kaise kren yrr pg bhaiya kuch tips do

2022.01.16 16:36 KrishKumar47 kaise kren yrr pg bhaiya kuch tips do

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2022.01.16 16:36 fragileMystic Looks like the Ottoman Empire is finally finished for good: Sultan Mehmed VI has just fled Costantinople. Best of luck to the new Republic of Turkey

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2022.01.16 16:36 DeMarDeFrozan10 Goron Dragic return?

When is he set to return? Honestly him as a backup guard would put a lot of pressure off siakam and fvv the main ball handlers. Last season he averaged 13 ppg which was very good
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2022.01.16 16:36 nattykio The Stabila blockchain is tailored to suit institutional entry into cryptocurrency. In terms of speed, transaction cost and other features, Stabila blockchain is efficient. https://stabilascan.org/ #Stabila #STB #Blockchain #Decentralized

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2022.01.16 16:36 Dariox33 He’s my little reading buddy 🖤

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2022.01.16 16:36 Adjace-esque Oozes are the worst thing in Gloomhaven and should be revised in Digital

Why does one monster need: decent stats, a summon where the drawback doesn’t scale up with level, summons that can also summon, shield, heals, and ranged attacks?!
Sometimes they kill themselves. Sometimes they’re immortal. And you have little say in that, it’s all shuffler.
Terrible design in my opinion, and the Digital game should fix it.
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2022.01.16 16:36 5igorsk Козломобиль. Мексика, предположительно 1880-1900г. Мощность - одна козлиная сила. Непонятно только, как они его заставляли ногами шевелить. Козлы ведь достаточно упрямы.

Козломобиль. Мексика, предположительно 1880-1900г. Мощность - одна козлиная сила. Непонятно только, как они его заставляли ногами шевелить. Козлы ведь достаточно упрямы. submitted by 5igorsk to Tay_5 [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 16:36 digitamerfan For those in SHIBA, ARMY is looking good. 2022 Updates are huge for Shiba.

Latest updates and dd/research on SHIBA here for those interested https://twitter.com/Thorismyfav/status/1482798829371990016
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2022.01.16 16:36 Knurpel How to change your Terramaster software for something better (LONG.)

