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[Local] - Brockton firefighter injured after falling through stairs in burning home | Globe

2022.01.19 23:51 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Brockton firefighter injured after falling through stairs in burning home | Globe

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2022.01.19 23:51 hidieho74 The snuggly season ❤️

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2022.01.19 23:51 groundnewsfeed Australia's unemployment rate falls to lowest level since the Global Financial Crisis

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2022.01.19 23:51 Puzzleheaded_Ad5805 So if I have the lil warthog emote how much of a discount do I get on the bundle?

I wanna know so i can find out if I have enough vbucks to buy the battlepass once he arrives in the store
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2022.01.19 23:51 ExtraMOIST_ Dangai/Mugetsu Ichigo

How damn strong is this guy?
I watched a Clyde video just now doing an in depth explanation for Dangai/Mugetsu Ichigo’s power, but even that put him at anywhere between really fcking strong and 5D.
Can any power scalers maybe get an answer on this guy’s true power?
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2022.01.19 23:51 LuckyAsparagus1694 Canada Post employees may be sent home if they choose to wear an N95 mask

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2022.01.19 23:51 Sharp_23 I have a relationship with my dad, which my mom does not know about.

I posted this here once before. I'm posting it again with a little more detail.
Before I was born, my dad went on trial for raping my mom. He was acquitted. All I know is that there was not enough evidence. The police had not been called in time, they didn't get her to the hospital in time, etc.
I don't know the specifics of that night. I also don't know the specifics of that trial. All I know is that's where I came from.
My mom has never said his name. My mom always told a vague story to explain how my dad wasn't around. I never questioned it until one day in middle school my aunt told me about the trial.
I took it upon myself to find the answers. After I found his name, I did some looking online. I found out where he works.
In college, I flew to New Jersey one weekend to meet him. He was out of the office on a meeting when I went in his office. I left my name and number with his receptionist. I said for the receptionist to tell him I'm his daughter. I got a call later from my dad and we got dinner together.
If you've never been in this situation, you wouldn't know what it feels like from my perspective to meet the person whom you got half your genes from. It was a strange but relieving experience. Please save the judgment.
I have not asked my mom for any more details of this story.
I also will not ask my dad for any details.
With so much other stuff to talk to either of them about, there is no reason to talk about my parents with each other.
I understand why this would be difficult for my mom to know. I don't want to put her in any pain her by telling her.
My dad is doing well financially. My mom is not. My dad has offered to pay for things like college tuition, textbooks, and other stuff. I text him from time to time.
I don't want to draw any conclusions about what happened that night. I was not there. I will always respect both my mom and my dad.
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2022.01.19 23:51 victoraffect1 Eu tô muito mal hoje

Tenho medo de ser a porra dum fracassado
Pq eu fui nascer desse jeito?
Hoje meu pai me chamou de ''potencial desperdiçado''
Tenho um monte de problemas internos
A porra do meu cérebro defeituoso não me deixa descansar por 1 hora sequer
Sinto raiva de todo mundo
Não consigo sentir afeto por ninguém
Não quero namorada
Já tentei me relacionar com pessoas aqui, e realmente gostaria de fazer amigos, mas não dura nada
Sei lá, parece que só consigo me relacionar com alguém se ela foi exatamente igual a mim. Coisa de gente egoísta.
Por toda a minha vida tive fobia social, porém não ficava remoendo depois sobre como me portei socialmente ou algo assim.
Basicamente me trancava no meu próprio mundo.
Mas isso não dura pra sempre, algum dia ia amadurecer e perceber que existe um mundo a parte do que eu criei.
E isso foi um baque gigantesco na minha vida.
Só tenho medo de ser um fracasso e não atender as minhas metas
São inúmeras, mas não consigo botar nenhuma em prática
Acho que pelo o que eu já escrevi, você deve saber o porquê.

Alguém que se identifica (e entenda a minha timidez) por favor me manda DM pra gente conversar, amo ajudar as pessoas.
Só não consigo ajudar a mim mesmo.
Vou entender se você parar de me responder. Não gosto de ficar colocando pressão em cima de ninguém.
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2022.01.19 23:51 burn-the-bodies Looking for Beta Testers! [Semi-Vanilla] [Shulker Survival] [Mini Bosses] {Discord}

