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Last Thursday Work EDC Dump

2022.01.22 08:53 EveryDayCarry_Addict Last Thursday Work EDC Dump

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2022.01.22 08:53 Ok_Cook What is the point of us giving feedback exactly?

Every change made in the game until now only happened because CN got it a year before. What is even the point of questionnaire and the discord feedback channel if our schedule will be exactly like CN without change? Like, they already explained they can't push forward quality of life changes ahead of time because of coding issues or something. So whats the point of it all?
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2022.01.22 08:53 UnholyPeanuts I thought ETH was due!

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2022.01.22 08:53 bikingallday Es wird kalt. So kalt wie Friedrich Merz Herz.

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2022.01.22 08:53 tankerer101 Tartiflette

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2022.01.22 08:53 watan592 حمدونة : 104 طفل هُرِبوا من السجون ولُقِبوا بسفراء الحرية

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2022.01.22 08:53 tehmpus US Carrier to Lead NATO Exercise amid Ukraine Invasion Fears

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2022.01.22 08:53 proraider999 Hello is someone playing FiFa 18 on xbox 360? Im in online seasons division 9 and cant find anyone to play against :(

Or if u wanna play Fut im in division 3 lr if u wanna play friendlies. Please add me : MunchesterCity
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2022.01.22 08:53 HSAResearch [Academic] Which factors influence accessibility and trust in Online Health Communities (18+)

Dear Reddit Community Member,
Thank you for opening my topic. My name is Teresa, and I am currently studying in DCU. I am doing a research project on accessibility features of online health communities which influence individuals trust of information posted into the communities by other members.
As access to online information grows, accessibility of sites, services and platforms becomes key for users to have a positive and successful experience. Online accessibility includes aspects such as how easy it is to find information, navigate websites and locating information for example. Accessibility also refers to the ensured use by all individuals regardless of their background, experience, cognitive or physical abilities. As a result, examining platforms online to ensure their accessibility for all is a vital activity.
I am looking for individuals to complete a short survey (approx. 7 minutes to complete) on their opinions relating to accessibility on online health communities and the factors which influence their trust. Like accessibility, trust is incredibly important in online exchanges. If you would like to participate, please read the plain language statement below which includes further information on this study’s goals, aims, methodology, privacy policy and data protection measures.
If you would like to participate, please read the following plain language statement, complete the consent form and proceed to the online survey which is hosted on Microsoft Forms.
Here is a link to my plain language statement:
To access the consent form and survey on Microsoft Forms, please visit:
Please note; I am not looking for any information relating to your health, medical condition, or related areas to this. I am only looking for information on accessible web design and your experiences of this. If you have any concerns on this, please let me know. Once surveys are completed and submitted, they cannot be withdrawn from the data pool.
If you have any questions, please let me know. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. For more information, please email me at [](
Thank you!
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2022.01.22 08:53 Shiruet Global Server January 22, 2022

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2022.01.22 08:53 GP2redditor ik_ihe

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2022.01.22 08:53 TheAcranius F35 For FSX

how can setup f35 aircrafts for fsx?which website do you prefer for mode?
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2022.01.22 08:53 LegitimateHasReddit They said Terrarians were not big shots. We proved them wrong.

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2022.01.22 08:53 Schelix Wondering why there isn't a Kieran Duffy user flair in this sub...

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2022.01.22 08:53 Ihavenoideaanym0re The fact they can if they really wanted to is always a footnote

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2022.01.22 08:53 mubaz123 US Cold Storage Market, Opportunities & Forecast, 2021-2028

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2022.01.22 08:53 watan592 محلل سياسي: مبادرة «الديمقراطية» واقعية، ولا يمكن للفصائل إدارة الظهر لها

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2022.01.22 08:53 WhamBamRudderham "You've got to stop blowing through your money like this Krusty" "No can do"

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2022.01.22 08:53 alaphic DEFINITIVELY Settling the Pinball Mechanic As Canon (in fleet battles, at least) - It's clearly present in the lore, guys \#boostdrop

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2022.01.22 08:53 cryptoallbot zkDAO meme contest ending at 17:00 UTC today (Sat 22Jan2022)|3500 $BIT Prize Pool (~$7k USD)

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2022.01.22 08:53 yamiaainferno Blown Up, Beaten, Robbed-- The Security Shitshow Continues