How to change your Terramaster software for something better (LONG.)
This is a generic how-to, covering the steps to replace the stock operating system of a 5-bay Terramaster F5-422 with something more to your linking. This is F5-422 only, some of it may apply to other Terramaster models, but the F5-422 is all I have experience with. We will not cover the install of the O/S itself, the story already is way too long.
DON’T BE AFRAID. The FS-422 may look like an imposing little machine, but under the silvery plastic it’s nothing more than a low-powered little PC. If you have ever used an USB stick to install an operating system on a computer, then you have enough experience to replace Terramaster’s “TOS” with something less aggravating. All you need is a small Phillips-head screwdriver, and two USB sticks.
CASING THE CASE: Inside the Terramaster F5-422 is a small motherboard of the type used in those MiniPCs we can pick up for around $200 at Amazon. Various system information utilities identify the board as being made by a Shenzhen Jifang Industrial Control Co., Ltd. (GIFA), a company usually making industrial controllers in Shenzhen in the South of China. The board sports a quad core Intel Celeron J3455, and it has 4 GB of memory soldered onto the board. The memory can be expanded to a total of 12GB using an 8 GB laptop-style SODIMM. The Celeron’s on-chip graphics are brought out to an HDMI port.
The Celeron J3455 supports 8 USB 3.0 , but only three of them are brought out, two to the back panel I/O, one to an USB connector on the motherboard. The USB configuration is a bit odd. Despite the Celeron being able to support USB 3.0 on all eight ports, the inside USB port is only of the 2.0 persuasion, signaled by its white color, and confirmed by lsusb. The two outside ports are blue, i.e. USB 3.0, meaning a 10x speed increase over the inside port.
No expense has been spared to save money with this board. The USB 3.0 bus also powers the second Gigabit Ethernet adapter of the F5-422, by way of a Realtek RTL8153/52 USB Gigabit Ethernet adapter. Some Linux distros may have a hard time recognizing that hookup and will show only two Ethernet ports during install. Make sure that your network cable is plugged into the port that works, and install an RTL8153/52 driver later.
In total, the FS-422 supports three Ethernet adapters. In addition to the aforementioned Ethernet port grafted onto USB, there is a regular Gigabit Realtek PCI Express port, and a very capable Aquantia AQC107 10GBE port. Both should be readily recognized by any modern Linux distro. The 10GBE Aquantia is the star of the system.
As for SATA connections, the Celeron will provide two on chip, the other three come courtesy of an Asmedia ASM1062. They go into a backplane, into which up to five SATA harddrives slide by way of plastic caddie. A PCIE NIC board with an Aquantia will set you back $100, or more, if you can find one these days. In my tests, Aquantia often bests Intel.
What does this pre-inspection tell us? Installation of another operating system onto the FS-422 should proceed without drama, so let’s get on with it.
GET THE OS: The new operating system must be downloaded from the supplier’s website, and then it must be “flashed” onto an USB stick of appropriate size. On the PC and with Windows, I usually use Balena Etcher, it’s free, and it just works. Pro tip: To prevent other USB sticks from being overwritten, pull them. Don’t ask me why I give this advice.
CAUTION: Now pull the power plug of your FS-422. Before you do anything else, BACK UP ALL DATA you have on the NAS, for general safety, and because you may have to wipe the drives, see below. Remove any and all hard drives you may have installed and put them in a safe spot where they won’t get knocked over and dropped onto the floor. They may object to that.
FLASH THE OS: The “boot drive” of the FS-422 is a very small USB stick inside of the box. You could simply overwrite it, but I guess you will opt for keeping it, for sentimental, or re-sale reasons. To get into the box, you will need to loosen a bunch of screws, six in the rear by the fans, and four holding a metal baseplate. You don’t have to remove the baseplate if you don’t want, just slide out the assembly, and spare yourself the screwing with four more screws. The rear fan assembly is connected by two cables, you could either disconnect them, or you can pull the fan assembly through the housing.
FIND THE USB STICKLET: The boot drive USB is very small. It sits under the metal cage, between two white connectors. It comes right out. It needs to be replaced with an USB stick of similar physical dimensions, a regular USB stick won’t clear the metal cage. Sandisk makes ultra-small “Ultra Fit” USB 3.1 flash drives, and for under $10 a piece for the 64G variety, they are giving them away. 64G is probably overkill, but the 32G model is only 2 bucks less, so what the heck.
INSTALL THE OS: To install the fresh operating system, you need to boot from the USB stick you flashed in two chapters above. Stick that into one of the two rear (blue) USB ports. Stick your tweeny-weeny target USB sticklet into the (white) inside USB port. Now you need a keyboard, and a mouse. You only have one (blue) USB port left, so use a little USB hub. Now you need a monitor and an HDMI cable. Connect HDMI cable to FS-422, and you are good to go.
WAIT!!! Before you install any Linux distro, make sure that the target drive is COMPLETELY bare, not just “empty” as in no data, empty as in no partitions. Some (but not all) installers will overwrite a formatted and partitioned drive, no matter what. Some (but not all) will allow you to wipe the target drive during the install, but it is not for the faint of heart. To avoid hassles, wipe the drive before the install. This advice is especially pertinent if your target drive is another USB stick. Even when new, it is already partitioned, and formatted FAT32. That partition needs to come off before the install. A quick, but dangerous method is wipefs on Linux. Read the --help before you use it!!!
