Do any of y’all have any other ideas for stories to publish in the French Dispatch?

2022.01.17 18:46 StraightFromHolyLand Do any of y’all have any other ideas for stories to publish in the French Dispatch?

  1. I would’ve wanted to know the lives of those Bakery Burglars in one of the magazine’s cover art.
  2. Gigi solving a murder mystery.
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2022.01.17 18:46 Gondawn Journalist's crazy spot next to race track at Monaco GP

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2022.01.17 18:46 -Spendog- YuggLegacy [SMP] {1.17.1} {custom mobs} {dungeons} {Magic Items} {dynmap} {claims} {Economy} {Guilds}

enhancing the survival experience while still keeping the core game!

find out more of our features by joining our server, while we are still relatively new we have a very active community already with cities beginning to form, don't miss out on the opportunity to be in the founding age of the server!
also no mods are required to run!
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2022.01.17 18:46 phar0aht Please join me for “Dusan was saying goodbye,” a monster thread analyzing body language. You see, in the Serbian culture…(1/x)

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2022.01.17 18:46 Fireflyholylight What do you collect in game?

You know I don't mean resources. What do you collect for fun? Maybe you have one of every fish, you freaky fish guy. Perhaps you only stay subscribed to farm mounts that may not exist. I personally collect Holy Relics (the things in Legion) because I am a Holy Priest :).
Pls Blizzard, give me the option to dps and not heal, I have a write up ready to go. People might start recognizing me in PvP and realize we only have half of a healer or get angry when I out damage the others (which has happened only once).
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2022.01.17 18:46 ____HAMILTON__ I’m just liking the similarities

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2022.01.17 18:46 Caitlin-408 Bummer about John Summit

Sad about John Summit not being able to attend this year due to radius clause.. I was really looking forward to seeing him😔 I even made a custom flag for my tent. Ugh
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2022.01.17 18:46 satanatos Any good dynamic action stand for 1/6 figures to buy?

The title says it all.
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2022.01.17 18:46 owensoundgamedev Grinding in Person 4 Golden

So I played Persona 4 Golden a few years ago and jumping back in. Trouble is I'm lost, and underpowered it seems (or at least having trouble with the Rise boss). Was going to just grind but do bosses/enemies scale with you? Also what punishments are there is you die?
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2022.01.17 18:46 TakeMyAnkleInstead [Highlight] Alternate angle of Miles Bridges’ incredible baseline layup on his career day in MSG

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2022.01.17 18:46 SeaworthinessEasy882 Bunny and dachshund bond

Hi! I have a mini lop mix named Crookshanks (yeah like Hermione's cat 😅). She's almost 3 years old and she's been with me since she was around 1 year old. She's free roamed and i try to give her the best life as she deserves. I'm 17 so i still live with my family and my mom has been thinking about getting my brother a baby dachshund because he really wants one and she thinks he can take care of the dog. I think he's capable of taking care of it too cuz he usually looks after my bunny when I'm not home. So it's not an issue but I'm afraid that maybe the dog and my bunny wouldn't bond as we want. I'm afraid that my bunny would attack the dog or something. She's not aggressive at all but when she smells an other animal on me she wouldn't let me pet her and she usually thumps. And I'm afraid that the dog wouldn't like her either but i hope because the dog would be 6-8 weeks old (when it's okay to separate them from the mother) and really small it would be actually happy to have an other living, furry thing that kinda reminds it of another dog or something.🤷🏻‍♀️ What do y'all think? Could they bond and love eachother? Could i let them together without worrying?
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2022.01.17 18:46 lookattherainbow $130 trip to Costco today (bottled water and toilet paper on bottom of cart.

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2022.01.17 18:46 Moist-War-7357 Looking for a recommended CPU for Gaming PC (Already have GPU and Gaming monitor)

I'm looking to build a gaming PC, but having trouble figuring out what CPU I should buy. Below are some specs I'm looking for, what GPU I already have, and how I will be using the PC.
Already have -

PC use -
CPUs considered -
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2022.01.17 18:46 Carterxix [James Benge] Arsenal's Brooke Norton-Cuffy, who turned 18 last week, is set to join Lincoln on loan. He has been playing with Gunners U23s for more than a year; Imps short on numbers at the back and Arsenal believe fighting for L1 minutes more valuable than PL2 football right now.

