallet. I can't send out because transactions just stay pending, and eventually fail and get returned? PLEASE HELP.
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2022.01.24 11:52 steamstream Badger's Diary - Hunting Sergeant Zozo

Badger's Diary - Hunting Sergeant Zozo [2] The Long Road to Zaton
The sounds of a waking up stalker camp brought me from my slumber. Laying on a rusty bed I could hear talking downstairs and scratching the food cans with spoons to get all the bits of food. Some stalker started playing Kino on the guitar and the new base mechanic cursed whilst repairing someone's gun. My companions woke up too and we came downstairs to eat something and talk to Beard, the man in charge of the camp.
"Good morning, mercs! What can I do for you?," he asked in a sonorous voice.
"Hello, Beard. We want to buy some food and water. By the way..." I lowered my voice, "do you have any work for us?"
The trader was thinking for a while. "I would appreciate it if you could take care of the team of boars that live in Izumrudnoye resort," he paused for a moment and leaned closer. "...However we have a problem with the other type of monster..."
I nodded, signalling him to continue.
"A group of military stalkers was seen in the area. One of them used to be a loner, I know him personally. A few days ago they caught two stalkers from Skadovsk. They tortured them to get information. One of the stalkers managed to get away, but his comrade was soon found with a bullet to the head. That stalker told us that the former loner was the one questioning them... I cannot let him go unpunished, mercenary. Do you understand?"
"Of course, Beard. We will track them down and kill this bastard," I told the man.
"Thank you. His group was seen recently by the Jupiter factory. He goes by the name of Sergeant Zozo."
6th March 2013, North of Jupiter / 11 AM
We spent the whole morning searching for the military stalkers to no avail. They disappeared as if the earth swallowed them. And maybe it did… Strange things happen in the Zone. I would probably drop the search and call it a day if not for the stalker nicknamed Dynamite.
We met him by the Mobile Lab, he was sitting by the campfire and drying his boots. Seeing our team he waved at us to come closer.
“Hello mercs!,” he greeted us and seeing that I looked at his wet boots standing by the fire he said, smiling apologetically, “Ugh… these swamps are nothing pleasant. Am I right?”
I had ignored his attempt at small talk and asked “what is it, stalker? Do you have any business with us?”
“Well,” he began. “I suppose you know how to get to the Red Forest?”
I looked at him, surprised. Sure I was there three or four times, last time when travelling to Pripyat with Griffin’s group. I hated that place and was sure that no sane man would go there if he didn’t absolutely need to. Strange things happened in these gloomy, radioactive woods. Not to mention various psychotic cults… However we were still a rather poor group of mercenaries and that stalker looked like he would give us a good price.
“Yes, I do. How much are you willing to pay?,” I asked him.
The stalker was thinking for a minute. “Hmmm… would eight thousand be enough? I wanted to see that old mine…”
I sucked in the air hearing his price. Eight thousand for a trip to the old mine and back. It would be a week worth of food and other supplies. Might be easy, if we stay out of the deeper parts of the woods… I extended my hand to him, saying –
“Throw in another five hundred and we’ve got a deal!”
The stalker shook my hand. “All right, merc. You can call me Dynamite… and how should I address you?”
I almost chuckled hearing the dumb nickname that could be invented only by a rookie. “I am known as Badger, Dynamite. We can go whenever you’re ready.”

