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The Black Arrow: A Tale of the Two Roses (1888) [Robert Louis Stevenson] Part 1/2

2022.01.22 04:40 Starfire-Galaxy The Black Arrow: A Tale of the Two Roses (1888) [Robert Louis Stevenson] Part 1/2

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2022.01.22 04:40 Will0144 Mora Garberg Carbon Oil

I've done a tiny bit of researching what oil I should use but it only comes up with carbon chef knives, would I be able to use those oils or do I need a different one? Any oil suggestions and advice is well appreciated!
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2022.01.22 04:40 sadelf26 Fuck the fuel array

I’m fucking done trying to get this shitty robot fuck this game
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2022.01.22 04:40 01101001100 πΌπ‘˜π‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘Ž'𝑠 𝑆𝑑𝑒𝑑𝑒𝑛𝑑

πΌπ‘˜π‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘Ž'𝑠 𝑆𝑑𝑒𝑑𝑒𝑛𝑑 submitted by 01101001100 to DestinyFashion [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 04:40 DueAdvertising9399 Stefanie Hottie Lady Video 2

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2022.01.22 04:40 Mrlongtail1042 Nasus

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2022.01.22 04:40 mi_zyong0805 Hello everyone, time flies when I take care of my hair lol. My HT is 4,5 months now. I did it to bring down my hair line and the number of grafts is 1400. Wish you all lovely weekend ❀️

Hello everyone, time flies when I take care of my hair lol. My HT is 4,5 months now. I did it to bring down my hair line and the number of grafts is 1400. Wish you all lovely weekend ❀️ submitted by mi_zyong0805 to HairTransplants [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 04:40 les0ul Can I ask hr to take my vacation time and cover my negative upt with it?

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2022.01.22 04:40 Keeperofbeesandtruth Is the Patriot Act still in effect or has it entirely expired?

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2022.01.22 04:40 beenthere- Strange symptoms

Anyone else have weird symptoms when an attack comes on? I’ll have episodes lasting usually 30mins to an hour and My speech slurs, my tongue feels like it doesn’t sit right in my mouth and my mouth overall feels weird. i can’t think of certain words or can only think of words similar to the one I want to say along with persistent brain fog. This has only started in the last 3 months.
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2022.01.22 04:40 bucket--bot honey, you have just got out late lmao

to fix it was also be a tic when you <3
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2022.01.22 04:40 lawyeratyourservice She's absolutely right.

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2022.01.22 04:40 verysuspiciousduck Day 557 of posting images of cheese until I run out of cheese types: Eclipse

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2022.01.22 04:40 Tayler_Made Christine’s Ex-Husband & Robyn’s Ex-Husband look related… Oh wait, they are!

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2022.01.22 04:40 Grouchy-Junket-443 πŸ“’ NEWS - New Big Bull in Market. Upvote & Drop Address for Random Win

πŸ“’ NEWS - New Big Bull in Market. Upvote & Drop Address for Random Win https://discord.gg/vqP7RVNqaY
+ Speed Sabers is a Collection of 10,000 uniquely Generated Artworks of the Sabers.
+ The Sabers live on the Polygon Blockchain and their Owner lives near a Factory in a Saber Basement.
+ That place is known for popular Researches, Mutations and House for Hybrid Species.
+ The 10K Sabers too were Created there by an Accident.
+ Since the Owner couldn't handle them, he eventually died of Suffocation from the Sabers.
+ The Sabers left the Town and now wander all over Earth Guarding Earthians from Alien Attacks.
+ Few were also sent to the Space for Research and they have never returned.


Certificate of Ownership. Even if someone ScreenShots, it doesn't matter. As long as you own the NFT and the Certificate, you are an epic SABER

This one is among the Rare Dyes of the Collection

New Items to be unlocked from OwnerShip. Feautres coming SOON ...

Owners get Access to SaberBASEMENT, a secret and Confidential place to be revealed SOON
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2022.01.22 04:40 Pizzah3ad Japanese Garden Meditation ✨Peaceful Music and Water Sounds

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2022.01.22 04:40 SgtDonutIsBack the new offer in a nutshell

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2022.01.22 04:40 Bl0odM00n 1,00th vid special

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2022.01.22 04:40 AustinBenson123 Anyone have experience buying or selling totaled 350Z’s? Need to get rid of mine and want to know the smartest way to do it.

