Emotions how🙃 help plz

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2022.01.24 04:34 valkyri- Emotions how🙃 help plz

Sooo.. I guess a little back story to get this post stated. I’ve always been an emotional person. Crying came easy movies would make cry some songs would as well. Just an emotional person wanting their fairy tale ending.. These last few weeks have been super fucking emotional some reason and I’m not sure how to deal with the overload of feelings and shit >_< like more than one time this week I’ve broken down and cried and idk what’s going on I feel like a emotional wreck and just I don’t know 😭🙃 feeling broken..
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2022.01.24 04:34 TunesMedia Crypto Corner: The Sports Slice

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2022.01.24 04:34 SUPA-Goose Walk Date Advice

So Im 19 shes 18 and were going on a first date but because everything's closed in Ontario again the only thing I could think of was a walk. Any advice for this kind of date?
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2022.01.24 04:34 Baswll ICC Women's ODI Cricketer of the Year

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2022.01.24 04:34 202milftits Testing for 1 minute to see if it works...

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2022.01.24 04:34 International-Hat34 The two hanakos finally meet

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2022.01.24 04:34 Tricky_Advance_5972 Have a hard need help with

I’ve found a profile called "❤️🅻🆄🆇🆄🆁🆈✨🅴🅻🅸❤️☯️" on SuperLive and I think you have to check it out! https://sprlv.linkMBDAIBAgAAA
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2022.01.24 04:34 blueyedbabiii Help me pls!! My new apartment is quite dark and I don’t know how to decorate my bedroom

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2022.01.24 04:34 Captain_Auburn_Beard Give me a fantasy book that doesn’t lean into fantasy language.

Not a fan of most fantasy cuz I get so bored and don’t have time to read “lethandrial the high elf ascended Monochasm where the Elder of the Twizzler people….” Etc.
Is there a fantasy book that stays more grounded and less fantastical in its language? Tho now that I think about it I feel like such a thing doesn’t exist.
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2022.01.24 04:34 TunesMedia Bitcoin and Ethereum Struggle to Recover, Smaller Altcoins Trim Losses

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2022.01.24 04:34 Fine-Toe7881 Are student organizations legally allowed to require masks outdoors?

I know there’s restrictions on asking if someone is even vaccinated, so I’m wondering if health privacy rules affect this and testing requirements.
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2022.01.24 04:34 Aromatic_Cheek1695 morbo? soy nuevo

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2022.01.24 04:34 strebi98 Carry-On Travel Essentials You Need For Your Next Holiday

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2022.01.24 04:34 rrienn Satan?

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2022.01.24 04:34 SnooHamsters576 Why is decentralization so important ?

Hey guys, I have read about blockchain a lot from various sources. I understand the privacy and trust aspect of blockchain. But there are projects going extra mile to provide decentralization. Till now the big companies have most of the data and they too take extra steps for security. So before investing my money in any coin should really look at decentralization aspect or if the project is providing real value I can go ahead and invest ? All I wanted to understand is why is centralisation so bad? How will decentralization improve the existing systems ? Please provide any reading material also to make me understand this better.
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2022.01.24 04:34 TunesMedia Alf Protocol Angel Investors : Zen Capital , Dust Ventures , Dib Ventures , Scorpio VC

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2022.01.24 04:34 Debbarick Day 63

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2022.01.24 04:34 richiehauser05 Sports Agents of Reddit, what are pros and cons of the industry?

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2022.01.24 04:34 indigenous_crab Join Andii's cum club!

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2022.01.24 04:34 Emiliator Bully Loona Fighted Fizzy

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2022.01.24 04:34 gameguyguru When is a card minted?

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2022.01.24 04:34 BattSG [WTS] ZODIAC ZO6700 $250

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2022.01.24 04:34 bleak21 Tf is up with Younboy and Durk?

Both the subreddit is comparing them and talking shit. Is there a beef between them? Idk much about it
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2022.01.24 04:34 Leander_Darius Our farm in a sunny day in winter. Hope you like it.

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