6th March 2013, Parking lot by the entrance to the forest / 3 PM
Our group was close to the exit road from the parking lot when Barracuda saw something and ordered us to get down.
“What is it?,” I asked him.
“A military patrol, two hundred metres ahead!,” he replied in a hushed voice.
The four of us took positions behind the car wreck and concrete tubes littering the road. I changed the scope on my rifle to the 1P29 that I bought from Owl earlier. Soon the first soldier carrying SVDS came from behind a Ural truck. According to the intel provided by Beard that was the rifle used by Sgt. Zozo. I took aim and pulled the trigger, shattering his kneecap, then finished him with a shot to the head. His comrade ran to the side, laid down in the tall grass and tried to hit us with his AK74M, but my companions got him first. The third military stalker was nowhere to be seen. I ordered my men to move towards the stalker camp by the entrance to the forest, while I was watching their back. A few minutes later I saw a glimpse of a green uniform on the left side of the road. The last military stalker tried to flank me. “Patient beast,” I muttered to myself. I waited for him to stick his head out and shot him as well, then I went after my companions.
Judging by the echoing gunshots, there was some battle raging on deep in the woods. We were moving slowly, with our rifles ready to shoot if something or someone would come at us. By the wall surrounding a good chunk of the woods we met two stalkers. Like us, they were pointing their rifles towards the Red Forest, ready to open fire. Suddenly, Dynamite saw something and charged forward, firing his rifle. We shouted at him to come back, but in return heard only his scream and sound of something massive hitting the ground. A few moments that have passed felt like hours, I could feel cold sweat dripping down my neck while I kept my finger on a trigger. Then we heard a roar and the next thing I saw was something dark brown flying towards me with its mouth wide open.
Luckily I was standing behind a small metal scaffolding and it saved my life. The monster got caught between the aluminium bars and only scratched my torso and arm. It was enough to disarm me and send me flying to the ground. As soon as the initial shock wore off I put a tourniquet on my wounded limb, stuck a syringe filled with morphine into my leg and reached for my handgun. My companions and the stalkers we met were fighting the monster which couldn’t move freely in the tight quarters of the campsite. Now I could see it’s a chimera. Groaning from pain I outstretched my arm and started firing towards the beast. I was barely conscious from the blood loss but I wasn’t going down without a fight. Our combined efforts finally brought the monster down. Finally I could lie down in the grass and slowly spiral into unconsciousness staring into the blue sky…
The pleasant feeling was interrupted by something sharp poking into my arm. I opened my eyes and noticed Razor leaning over me with a syringe in his hands, while Barracuda and the two stalkers watched with concerned looks on their faces. Seeing my surprised expression, Razor explained –
“Chill, it’s just a military stimpack. We have to get you on your feet, Badger.”
Feeling the cocktail of combat drugs flowing inside my veins I brought myself to stand up.
“Since our client is dead I think we should go back to Jupiter,” said Barracuda.
“Agreed,” I replied.
“Speaking of Jupiter… Can we join you, guys?” asked one of the stalkers. “We want to leave this place, it’s not safe.”
“Duh…” I said. “...Let’s go.”
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2022.01.24 11:52 Lurker4Memes What are some of the best things to buy straight from manufacturers? Many brands nowadays are just slapping on logos onto products to sell stuff for exorbitant prices, so what are some examples to cut out the third party?

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2022.01.24 11:52 dav8128 "The Legend Of Wintervale" Creepypasta

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2022.01.24 11:52 Yellow__Roses Cishets think they know more about homophobia than gay people do

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2022.01.24 11:52 Greewi Here is a little paper mantis

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2022.01.24 11:52 Glum_Bag4499 Wide Receiver here need help getting building speed and acceleration

What could I do to increase my speed and my acceleration?
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2022.01.24 11:52 ARancidImage Apologies.

Just wondering if theres a subreddit for African gore? Aztecs will Aztec, I have a folder full or africans eating each other not sure where to post.
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2022.01.24 11:52 overflow_ Senegal's ruling party loses key cities in local elections | Reuters

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2022.01.24 11:52 floorlight Viainvest - €15 free for investing €50

Viainvest is a peer-to-peer lending platform.
They currently have a referral offer which gives you €15 bonus credit after you invest a total of €50+, when signing up using a referral link.
The bonus is locked for 6 months but it can be invested during this time. The initial investment can be withdrawn
You can choose which country your loan is based in. There are various repayment loans available so for your initial investment you could choose a repayment time of one month. Late repayments will be covered by a buyback guarantee.
Follow these steps:
1 - Sign up using this link - https://viainvest.com/users/referfriend/2629516517?utm_source=referaf
2 - Verify your ID and deposit €50 (Revolut works well for depositing Euros).
3 - Invest the €50 in a loan. I chose a one month timeframe.
4 - You will see €15 in your account within 5 business days. This can only be withdrawn in 6 months but you can invest it during this time.
5 - Once your initial loan becomes available you can withdraw it, or you can reinvest it as you choose.

Terms - https://viainvest.com/users/refer_friend_terms_and_conditions
Non-ref (no bonus) - https://viainvest.com/
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2022.01.24 11:52 idk_ijust_likememes That sh*t was so dark men! 🤣🤣🤣

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2022.01.24 11:52 wunlvng Challenge mode not regenerating charges

Hey, my challenge mode seems to be bugged. I'm not regenerating the lightning bolts for attempts. I've been stuck at 2H 37 min remaining to recharge for 5 hours, well it did go down to 2H 33 min after 5 hours but 4 minutes in 5H seems bugged?
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2022.01.24 11:52 Altruism7 The Great Sphinx use to be a Anubis Monument and it’s safe guarding secrets (Theory)

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2022.01.24 11:52 DrakeoAndTheStincs Fawkes and a Mirelurk Hunter getting it on in the wasteland

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2022.01.24 11:52 copperbythe_pound How many people can the police arrest at once?

Im watching video of looters and rioters and stuff, normal usa shit, and then I wonder, even if they identified them all would they go to their houses of literally hundreds of looters and mass arrest them or they aren't even going to bother.
And the paperwork? Who does that? I mean, police stuff IS finite right?
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2022.01.24 11:52 jpymai Crow to chin stand... eventually back up to crow?

