Sunrise swim in 3c / 37f water under a fading full moon. Magical.

2022.01.20 07:22 thegreatoutdoors79 Sunrise swim in 3c / 37f water under a fading full moon. Magical.

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2022.01.20 07:22 420mollyggg muscle twitching day after getting 2nd covid vaccine still happing month later

so the morning after getting 2nd dose and started to get muscle twitching in the back of the neck then twitching in the hand feet calfs and belly days later its small twitches but its concerning its been over a month i still get them but not as bad. has anyone have the small issue.
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2022.01.20 07:22 ll--o--ll Virat Kohli’s captaincy step-down sets a fascinating, delicate scene for India and its rivals

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2022.01.20 07:22 cosmobarfuss Winter - in der Natur

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2022.01.20 07:22 Streetfood11 Non Stop Egg Vada Pav Making | Ultimate Scrambled Egg | Anda Ghotala street food Karachi Pakistan

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2022.01.20 07:22 Agima [100% OFF] Python And Flask Demonstrations Practice Course (4 days or 824 registrations left)

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2022.01.20 07:22 jojo_zdt Help a stranger :D

Can I find 5 lovely people for an invite to another project? <3
Just need some more invites and u can check out the other project urself :)
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2022.01.20 07:22 QuantumHope Dang! People not holding back on Robyn’s IG!

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2022.01.20 07:22 cutiegirl6 i will hopefully not be homeless soon (woo hoo!)

after 4 years, i may be staying in a stable house on the 1st of febuary :)) i really really hope this actually happens so i can see my boyfriend in april and also dread my hair and do all the stuff that i've been wanting to do for years
i wanna say i've never felt as alone and depressed as i do right now but i've been feeling like this consistently for the whole time of being homeless, this feeling isn't new. i really hope that when i move, i wont feel like this anymore and i can be normal
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2022.01.20 07:22 ZoolShop First flu deaths of season reported in Nebraska

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2022.01.20 07:22 kalogerone Hey, I'm building an NFT collection where 95% of the minting money will be give back to our minters through buying back their NFTs. Got a whitepaper and all. What do you think of the idea, has it been done before?

Hey, I'm building an NFT collection where 95% of the minting money will be give back to our minters through buying back their NFTs. Got a whitepaper and all. What do you think of the idea, has it been done before? submitted by kalogerone to NFT [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 07:22 Smoerble Where to build outpost for Project Tomorrow? Can't locate the "Wasteland Biome"?

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2022.01.20 07:22 VenomXD_ Had to share it lol.

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2022.01.20 07:22 unknown_userine иконе

I come from a non-religous household so I hope my question doesn't offend anyone here. As far as I could tell many serbian people have pictures of saints hanging in their households aka Icons.
I was wondering if there are artists that draw those saints in a different/modern/artsy way? And if so - could you send me some references?
Thanks a lot!
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2022.01.20 07:22 RandomDweller Grandma is reliving her youth

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2022.01.20 07:22 peaceoutpeople Check me

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2022.01.20 07:22 Darkeststarrr PP getting cheers during his bike trial practice

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2022.01.20 07:22 Johnny_the_Goat Po predchádzajúcom príspevku, treba uzavreť diskusiu raz a navždy

View Poll
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2022.01.20 07:22 jobsinanywhere Relative of Bronx Fire Victims Calls Cardi B an Angel for Paying Funeral Costs

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2022.01.20 07:22 VincentCarlos The hentai I'm reading is...cute

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2022.01.20 07:22 jffnc13 r/croatia be like

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2022.01.20 07:22 Sevillista83 iPad Pro, 4x EarFun 2022 New Product Package, Nike Shoes, Spotify Premium 1 Year, EarFun Air Pro 2*1 / EarFun Free Pro 2*1 and more ($4000 in prizes!) (01/25/2022) {WW}

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2022.01.20 07:22 platnorm PEA - optimisation des frais de courtage

Combien d’ordre vous passez par mois/années sur votre PEA
Je suis curieux de savoir comment vous optimiser les frais relatifs aux ordres achat/vente.
Merci pour vos retours.
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2022.01.20 07:22 Uw416 Secret eating and subtle non-scale victories

Since I've started to regain control of my life and hold onto a healthier mindset, I've been unlearning many of the negative habits that caused me to stay stuck in obesity for most of my life. Something I still haven't shared with my family or friends is all the secret eating I've done over the years; midnight home deliveries snuck upto my room when the family was asleep, family pack sized snacks when I went to the movies alone when I lived abroad, takeouts eaten on my way home from university and dinners with my flatmates afterwards like I'd been hungry all day, having special hiding places around the house and throwing the trash directly into the dumpster when no one was home. So many solo meals consumed for momentary pleasure, followed by guilt and regret. It was a cycle I stayed stuck in for almost a decade, made worse when I got my first job and was able to spend my own money on food without anyone knowing.
I've been trying to lose weight for as long as I could remember. I would log in my calories at the beginning of the day, restricting ridiculously high amounts. I'd do things like the cabbage soup diet or three days of nothing but bananas and milk. I would either end up binging at night after a full day of restriction, or binging after the three days or five days were over and gaining it all back. When I learned to calorie count, I did so with serious denial. I'd put in about two servings' worth and log it as one, without using proper scales or measurements. When I came across the British series, Secret Eaters, I felt like I had been publicly undressed.
It's been about a year since I can say I have changed my habits for good, but only about six months since I believe I started to have a healthy relationship with food again. I'm visiting family and was going through a bit of a tough time lately. Being in the room I grew up in, my first night back, I felt so tempted to order pizza and sneak it upto my room, despite having had a full dinner. I realized then that I had come to associate my environment with my secret eating and being back home was a big test.
So I promised myself one thing - anything I would eat, I would not eat secretly. I don't want to go back to associating food with guilt. If I don't feel comfortable eating something with confidence around people, I know it's a meal I'll feel guilty about later. So that's my one rule.
What did this change? Well, everything.

I thought I would share since I know secret eating can be a shameful topic in real life and, as such, there's often not a lot of social support for people who do it. I've spent a long time in denial over my secret eating habits and it took a while for me to realize eating my favorite foods didn't have to be associated with guilt and regret every time. Have that pizza or that fried item, within your daily calorie intake, but have it with balance, moderation and confidence. Your love of food is nothing to be ashamed of and I promise, you have more control over food than it has over you.
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2022.01.20 07:22 hatesfoxes99 Is anyone working on recreating GameCube shells?

I'm baffled how GameCube still hasn't gotten a custom replacement shell i want a clear one that looks exactly like the gamecube to the original specification and likeness and non of those awful logos people like to put on them with their brand
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