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Who else?

2022.01.25 17:09 covert_discretion Who else?

Does anyone else remember the video that showed historical re-enactments of Russel and Rutherford and the founding of the org (maybe it was just Russel). I remember that video being my first feeling that something in the org wasn’t right.
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2022.01.25 17:09 digumeister what is the best skyrim SE modpack (wabbajack) that implement souls-like third person combat?

i've been looking through most of popular mod packs out there (Wildlands, Elysium, Aldnari) but which is the best mod pack for the best third person combat out there?
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2022.01.25 17:09 Dramatic_Material_56 A boss made by good friend Mr.Noodle. What do you guys think? Enjoy

Nakthoriuses right hand man. Sesuiroto--- The second boss right before the Final battle. Regular attack-- Claw Slash Medium Damage-- Slashes and if the slash misses a transparent looking claw mark keeps going in the direction the slash wad going slowly fading away untill it runs out lf range. Strong attack--- Dark ball--Ranged black voidy balls that implode on impact(splash damage) slow attack speed big damage in area. SUPER attack--- Void Beam--- Thick concentrated Laser that aims directly at the player dealing insane damage. Lasts a while (around 8seconds im unsure) Once it reaches 40% HP it yells: "ENOUGH" as it stomps the ground and the overall arena size shrinks making dodging attacks harder. And Small black meteors start dropping in the arena dealing damage on impact. Once You deliever the finishing blow... Sesuirotos body starts getting glowing cracks all over untill it fully explodes into pure light and energy and it dissapears... Dropping a cursed artifact. Artifact(armor)stats Ability-- 30% of dealt damage to enemy heals the attacker by that amount. +40% speed +70% damage -90% HP -10% Attack speed
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2022.01.25 17:09 Masedong I think I'm better than everyone

(well not everyone) My father is the only person I actually think is better than me or at least equal as we think alike, everyone I come across whether I immediately find their flaws, some fault in their character and then boom. I think I'm better, I've never been humbled in my own intelligence. Even with my own girlfriend I just think I'm better then her. I genuinely think I'm a narcissist or at least have a god complex. I have empathy and I never tell anyone what I think. I just think my thoughts and then move it along. Is there something wrong with me? Or am I just a bad person.
Before you think it I'm not just a greaseball, I workout and am a contributing member to society, I have a job and have friends. It's just I feel like a piece of shit for thinking the way I do, I'm only 19 and I have a lot of learning to do. I know I'll grow out of this mindset but until then I feel like a piece of shit.
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2022.01.25 17:09 long-shlong-badong How do I fix this? They keep on getting sick and I'm considering tearing the place down

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2022.01.25 17:09 TheRealDunningKruger Pavlov VR: Drugs!

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2022.01.25 17:09 Arnadus Binance Lists Terra-Based Anchor Protocol, ANC Price Spikes

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2022.01.25 17:09 GM160894 Do it

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2022.01.25 17:09 tallhappytree Soft mountain view , watercolour, me,2022

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2022.01.25 17:09 xmlninja Worth getting event reward pass and extra factory?

Donyou guys think it worth getting the tre reward pass for the new event? And the extra factory and dispatcher?
For the orient event I got the extra factory but wasn't worth it due to heavy load in iron mill
I understand my question is subjective but appreciate your opinions thanks
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2022.01.25 17:09 jairorate w-what? doc?

w-what? doc? submitted by jairorate to furry [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 17:08 ohmighty How do you end it with someone you love?

I just need a place to vent.
I (31f) love and deeply care for my ex (40m). He is my best friend and it kills me to even think he could be hurting because of me. He wants to get back together but after our break up in November, the romantic connection just isn’t there for me anymore. We have been spending time together and hooking up in recent weeks. This morning as he was leaving my apartment he asked “are you unsure about this?”. All I could do was hold back tears and nod my head yes. Then he said “until you’re sure, I’m going to chill out” (meaning cool off on contacting and hanging out with me). He left and I just broke down because I know we’re going to have to have an actual conversation about how I feel.
I know that I’m making it worse by still seeing him so am I even allowed to feel this horrible? How do I stop?
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2022.01.25 17:08 The_Techy1 Rate my minimalist setup!

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2022.01.25 17:08 tucker0104 D196 - Principles of Financial and Managerial Accounting

This is my next course up. Any tips or tricks or input for this class? How long should this class take?
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2022.01.25 17:08 NoOz1985 Tmj flare up including throat/tonsil pain at the side that is flaring up?