Hey everyone, a week ago I did a post like and this and it was a great success, so I'll do it again if that's ok. We're looking for beta testers. My crew of Game Designers have been working on a Minecraft server that makes beta activities like fishing more rewarding to actually revive the survival feel of Minecraft, but to improve it even more, we added competitive & MMORPG aspects to the server, such as Mini Bosses that randomly spawn underground (Mobs with higher health and random abilities), a Levelling system and a really cool custom world generation.
The server has one thing really cool about it, is that there is absolutely no lag.
The server is very deep in development right now, and we want to have beta testers so we can be sure that the experience is fun & bug-free when it fully opens on January 21st. Some of the features include Outposts, Leaderboards, Custom Enchants, Furniture, Envoys, Quests, Levelling, McMMO, Gambling, and No Lag!
If you're interested, message me on here, or on discord coolmars#9498.
If you want to visit the Discord, message me too.
Thanks for reading!
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2022.01.19 23:51 snorgoonlinskine extremoth is actually dead

the right group of randoms and some evade extender and he actually died. Heart was pounding like i was about to beat Ornstein and smough for the first time. he’s actually dead. i can move on. I wanted to buy iceborne last week but this fight got personal. it’s dead
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2022.01.19 23:51 CaptainCipher Haven't played since Exploiter Orb was introduced, what's been added since and where to start?

I fell off after doing a few runs of Exploiter Orb, but after hearing the song For Narmer I decided I need to get back into the game and see what the New War is all about, but I'm not sure what's been added since. I know Railjack exists, but not really what it is, or where to start on anything
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2022.01.19 23:51 jbdawg02 Acuna Rcs

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2022.01.19 23:51 Jonesy7_16 Is the Madden Community the main reason there aren’t so many new players in Madden Ultimate Team?

Okay, for context purposes, this was the census of conversation My buddy and I had last night. Another crucial part of this story is we both had consumed “vitamins” (we were high)and probably weren’t in the best state of mind. So my main point to this story will be centred around Eric Dickerson, his NFL 100 card is probably the best we’ve ever had and caused MANY people rage. I remember reading something on reddit a few years back when dickerson was still in the game absolutely destroying everybody, along the lines of he was receiving a lot of hate and slander on social medias like twitter and instagram, some even going as far as death threats. To my knowledge there is a contract that needs to be signed that gives EA your right to be in madden, (the same contract Bill Belichick won’t sign.) Do you think because of the hate guys like dickerson went through they don’t want to be in madden? I know this post is probably all over the place but I tried my best to provided information. What do you guys think?
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2022.01.19 23:51 liliawhisper What on earth is happening to my world?

So first the sun was super big and flashing. I was like... yea I'm going to ignore that and hope it fixes itself. Now... now its whatever squid-shenanigans this is.
What is going on?
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2022.01.19 23:51 Half_Smashed_Face So I recently downloaded Curse launcher and Project Ozone 2. Sky Islands map missing

My favourite minecraft playthrough series was the Yogscast playthrough is Ozone 2.
I finally have a good enough computer to run it. I recently downloaded the launcher and the game, but when I opened it, I didn't see the Sky islands map syle Duncan used on his playthrough
If anyone could help that would be great
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2022.01.19 23:51 PervySage93 Referral code: WKC9JC 🥺👉👈

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2022.01.19 23:51 OwenEhinger Would anyone be willing to tell me what this absolute banger of a song is about? Heard this on Spotify and wanted to know more about it because it’s so groovy and i tried putting into google translate which obviously didn’t work so I was wondering if anybody would help me. cool yacht rock sound.

Would anyone be willing to tell me what this absolute banger of a song is about? Heard this on Spotify and wanted to know more about it because it’s so groovy and i tried putting into google translate which obviously didn’t work so I was wondering if anybody would help me. cool yacht rock sound. submitted by OwenEhinger to teachinginjapan [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 23:51 Vickie_Treasure F20 - With and without the skirt

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2022.01.19 23:51 SignatureOld7878 https://t.me/joinchat/clkKgfgq4LU3NDI8

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2022.01.19 23:51 Specific_Welcome_102 Designed an entire set of streamers after a nothing imitator turned out well. Hope you like them! (21 total look in comments)

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2022.01.19 23:51 Worldly-Age-5361 Uzui Tengen(By Kennethu)

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2022.01.19 23:51 Cokecarti Is it likely I’m overthinking this?