Long time no see, TalesFromTheFrontDesk! I've made a couple posts before directly about the security issues at my property-- despite my optimistically proclaiming that the security shitshow had been "cleaned up" in the title of the last one, nothing of the sort happened. 2021 was a really bad year for me at work.
I work at NA at one in a cluster of hotels located in a bad part of town. There's a lot of homelessness and theft in the area (a previous adventure I've had with the local homeless population is detailed here), and it's just a bad vibe in general. Because of this, we have overnight security-- but there's only one guard for 5 hotels, and the company contracted to provide our security until recently was total shit.
Company X primarily sent old retirees as security guards. One of these old men was fired for stalking/harassing a NA at another one of the hotels. Of the two non-geriatric guards I ever saw, neither had any idea what they were doing and had clearly received very little, if any, training. One of them often skipped work or slept in his car during the night. Everyone knew that our security was inadequate, but the owners refused to do anything about it until incidents occurred and forced them to.
Blown Up
It's the night of July 3rd/morning of July 4th and I'm working. The faint sounds of fireworks can occasionally be heard, but no one has made any complaints yet and so I haven't had to explain to some entitled idiot that I do not actually have the power to silence everyone in a two mile radius. Then, suddenly, fireworks start going off very close. Someone is shooting fireworks off in our parking lot, and it's not stopping. I call security and he says that he's already on his way. Great!
I wait, but fireworks are still going off. I text the security guard for an update. No answer. No one has called to complain yet, but I know that it's coming, so I head outside to see what's going on.
The security guard is parked in his golf cart about 60 feet away from a drunk ass group of kids, half-heartedly yelling at them to stop. The kids are ignoring him and laughing, saying stuff like "just one more", etc.. I am immediately furious that the guard is doing basically nothing, and yell out a "HEY!" to get the kids' attention as I stomp up to them, snapping at the guard to call the cops as I pass. I tell them that they need to go. Lead dumbass, who has been drunkenly fumbling around trying to find the fuse for one of those enormous 40-shot box fireworks again slurs "Just one more!". By now I've reached him, and pick the firework up before he can light it (he wasn't even close, so it's not like it was going to go off in my hands) and very firmly tell him "Not one more, now!"
Lead dumbass and his back up idiots immediately get whiny and start demanding the firework back, promising to leave, saying that if I take it I need to pay him $80, stupid shit. I inform him that since he's already proven that his drunk ass can't be trusted to listen he can either pick up the firework in the morning or follow me back into the hotel and wait for the cops to get here and escort him off property with it, so that I know he won't be setting it off in my parking lot. Shockingly, he and his drunk friends didn't stick around to wait for the cops to show up and write them up for DUIs (they literally weren't even staying at any of the hotels, they were just assholes), so they leave. Security guard has the nerve to start scolding me afterwards, but I just roll my eyes and stomp off.
My GM comes in to relieve me and I tell her the whole story. She is pissed that I had to go out and do security's job for him, and says that she'll try (again) to get the owners to dump Company X and hire someone decent. I ask her if I should leave the firework in case one of the dumbasses comes to pick it up, but she says I can take it home. I'm super excited since I love fireworks, though my family has never been able to afford splurging on big ones like this. We usually just get some sparklers and maybe one rocket, and this year we weren't even doing that.
As the title of this section implies, the fucking thing blew up in my face as soon as I lit it. I was being super safe-- I had even looked up the model of the firework beforehand and watched videos of it going off!-- but the instant I lit the fuse it started to go off. I hit the deck immediately, but one of the balls hit me square in the chest, a huge hunk of my got hair burned off, and little spots on the lenses of my glasses ended up melted where sparks had landed. It could have been a lot worse, I didn't end up having to go to the ER or anything, but it fucking sucked. All I can say is that it's a good thing that I took it away from Lead Dumbass, as he was decidedly not being super safe. The ball that hit me in the chest probably would have gotten him in the fucking eye.
Fast forward to August. The golf cart that Company X provides so that the security guards can actually get around between the 5 hotels has been broken for weeks, and the company is refusing to replace or repair it. Because of this, quick response from security is an utter crapshoot-- remember that none of these people are exactly in peak physical condition-- if they happen to be on the other side of the cluster when you call, it can take well over 30 minutes for them to get there, up to an hour if they don't feel like rushing (they usually don't).
It's a Saturday night, and while I work at an extended stay and its definitely not a "party" hotel, we're usually full on the weekends and consistently have people wandering in and/or out until about 3AM. I look out the window and a shirtless homeless man is sitting on the ground, straight up eating out of our trashcan. I call security, but she is about as far away as she can possibly be. The trashcan in question is about three feet away from our main door. He is extremely visible to any guests who may enter or exit the building. I don't want to leave him there for however long security will take to get there.
I usually have pepper gel on me, but I had stupidly left it in my car, so I grabbed a miniature baseball bat that we keep in the back, took a deep breath, and walked outside. I told him, calmly but firmly, that he needed to leave.
Immediately, I knew I had made a mistake. I had been hoping this guy would run off scared like most homeless people do when confronted, but instead he was immediately hostile, screaming profanity at me (and spitting the garbage in his mouth all over the place). I kept telling him to leave and he kept yelling, calling me fat and a bitch etc.. I knew that showing weakness by going back inside would only encourage him, and probably result in him doing something worse-- maybe even following me inside. (Have I mentioned that the front doors don't lock? There's supposedly a key somewhere, but it's not on the front desk key ring, despite my asking to be given a copy multiple times and even after all three of these incidents.)
So, I'm stuck. I stand my ground, and keep telling him to leave and threatening to call the police. He had backed away from the garbage at this point, but when he starts pushing boundaries and reaching into it again I step forward and tell him no. He screams and flails a bit, but backs off even more than before, and I feel a little relieved since I interpret this as him being all bark and no bite. When he reaches for the can again, I move my bat up onto the rim to block his hand and again tell him to leave.
Then he punches me in the face.
I think he expected this to make me run away, but it did not. I am much, much bigger than he is (he's scrawny-- visible ribs) and I push towards him to bring that size advantage to bear and start swinging the bat. I'm just trying to push him back with it rather than really hurt him, aiming for his side/stomach. He is continuing to punch me in the face. It, honestly, really doesn't even hurt. He doesn't have a lot of strength to put behind the punches. Eventually, though, he lands a hit right on the bridge of my glasses, slamming them into my nose, and that does hurt, as well as knock them off, so I reel back. He, thankfully, takes the chance to run off. This was all in the course of like 10 seconds.
I pick up my glasses and go back inside to call the police. Once that's taken care of, I call my manager. My manager is on vacation on the other side of the country and starts losing her goddamn mind, because there's really nothing she can do. She calls my old manager, who switched to managing one of the hotels next door, and thankfully she's able to rush over and take desk duty while I sit in the lobby crying. Security finally shows up and does nothing, clearly bewildered. My old manager assures me that she will make sure the owners get a better security company now. The cops take forever to show up, but it turns out that's because they spotted and arrested the homeless guy on their way to the hotel. I give my statement, they take photos of my face (no bruises other than the bridge of my nose), and pull the homeless guy out of the cruiser for me to identify (I was in between two other cruisers with their brights on and shining in his face, so he couldn't see me). People keep asking me if I want an ambulance but frankly I just want to go home, and so I refuse.
I got a week and a half paid time off after that traumatic experience, and my manager raised my pay by a dollar once I came back (out of guilt, I think). The owners also finally ended up dumping Company X, which would be great...except for the fact that they didn't hire another company to replace them.
While the other two were an epic saga, this one really isn't. It was just over a month later in September. I was back at work, and had a new policy of "if it's not happening in my lobby, I will not be dealing with it" that I had made very clear to management. Things had been quiet, but the "week" without security coverage was very quickly ballooning, and to me it was obvious that the owners were trying to get away with not hiring a replacement for as long as possible.
I went to the bathroom. Usually I take my phone with me, but I just left it on the desk today. In plain view of the lobby. Some random asshole on a bike literally just walked in, took it, and walked out. I stayed at work late to make calls on the office phone and took a long weekend. The next week the owners still hadn't hired a new security company, but had hired an "operations manager" to keep an eye on things. They were basically doing the same thing they had been doing with the maintenance workers in 2020, asking an untrained normal employee to act as a security guard, but this time just hired someone for that explicitly. Whatever.

