Charles casting in the newest addition to Threat Level Midnight

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Anyone wanna do some Hoops?
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3 AM Cringe
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2022.01.21 13:38 paixlemagne Three Aeroflot flights waiting to land at Kaliningrad. One of them has been circling around for about an hour

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2022.01.21 13:38 iamcalifw 🐕 Meta Shinji Just stealth launched 🚀 | Elon Tweeted about us | CG and CMC listing soon | A new member in Meta token family💥 | 🚀GEM x1000 moonshot | FairLaunch 💰| Just Launched

Tg :
💥 CONTRACT : 0x5ee46B5A83291349f00c0c474A6c08D406AEaFB7
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Meta Shinji THE NEXT 1000X GEM? The Next ShibaInu
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The Shinji Inu token is our foundational currency that allows investors to hold millions, billions, or even trillions, of it in their community.
Incoming marketing :

And more to come in
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2022.01.21 13:38 cosmonautporge NFT guide to help you understand what the tech does and what you are actually buying when purchasing an NFT

NFT guide to help you understand what the tech does and what you are actually buying when purchasing an NFT Hello everyone, I’m Cosmonaut Porge
I have been doing a deep dive into NFTs and wanted to share my learning with you in hopes you will better understand this exciting new technology.
As many know, NFT stands for non-fungible token and represents ownership of a unique and scarce digital item. Unlike normal crypto currency where one person's bitcoin is equal to another’s bitcoin, NFTs are all unique. One person’s NFT is not equal to any other person's NFT, and their value is not interchangeable.
Fungible vs non-Fungible When talking about NFT’s it is important to understand what fungibility is. Fungibility implies two things are identical in specification and easily divisible. A real-world example of this would be a 1$ bill being divided into 4 quarters. You are indifferent to either option because they both contain the same amount of value. I like to think about fungible things being like water. I don’t want specific water molecules when I’m thirsty, I just want a full glass to drink. If my friend wants some water too, I can pour half of my glass of water in my friend’s cup. Both glasses are equal in value as there is very little differentiating the contents of the two. Crypto blockchains are like a complex fluid system and tokens pool and stream to and from individual’s wallets. If I got Cosmos Atom from someone, I don’t care which token I got I just want my custodial wallet to say I have 1 atom.
Now that fungibility is understood let’s outline what makes something non fungible. Something is non fungible if it contains a characteristic that allows you to differentiate it from other things. Physical appearance or even a unique serial number are examples. The line between an item being fungible and not fungible is a thin one, but I will hopefully clear this up in an example.
Imagine you and your friend both went to Ikea to buy the cheapest table they had. The two of you buy the “LACK” table and though they both look the same they have different serial numbers and are therefore different from each other and non-fungible. You can compare this to a NFT creator who has a 10 of 10 art project with identical images for each piece. The 10 pictures are all the same visually, but they all have different id numbers which makes each item unique.
A side note: You could think of the black paint that was used to cover the “Lack” table during manufacturing as fungible because you can not differentiate black paint from itself.
Now let's say you have a second friend who needs a table and instead of going to Ikea, they go to a carpenter and commission them to make a custom table by hand. This table is unique and unable to be reproduced and therefore is also non fungible. A 1 of 1 project like the handcrafted table can be compared to a 1 of 1 NFT project because there is nothing else like it.
NFTs enable you to add unique digital items to the blockchain and own online assets that are unique, scarce and differentiable.
How to add unique digital assets on chain When someone creates an NFT, they link a digital asset in the form of a file to a unique one of one token. When using Ethereum, this token is known as an ERC-721 token, and you can read more about the specific token type at link in the comments . This process is done through a smart contract which assigns ownership of a file to a token using metadata. The meta data can contain the name and description of the NFT as well as a link to the hosted file. Below is an example of what your NFT metadata may look like and is in the form of a JSON file.

