Options Millionaire - Live Options Trading - January 18, 2022

2022.01.18 11:29 Howard_EverForward Options Millionaire - Live Options Trading - January 18, 2022

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2022.01.18 11:29 JGoodwillieV TIL Ponce de León's dog was fed the same rations as the men and paid a wage.

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2022.01.18 11:29 Quick-Leadership-524 If Yorick isn't a champion based around burn I will be disappointed. I mean, bro is one of my league main, he breaths and lives just to hit the Nexus with all his soul.

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2022.01.18 11:29 CallumG_14 Sorry, noob question, when is TOTY?

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2022.01.18 11:29 DaimondRus Is there any weapon like CoD Black Ops1-2 M14 or SMR?

Is there any weapon in Warface like M14 or SMR from Black Ops 1-2? Basically its a semi-auto assault rifle (one press of a trigger = one shot) with good damage at far and medium range (in CoD it can kill with two shots if one of them will be in head). The weapon can have a high recoil, but you can manage it with your manual rate of fire. Oh, and the rifle must have a possibility to have red dot sight or collimator, not the sniper scope.
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2022.01.18 11:29 Grifter56 Forget about Jim and Pam or Dwight and Angela, this was the cutest moment on the show

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2022.01.18 11:29 Belialol I know nothing about sports memorabilia but I want to get a signed jersey for my best friend's birthday. How can I tell in person if it's authentic? It comes with a Beckett authentication Below is the listing. I can post a link to the listing if that would be useful.

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2022.01.18 11:29 sofielovesshopping Inspired by u/Banana8686 post from yesterday 💕 Pink Shell FTBS Bra and True Navy 25” Wunder Trains

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2022.01.18 11:29 alexan629 The Saga of Thelma and Louise: How a Wildemount game turned into one players therapy session

