Lost audio

2022.01.24 04:15 MotherGoose26 Lost audio

Ok so I’ve been using stream labs for a while now to record audio for a podcast as it’s an easy was to record multiple mics on different tracks. So I been recording on tracks 1-3 each mic on a separate track, and today only my first track exported and it seems not to have recorded tracks 2 and 3. All my setting are exactly like they were before as well. Before I go and re-record is there any way I may be able to get that audio back?
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2022.01.24 04:15 basmwklz Comethyl: a network-based methylome approach to investigate the multivariate nature of health and disease (Jan 2022)

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2022.01.24 04:15 d3trois Frame-by-frame animation tutorial in photoshop: how to animate simply and understand the core concepts of animation in under 10 minutes

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2022.01.24 04:15 chrisnan109 proof that steven is a failure

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2022.01.24 04:15 Dan_Crown People who are NOT from the U.S. Is America a whole continent or two?

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2022.01.24 04:15 lochydjango r/risa Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.24 04:15 AnAwesomeKiwi 20M searching for USA/EU penpals to talk with! Including art/short stories exchange!

I'm a 20 yo Italian boy, I'm looking for penpals around my age (18-22, F and M) to talk with! I'd prefer from USA or Europe
I'm looking for a penpal to discuss, well about anything, no particular topic required! I'd like to know someone better, understand them and their country/culture and of course share mine, talk about politics and society, and think about various issues, even personal ones! I'm a good listener, and I like helping people in need of a chat. And I fall victim of gossip very easily
Talking about personal interests, sometimes I write short stories (surreal and horror most of the times), sometimes I draw something, (most of the times I play videogames) but generally speaking what's special for me is the poetry that stands beyond a word or a picture. I'm quite sensitive to the concept of sublime intended as the things that stand beyond human comprehension, and this is what I try to put in my works most of the time.
I love natural science, and I have a special place in my heart for nature, animals, and the ways of science.
But yeah, that's quite me, DM me if you're interested!
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2022.01.24 04:15 Bitchwithhammer Tutu’s Truth Commission was fundamentally flawed

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2022.01.24 04:15 Million_X I feel like I'm missing something re: combat

So I just beat the 5th Lord and saw everything go down immediately after but I've been having a constant problem with the combat in the game, namely some attacks just do so much damage and it seems like sometimes Rinwell's Boost Attack doesn't work on bosses. I noticed this with the 4th Lord's attacks where she'd go up into the air and start charging something up and I couldn't stop it from happening despite the magic casting circle showing up and her constantly spamming that stupid attack (I could swear it happened with the 5th Lord as well but admittedly I don't remember much since I don't think he spammed it so frequently), and a lot of the big beasty bosses have those roar attacks that chunk off like a quarter of my health whenever I'm up close. Am I just missing something or do bosses just have cheap-shot attacks like that and you can't do squat about it, because I feel like the game has enough subtle hints with a lot of it's other attacks that I'm just missing the signs for the avoidables and getting some terribad RNG with the attack spams but it seems like the hints for the avoidables are a bit TOO subtle.
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2022.01.24 04:15 DoctorCPL Old Crap #8

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2022.01.24 04:15 cxnstellations What do I have to do after 10 days iso finishes?

Hey all,
I tested positive for COVID the other week, and have almost reached the day 10 end-of-iso mark. However, I have a few questions about 're-entering' the community, as the info is either always changing or not readily available. I have not been sent anything by SA Health apart from daily symptoms survey, so hopefully someone here might know! I don't want to clog up the covid info line.

  1. They say the first day of symptoms is day 0, so does iso end at the START of day 10, or the start of day 11?
  2. Also, I tested around midnight on a Friday on first day of symptoms, so would that legally count Saturday as day 0 or the Friday?
  3. You can remain positive on tests for up to 3 months after apparently, so you don't need a 'clearance' test - how do I know I'm not contagious anymore after those 10 days?
Thanks in advance, hope you're all staying safe out there!
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2022.01.24 04:15 sadhombres I remember a time so sad, so sad

I remember a time in your room,
the belly of the very beast.
this was a place where we two lovers slept beneath an enormous speaker
blaring the same riff for days at a time.
Where id go to sleep kissing you
and wake up fucking you.
It was my very first love affair,
the first one that made my lungs burn.
and I was laying naked in your bed,
smiling, humiliated,
listening to a song and moving my foot
in a way that was given all to you
and I knew you didn't want it.
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2022.01.24 04:15 ZoolShop Full comments: Tyreek Hill discusses 42-36 overtime victory against Buffalo. - KCTV5 News

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2022.01.24 04:15 Elandlikesgames Reseal or factory seal (box is open)

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2022.01.24 04:15 wisakoy Despite playing for different teams all of Rogue 2021 roster members are still undefeated after week 2.

All of Rogue 2021 roster members are still undefeated.
Inspired: 7 - 0 (100% winrate)
Hans Sama: 4 - 0 (100% winrate)
Odoamne: 5 - 0 (100% winrate)
Larssen: 5 - 0 (100% winrate)
Trymbi: 5 - 0 (100% winrate)
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2022.01.24 04:15 wildlingmouse93 Vibin' on a day off. F29

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2022.01.24 04:15 AlesyaN Product Marketing Opening (remote or on-site in Mountain View)

At Inworld AI, we are looking for a Product Marketing Manager with technical knowledge, DevRel skills, and tech, gaming, VR, or AI background. Our team is building a developer platform for creating AI-powered virtual characters to populate immersive realities, including the metaverse, VAR, games, and virtual worlds. We are funded by Kleiner Perkins, CRV, and Meta. Please apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/inworld/38a83c82-a076-4bc1-a72f-fe23c11a1bd1 or via LinkedIn.
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2022.01.24 04:15 bikesniff Focus Jam 2020, £3400 (Isle of Wight, UK)

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2022.01.24 04:15 legomaster23 When the lottery hit $1.6 billion, 146 million people bought tickets

When the lottery hit $1.6 billion, 146 million people bought tickets. In the 2016 presidential election 136 million people voted (10 million less). So to get more people to vote, every election one voter will be picked to win $1.6 billion.
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2022.01.24 04:15 agent_c21 Golden nids of Hivefleet Midas? What you think?

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2022.01.24 04:15 DAVIDYABOI196 Commentary this year: Player scores a header Derek Rae: Oh the overhead kick!!! Pure athleticism! 🤣🤣🤣

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2022.01.24 04:15 LowDownSlim Willie Mitchell

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2022.01.24 04:15 Icy-Cattle501 siitä pojille ilmaset

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2022.01.24 04:15 M01n786 Wanna have this NFT?

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2022.01.24 04:15 shpdg48 Could the Australian Freedom movement win the next election? (one of the best protest signs: It's So Bad Even Introverts are Here)

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