REALLY INSTALL THE OS: Power-up the FS-422, and keep your finger on the Delete button of your keyboard. The second you see something on the screen, start hammering the Delete button. Keep hammering until you are in the blue BIOS screen, headed “Aptio Setup Utility.” If you see anything else than “Aptio Setup Utility,” then you haven’t hammered fast enough, so do it again.
IN THE SETUP SCREEN? Ok, let’s adjust some settings. In the “PC Health” tab, select “Samrt Fan Configuration” (yes, it says “Samrt”) which brings you to System Fan1 Mode. Select [Automatic]. This will keep your FS-422 from frying, never mind that it looks like a toaster, and it will do so without support from the operating system. Escape out. Go straight to “Save & Exit.” Ignore “Boot,” we will get to that later. Under “Save & Exit,” you will see “Boot Override.” Depending on how your flashed install USB drive is sent up, you will see the brand name of the drive, and possibly also its brand name with “Partition 1” added to it. Select the line with “Partition1” if it’s there. If not, select the USB drive that is shown. If you see more entries, then you may have not removed all hard drives, or the target USB has a boot partition. If your USB sticks are of the same brand, and you don’t know which is which, you will have to experiment.
NOW GO FORTH AND INSTALL: The rest of the exercise depends on the NAS/Operating System you will install, and it can’t possible be covered here. Some general pointers: Most modern operating systems will want an Internet connection for the install. As mentioned above, not all will initially recognize the USB-type Ethernet adapter, which is the middle one of the three in the back. Stick your hard-wired Ethernet cable either into the top (10GBE) or the bottom (Gigabit) port. Some operating system may balk at being installed onto an USB stick. In that case, see “Other options” below, or move to a more willing operating system. Also, may I suggest not bolting back of the cabinet until you are completely convinced that everything works. Just think it’s an “open frame test system” like you see it on YouTube.
BOOT CAMP: When you are done installing, don’t insert the drives just yet. Remove the installer USB. Turn power off. Turn it back on. With any luck, it will boot right up. If it doesn’t, as a seasoned PC builder, you will head to the Boot section of the BIOS, aka “Aptio Setup Utility” to change the boot order. Prepare to be frustrated. Unlike every other BIOS under the sun, the BIOS of the FS-422 won’t let you choose where to boot from. The BIOS of the FS-422 will simply tell you where it deemed to boot from, and many times its wrong. After a day of testing and intensive hair loss, I determined that setting the Boot Mode to [UEFI Only] does the trick, AS LONG as the installed OS has been installed in UEFI mode (most modern installers do that automatically) and AS LONG as there is no other bootable drive in the system.
WHICH BRINGS US TO: Terramaster has reserved a bootable partition on the hard disks. If the box insists on booting from that, then you have only two options (remember, the option to set the boot order is out:)
- You either go into “Boot Override” each time you power up. I know, it can get old.
- Or, you completely wipe clean all installed hard drives. This is where wipefs comes in handy. It will wipe a hard drive clean in less than a second, but it will also erase a perfectly good disk if you sicc wipefs at the wrong one. I’m intentionally being vague here, read the instructions.
OTHER OPTIONS: Remember, the inside USB port is MUCH slower than the outside ports. If you find the idea of booting from an USB 2.0 port revolting, then you can stick a fast USB drive into one of the outside blue USB ports and boot from there. As far as the boot order goes, you are on you own.
Another route to a fast boot drive will be an SSD. I stuck a 500GB Samsung into an adapter that brings a skinny SSD to the form factor of a hard drive. Adapter cum SSD was put into a TerraMaster caddy and inserted into the F5-422. OS was installed from an USB drive, and it worked.
However, using the SSD to boot from means to forego one of the hard drives. The usable size of a RAID populated with 8TB disks will shrink from 32TB to 24TB.
Another alternative is to use an USB to SATA adapter. I was planning to hide the SSD inside of the cabinet, and use the adapter plugged into the inside USB port. Thankfully, there wasn’t enough clearance between the port and the cage. “Thankfully” because as mentioned, that inside USB 2.0 port is slow, and mating it with a fast SSD (that did cost me $500 many years ago) ranks as an act against nature. I plugged the SSD-on-USB into one of the outside ports and velcroed the SSD to the outside of the Terramaster.
HOWEVER: Booting from a slow USB 2.0 works just fine if we don’t use that slow stick as a data drive. It would counsel against a Wordpress site using mysql with all data on that pokey stick. We shouldn’t do that on a NAS anyway.
MOA MEMORY: I took the opportunity of an open F5-422, an upgraded its RAM to 12GB. The on-board Celeron CPU can address 16GB of memory, but there are 4GB of memory soldered to the board. Adding an 8GB SODIMM will bring it to 12GB. Terramaster famously maintains that the memory of the F5-422 is limited to 8GB, but they lie, fofr reasons unknown. I used a $30 DDR3L 1866MHz PC3L-14900 8GB SO-DIMM 512x8 1.35V (Low Voltage) and voila, 12GB. Terramaster really should know their product better.
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2022.01.16 16:36 OrganismAssemblyLine þere's a whole list of þings