[James Benge] Arsenal's Brooke Norton-Cuffy, who turned 18 last week, is set to join Lincoln on loan. He has been playing with Gunners U23s for more than a year; Imps short on numbers at the back and Arsenal believe fighting for L1 minutes more valuable than PL2 football right now. submitted by Carterxix to Gunners [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 18:46 Kadf19 Genesect Raid- add me 9002 1150 9957

40 minutes left
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2022.01.17 18:46 Icare_77 We know why Knut's dog comes in stream

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2022.01.17 18:46 andhisnameisjoncnah Henry's Monologue creation in FNAF 6

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2022.01.17 18:46 Playful_IsopodNJ I am having serious family issues

I am having family issues because they say I come off as “aggressive” or “uncaring” and they make all these assumptions about me which aren’t true, but I can still see where it comes from. They say I “don’t have the concept of a united family” or whatever, because I don’t talk with them and spend most of my time in my room.
It genuinely hurts that they see me like this but I’m like “what do you want me to do?” Because I genuinely do not know, they’re like “you never come talk to us” but like… seriously what do you want from me? I’m 20, you’re 3ish times my age, and we have different interests/views.
One of my parents also has a high blood rate and they both sometimes talk about death and “what will happen when they’re gone” no pressure eh? The last thing I want is for them to leave thinking I am selfish. They know I’m an aspie and, I’ll be honest, quite socially inept, but they don’t care because “it’s not an excuse”.
I struggle just with being nice, ok? Something as simple as saying “good morning” or “thank you” takes a lot of energy for me, but no-one wants to help and just writes me off as rude. I want to say that I have my own personal issues I am dealing with but I guess that would come off to them as rude too.
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2022.01.17 18:46 LubMehHaters [question] Where to sell skins?

I just recently trade my rust skins for a ST FN Karambit Slaughter and was wondering where would the best place to sell it for paypal or something. I've tried dmarket but their verification never works for me.
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2022.01.17 18:46 LoveMangaBuddy Read She’s too much for Me - Chapter 67 - MangaBuddy

The dangerous, delinquent high-school girl I met 4 years ago is now working night shifts at my Convenience Store! The mad story between a 30’s aged Manager and 20’s aged College girl! ... Read She’s too much for Me - Chapter 67 - MangaBuddy. Read more at
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2022.01.17 18:46 XylemSmeltz9 Catch 33

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2022.01.17 18:46 CerberusZX A Brief Review of Classic Shikigami

