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[Xbox One] PGA Tour 2K21 - Xbox One is $13.97

2022.01.27 03:19 chrisor97 [Xbox One] PGA Tour 2K21 - Xbox One is $13.97

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2022.01.27 03:19 thinkB4WeSpeak Defense deal crackdown is a bipartisan affair

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2022.01.27 03:19 alper Moulin Rouge! — jukebox musical is thin on plot but rich in spectacle

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2022.01.27 03:19 KyrosXIII Life Imitates Art

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2022.01.27 03:19 Darzin_ How did the North Korean food distribution system function before the famine?

I'm interested in how it operated when it was somewhat functional between the 50s and the 90s.
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2022.01.27 03:19 jobsinanywhere DeHR | Whitelist | IDO | CoinHunter

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2022.01.27 03:19 emilioMooN Me : surprise pikachu face.

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2022.01.27 03:19 chrisor97 [Xbox One] Spyro Reignited Trilogy (Bilingual) - Xbox One is $22.50

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2022.01.27 03:19 Past_Equipment_6419 Add me for streaks/spam/map

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2022.01.27 03:19 alper How Germany went from Europe’s economic locomotive to its laggard

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2022.01.27 03:19 biggie2623 H:trades W: Van ap wwr heavy combat LA

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2022.01.27 03:19 chrisor97 [Xbox One] Minecraft Master Collection – Xbox One is $34.95

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2022.01.27 03:19 luh_li should i buy a mazda mx3 or mx6 as my first car?

seeing a mx3 and a mx6 in same price range(1500 cad) engine n trans in good condition may only need weld rust holes and tlc. good deal or no? which gen of mx6 is better 1 or 2? i know, maybe honda or toyota… but these in good condition are not quite common now also fun to drive(not considering to turn it into a race car in any near future) and price is acceptable. so is it worth it?
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2022.01.27 03:19 Burgundy_La_Deaux Profile: Leopold VII, The Mad King

Leopold VII was the firstborn of Leopold VI. He entered this world on the 16th of Ausvot, 1899, in the palace at Hausenvein, in the dead of night. Throughout his childhood, Leopold was often described as a caring and polite young man, winning him much praise from both the royal houses of Transova and the people of the empire. He was scholarly and a voracious reader, and would often spend hours in the palace library. All of this changed after the 1907 Haufenstatian Revolution, however. Leopold had to watch as his entire world was torn down, forced to watch as his family was lined up and shot, powerless to stop them. He narrowly escaped the same fate, but was left marked. 2 massive scars covered the left side of his face, rough gashes that he would carry for the rest of his life.
Leopold would never truly recover from these events. Throughout his life, he was traumatized by memories of them. After the revolution, Leopold moved to Fyodograd, a small nation bordering his homeland. He slowly learned the language and culture, and ended up marrying a duchess by the name of Olga III. The scars of the revolution were more than physical, however. Within his mind, he slowly went mad. Being trapped in a nation that was not his own, in an unhappy marriage with an aging and destitute lady, and burdened with guilt, Leopold became even worse as the years ran by. Each day, his demands grew larger. More grain, more iron. He had a vision, and he would not have it ruined by petty things like morality. The rolling, peaceful hills of Fyodograd were forever covered in rolling smog. Factories began to outnumber houses, and the toneless music of machinery and steel became the only sounds you could hear. All the peasantry could do was work for their lives. Alongside this mass industrialization, Leopold began growing Fyodograd’s military strength. Thousands were conscripted. After the death of the old king, Leopold was crowned king. Previously he had been confined to his dukedom, but now he had an entire nation to play with.
When the Great War rolled around in 1929, Fyodograd joined the Pactum Maris, and fought cruelly against his former homeland. Leopold did not see this as a war, he saw it as the righteous liberation of his people. Despite this belief, his troops were prone to use excessive force and also used an exorbitant quantity of chemical weapons during their campaigns. After the war ended in 1936, Fyodograd was given sections of the rural east of Haufenstatia to rule. These were areas they had campaigned through, and the damage was immense. Almost a quarter of it was infertile due to how many poisons had been released on them. To salt the wound, marauding bands of veteran soldiers were released into the countryside, to spread fear and to gather ‘reparations’. The Haufenstatian areas were among the worst places to live in the kingdom, and by 1940 almost 400,000 civilians had fled, been killed, or disappeared. In 1943, the Haufenstat Revolt took place. The remaining civilian elements within the occupied territory rebelled, and drove back the forces sent to put it down. The largest army assembled since the great war pushed into the rebel territories, with the Mad King at its helm. This would prove to be a mistake. In a flawlessly executed ambush, they captured the King and his convoy. He was tortured to the cusp of death, and was only barely rescued. He emerged from the encounter even more scarred than before. The entire left side of his face was unrecognizable, and he was missing a leg. His lungs were torn apart by the same gasses he drowned others in, and he regularly coughed up chunks of his lungs. He became even more insane.
1950: Leopold is barely clinging to life. His nation is silent and closed off from the rest of the world, and within there are few left. Leopold is too weak to govern his nation, and army commanders fight among the skeletons of cities. The few remaining civilians are hunted down, with very few escaping the hunting packs that scour the bones of the state. Fyodograd is a failed state, past its “prime” and forgotten by the outside world. It’s collapse is imminent, and the only question is when.
Forgive my poor writing, I’m really not good at it.
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2022.01.27 03:19 AneAefTea Made my first NFT a few days ago, well it says that I'm new so I would love to hear some tips to grow as an artist and also would love to see your rating on my first one

