Why do we keep coming back?

2022.01.20 21:04 atomicconscious Why do we keep coming back?

I once witness someone say that a gambling addict can never truly recover and can come back at any time. Most of us have tried our luck but we always somehow end up losing at the end. But yet we coming back and try again. Is there some behavioral pattern which always brings us back or is it us not being able to control our gambling behaviour? What do you think?
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2022.01.20 21:04 Bonus1Fact 🌏⚡ #schumannresonance Cumiana, Italy January 21st 2022, 12:00AM UTC

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2022.01.20 21:04 ombresaco pov:how esperanto was made

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2022.01.20 21:04 BigM026 Vikki Dougan - 1950s

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2022.01.20 21:04 No_Pomegranate_8236 Gelato 41 first and second bubble 90-120u double bagged 37u160u 30esc ramp 2min press 160f

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2022.01.20 21:04 redit202 Daily Yahoo News Politics Briefing Poll: Biden approval hits new low at 1-year mark - January 20, 2022

Daily Yahoo News Politics Briefing Poll: Biden approval hits new low at 1-year mark - January 20, 2022 https://preview.redd.it/n4gk160gmxc81.png?width=1200&format=png&auto=webp&s=617c2f12b9b68b4e37d833725d58b352aa1c3d02
Jan. 20, 2022
Jan. 6 panel targets Ivanka Trump for questioning
The House committee sent a letter to former President Donald Trump's daughter, who served as an adviser during his term.
5 takeaways from Biden's rare solo press conference
The president described his agenda as realistic and achievable, despite Republican opposition that he admitted caught him off guard.
SCOTUS rules Jan. 6 panel can get Trump records
The high court rejected a request to prevent investigators from obtaining documents concerning Trump's activities prior to the Capitol attack.
Biden ends 1st year in WH with poor poll results
More Americans disapprove of how Biden is handling the presidency, and just 28 percent say they want him to run for reelection in 2024.
Democratic Senate candidates unite around reforming the filibuster
GOP opposition to nearly every priority has stymied the Democrats' agenda, even though they hold slim majorities in both chambers.
Mitch McConnell chided for comment about Black voters
The Senate minority leader implied African Americans are not Americans when responding to a question about voting rights.
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2022.01.20 21:04 swordman11111 Poor quality recently.

Not to be a karen or a nagger but dominos has been a let down now and I see no reason to order from them anymore. They are obviously understaffed but even then I would rather wait 10+ more min for good quality food instead of being served this trash. The center was so undercooked too that none of the slices would even hold together and just look at the shape of the pizza 👎
Saddest pizzas i’ve ever gotten.
https://ibb.co/hy5TDv7 https://ibb.co/y64DySf
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2022.01.20 21:04 46869 A bed my brother (20) and myself (17) made for mum

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2022.01.20 21:04 Arial55555 Got a teleporting wizard problem? Why, just know where they'll show up ahead of time, and it'll be easy!

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2022.01.20 21:04 CoffeeTimeGaming [EU] Coffee Time | Focused | PvX

Guild Name: Coffee Time | Focused | PvX |
Discord: https://discord.gg/coffee-time Region: EU Language: English Server: TBD
Site: https://www.coffeetime.games/post/lost-ark-clan

Coffee Time Gaming is a Focused gaming group of friends enjoying their tea/coffee while playing their favorite games. Mainly coming from New World, Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, Monster Hunter, Destiny and Division.
We are currently intrigued and actively recruiting players & friends for our Lost Ark Guild. Most of us do have past gaming experience with other MMO games and clan management. (ESO, WoW, Warhammer, Conan, Archeage, Guild Wars, New World and many more)
We are looking for gamers (guys & gals) that are: - Above the age of 21 - Preferred language English - Adult Gaming Hobbyists - Responsible Adults ( especially with Clan planned activities/raids)
Upon joining Coffee Time Gaming: - You will be in a fun community free of drama & hate. - Have the opportunity to play other games with the rest of our members as well.
We want to enjoy playing this beautiful-made game together, gear up, explore, raid, and so on. Although we are a casual gaming community, no training, no obligatory/mandatory presence in the game every week is required, we do value your consistency.
Based on our Coffee Time Gaming team with a core value of respect and friendly spirit. Age 20+. We are not enforcing any other rules, and also, we do play other games.
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2022.01.20 21:04 Southern_Patriot14 Average price of a 1992 S Quarter Proof?