Metadata/JSON file
The Smart contract takes the metadata and outputs the unique token. The transaction is broadcasted on the blockchain, and thousands of computers then agree that you are now the verifiable owner of the digital asset. This process is known as Minting, and I will explain it below.
Minting When you mint an NFT, you are publishing your unique instance of your NFT’s metadata to the block chain. Once your NFT smart contract is set up, the NFT is “minted” by inputting your JSON file into the smart contract. This will require a transaction to be done on the block chain and getting a NFT token as a result. This token will be issued an id number starting from 0 and counting for each mint for that project. Once the first NFT is minted you can choose to mint more with the same JSON file. This will result in a copy of the NFT from before but with a new id of 1 (0+1=1).
Imagine the two identical Ikea tables with different serial numbers from the example above.
If you then mint for a third time but use a different JSON file that you input into the smart contract you can have a completely different NFT with different properties such as a new picture. The corresponding id would be 2 (0+1+1=2)
*This would be the handcrafted and completely unique table from the example above
When an NFT is minted, you can see the address of the person who minted it and the location of the metadata. If a known artist or content creator's public wallet address is known, you can easily verify using the blockchain that their work is genuine and has not counterfeit. This enables you to be sure you are buying an artist's original work and not a knock off. This digs into the idea of providence which will be discussed in “Use Cases” below
Data storage Now that we know about JSON files, you may be wondering where the image file location in the JSON file points too. After all, if that image was not saved anywhere, your NFT would not have a picture and just be a unique token. The Image in most cases can’t be saved on chain as it is too large a file and storing data on chain is very expensive. Thus, it must be stored either by the creator of the NFT or in the cloud. Many NFT marketplaces use the cloud to store NFT data. This exposes NFTs to centralization as they rely on centralized cloud services to host their files. The risk of a central point of failure means that assets may lose their visuals if cloud services servers go down. Interplanetary File system (IPFS) is a solution that is used to combat this problem. IPFS is a decentralized peer-to- peer file network for sharing and storing files and is used in this case to help combat NFT image storage problems. However, this method is also not perfect as nodes hosting your files can go down. I recommend checking it out more.
This also creates the issue that not all NFT’s are immutable. Immutability means that once a transaction is made it can not be undone or changed in any way. This is a key feature of blockchain and is what prevents users from cheating the system and saying they have more crypto than they do. The history of transactions on a block chain can not be altered in any way.
The problem with some NFTs is that their tokens are immutable, but their JSON file/ metadata may not be. This means that you could have the picture, traits and other characteristics changed after buying the NFT. Changing the file that is attached to the token is done via smart contract and could mean that the file itself could be deleted or the picture could be switched.
Now that being said, there are projects that utilize this feature in a positive way to give your NFT better traits or in the case of gaming asset NFTs, game developers can change their stats to better balance a game. Either way I think this is commonly misunderstood property of NFTs and wanted to highlight it
Use cases Now that verifiable decentralised digital ownership is possible, there are many areas where this technology can be used.
Digital Art The first would be digital artwork. NFTs make it easy to know the provenance of a digital item. You can easily verify the artist behind an NFT art piece and the history of the piece’s ownership right up until the current owner. This information is highly valuable as knowing that a certain person created or owned the piece could provide it with great value. This opens a new market for digital content creators and artists and makes it much easier to sell their work online.
People joke about being able to copy-paste an NFT’s picture, but the value comes from owning the original piece and being able to verify that it is the original. Anyone can print off a copy of the Mona Lisa and put it on their wall, but the original painting is the one that contains all the value. NFT’s make it possible and easy to see who the verifiable owner is.
Digital Collectibles People can now create and own online collector’s items. NFT protects these items from counterfeiting as the original creator and current owner are easy to discover. Certain apps are being developed to create a virtual space that allows you to showcase your digital collectibles and see other’s collections as well. An example would be NBA Top Shot moments
DAO and Club memberships Certain projects have started building clubs around ownership of their NFT’s and provide club members with further benefits such as early access to future projects or collections. Some projects have even created DAO’s with the proceeds of the NFT’s sale and distributed the Dao’s tokens to NFT holders. DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization and is a community organized pool of funds. The decisions of what to use the funds on is made by the community which have been given DAO tokens. The Token holder gets voting power is based on the amount of DAO tokens they hold and the more they have the greater the say they get in the decision.
