They clearly don't know the rules

2022.01.23 12:55 hello_human69 They clearly don't know the rules

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2022.01.23 12:55 Divadmomento I'll trade royal guard's for goblin drill

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2022.01.23 12:55 Binary_Mechanics_Lab Wait until BTC price goes negative -- i.e., you have to pay for somebody to take it off your hands.

Unlike physical silver barter transactions, the blockchain in BTC is a liability recording the parties in each transaction. You won't get rid of this anti-privacy feature for free; you'll have to pay (i.e., negative BTC price).
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2022.01.23 12:55 premiumfakevibes This particular version of this song been in my head for months now 😂

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2022.01.23 12:55 Pchwrk Over 160 ADA Withdrawn - No Deposit - NBX Promo Offer

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2022.01.23 12:55 MatchCaster [Post-Match thread] Arsenal vs Burnley

[Premier League - 2021/2022] Arsenal 0-0 Burnley Match Info:
Arsenal - 4-1-4-1
Starting XI: Aaron Ramsdale, Ben White, Rob Holding, Gabriel Magalhães, Kieran Tierney, Albert Sambi Lokonga, Bukayo Saka, Martin Ødegaard, Emile Smith Rowe, Gabriel Martinelli, Alexandre Lacazette
Substitutes: Bernd Leno, Nuno Tavares, Calum Chambers, Charlie Patino, Omari Giraud-Hutchinson, Salah Oulad M'Hand, Ryan Alebiosu, Mika Biereth, Edward Nketiah
Coach: Mikel Arteta
Burnley - 4-4-2
Starting XI: Nick Pope, Connor Roberts, James Tarkowski, Ben Mee, Erik Pieters, Aaron Lennon, Ashley Westwood, Josh Brownhill, Dwight McNeil, Jay Rodriguez, Matěj Vydra
Substitutes: Wayne Hennessey, Matthew Lowton, Kevin Long, Phil Bardsley, Nathan Collins, Bobby Thomas, Jack Cork, Dale Stephens, Jóhann Guðmundsson
Coach: S. Dyche
Match Stats:

Arsenal Burnley
76% Ball Possession 24%
20 Total Shots 8
5 Shots On Goal 1
8 Shots Off Goal 5
13 Shots inside box 4
7 Shots outside box 4
7 Blocked Shots 2
9 Fouls 13
12 Corner Kicks 4
0 Offsides 2
0 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
1 Goalkeeper Saves 5
629 Total passes 205
551 Successful passes 134
88% Pass success rate 65%
Match events
25' Yellow Card for A. Westwood (Burnley)
30' Yellow Card for J. Brownhill (Burnley)
77' Substitution: E. Nketiah for E. Smith Rowe (Arsenal)
83' Substitution: J. Guðmunds­son for J. Rodriguez (Burnley)
90' Match whistled off
Player Match Stats
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles
Kieran Tierney 7.3 87 1 0 74 3 0
Martin Ødegaard 7.3 87 3 3 43 10 0
Aaron Ramsdale 7.2 87 0 0 30 0 0
Bukayo Saka 7.2 87 3 1 29 19 11
Rob Holding 7 87 1 0 91 10 0
Gabriel Magalhães 7 87 1 0 90 13 0
Emile Smith Rowe 7 77 1 0 40 3 1
Ben White 6.9 87 0 2 85 10 0
Alexandre Lacazette 6.9 87 2 1 21 5 2
Gabriel Martinelli 6.7 87 1 0 37 8 0
Albert Sambi Lokonga 6.6 87 0 0 50 8 0
Edward Nketiah 6.3 10 0 0 5 3 2
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles
Nick Pope 7.7 87 0 0 26 1 0
Connor Roberts 7.2 87 0 1 15 5 0
James Tarkowski 7.2 87 0 1 14 9 0
Ashley Westwood 7.2 87 0 0 30 5 0
Dwight McNeil 7.2 87 2 2 12 12 6
Erik Pieters 7 87 1 4 21 13 0
Ben Mee 6.9 87 1 1 20 4 0
Jay Rodriguez 6.9 83 1 1 14 14 2
Matěj Vydra 6.9 87 0 2 15 13 1
Aaron Lennon 6.6 87 0 1 11 3 0
Josh Brownhill 6.6 87 0 3 21 10 0
Jóhann Guðmundsson 0 4 0 0 0 3 0

[ All data provided by MatchCaster ^(*, a next level football threading bot - fully configurable and customized threads controlled by moderators of this subreddit.
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2022.01.23 12:55 CKsTechnologyNews Half Life 2 Running on a PinePhone Pro Using Box86

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2022.01.23 12:55 Old_Truth6995 PIHU KA DAILY ROUTINE | Secret Room & Home Tour | Sunday Routine | Aayu and Pihu Show

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2022.01.23 12:55 ManOfCornAndBeans morning! (21m)

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2022.01.23 12:55 sunnysilver New to the KIA Family

2022 Forte GT w/ GT2 package
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2022.01.23 12:55 Udon_noodles Best Bootcamp to learn web-development & land a job for a noob?