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2022.01.27 03:19 iamandre1234 Advice NEEDED for a guy who lost their virginity - Vagina feels like nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

I lost my virginity to now girlfriend. We were both inexperienced coming into this, so we BOTH prioritized foreplay for many weeks before leading up to penetration and understood that patience is vital when building up and getting wet.
Now, I'm 8x5.3, and given that my partner is quite petite (5'0) - so again, I made sure I prioritized her to be ready.
Here comes the big part: Everything was perfect for her when I was having sex with her. However, even though I was rock hard, I could not feel anything... (Everyone around me tells me how the pussy is the most magical thing in the entire universe, but to be honest, me jerking off with my own dry hand felt better...) I do not want to miss out.
Now, she had to blow me so I could cum because literally an hour of penetration went by, and I felt no anticipation from my penis that I was going to cum inside her.
I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Do I need to get lube or something? I would love to hear yall's advice.
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2022.01.27 03:19 alper Time to measure your portfolio’s performance

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2022.01.27 03:19 Vitilog People of the UK. Antenna install

How much you paying for someone to install your antenna on your roof? (2 story standard house) I’m thinking of contacting a local Ariel guy but wanted an idea of average costing before contacting. I already have the antenna and cable. Shouldn’t cost more than £60 right?
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2022.01.27 03:19 Player_Q Advice for a Dante/Amaterasu team?

Long time casual spectator trying to actually learn how to play. I’ve been looking at various team compositions to see who I really enjoy playing, but I’m struggling to decide on a point character for Dante/Ammy. Any character suggestions or team building advice for Dante or Ammy would be appreciated.
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2022.01.27 03:19 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Mixed reviews as Ramaphosa welcomes new Israeli ambassador to South Africa | IOL

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2022.01.27 03:19 LiterallNobody I'm a turk from south azerbaijan, AMA

My roots from my mothers side is in ardabil, and my roots from my father's side is in Qarabağ.
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2022.01.27 03:19 gulfatma There goes oyr wellness babe

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2022.01.27 03:19 BenWeeZX aqeelyboi

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2022.01.27 03:19 StarWars_memer Not again

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2022.01.27 03:19 alper Europe should change fiscal rule book and aid ECB

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