I'm new to TMJ. At least.. I've been suffering since a year now. And 2 years of neckpain and only recently heard of tmj when my dentist mentioned it. After dental work last year these symptoms started and are getting worse. I'm 36, female. Live in Europe.
I'm glad I found all of you. I'm DM-ing with a very nice lady (Marion Berry) because of this horrible condition and It feels so good to meet someone who gets it. I've been looked at funny when it comes to specialsts.
Seeing the ENT next week. The gnatologist on March 1st. Sorry if my English is a bit off. 🙈 I've been speaking to lovely ppl on this sub. And finally I don't feel so alone anymore. I thought I was some kind of freakshow. Also because specialsts have told me that. Including my gp, my dentist (the dentist who was there that day, not my actual dentist. This dentist dismissed a gaping hole in my tooth and I needed several root canals at the Emergency dentist to get rid of the inflammation and pain.
I've had several visits to the emergency dentist in the middle of the night because I swear I thought I had an infected tooth. Only to figure out he couldn't find anything and told me it's prob my jaw. I could hardly open my mouth.
I've learned on this sub that my symptoms are most likely tmj. That you guys suffer the same weird symptoms.. (very sorry for that) Such as red hot burning eacheek/headache/eyepain/clogged eainflamed feeling of jaw, impossible to open the mouth.
But I've also noticed when it's flaring up that my throat hurts on the side where my jaw is tight. Like a throat infection is about to happen, like I haven't been drinking enough liquids
My painful side is mostly the left side. I've also noticed that when it's flaring and my ear feels full I'm overly sensitive to noise. It just hurts. It hurts my head as well. My jaw muscles feel overly tired after waking up. Like I've been biting on wooden straws all night long or something.
The red ear and cheek is what worries me most cause that looks like there is inflammation. But the other symptoms are painful but not too much. They are very annoying and can't be ignored. The TMJ headaches are painful. And I need a painkiller for them.
I'm trying to write down a list of symptoms and connections as we speak. So I can bring this with me to the ENT and gnatologist next time and shove it in their faces. It's a very thorough with dates and all, self help teatments I've tried. Etc. Cause I am so done with this. I'm also considering botox, since many of you have been happy they've tried it.
Does anyone get a tonsil/throat pain on their affected side as well when you're flaring up?
What I've tried so far: For red eacheek: icepack, biofreeze rub, ibuprofen gel Tmj: dry needling by my physical therapist (he is one of a few who is aloud to do this in the jaw) neck massage, triggerpoint massage, dry needling in shoulder. Excersises learned from a jaw PT. Sleeping on my back, a night guard from amazon, several head pillows, foam rollers and spikey balls on my face and neck.
A chiropractor, who's done neck. Didn't help. Ibuprofen / oxazepam. (I haven't tried anything else yet. I have Codeïne and oxycodone lying around. Don't really wanna touch it. Also diazepam I won't touch since it makes me feel very weird.
Tried activating my vagus nerve more by doing excersises. And did meditation and breathing excersises.
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2022.01.25 17:08 abbycadabby606 Wouldn't it be fun to run into these characters!?

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2022.01.25 17:08 calborghete Twenty-first chapter of Thanato.

Hi guys, attached is the newest chapter of Thanato, I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to review to see if I'm on the right track.
Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13945183/21/Thanato
If you're interested, join my fan page on facebook, just locate a picture of Shinji and Asuka...
Link Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Calborghete/
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2022.01.25 17:08 murdermttens Finally! Arctic themed decorations

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2022.01.25 17:08 imance Hiking after riding the Aerial Tramway?

Hi everyone! I’m taking a trip to Palm Springs the first few days of April for my best friends birthday. The group wants to ride the Aerial Tramway and then go hiking afterwards. We know that the weather tends to be cold around that time, but we were wondering if it’s feasible to hike/climb? Will it be snowing? This would be April 1-4.
Thank you!
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2022.01.25 17:08 plagueale Old school style

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2022.01.25 17:08 allfalll The Cleaning Lady (2022)

The reason why the US is failing.
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2022.01.25 17:08 hippidyhopsguy I love MiLB.tv

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2022.01.25 17:08 captain_onoderapnpn 10/10 this is very therapeutic 😤

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2022.01.25 17:08 Dr_Xolo Cuál hubiera ...

Cuál hubiera sido el que tenía más oportunidad de ligarse a la modelo del debate ?? 🤤🤤
View Poll
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2022.01.25 17:08 Professional_Fee258 Duo rap names?

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