Originally posted this story to the Crit Crab sub, but as I wrote this I realized that this much chaos shouldn’t be confined to one sub. So here is a story of a spouse duo that somehow turned a promising game of 5e into a novel about their partners’ unresolved issues. It involves 3 people getting kicked (and their existences fully erased from multiple servers), a complete disregard for 90% of the party, and a woman who should really consider leaving their toxic partner. So, let’s jump in:
A few years back I was a college kid looking to join a game of 5e. I’m a forever DM, but it had been awhile since I’d actually been a player, so like the starry-eyed youth I was I jumped on the roll20 LFG forums trying to find myself a group. That’s when I found Thelma and Louise (naturally, not their real names). Louise seemed nice at first. She was on the forums looking for an extra player to fill a slot in a homebrew game they were a part of. They were a couple months into the campaign and it seemed like a great group; it was made up of Louise and their wife Thelma, another player we will call Genie, a male DM and his brother. Eager to join, the DM and I spent a week chatting as I made my 5th level bard/cleric, who unknowingly grew up in a cult before running away and going off to be a very depressing actor.
It would have been an awesome game, or at least I think it would have. I guess I’ll never know though since after two sessions (the first of which I was only an observer) I got a message from Louise. And when I say message, I mean a five paragraph rant about how the DM was ending the game and had barely given them any notice. I may be paraphrasing a bit, but at one point they said “Just because his parents are going through a divorce doesn’t give him the right to just ghost us”... So yeah, that should have been the first red flag, and as you will soon see, a common theme in this horror story.
I hadn’t spoken to the DM because he had left the server (which, for whatever reason, had been run by Louise. Looking back on this, I’m 90% sure she had kicked him from the server) but wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. I was a DM first and a player second and knew that life stuff happens and at the end of the day, DnD is just a game. So I tried to be ambiguous with my response to Louise’s rant. We chatted a few more times after that, even managed a voice call once in which I was starting to see more and more of Louise’s personality. They quickly shared with me wayyyy too much info about their messy childhood, how they were super broke but couldn’t work because of x y and z, and their deep hatred for men (should say that I am also a woman and still Louise’s opinions were strong and pretty damn crazy). Any conflict seemed to be met by a response of “cut them out of your life, they seem super toxic”, which I’ve now learned is the mantra that toxic people live by.
A few weeks go by and I get a message from Louise saying their partner (Thelma) is going to DM their very first game, and they want to know if I’d like to join. Genie, from the other game, would also be joining too, and because of that, I agreed. I hadn’t actually watched Critical Role yet, and if I can remember correctly neither had Thelma or Genie, but Louise loved it so we’d be setting our world in Wildemount. This was when I was properly introduced to Thelma. They were a genuinely sweet and goofy person. Not a native English speaker so would keep quiet at times and let Louise do most of the talking. Louise also brought a new player on board named Twig (who I am still super close with today). Twig had been friends with Thelma and Louise for three years, this is important to know for later, and was another really great gal. The last addition to our group was a guy, I’m not even gonna give this poor lad a name, because his involvement in the group was short-lived. From the few times I had talked to him he seemed like an energetic, soft-spoken, and funny brit looking to really delve into RP. Sadly, I will never know what became of him because a week before our first session I get another rant text from Louise. Apparently the guy had said some very derogatory things to Thelma and Louise, “stuff so bad I’m not even going to repeat” - direct quote. Which, sure, but like this kinda sounded to me like he said one small thing and Louise lost their shit and kicked him from the party… and so another player bites the dust.
Guys replacement is another girl from roll20 we will call Cards. At last, our party is formed, all women and Louise is truly happy that no toxic men have invaded our safe space of bras and feminine unity. Cue a sarcastic cheer. As Thelma and I chatted about character ideas, I end up throwing together a goliath artificer with Cha and Wis as my dump stats (I love roleplaying with negative modifiers) but Louise took issue with my -2 Cha and -1 Wis and asked Thelma to buff them for me. I declined because I said I liked them, which Louise was sooo confused by. Twig would be playing a ranger, I think Genie was a fighter, and Cards was a bard re-skinned as a fortune teller. Now Louise… Louise rolled up with the same character they had played in our other game, and four other campaigns before that. I get having one character you love to RP, but this character was essentially the Berries and Cream TikTok meme with severe daddy issues. They were a homebrew cambion with mostly 18s for stats and their personality summed up was “a spoiled momma’s boy with a demon daddy who doesn’t care about him”.
I was too busy being shocked that they were playing the same character as our last campaign that at the time the rest didn’t even phase me. Now, without Louise I truly believe Thelma would have run a kickass game. Their NPCs were a riot, they painted the world beautifully, but I am not kidding when I say the entire game revolved around Louise. Session one kicks off with us all meeting in Zadash, my goliath artificer immediately has a strong bond with Twig’s halfling ranger (without this relationship I would have left the game after three sessions) as all of our characters meet by chance at a local celebration happening. It started off as good fun, a great intro with us going around the celebration, playing carnival games like toss the gnome, and buying fantasy treats. When suddenly Louise’s Berries and Cream Lad goes into full crisis mode. We find out his sweet mother is being arrested and her room was destroyed, our parties first mission is to travel to a nearby town to find the Lad’s long-lost father so we can bail his mother out of jail. The possibility of us attempting a jail break ourselves isn’t even an option, as Louise is determined that it’s time for their Lad to face their father. Okay, maybe this could be a fun plot hook; if it weren’t for every other character being disregarded. Thelma threw out some other plot hooks, like something going on with Genie’s family, but if we even discussed altering our destination for a minute, the Lad threw a massive “in character” tantrum (which happened a lot) and would refuse to go with us, stating that we weren’t true friends and that they would go on alone. At one point, our party stumbled upon a weird ritual, which I got very excited for because my character had a connection to a god of Madness, and the ritual we stumbled upon seemed like it had to do with my character. But nope, instead Thelma has Twig get possessed by this god and at no point then or in the five more sessions I played with them, did the connection ever come up that that specific god had been using my character as a vessel for years.
On top of this, any character who interacted with NPCs was usually met with a cold shoulder, while Louise’s character was worshiped by all who met them. Things really started to bug me when we finally arrived at Louise’s dad’s house. Turns out the Lad’s daddy isn’t just some random demon but an arch prince of hell or something like that, who runs an orphanage/home for magical kids. This seemed like a fun idea, maybe we will get to learn about these kids backgrounds, maybe deal out some justice for them or even find some of their parents but nope, this was just a way for Louise to have 50 smol NPC children to worship them. I’m pretty sure they even called him Lord or Prince at one point, too. Despite me trying to interact with the kids, Louise quickly tried taking over the scene by demanding to see their father. This led into an almost 2 hour rp session between the lad and his father in a room our characters weren’t allowed into as they hugged, cried and talked about the struggles lad had to face by never knowing who his daddy was…
I’d like to repeat now that the only reason I was still a part of this game was because for that 1/8 of a session that didn’t revolve around Louise and Thelma acting out their in game therapy sessions, the other players and I had some great RP moments. We learned about each other’s backstories and really tried to make the most of this weird situation, and Twig’s and my character had this great dynamic. But, the final straw finally dropped when, without any notice or explanation, Twig was kicked out of the party. Now remember, Twig had been friends with Thelma and Louise for three fricken years. And when I say kicked, I mean Louise actually deleted every single conversation and mention on the server that involved Twig. When I asked what had happened to Twig in discord chat, I got a private message from Louise that said that Twig had just crossed a line and that it was a personal matter that didn’t involve me. My public comment was then also deleted. I messaged Twig the same thing, and Twig was just as confused as I was. They said they hadn’t done or said anything to warrant getting kicked, and they hadn’t even gotten any kind of warning before it had happened. They mentioned receiving a message from Thelma that seemed apologetic, but when they opened discord that had also been deleted so they had no way of seeing what Thelma had said before Louise censored them. Twig also told me that spontaneous kicking had happened 5 OTHER TIMES in games where Louise had ran the server. I was fully on Twigs side, but with Twigs consent I was going to tough out two more sessions to figure out what the hell was going on and why. I only made it one more session before I quit. Louise had gone fully control freak on the party by this point. Telling us what our characters should do next like we were just her toy soldiers in a game that they controlled. They pointed out “inconsistencies” with my character choices and then I just left. I messaged Thelma apologetically but honestly, saying that without Twig I didn’t feel like I even needed to be in the story anymore, and that I felt like the entire game revolved around Louise. Thelma was nice about it. They seemed to understand and a good point they made was that because they knew Louise so well that it was easy for them to DM Louise’s characters backstory, but they agreed with me that the plot was very Louise heavy. I woke up the next morning to find that the private messages between me and Thelma had also been erased and I had also been kicked from the server.
Twig and I still play together. I went on to DM a very positive and goofy all girls game of Kids on Bikes with Twig and some of my favourite players. I haven’t heard from either Thelma or Louise since, and Twig and I were informed by Genie that the campaign only went on for two more games before Cards quit too and the group was disbanded. I’ve had great experiences playing with spouse couples before, but there was something about Thelma and Louise that was just so messed up. A lot or horror stories on here revolve around men, which is unfair because I’ve played alongside some really awesome dude, just goes to show that the community is home to all kinds. Look for the warning signs kids, and if someone ever tells you how they are surrounded by soooo many toxic people, you can pretty much bet that they are in fact the toxic one.
TLDR: A controlling spouse goes on a rampage of kicking players and DMs from games for tiny or mysterious reasons. Then goes on to have their innocent partner DM a game solely so they can act out their own issues. Biggest crime being that they played a demonic version of the Berries and Cream Lad with severe daddy issues in not one, not two, by five different campaigns.
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2022.01.18 11:29 demirpl All Achievements