I really don't want to work at this place anymore. I had been growing increasingly sick of this job since my old manager left-- she was an absolutely amazing boss, and responsible for a lot of the misguided loyalty on display in the first two incidents that led to my sticking my neck out. The new manager was nice, but that was about it. She wasn't half as capable or committed as the old one, and ended up leaving after less than 6 months for a recruiting job in the same company. The new new manager is fine, but I miss my old boss and am just so tired of this place and all its bullshit.
I graduated in August, before the beating incident, but haven't had any luck finding a job in my field. I've also applied to some other jobs not in my field, just to get out of this one, but haven't had any luck there either. I suppose it would be easy for me to move to another hotel with all my NA experience, but I just...don't want to. I've decided that if anything else horrible happens to me here, though, I'm done. I'm quitting on the spot.
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2022.01.22 08:53 pinofalegnamedipaese Lo comprerei

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2022.01.22 08:53 ursiform Kobo Sage vs PocketBook Inkpad Color vs Onyx Boox... or something else entirely?

I’m having trouble deciding on a new reading device. Every time I think I’m nearing a final decision, I veer off in another direction. I’ve browsed a lot of the buying advice posts here, but I’m no further forward.
My current devices include my iPhone, iPad, and an old, old Kindle. The Kindle experience is so poor, I never use it…ever, even though I specifically bought it for its e-ink display with no lights as a dedicated reading device—the home screen, navigation, unergonomic design, and lack of physical buttons defeated me.
What’s important to me:

Devices I’ve considered:
It may be that I really need two e-ink devices, one for reading and one for note-taking, but I really, really don’t want to do that if I can possibly avoid it. I will note that early in the process of writing this post, I seemed to be talking myself into the Kobo Sage again; however, I would still greatly value other opinions and perspectives. My apologies for the long post, thanks for any suggestions.
Oh! And one more thing I couldn't find any information on for any of these devices: Can you listen to audiobooks in the background (such that you listen to an audiobook while reading the ebook at the same time)?
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2022.01.22 08:53 Cyan_223 Base tokens

So I'm trying to get the platinum trophy and one of the trophies which I have remaining is "buy all the suits".... I only have 2 suits remaining but I can't get base tokens anymore as I have completed all the districts and story mode (I tried getting them but it won't) so is there anyway around it or do I need to buy any dlc to plat the game? I don't wanna buy any dlc so it would be a bummer if a dlc is required to plat 😔
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2022.01.22 08:53 Beautiful-Tonight-40 Rosa

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