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2022.01.16 16:36 slaz_is_here Found this in a Russian Slang resource book, shouldn't it be pronounced Chto no-vo-go?

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2022.01.16 16:36 AnxiousCollarC Impossible

I can do some nice ass looking no comply impossibles but when I actually try to keep my front foot over the board my back foot just has a seizure and I can’t coordinate my board of my foot whatsoever. Anybody have tips for this?
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2022.01.16 16:36 SnickerToodles Power flashing with strange resounding bangs before going out?

The past like 2 weeks the power has gone out 3 times for no apparent reason (weather, etc). Obviously I've sat through outages but usually the power snaps off with little warning, I've never seen it do this before.
In the distance, I hear a strange, dull/hollow, resounding bang/boom (not an explosion, more like striking a metal pole with a metal rod) 4-5 times less than a second apart. The sound isn't that loud but is strong enough that it perceptibly shakes the floor. With each clang the power flashes in time. And then it goes out for good, in the entire neighborhood.
Often while they're fixing it, the power will turn on for about 30 seconds only for the clanging sound to happen and for it to shut off again. It can take them 3 or 4 tries for it to actually stick.
There's not really anything I can do but I'm mostly curious what the strange sound is and why it keeps happening.
I asked someone who guessed it was "old system relays that need to be upgraded", but I'm not sure exactly what that means or why it's resulting in this strange behaviour.
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2022.01.16 16:36 joselpz9012 Como ven a la perrita, háganle el tributo que ya necesita lechee🥵

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2022.01.16 16:36 akazathebestdemon Just whatis Utahime's ability?

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2022.01.16 16:36 JtheLioness Seen in Staten Island, NY today with a flock of Canada geese! What is it?

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2022.01.16 16:36 lordimblue M4f chilling and vibing

Omg it's so tricky making friends as an adult. But it sucks being lonely. I'd love to meet a new smoking partner 💨. I'm open to the possibility of a more than that, but primarily it would be great to have someone to just chill and vibe with. Someone with whom I can go to movies, or catch a movie, or just sit up smoking and laughing with. While I don't judge how someone else medicates, I generally stick to 🥦, and I'm happy to share when I can.
About me... Mid thirties, chubby, kinda nerdy 🤓, a little bit of a flirt, but I have an, albeit weird, but awesome sense of humor.
I like to talk about movies and travel. I enjoy exploring the beaches in the area. Also, obviously, I enjoy relaxing with a nice smoke.
If you're a bit nerdy, open to making a new friend, and interested in having a few laughs feel free to say hi, tell me about what makes your inner nerd smile.
While I prefer the company of women, im always open to friendship with anyone new and interesting.
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2022.01.16 16:36 MAGURO561 Summer Cubs game in the rain // Nikon 35TI // 35mm F2.8 // Kodak Gold 200

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2022.01.16 16:36 pattyperk Why do all modern head units look and run like tablets from 10 years ago?

I’m brand new to cars, but i’ve noticed this in my very limited research. It seems like most of the plug-and-play touchscreen head units run on old buggy software and have plasticky non-responsive screens.
Can you guys recommend a head unit for my 2007 Volvo XC70 that might be closer to todays standards of tech?
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2022.01.16 16:36 gregorfriday Quirky Australian album review podcast

Do you want to pick an album for 3 washed up Australian musicians to review?
Our criteria for an album is simple. Not a best of, and none of the hosts have heard it before. That’s it. You don’t have to be the artist, it doesn’t even have to be current. We’ve looked at weezer, Lorde, the bronx, Halsey, swanky dank(that’s a particularly funny one) etc
Jukebox in suburbia is like a book club in the sense that we announce the album to be reviewed in advance, the hosts and the community have a chance to digest it, then we hang out and have a beePepsi fuelled yarn about it.
We’d love to hear from the wider community what you think of the albums and what you’d like reviewed. Join the discord to be part of the active conversation and find the podcast where ever you get your podcasts.
All links on the website.
www.jukeboxinsuburbia.com[jukebox in suburbia](www.jukeboxinsuburbia.com)
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2022.01.16 16:36 BeansinmyBelly Wrapping it up and baby’s running fever - mom guilt is real

Baby’s 5 months old. I’ve been weaning from the boob/pumped milk for a few weeks now. Yesterday was the first day I didn’t pump at all and he didnt use the boob. All formula and some sweet potato purée.
Is it coincidence that babe is sick for the first time with 102 temp?
Tylenol has been helping bring it down. No other symptoms so overall, we’re ok.
But now I’m a guilty mess and thinking maybe I should change my mind to go back to the boob a while longer while I still have supply ahhhh
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2022.01.16 16:36 caffeine_father All my fixed blades. Nothing too flashy, but they're mine

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2022.01.16 16:36 sikiru1 hey guys, I made a video about the music trend that will take over the future, I believe you guys will really enjoy watching.

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2022.01.16 16:36 WYenginerdWY Woman posts harrowing night of physical violence, ending with boyfriends arrest. Men discuss whether she wanted it. More at 11.

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2022.01.16 16:36 anonymoussurfer5 Are electric dermapens worth it?

Quick question: for those who’ve had success with microneedling, is getting an electric dermapen worth it compared to getting a stamp? I don’t really care about the time it takes for a manual session. I’m wondering if they’re more effective.
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