Script for unlocking all achievements(don't use it if you want a challenge)
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2022.01.18 11:29 647stefan Help With New Spiritual Journey In Santeria

Hello I am new to Santeria and the practices I am uninitiated but I want to work with the Orishas and the Santeria spirits I was wondering if there is any Santeros or someone initiated who can help me with working with the spirits and or do a reading on me asking the spirits about me. Thank you so much ❤️
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2022.01.18 11:29 mean_mounting Do what you want

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2022.01.18 11:29 adrianthedev Access Rails URL helpers in block captured in a gem.

Hey guys. I need help with a Rails-related issue.
I’m capturing a block in a class where I need to be able to run “view” Rails code. Basically, have access to the Rails URL helpers.
routes.rb get 'hey', to: 'home#hey'
Captuing the block like so in a class field :some_field, as: :text, as_html: true do |model, *args| hey_url end
Calling the block somewhere else like so def get_final_value # ... some other code final_value = block.call @model, @resource, @view, self
final_value end```
Obviously getting the error undefined local variable or method `hey_url’ for...
I even created an issue with exact references to the underlying code. https://github.com/avo-hq/avo/issues/576
Any help would be greatly appreciated :pray: Thank you!
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2022.01.18 11:29 el_pablo Recherche idées pour une présentation des professions en TI dans les écoles secondaires

Ayant plusieurs personnes dans le domaine des TI dans ce sub, je me suis dit que je pourrais venir à la pêche aux idées ici.
Le mois prochain, je vais aller faire des présentations pour les professions en lien avec les techniques de l'informatique à des jeunes du 5e secondaire. J'aurai environ 1 heure pour chaque présentation.
Je cherche à parler aux élèves indécis qui ne sont pas certains encore de leur choix au cégep.
L'objectif est d'amener les jeunes à s'intéresser aux professions dans les TI.
J'ai déjà quelques idées que j'expose dans cette liste:

Ils auront accès à des ChromeBook, je voudrais leur faire faire un court atelier de programmation de jeux. J'avais pensé à p5js, mais je suis ouvert.
Auriez-vous des idées ou suggestions qui pourraient être intéressantes pour la présentation?
N'oubliez pas que ce sont des jeunes de 16-17 ans qui sont obligés de participer à cette activité. Donc parler en profondeur des applications de gestion, ce n'est pas très exitant.
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2022.01.18 11:29 OliviaInObllivion About ridding yourself of desire

What if the thing you desire is something you need? For example, transitioning, something that basically saves lives, is it wrong to desire that?
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2022.01.18 11:29 Background_Ad_7603 STACCCKKK MY CHILDREN!!

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2022.01.18 11:29 jamesbucag Vigilante Izuku

A fic of vigilante izuku that gives off this kind of vibe
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2022.01.18 11:29 Larllyparp what are ‘synth “pads”’?

I’m a newbie!
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