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2022.01.22 04:40 thiccman369 Honey badgers

Honey badgers are notorious animals. Known for their vicious assaults of each other and other animals. They choose peace about .01/10 times. As such they are regarded as the bullies of the animal kingdom. This is in their nature, but they are animals. So when they fight all the time, and choose to harass other animals, it's because they can't help it.
We however, are people. And constantly deciding to attack one another is ridiculous. We don't do it for food, and we must realize that whatever we say on this sub won't impact deeply held beliefs by the other members. So why does every other post have to be about something negative another subgroup of our sub is doing? Isn't there anything else going on in our lives we could talk about?
With that said. Tell me about your day, did you have school? Any plans for the weekend?
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2022.01.22 04:40 kamitsato finally i reach masters 😎😎

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2022.01.22 04:40 FalseBit8407 Urgent Help Required

Hey squad,
I have recently convinced my friend to try out HLL (took about 3 months) and now he is also addicted to the game.
We are having an issue whereby we create a party and join the map together, but one of our games usually crashes (either during the match, or on the victory screen) forcing one of us to attempt to rejoin the same server the friend is in.
Our current strategy is for both of us to quit and attempt to find a full server but 9 times out of 10 we are put in a completely empty server. The only way we can join a full server in most cases is to both join individually but we always end up on opposite teams! Extremely frustrating.
Is there any way to invite a friend to the map you are currently on, or is there another way we can work around this issue?
Any suggestions are appreciated.
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2022.01.22 04:40 xerokills Looking awesome in Green Bay

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2022.01.22 04:40 Kokoroku_ My boyfriend keeps demanding items and runs sessions or rulings for me

(Crossposted from DnD, also forgive my formatting I'm on mobile)
I am a DM, and I have been for about a year and a half now and I'd say it's going really well. It's a homebrew setting, with tons of refrences and influences from my personal interests, but I'd say my party is having fun, but there's the issue.
To set the scene, I DM for a group of five, being a goblin wizard, a goblin cleric, a dwarf wizard, a dragonborn barbarian and a drow rogue, who is the main subject of this story. And before you flame me in the comments about how 'all drow rogues are edgelords', it's really not the case here. The rogue is actually really sweet, and basically elected to be the party leader because her player has the most experience out of everyone, myself included, at the table. It doesn't help that her player is also my boyfriend.
To set the scene, a while back the party was travelling south along a road to head to a harbour town. They'd just finished off a giant quest that involved toppling the local monarchy and fighting a homebrew dragon that was also part demon, and they were now heading to a port to go pick up the cleric from an island because he'd accidentally gotten himself arrested for pissing off the locals. Along that road, they actually arrived at the ruins of what used to be a building, now gone and reduced to rubble from a fire. It used to be the rogue's home before she joined the party, actually. Now for some background. In this setting, the gods of the realm are actually really connected and involved with the people and usually try to get involved as much as possible. The party are all connected to them too, like under a contract to be their heralds if you will. The rogue made it an issue though, because she initially refused to sign the contract and refused to get involved until her god, the head god and a bit of a trickster, was begging for her to sign and the party was pressuring her into it too. (The reason why the god picked her specifically and was so insistant was actually because the rogue was the reincarnation of his diceased love, but that's another story and a huge spoiler for the main story of the game.) Said god actually appeared to the party when they arrived at the ruins to try and comfort the rogue by giving her a present, and I think that's where it went wrong. He gave her a grappling hook, which I modified slightly, and the player then proceded to use it every chance he got, which completely broke the game at times that had me nearly to tears in some cases.
That's where the issue started in my eyes. Now he keeps telling me from time to time what kind of items he wants, or argues with my ruling when it comes to said items and what can be done with them. I know my boyfriend is a powergamer and a tiny bit of a minmaxer, but he's screwed me over multiple times already and keeps asking for more stuff. Examples include: telling both of the wizard players to take Counterspell, because who doesn't love ruining their DM's hopes and dreams, demanding a fast travel song for an instrument his character has Γ‘ la Majora's Mask because, and I quote, 'your method of fast travel by gryphon taxi makes no sense and is dumb' or just magic songs like that, handing out broken homebrew spells and items to other players that I didn't even consent to or ask for, and even helping our dwarf wizard get a hellhound as a familiar. (Though that last one is slightly forgiven, because we all love Sam and Sam the hellhound is a good boy.)
The issue is, I feel like he thinks he's entitled to walk all over me just because he's older, has more experience at the table, and is my boyfriend. It's really ruining my mood and excitement to continue the campaign, because I can see that everyone else is having fun and I don't want to ruin that for them too. I've tried talking to him about it, but so far there's been no luck and I'm kind of starting to get worried. It doesn't help that he doesn't even let me make my own characters either when I make new ones for different campaigns where I'm a player, and he always gets all up in my business and tells me how to build mg character. I'm way more of a roleplay focussed player and DM, and I've told him that before, but he just keeps ruining it.
What should I do?
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2022.01.22 04:40 h1imt What so you think? 😏 M21

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