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2022.01.23 12:55 QueerionRanger ATN News headlines for each season opener

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2022.01.23 12:55 ogkush__420_ Cursed_ nft

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2022.01.23 12:55 TDestro889 He isnt a scammer

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2022.01.23 12:55 Rl-Beefy [US-PA] [H] POP Rocks, Adventure Time, Batman, Fire Force, Cereal mascots and more [W] PayPal, LOTS of trades

The goods
Post Malone-$10
Machine Gun Kelly-$12.50
Chucky FYE-$20
Maleficent Diamond-$27
Finn the Human-$15
Killer Eddie Glow 5000pc-$40
Two Face LACC-$20
Batman Beyond-$16
Tamaki Glow-$16
Froot Loops-$12.50
Cap’n Crunch-$12.50
Crunch Berries-$15
As for trades, I’ll trade for almost anything $20 and up as long as you pay my shipping or yours is worth a little bit more. I have lots of other pops in my other posts. If prices change, the most recent post with a price is the accurate one. I tried to price these fairly but I might be negotiable on a few. I can add a protector for $0.50 or a vaulted vinyl .5mm protector for $1.25. Otherwise it will be shipped with bubble wrap or a cardboard sorter. Shoot me a pm with any questions or offers :)
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2022.01.23 12:55 JuniperProject Streaming

Where can I stream Big Bang Theory?
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2022.01.23 12:55 shipwontsail We all know how a day can go from good to shitty in an instant. But what‘s something small someone else can do to make your day better?

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2022.01.23 12:55 churchsensitive First Industrial Lab Tech Interview - Advice?

I have my first interview for an company which manufacture explosives tomorrow morning. This is my first interview for a science-related job since graduating university in Chemistry in 2019.
I'm a little bit scared despite it being an entry level job.
Could you guys offer any advice on what to say and what not to say?
I've worked a lot of different jobs in the past. None of which are related to sciences.
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2022.01.23 12:55 Johnny712006 How to cope?

I feel numb. Couldn't sleep last night. Was so hyped for the game before and they blew it. I just can't bring myself to think that there won't be any Packer football for 6 months, and who knows what could happen with this team before then. This one felt even tougher than last year's loss because man, this team had a defense. I feel depressed knowing this should've been our year, we even had bad weather! I don't know how to cope. Need advice
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2022.01.23 12:55 kata1707 Oxford offer holders chat ?

Saw a similar post for Leeds and was wondering if there were any for Ox if people were interested in having one ?
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2022.01.23 12:55 the_yaya Nightly random discussion - Jan 23, 2022

Magandang hatinggabi Philippines!
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2022.01.23 12:55 DeonAmbrose What’s something that someone you love can say that will make your heart sing?

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2022.01.23 12:55 xianikaeni i made too much pancakes

i had 1½ pancakeand I'm full already, i have some left so lmk and I'll throw a flying pancake to your head
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2022.01.23 12:54 OneCreative1168 [UK] MSc CS Conversion Resume

Hi, I recently graduated MSc. CS conversion course and have been trying to expand on my projects and skills before applying to graduate jobs mainly as I enjoy learning new stuff and I do really feel that my academic only projects are lacklustered.
But now I had a first stab at generating a CV following the suggestions in this subreddit, and I would really appreciate some 2nd opinion and feedback!
My resume here
Just a couple of more points I'd like to know:
Is it acceptable to have title as "Graduate Software Developer"?
Am I right to remove a lot of "other skills" as anyone can have "quick learner", "problem solving", etc.?
Would you expand on the projects section in this CV? (I have a lot of the documentation on the github repo)
Shall i keep the descriptions of my previous jobs even if it is not super relevant?
UK specific: Full address or just a city/county is enough?
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2022.01.23 12:54 raargone Haha. I won the second division last season and this season I'm 7th after our opening four matches. What did I do wrong?

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