There’s this girl I’ve grown really close friends with the last month. I went to her house last night, and we stayed up literally all night hanging out and it was super fun. When I say all night, I mean at 8pm I got there, and at 2pm I left. And we had never went to bed. Throughout that hangout we talked a lot, even about very deep personal things and even at one point we’re both crying and hugged eachother saying we loved eachother (in a platonic way). She said things like she missed me, and she sees me being a lifetime friend, and that I am her best friend.
By the end of the hangout she was pretty tired and asked me to leave and was in a kinda irritated move. Which is understandable considering we stayed up all night.
We then texted and talked about the night, laughed about things that happened and had a really good text conversation. When we went to bed and woke up though, we snapped back and forth and she never left me on open and she kept responding but she was being kind of short with me.
I ended up seeing her at work for 30 mins and said hey, she said hey back. Then when I walked through the lobby we made eye contact and she smiled at me. Then we talked about my new jeans for a minute, then she had to leave.
I then texted her saying I forgot to give him her money I owed her and she said “all good lol” and I said I’d give her it tomorrow and she said “cool”.
Idk if im overthinking all this but I just feel like she’s been a little off. I do have insecurities that I don’t show but one of them is I have a fear people don’t like me as much as I like them or that I will get annoying and they will cut me off. Is it more so likely I just have anxiety and am overthinking it?
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2022.01.19 23:51 Alive_Succotash_9411 [WTS] Limbo x Places+Faces Yellow Bag

I am looking to sell this bag! Since this is an Amine subreddit, I'm guessing some people would be interested/looking for this. I have used it since it dropped, so it's in near pristine condition. Pictures ready. I am just looking for $55 shipped domestically. I sell on Depop and the Vinyl Releases subreddit, I can verify that I am a legit seller. Just hoping to send this bag to a better home. LMK if interested, thanks! :))
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2022.01.19 23:51 SnooBeans7585 Im a completely different person

Im a completely different person
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2022.01.19 23:51 DetroitLionsPodcast Episode 393 Of Your Official r/DetroitLions podcast, 'Jim Nagy & Jerry Jacobs Interviews', Is Now Live!

In this live episode of The Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris and the Riz get together to bring you the latest on the Detroit Lions. The 2022 off-season has begun for the Detroit Lions. Recently it was announced that the Lions will be coaching the American team at the 2022 Senior Bowl. This presents a great opportunity for Dan Campbell, Brad Holmes, and the rest of the Lions staff to get an up-close and personal look at some of the top prospects in the NFL Draft. They are currently releasing the players' assignments by position group with some really great names landing on the Lions roster.
Detroit Lions Podcast Loves Senior Bowl
What better way to find out about the Senior Bowl than to check in with the event's long time Executive Director, Jim Nagy. A true professional, and always a class act, he will talk Senior Bowl, selection process (both teams and players), his roots in Michigan, and a whole lot more. If you want to learn the best/most about the Senior Bowl - this is the time and place to do it.
Detroit Lions Podcast Loves Jerry Jacobs
We are again joined by our favorite cornerback in the NFL, Jerry Jacobs. He continues our series of conversations we started prior to 2021's Lions training camp. We last left off at Jacobs being named to the Detroit Lions 53-man roster. Today we will discuss the 2021 Lions season, his rise and dominance at the cornerback position, the ill-timed knee injury, surgery, and start of the rehab process. Its been a roller coaster of a year for Jerry, but one thing is certain - has has everything it takes to be a starting corner in the NFL. We continue to be proud of his accomplishments, the man he's becomes, and look forward to what he brings to the team in the 2022 NFL season. Big News On YouTube!
We've launched a new series starring a number of talented personalities you’ve seen on our shows at various times. Its new, and exciting, something we think everyone is going to enjoy. We’ve assembled a great team to deliver on this promise, so please be sure to check out the channel for new, frequent, excellent content. You can find it all by clicking here.
Also, if you prefer the video version of the podcast, check out the Detroit Lions Podcast YouTube Channel here. Don’t miss our videos of Dean Blandino trying to find redemption in Detroit, the "Suite Life" from the 2019 Detroit Lions / Dallas Cowboys game, and more great content! We've also added a new YouTube Channel with shorter clips of the show. Meant for those times when you don't have all the time you need, but want to grab key info while you can. Check out the DLP Clips channel by clicking here.
Let us know what you think about the show by commenting in the podcast thread in the subreddit, or by leaving us a voice mail message via Skype at: DetroitLionsPodcast Your input will help make the show better, and if you leave us a message on Skype, you just might be featured in an upcoming Detroit Lions Podcast! You can also give us a call at (929) 33-Lions. You can subscribe to the podcast for Apple, Android, at the podcast website. We are also available on Spotify!
Remember, this is the official podcast for /detroitlions, and as such, we want to keep all discussion and comments in the subreddit. It's important that this becomes a way to grow the subreddit and builds a stronger community. Use the website or iTunes Store to subscribe to the podcast, use Skype for voice messages, but please keep everything else here in /detroitlions.
We really hope you like this and join us on this journey with the Detroit Lions!
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