Digital Identity While online communities grow more and more, digital identity is becoming of greater importance to people. Creating a digital identity allows one to experience life differently and gives you the chance to be someone new. Profile picture (PFP) projects are a way that people can attach an image to their identity. Ownership of this can be seen through their crypto of choice’s public address. PFP usually comes in a large collection and the most famous examples would be BYAC and Crypto Punks.
If you wish to learn more about digital identities, a blog will be linked in the comments
Gaming Video game assets are becoming a very popular use case for NFT’s. Video games have had items with real world value for years and NFTs are the next step for opening digital economies. Games that have implemented NFT items enable users to buy and sell their in-game items for crypto currency. Popular computer game platform Steam allows you to sell items for certain games on their marketplace; however, you can only get paid in steam dollars which is not transferable to Fiat (USD, EUR…). Something I hope to see is in-game items become interoperable between different games so I could have a skin for a character in one game and use it for my character in a different game, but financial incentives may get in the way of that. By creating more interoperable and free marketplaces for in-game items, the gamer can sell their items more freely and unlock its value.
Game developers can experiment with this technology and use it to discover a variety of new business models for the gaming industry. As a gamer I personally believe we could see some very cool things from this. I hope to see more game focused developers embrace this tech to fund high quality projects that are not based solely off earning money. Ideally, we could even see a DAO of Developers working to make interoperable gaming real.
Conclusion So those are the main use cases I learned about, however there are many others out there and I may do a follow up post going more in depth about them if there is interest.
Where to buy NFT’s NFT’s come in a variety of forms and can be anything from video game assets to digital art. Below will be a list of NFT Marketplaces and some new and pre-existing projects that I have found interesting. These examples are to help connect the above information to real life projects and are not recommendations for investments. I just think these projects are interesting.
Market places Open Sea:
  • Sells digital collectibles, art and gaming related items
  • Uses Ethereum, L2 chain Polygon and Klaytn chain to transact
  • Accepts Eth / Wrapped Eth, USDC, DAI and many more
  • Sells Usernames, digital real estate, in game clothing etc.
  • Built as an L2 on Ethereum and uses its own ERC-20 Currency
  • Mana is their ERC-20 currency used for in app purchases
  • Sells Art, PFPs
  • Built on Secret Network and enables privacy for NFT’s metadata*NFT creator can show low-res picture to the public but high-res picture to the NFT owner
  • Accepts payment in Secret
Honorable mention to Zoro, Eth art marketplace
Projects PFP / Club membership
Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC): This PFP and club-based project was launched on Ethereum and provides members with exclusive content and in person events
MetaRats: A PFP and club-based project that will be released on Secret network’s Stashh marketplace, NFT’s metadata will be private to the public and only owner will possess the high-res image, release date unknown
Art / Collectibles
Tarantino NFTs: Tarantino NFTs are currently being minted, these NFT collection’s come with a handwritten screenplay of Pulp Fiction along with a unique audio recording from the director. They are being sold on Secret networks NFT marketplace and Each NFT will have private metadata
Beeple: Collection of works from famous graphic designer and artist Mike Winkelmann. Mike has been creating and posting an art piece a day for over 10 years and hold the record for the most expensive NFT ever sold
Games / Metaverse digital assets / DAO’s
Metamotive: An ongoing collection of 3D rendered sports cars designed by world class designers with work experience at BMW, VW and more. Buying the asset gives you the 3D NFT as well as access to future airdrop of their DAO’s tokens which will give you partial control of the project. Their goal is to create 3D assets that can be used in a variety of Web 3 games and as a collector’s item.
Passage and Strange Clan: Passage is a web3 games publisher and marketplace that will serve to increase NFT gaming in the Cosmos ecosystem. Their first game Strange Clan is a medieval fantasy world where NFT holders can move around the 3D world doing quests and upgrading their characters items. This project will use Akash’s decentralized cloud computing to power the world.
11 Minutes: Play to earn game which enables NFT holders to partake in a scheduled tournament for prize money. This project runs on the polygon network for low transaction fees
Recap So overall I talked about
  • Fungibility and uniqueness,
  • How NFT’s are created and added on-chain
  • What data goes into making them
  • Where their data is stored and I also went over a few of their use cases.
There are a lot of novel and interesting projects that are based on this tech, and I will continue to explore and learn about them and post my findings.
I hope this was educational for you and please share if you have any suggestions on topics to learn and post about
Some topics I look to cover in future posts are
  • Interoperable NFTs and Web3 gaming
  • Navigating Etherscan and how to interpret transactions
  • NFT art and collectible speculation
  • Marketing of NFT projects
  • Differences between blockchains NFT protocols
Thank you for reading
Cosmonaut Porge
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2022.01.21 13:38 orochimemelords Is It Possible Therapy Isn't for Me

