[16m] wanna play the numbers game? Am bored af

2022.01.26 15:12 aj_mason2005 [16m] wanna play the numbers game? Am bored af

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2022.01.26 15:12 scarletsetsu who cares? front cover, back cover, song titles + collaborators and release date

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2022.01.26 15:12 CEMN0ME DApp Development | Share 500 million COS for Dapp-startup

A good DApp (such as https://cos.tv or PhotoGrid) can stimulate users to create more high-quality contents. When the content won ecological rewards, the developer can get 10% of the ecological rewards while creators can get 90% of it. For example, if a creator gets 1000 COS awards through your DApp, the developer can take 100 COS from it. In addition, the Contentos Foundation would distribute some of its 500 million COS Dapp-startup pool to key collaborative DAPP partners.

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2022.01.26 15:12 Idonthaveagoodname0 Taiju Shiba Vs Kakucho Hitto, Who would win?

Taiju Shiba Vs Kakucho Hitto, Who would win?

I think Taiju wins but who do you think is the winner?
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2022.01.26 15:12 KrokMan49 Hot Take on the Latest Chapter, or Why I Think Y'all Need to Calm Down

Honestly, I don't really mind how Edward died. For all the people saying that "Eddie Wu was so strong, how did Raian defeat him at the end in a 1v1? Raian didn't. Erioh, Wu Xing, Reiichi, Hollis, and Raian all teamed up to take down one guy. Raian just delivered the finishing blow.
For those complaining about ol' Eddie getting sneak attacked, Ed was distracted by killing Erioh and was taunting him. Ed's whole deal was that he thought he was the best, the strongest. He was insulting the Kure and Wu the entire time, mocking them. So when Erioh was dying he was taunting him. Eddie was also extremely overconfident based on the fact he was so freaking strong, so he probably wasn't on guard as much as he could have. Simply put, Ed wasn't taking this as serious as he could have. He wasn't the entire time, and the fact he was winning meant that he was probably letting his guard down even more, especially once he thought he had taken down the threat. Ed didn't realize Erioh was the real sacrifice. He thought he had foiled the last ditch sneak attack, so why would he be on guard for another one?
Now, for those saying that Raian should never in a million years have been able to touch Ed in a fight, because "he was struggling so much with Solomon!" No he wasn't. In the panels we see of Raian and Solomon fighting each other, Solomon actually is losing every time. We see Solomon get hit by a counter from Raian, and we see him get sent flying by Raian. We never see Raian take any damage from his fight against Solomon. Also, Solomon gets taken down by Wu Xing almost instantly, so odds are he was damaged pretty bad from his fight against Raian, while Raian was fine.
Now, on to the final actual battle between Raian and Eddie. Eddie got stabbed in the neck. With a poison knife-needle-thing. So obviously he's going to be put to the ropes by this. He wasn't going to instantly die, but it wasn't a minor wound for sure that greatly limited his fighting ability. Even if he was able to use his Guihun on the artery to close it, that probably limited his movement, especially on the shoulder and arm on the same side as the wound. Also, all we know about what Eddie did was that he used Guihun on the artery. What exactly that means is a question. Did he close the artery off? If so, that means blood won't be flowing to that part of the body. Did he use his muscles as a pseudo-tourniquet? That would greatly limit his movement, as well as cut off blood flow. Could it have been something else entirely? Then factor in the poison, which even with Removal probably affected him to some degree. Wu Xing says it wasn't affecting him, but also he said that like two seconds afterwards, when Ed hadn't done anything. The poison could have taken some time to kick in. Raian on the other hand was not suffering any fatal wounds. He was hurt by Edward, but in terms of his fighting ability, he was still at 100%.
Now, I think Raian actually was stronger fighting Ed on his own than he was when he teamed up. Raian is very headstrong. Headstrong and cocky to a fault. He doesn't play well with others. You can see from the dialogue as he teamed up with Erioh, they were arguing. Two people working together well can multiply their strength. Two people working poorly together can make them easier to fight and weaken them. Erioh and Raian couldn't coordinate well, which probably made them easier to fight for someone more physically dominant like Eddie. When Raian fought one on one, without having to worry about trying to work with Erioh, he was able to focus purely on the fight, against an injured opponent. Finally, he delivered the finishing blow to an enemies weak point. Raian hates working with others, hates relying on others. Having to swallow his pride and attack a weak point someone else made means he was pushed to the absolute brink during this fight. Also, Kure and Wu are very durable physically. Ed didn't have a single-shot kill option like Raian did. All Raian had to do was land his finger move on the wound, and he won. Ed didn't have that option, especially against the strongest member of the Kure.
Do I agree with the decision to kill Eddie right now? No, I would have preferred for him to stick around some more, and return as a villain later, being forced to retreat because of his wound. That didn't happen, but what did happen wasn't some power-scale breaking travesty that shatters the world's logic. It may be a bit disappointing, but stop saying that this means that the power scaling is shattered into oblivion. It makes sense how this played out.
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2022.01.26 15:12 txikikas No Clarity Yet On Bill To Free Temples From Govt Control | Bengaluru News - Times of India

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2022.01.26 15:12 DavidRoberts26 Meet the $260 Million Dollar Man: A follow-up to yesterdays post about selling a player for $200 mil, the same season and Chelsea accept a counter-offer of $260 Mil (all guaranteed money) for my striker. Am I fool for accepting?

Meet the $260 Million Dollar Man: A follow-up to yesterdays post about selling a player for $200 mil, the same season and Chelsea accept a counter-offer of $260 Mil (all guaranteed money) for my striker. Am I fool for accepting? submitted by DavidRoberts26 to footballmanagergames [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 15:12 LePure Apropos matvareprisene, en mjølkebonde la ut denne på Facebook i dag. Penger rett i lomma til butikkene, bonden får mindre.