I've been playing around a lot with various hand and arm balances in my yoga practice at home, recently took the plunge to try dropping from crow into a chin stand (why does the floor always look so much further away than it is??).
Video here. I am slowly trying to muster the upper body and arm strength to push myself back up, but can really only hover a couple centimetres off of the floor.
Any other suggestions for conditioning exercises beyond just practicing the negative action, and working variations of elevated push-ups?
Thank you for reading!
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2022.01.24 11:52 amacatperson Need help in deciding whether to finally sell QQQ

I posted not too long ago asking if I should sell QQQ (20% of my portfolio). Last year, I sold some of my VTI to get into QQQ as I was having an experimental stage - buying a little bit of crypto and meme stocks and FOMO-ed over rising tech stocks. I got some recommendation to keep it if it has gone up considerably. Whelp, think that didn’t age well.
I bought it at 332; while I’m still green, if this correction still continues for a while, it may go below that price in the upcoming weeks/months. Since I’ve lost most of those ATH earnings anyway, maybe this is a good time to sell while I can still recover my initial investment (with a few gains)?
Planning to buy back VTI or perhaps 50% into VXUS/BND.
(OR the alternative is to average down and buy more QQQ.)
Any help is appreciated. :)
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2022.01.24 11:52 Give_me_6_numbers Even you're doing chores and accidentally start playing games

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2022.01.24 11:52 brh1583 Pretty much... am I right...

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2022.01.24 11:52 NotAPurpleDino It almost feels like this sub is two different subs

One for people super into leaks and knowing everything before it airs, even out of context.
One for people who hate spoilers so they throw out hundreds of theories against the wall, 99% of which are wrong.
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2022.01.24 11:52 rosynona04 Residence

Hey guys! I am looking into Laurier for undergrad and was wondering what was the best dorm on campus? Looking to share with a roommate!
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2022.01.24 11:52 Tfcody ITAP of a Butterfly

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2022.01.24 11:52 Born_Confused86 Toxic Mother trying to live with me

My mother, whom I have never had a good relationship with, is trying to use the fact that I am pregnant and will need help with our newborn (our first) to force her way into moving in with me and my husband. I am 36F.
Background: as a child and young adult her love was conditional upon my success, and the moment I wasn’t at the top of my class, wasn’t doing exactly what she wanted etc. that conditional love/attention turned to constant complaining about me. She wanted me to be exactly what she wanted, not have my own agency.
She complains about me, made up/exaggerated stories about how terrible I was starting when I went to college because I chose not to become a doctor. And from that point on I could do nothing right. It got to the point where her siblings had an intervention with her asking her to stop complaining (while I was in grad school getting my MBA at 25); one of her brothers even said I would be happy if my kids were achieving and acting like a quarter of what your daughter is. She calmed down a bit but only because they tried to explain to her that she would loose her only child if she continued down this path.
Next came the fact that she did not want me to marry my now husband (who I had been in a relationship with for years) because he was not of the same faith and culture as her. Mind you, I announced I was an atheist at 18 after I went to college and had become mostly independent financially due to scholarships and student jobs.
I was still in my mid-late 20s at the time so I foolishly allowed her take her time accepting it; until years went by and I finally stopped caring what she thought and gave her an ultimatum. Her only issue was the fact that his parents belonged to a different religion/culture even though neither of us (me and my husband) are religious; she never bothered to get to know him.
To get an understanding of who she is, not only was she only focused on her needs/wants; she is an insanely negative individual. When I got into grad school and moved 3 hours away (by car) and told her I got into a great school her first and only response was “you’re leaving me again”; when I got engaged and she saw my ring she responded with “it’s so small, you really should have gotten a bigger one”; when we bought our house to have enough room for the baby she saw it and said “this is all you get for that much money”. I have concluded she is a toxic narcissist and I can never have a relationship with her that is beyond tolerating her negativity. She walks around with a poor me grey cloud over her head spewing negative comments and complaining about everything and everyone non-stop.
Once I became pregnant, she started trying to use my pregnancy to move in with me. I still call her once a week out of a feeling of obligation. Thankfully my job moved us to another state and it’s been the best thing for my sanity. Every single time we speak, she brings it up - sometimes lightly, other times aggressively. I have never given her a glimmer of hope that she would ever live with me and she knows it; she has commented on it. However now instead of asking me more about how I am doing, or focusing on how the baby is progressing it’s all about her again. And here is the kicker - she wants to move in permanently AND for me to pay her for caring for my child for the rest of her life. She brings that up too every time she tries to force her way into living with me; pretending like she’s doing me a favor.
I have had it; it takes everything in me to not cut her out of my life completely. I don’t cut her off simply because of guilt.
I am 33 weeks pregnant and I can’t stand the idea of her even coming to visit when I give birth and staying for a few weeks. I don’t have good memories with her, and I don’t want her to ruin anymore for me and my growing family.
Rant over - I just wish this was easier but not all family relationships are good or healthy I guess.
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2022.01.24 11:52 Fanashedstom XD

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