I don't know what is wrong with me. I'm lonely. I'm stressed. I have no one who gives two fucks about me and I've held off on doing anything with my life. I turned down the guy I like. I never tried going out and socializing. I never went to college. I never got a job or a driver's license.
I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm constantly really nervous and I'm angry and therapy never made it better. I'm tired of being excluded. I want to be included for once. But the fucking therapist and my mom won't let me. And once again my entire life is on hold.
Therapy hasn't helped or made me feel better. You know what would? Friends who actually give a shit about me. A partner who loves me for who I am instead of someone I have to pretend to be. Not being stranded in an unsafe neighborhood. Not having to lie about who I am and wear a fucking mask. The power to leave the toxic situation I'm in right now. A SAFE PLACE TO LIVE INSTEAD OF ONE WHERE I'M HARRASSED AND SHAT ON BY EVERYONE.
But no. Partial hospitalization and prozac is apparently the answer to all my problems. Not having my life threatened on a daily basis, being gaslit by a controlling cunt of a woman, and having no one who cares about me. Definitely not that.
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2022.01.21 13:38 thepurplezoned What are your favorite Indian bands?

I just saw Swarathma's AMA and started listening to them.
I then realized that I don't know many Indian bands, which is unfortunate because I'm sure there's a lot of talent out there.
So, please tell us about your favorite Indian band(s)!
Your favorite songs or albums by them would also be appreciated as a starting point for listening to their music.
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2022.01.21 13:38 -irradiated- Soooo what's the deal with the whole russia ukraine thing?

It's hard to parse what's actually happening when i know that anything i read about it is likely straight up propaganda
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2022.01.21 13:38 gabbysonreddit Tarot Reading Reviews

I joined this thread to receive readings but I forgot how much I enjoyed giving them. Honestly, I can only do one a day + I don't really want the money. I just want to do it. I'm going to create this post for the people I've read for thus far to leave reviews and also new people can reach out to DM me too.
Forewarning: I go hard in the paint when I do tarot, I can probably only do 1 or 2 a day.
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2022.01.21 13:38 paperninja- FT: various mythical and shiny events. LF: event (non-shiny, non-pogo) Marshadow, Diancie, Volcanion, Zeraora, Pokeball Vivillon, La Reine Furfrou, any Cap Pikachu except Alola.

FT: various mythical and shiny events. LF: event (non-shiny, non-pogo) Marshadow, Diancie, Volcanion, Zeraora, Pokeball Vivillon, La Reine Furfrou, any Cap Pikachu except Alola. submitted by paperninja- to PokemonHome [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 13:38 dorzasegna Aliexpress Newcomer Coupons

Here is the Aliexpress Newcomer Coupons
Discover best page to find AliExpress coupon code. Claim your AliExpress promo code up to 30% OFF. Find more discount codes and deals on this page.
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