After achieving Great Luminary rank, I have returned to the goal of reaching Mortal status with Shikigami that don't see much use and along the way I thought perhaps some might find my insight useful. Since I'm going through with making a post, I figured I'd be thorough and cover every Shikigami and I'm starting with the classic set.
Hakuro 3/4 stats is standard for an aggressive Shikigami. She has a distinct lack of shield and damage immunity cards which makes her very fragile compared to more commonly used aggro units, but her direct damage effect means she can still be useful.
Recommended teams: Hakuro is a pretty straightforward unit and doesn't really set up or rely on synergies. There is synergy with Chin, but you won't reliably be able to take advantage of that due to Hakuro's poor survivability. Still, she can help push damage in any aggressive deck.
Samurai X The 2 shield on top of 6 base health gives him even more single turn survivability than tanks released in later sets, though the lack of full heals or revives as well as requiring more effort to deal decent damage can make him less appealing. Still, he can deal immense damage against slower decks using either his Immovable form or Evolve into Dust Blade. He's also not totally useless as a tank against faster decks, especially with his Moving Fortress form.
Recommended teams: There's obvious shield synergy for a Tenjo Kudari team, especially with Umibozu increasing his shield. He's also viable in a Genkuro stall deck, though he may not be the preferred choice.
Ibaraki Doji Damage increase of 1 per turn but without immortality or the ability to transfer that buff to other units makes it seem like he's been powercrept by Fujihime. While he has combat cards, all but Black Flame Hand cause him to take damage from other Shikigami which isn't ideal when his base health is 4. Ibaraki Doji's intended role appears to be removal which is generally better performed by spellcasters.
Recommended teams: Shikigami with plenty of combat cards such as Yoto Hime can allow Ibaraki Doji to safely return to the standby zone after using his high damage against an empty board while Shikigami with automatic removal like Ootengu can keep the board clear. Otherwise, you'll be wanting healers like Momo or Sakura if you want to take advantage of his removal cards.
Ootengu One of the more relevant Shikigami in the current meta thanks to his effective removal spells. Wind Blast not only opens up the combat zone for your Shikigami to go face but also removes summons, but it only works if the target does not have 2+shield or damage immunity.
Recommended teams: He benefits from cooldown reduction from Maestro, but he's also effective in any aggressive deck.
Hououka While Tamamonomae has bigger damage output, Hououka is still a viable option for a removal specialist.
Recommended teams: She has synergy with all spellcasters thanks to her evolve and her SSR spell. She can also use her spells to clear the combat zone and provide just a bit more reach for red aggro teams.
Ubume Returning to the combat zone after attacking provides some survivability but also leaves you vulnerable to aggro and makes it more difficult to keep the opponent's combat zone clear. Her Shadow Wing form can snowball very quickly but she's kind of underwhelming if you fail to draw it.
Recommended teams: She's viable for any aggressive deck capable of keeping the combat zone clear, though she may not be the most effective option.
Umibozu 2/6 isn't a bad statline for a tank and he provides heals and shields to help stall. He isn't bad at a glance, but he lacks a way to end games and doesn't provide card draw like other healers do.
Recommended teams: He has obvious synergy with Aobozu as well as Tenjo Kudari. In particular, Giant Waves into Healing Water can allow you to create a very powerful summon with Tenjo Kudari's Yokai Koya Awakening, especially if the opponent attacked Kiyohime in the previous turn. I've had extremely good success with such a team in the past, but the amount of summon removal in the current meta environment makes this strategy significantly less reliable.
Satori She needs to stay alive in order to use her effect and she doesn't deal game-winning damage which makes her rather unappealing as a unit. Grudge is sort of good for stalling as it is hard removal, but it requires you to take damage to activate and opponents likely won't care about one Shikigami's death after the damage has been dealt. Vision and Mind Maze are somewhat good for stalling, but they require cards to be revealed which isn't easy to set up.
Recommended teams: Aobozu has synergy with her Vision form and heal-stall teams are the only decks I've gotten to work with her. In addition to Aobozu, a heal stall team will usually want a wincon such as Nokanshi's SSR spell.
Shuten Doji 5hp makes him unlikely to be killed in a single attack early on and damage scaling is a nice effect that can win games on its own. He's not the best fit for an aggressive deck and he doesn't synergize with decks that aim for a level 3 victory which makes him less appealing than other Shikigami, but he's still an effective midgame unit.
Recommended teams: Since he wants to take damage, you'll want to pair him with healers such as Momo and Sakura to keep him alive.
Hangan While Hangan has more hard removal than most, he has difficulty destroying the high attack Shikigami that pose the most threat in the early and midgame and 1hp is such a negligible amount that his effect isn't worth taking into account. Still, he can remove pesky tank or support units, his No Mercy form is good for slowing down aggro decks, and his level 3 cards are strong enough to potentially win the game.
Recommended teams: He has synergy with Shikigami that reduce hp such as Kodokushi and also Aobozu, but I haven't had much success going with that angle myself. Instead, his Soul Reap is good for removing tanks so aggro decks can go face while the kills they rack up helps buff his Condemn form.
Aobozu As the top healer, this man carries many stall decks.