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2022.01.26 15:12 BerkinAltinok Reebop Kwaku Baah - Softly Weeping, feat. Steve Winwood (Reebop, 1972)

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2022.01.26 15:12 stocksandbonds HBS 3 Backup vs Sync strategy for offline backup?

I'm infrequently syncing my NAS folders to externally attached USB drives (one-way sync, deleted files on destination that don't exist on source). My data is mostly just movies so I'm not concerned about versioning. Should I be doing backups instead of one-way syncs?
I understand the benefits of backups to be:

  1. Files are identical to source
  2. Faster than syncing (in my experience)
Benefits of syncing:
  1. Files are smaller than backups due to compression
  2. Versioning
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2022.01.26 15:12 tta2013 Descendants of Holocaust survivors make an impact at State Department

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2022.01.26 15:12 BiscuitX3 Player Studio Concept: Pilot/Flight Jackets for the Air Community

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2022.01.26 15:12 AGothicAlchemist [DISCUSSION] Revision, without revisions

Hello! First of all, I want to say that I'm already talking to customer support since the very first moment I started experiencing this issue. I have 3+ years on Fiverr and luckily I've learnt how to filter unwanted clients, but sometimes the filter is not perfect and things like these problems still happen. We've all been there. So, a client asked me (a freelance writer) for a simple order: 500 words worth of specific writing prompts based on a small synopsis. Easy enough. I've checked his profile and he does have many reviews from other sellers (of course, to me this doesn't mean that I won't be ghosted, but it's not like it was an obviously sketchy account). Immediately after I've delivered, he put the "in revision" state, and wrote "I'll come back shortly with more details after reviewing". Thing is, he never did. And you are not supposed to put a revision state without saying "I'll review this later" (even though I know this is fairly common). So, this kinda infuriated me (on the inside). I've given him the benefit of the doubt and said "okay, no problem! Take your time!". Then, 24 h later I've sent him a polite reminder. Nothing. So, instead of stressing out over this, I've talked to CS and they told me they'll contact him, and that I had to wait for a 48 h period to let the buyer give me an answer. I've waited, and gave him a couple more hours. He never answered me, which means that he didn't even read the message from the Fiverr team telling me to (please) write down the revisions.
A few minutes ago, I've sent CS what are the next steps I should follow to deal with this situation (everything with a kind tone, of course), so now I'm just waiting for the final outcome. Probably this order will get cancelled, but I don't mind this too much. I've only cancelled one order (due to another problematic seller) in all my Fiverr years.
I just wanted to show all you my case and maybe vent a bit, I'm sorry if this is not the most proper tag. Also, hopefully this story will show new sellers that things like these can happen, and that you should contact the Support Team as soon as you are having these issues. Don't waste your precious time waiting for an unresponsive client.
Have a good day, and thanks for reading!
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2022.01.26 15:12 rmatevia Daily Yui: Day 136!

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2022.01.26 15:12 -arvind- Winter is here...

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2022.01.26 15:12 flexbarker Aus dem Polnischem uebersetzt. Katarzyna Kobro war eine der profiliertesten Bildhauerinnen der Zwischenkriegszeit; Obwohl nur wenige ihrer Kunstwerke überlebt haben, haben sie alle einen beträchtlichen künstlerischen Wert.

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2022.01.26 15:12 ChaosEst What is your profession and kink?

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2022.01.26 15:12 Bald__Guy_ Atheists, what is your opinion on the 7 deadly sins? [Serious]

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2022.01.26 15:12 Socrayytees The final note

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2022.01.26 15:12 TVboy_ Map Rotation for FFG 2020 Throwback Tournament at Adepticon 2022

If you were to play in a Skrimish Tournament at Adepticon with only FFG figures and rules, which would map rotation would you prefer?
View Poll
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2022.01.26 15:12 el3rod عروض جمعية الروضة وحولي التعاونية|حتى 31-1-2022 #عروض_جمعية_الروضة_وحولي_التعاونية #العروض #el3rod #تخفيضات #خصومات #تسوق #عروض #تخفيض #خصم #عرض #اخر_عروض_الكويت #الكويت #عروض_الكويت

عروض جمعية الروضة وحولي التعاونية|حتى 31-1-2022 #عروض_جمعية_الروضة_وحولي_التعاونية #العروض #el3rod #تخفيضات #خصومات #تسوق #عروض #تخفيض #خصم #عرض #اخر_عروض_الكويت #الكويت #عروض_الكويت submitted by el3rod to el3rod_Kuwait [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 15:12 MrFailureYEET This happens every time

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2022.01.26 15:12 hog-snoot How have you negotiated pay for a job in EMS? Is it acceptable to negotiate pay for a job in EMS that has a pay scale based off of years of experience in 911? What are some tips/advice you’d give regarding this?

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2022.01.26 15:12 mile250 Anyone had any luck fighting a speeding ticket?

Got a speeding ticket today on Jordan Ln after crossing University getting clocked with going 60 in a 40, with a court appearance at the "Municipal Court of Huntsville" in 2 weeks. What are the odds of me beating the ticket in court?
I drive that road almost every day and was surely not going any higher than 45-50, nor did I admit to the cop that I was going over. I've read some advice about asking for the radar gun certification before a court date to contest it not being calibrated correctly. Or, has anyone been able to get the citation dismissed by going to court?
I don't want it to affect my insurance, so just looking for anyone's past experience.
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