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2022.01.20 21:04 bipirate Conhece algum benefício que o consumidor médio brasileiro poderia estar usufruindo, mas não está porque não conhece?

Recebi um e-mail do Buscapé hoje divulgando o novo cartão deles, que promete devolver a diferença de um produto comprado caso você encontre um mais barato em até 30 dias da compra com o cartão.
Fiquei curioso sobre o benefício, e acabei descobrindo que isso é algo da bandeira, e não do Buscapé. Eu já tinha esse benefício e nem sabia. Agora vou ficar esperto nas próximas compras com cartão.
Isso me fez pensar... será que não tem muita coisa que pode ser beneficial pra mim enquanto consumidor que eu estou perdendo porque não divulgam tanto (ou só divulgam quando tão lançando o serviço)? Estava pensando em fazer um compilado pra parar de ser trouxa (e de quebra ajudar outras pessoas também).
Além de agora considerar os benefícios da bandeira do cartão, eu diria: - Cashback AME para quem faz compras on-line. Todas as lojas da B2W digital dão na maioria dos produtos, e já recebi cashback na loja da Multilaser também. De um mês pra cá juntei quase 200 reais que eu poderia ter passado batido fazendo as mesmas compras.
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2022.01.20 21:04 ChIck3n115 [NDL] My previous two brightest lights just got outclassed: Imalent MS08

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2022.01.20 21:04 SlteFool Day’s end hand dump

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2022.01.20 21:04 insecure_xx Can I be Eren Jaeger? 18M

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2022.01.20 21:04 Frogs-r-fun I know her kids are gonna be mad at her lmao

So my painting teacher is going to Disneyland with her aunts and mom, but her mom doesn't know she's going (it's a surprise apparently?). Anyways apparently she's not bringing her kids, but they're 6. She's convinced they're not going to be mad she's going without them, but I guess we'll see
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2022.01.20 21:04 sbroue Love - Hummingbirds

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2022.01.20 21:04 fluffypigeonn Trading lots of cactus plushies lol

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2022.01.20 21:04 Hrmbee COVID Parenting Has Passed the Point of Absurdity | This was always unsustainable. Now it’s simply impossible.

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2022.01.20 21:04 iDrinkiKnowThings [Virginia] Unable to Login to Claimant Self-Service for over a month

Is anyone else having this issue? I called VEC numerous times for help logging in and they said this issue is widespread and affecting everyone. I find that hard to believe considering I have seen no posts or news reports about others having similar problems since early last month. When I attempt login it says they are unable to verify my digital identity. Have tried password resets, etc. to no avail.
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2022.01.20 21:04 SeesThemFlying Game is already going on while in the Select name screen

I'm not sure if everyone is just joking around and funnily posting fake claim messages. But as of seen I'm getting called out for bullshit while still being in the select name screen. Servers are extremely slow at the moment too, is it just me or are the servers pretty poor right now?
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2022.01.20 21:04 BlancoDelRio The funniest part of the sneak peak

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2022.01.20 21:04 Calcium-Sama Fuck you pikachu

One day I wake up after grinding for 7 hours the previous day and go into the smash discord server to find someone to play and get matched up with a pikachu, fuck me, he spams nair backair and neutral b I proceed to stop playing after three games saying “I’ve had a good day so far don’t rly want to play pika” I then get a response saying “I would quit too if I were you” dawg you literally play pikachu and guzzle grease out ya moms air fryer you main the best character in the game you can not talk shit. If you asked a pikachu main what neutral is they would shit themselves they are literally lobotomites
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2022.01.20 21:04 JACK101Star This is cool

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2022.01.20 21:04 Empire_Racing36 What are "New Entries"?

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