Recommended teams: He has synergy with anything that heals such as Enmusabi and his heals help any deck that wants to stall such as Dodomeki decks. I have even had success going all-in on heals and murdered opponents with effect damage.
Aoandon While she provides fast spells for decks that appreciate such a thing, she's not a damage dealer or tank which means the rest of the team has to make up for her inaction.
Recommended teams: She has great synergy with Hououka and Youko's evolved effects and her fast cards can help trigger Kingyo and Tamamonomae's transformation effects, but I always get murdered by aggro whenever I try to take advantage of this synergy.
Jikikaeru He's a decent tank for luck decks, especially with his Winning Hand form. His main flaw is that luck decks tend to be too slow. If your opponent happens to be using a slow deck, you can get away with building up attack with Tile Fling in the standby zone before going on the offensive with Winning Hand.
Recommended teams: He has synergy with every luck Shikigami and especially benefits from those that have effects that trigger each turn such as Zashiki Warashi with her level 1 forms.
Kiyohime Kiyohime is the premiere fragile inflictor. She can't win games herself, but she provides a significant boon to those who can.
Recommended teams: She has synergy with Tenjo Kudari, but she works best in aggro decks. Fragile enhances damage dealt by piercing Shikigami such as Yamawaro and sets up combos for Suzuka Gozen. She also uses a lot of spells which gives her synergy with Hououka.
Inugami High base stats, combat cards with shield, and the ability to self-revive make Inugami the best red tank.
Recommended teams: Inugami does not rely on synergy and is strong enough to be successful in any deck. As a tanky unit, he can often survive long enough to receive Momo's healing. Also, Hitorima benefits from Inugami being able to self-revive in addition to the usual color synergy the Guardians have.
Yamawaro Permanent piercing is great for an aggressive unit, as are permanent attack buffs. His main weakness is low survivability due to his low health and the fact that he's a red unit while most of the popular aggro units are green which means a choice must be made between Yamawaro and Hannya. If you happen to have his SSR evolve, the immunity to effect damage is very useful in the current meta.
Recommended teams: Yamawaro works in any aggro deck. His pierce effect benefits from both rally and fragile. I have also had good success pairing him with Fujihime for even higher piercing damage.
Yamausagi Yamausagi is one of the few Shikigami that offers an alternate method of winning besides just dealing damage, but it takes a while to pull off and is highly unlikely to happen before you die thanks to power creep. Ring Toss is a good counter for decks that rely on buffing a single unit.
Recommended teams: She has synergy with countdown Shikigami such as Maestro, but she's unreliable about it and you're usually better off using other Shikigami with them. She also has synergy with luck decks and provides them with an alternate wincon which is usually what I aim for, though as mentioned it isn't very viable anymore.
Bukkuman It feels like Bukkuman was powercrept out of relevance with the introduction of Shikigami that do things while also drawing cards whereas he mostly just drew cards with no additional benefit, but the Ink Splash buff was nice. I still prefer other Shikigami for general card draw, but he does have his uses.
Recommended teams: Taishakuten's SSR Holy Child form lets Ink Splash draw an extra card in addition to dealing damage to multiple Shikigami or one big Shikigami twice. Aside from that, Bukkuman's evolve effect benefits from Shikigami that help thin the deck such as Enmusabi and his Learned Sage form benefits from this extra card draw as well.
Momo Momo's heals and buffs can be quite strong if you manage to use them, but power creep has made it rare for a Shikigami to survive a turn in the combat zone. That aside, she still has targeted revival and draw which is always useful.
Recommended teams: Momo is a versatile unit that doesn't offer much synergy nor requires it to be successful. Aside from tanky units that stand a chance to survive a turn in the combat zone, units with plenty of combat cards to swap positions can benefit from her buffs. Onikiri's Avenging Blade form is also good for swapping positions to protect injured units while Onikiri himself is greatly enhanced by any attack buffs that manage to stick to him.
Kyonshi Ototo Once a decent if unremarkable tank, Kyonshi Ototo has been powercrept out of relevance.
Recommended teams: I recently tried a meme attempting to get the most out of Kyonshi Ototo's evolve effect and paired him with Momo, Kusa, and Yamawaro and I actually had great success with it. Both Kyonshi Ototo and Yamawaro have plenty of combat cards for position swapping and appreciate the heals while Yamawaro benefits from the rally and can negate effect damage from the spell casters you won't be killing. In theory, Fujihime letting Kyonshi Ototo take multiple hits and not die should help him get more use out of his evolve effect, though there are better options for Fujihime decks.
Yuki Onna A buff to Graupnel allowing for an OTK has returned her to relevancy. Ice Core and her Ice Storm form are good for stalling, but opposing stall decks won't need to trigger them.
Recommended teams: Yuki Onna benefits from being paried with any Shikigami capable of inflicting stun. The fact that she generates fast cards gives her extra synergy with the blue Guardian Yukihime. As Yuki Onna is primarily a backline unit, you will generally want at least one unit capable of tanking such as Umibozu.
Yuki 3/4 is generally the sign of an aggro unit, but Yuki is in the control faction. Still, he has plenty of combat cards and his Frost Wind is effective for both control and aggro so he should theoretically be viable for either. With only 4 base HP, he tends to die immediately after entering the combat zone even if he avoided the initial bit of damage with his effect. His SSR When the Snow Melts form may have been good for tanking at one point, but there are now several ways of dealing damage 3+times per turn. The attack buff is still nice though.
Recommended teams: He has synergy with stun units such as Yuki, but he would only help stall for one out of every three turns and they generally won't be wanting to take his place. He can be effective for aggro if you get a good draw, but there are more preferable options out there.
Yoto Hime Yoto Hime is a very strong aggro unit from what I've seen, yet when I use her I can never find more than 2 of her cards before I die.
Recommended teams: Yoto Hime is very effective in green aggro. As you want to gather as many of her cards as you can, bringing Hannya to divine is probably recommended. I've never gotten her to work myself, so I can't say for certain my advice is sound, but I often get killed by that combination when not bringing a specific counter build.
Maestro Maestro does a lot of things. Demonic Tune is one of the best counter cards in the game. Maddening Melody helps keep problematic Shikigami down while also helping activate Maestro's effect. Kagura can be super strong with its buffs and revives.
Recommended teams: Maestro's Kagura has synergy with countdown Shikigami. Requiem has synergy with Bukkuman's Evolve effect. Since Kagura buffs the rest of the team, it provides a lot of value for Joruri Gozen's SSR combat card Joruri.
Ichimokuren Ichimokuren is one of the tankier green units but is otherwise unremarkable. He may be usable if you're using a deck that's a mix of green and blue or pure green and want a tank other than Karasu Tengu.
Recommended teams: Ichimokuren benefits from countdown reduction effects like Maestro's Kagura. He also benefits from Kusa's evolve effect, but that's pretty underwhelming at level 3. Ichimokuren is primarily used to stall and the best green effect to stall for is usually Joruri Gozen's SSR combat card Joruri, but he can also help a Maestro-Bukkuman deck stall as well.
Itsumade Itsumade's ability to bypass the combat zone and deal damage directly to the opponent player makes her effective against field decks. She's a bit slow for aggro decks, but she's good at killing stall decks before they can get their flashy late game effects off thanks to her Dance of the Wind in addition to the constant onslaught of Golden Feathers.
Recommended teams: Itsumade generates fast cards which gives her synergy with transformation Shikigami such as Tamamonomae and that combination got me to Great Luminary more than once. She also benefits from countdown synergy and the damage dealt by her Golden Feathers make it easy to combo with Chin's effect, though such a deck is vulnerable to aggro.
Kusa Kusa seems pretty underwhelming. Her Light of Healing form heals, but not as much as Momo's Abundance. Light of Courage provides +2 attack rally, but Shiranui provides rally without the need for a form and does it better once evolved. Flicker is more flexible than Kaoru's Distracting Throw but that's not going to win games. That said, Glowing Fireflies is stronger than is may seem at first glance and makes Kusa viable. While it can be used to remove a pesky spellcaster, it provides more than just healing when used on your own Shikigami. Since it boosts their max HP, it can be used in conjunction with healing effects to make a strong attacker with low HP into a nigh unstoppable powerhouse.
Recommended teams: Momo, Glowing Fireflies, and any high damage Shikigami such as Ibaraki Douji is a good combination. I have had similar success using Sakura and Akaname with Enmusabi thrown in for good measure.
Chin Chin seems kind of greedy. She wants to stay in standby, so your other Shikigami will need to tank while also trying to take advantage of her effect which is kind of underwhelming before evolution. That said, Chin does have some combat cards that prevent her from taking damage, so she can potentially help deal with the combat zone a bit. Thankfully, her Evolve effect can win games so she is viable even if she's not super consistent.
Recommended teams: Chin has some fragile synergy and can work in a fragile aggro team, but it's a bit dicey. Shikigami with direct damage such as Itsumade are easily able to take advantage of her effect but may leave your combat zone vulnerable. Odokuro is a tank who can help with the combat zone and has direct damage which makes him especially good for a deck that aims to win primarily via Chin rather than through fragile aggro.
Zashiki Zashiki's forms are good for stalling while she stays out of the combat zone and she provides luck decks with some good card draw.
Recommended teams: All luck teams benefit from her base effect while Jikikaeru benefits from the easy luck checks provided by her Child of Fortune and Bountiful Harvest forms. She's also able to rack up a lot of luck checks for Yamausagi's It's My Victory win condition. You can also use Health and Fortune to rack up cards played for Joruri Gozen damage buffs. Her Bountiful Harvest form also has synergy with Aobozu and can actually work against you if your opponent has Aobozu.
Youko As this spellcaster has luck involved, he may seem less reliable than other Shikigami. Still, his Destined One form is quite strong and his evolve effect can win games. I also just noticed Relentless Barrage has been buffed to no longer hit allies which makes him significantly stronger.
Recommended teams: He has luck synergy, but such decks are slow and no longer recommended. He has a number of fast cards which gives him synergy with transformation Shikigami such as Tamamonomae. He also has spellcaster synergy with his evolve effect which can win games if you survive long enough to pull it off.
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2022.01.17 18:46 eventhegodfather My friends were playing jenga and I bit a block of wood next to my snickers bar. I was kinda drunk...

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2022.01.17 18:46 britt_mariexo purple hyacinths

hi! does anyone have extra purple hyacinths? i can trade bells, fruit, nmts, or we can work something else out. saharah is also on my island today:)
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2022.01.17 18:46 Angie_iCam Half cat half raccoon 😹

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