2022.01.28 01:55 Dtchy HELP ME!!

I just started my third month of my new mini pill. I was on the combo pill for over a year and recently switched to the mini pill because i developed depression and thought it was hormone related. Anyways, i went to my long distance boyfriends house for the weekend and forgot a new pack of pills. We used protection but i missed two days of pills. Once coming back home i took a plan b and took two days of double pills and continued my pack as usual. I’m now 50 days late for my period and have 3 negative pregnancy tests. I took one 5 days after missed period and the second / third around 12 days. But I’m still paranoid something else could be going on. My doctor wasn’t very informative about the pill she put me on.
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2022.01.28 01:55 Senior-Review8937 Rowena Tandon was removed from many films because of the hero's girlfriend

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2022.01.28 01:55 Few_Cauliflower_2148 Coinbase prolly the best bet right now with this shit 🕺🏽💵💯

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2022.01.28 01:55 Accelerator3828 Edward's true death

Raian will properly finish off Edward in the next chapter. His neck isn't completely severed yet, so we will expect Raian to go all 'I will play with you and Alan once we go to hell' and proceeds to rip him at the neck wound a-la-Alan Mitosis style.
Also, get a life you Edward wankers. It's just a Manga and most of us here like the hardwork that has gone into it. No one cares if you are building a memorial grave for your favourite character.
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2022.01.28 01:55 TiscaBomid Love both versions of course

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2022.01.28 01:55 OrganizationSea6549 Looking for work?

Dm/Pm me
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2022.01.28 01:55 thr0wawaytypebeat45 my underage co-worker is spreading a rumor that we had sex. what the fuck do i do?

i don't want get into too much detail about the situation, but to make a long story short, my underage co-worker told her sister and some of our other co-workers that we had sex (which we absolutely did not, i would never in my life even touch a minor). this is a really fucking serious situation that could get me in so much trouble if the rumor gets out to the wrong person and i could possibly get arrested.
what do i do? who do i tell? i'm scared for my life right now. i don't want to go to jail because some fucking stupid kid decided to tell lies about me.
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2022.01.28 01:55 Justgofigure Orange Peel

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2022.01.28 01:55 No_Bedroom8377 Google is scary

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2022.01.28 01:55 misteryub City Rebates - taxable income?

Howdy, it was my understanding that generally, rebates on purchases were considered nontaxable, as they reduced the basis of the purchase. However, I received a 1099-MISC from my city for some rebate programs I participated in. Here are the details of the rebate - I'm curious if y'all think this is taxable income or not.

For Single Family Homes, we will cover 75% of project costs up to $3,000 for work done by contractors, or 100% of project costs up to $3,000 for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects.
City of Kirkland provides rebates up to $150 per tree and $500 per property for planting approved trees.
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2022.01.28 01:55 BloKNoD TIL: you can manage hideout on GTX 260

Its 20fps, and no 3D AT ALL(just a black void).
GL to me when i try to buy 3050 in 2 hours.
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2022.01.28 01:55 CRUISEK0NTR0L [SERIOUS] What would you do if you were the last person on earth, realistically?

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2022.01.28 01:55 Prestigious-Tank-714 You have to pay $315 to get into Xinjiang camp,so evil😤

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2022.01.28 01:55 TotalAdhesiveness778 Happy almost Lunar New Year!

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2022.01.28 01:55 dinos8ur Trading Neon Choco Lab and Neon Dog for Luminous Choco Lab and Dog

I’ll add a dodo or trex or snow owl and ride potion
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2022.01.28 01:55 Significant_Let8814 LETS GOOOOO

I got a B on my apush semester final! I’ve got a B in the class now!!!!!!
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2022.01.28 01:55 _rnic new cole in a few minutes? 👀

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2022.01.28 01:55 RedditTopShooter Any business or ideas in general I can do with 10k?

Open to any suggestions
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2022.01.28 01:55 lokkomoco Getting Comptia A+ online?

Can i get the certificate here in the Philippines online or do i still need to go to a center that provides them? Thanks!
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2022.01.28 01:55 mrmiiim My good boy looking at my mom 🥲

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2022.01.28 01:55 MuffinManMMMM Cool party (don't mind the naked dude)

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2022.01.28 01:55 roshandosh best tiramisu in the city?

probably somewhere in little italy, but wanted to get some up to date opinions and favorites around town
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2022.01.28 01:55 Heinsenberg14 I would do anything…

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2022.01.28 01:55 DeathMuffinYT I just thought this was ironic

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2022.01.28 01:55 Conscious_Board_5566 Who is your favorite rapper of all time and why?

Mine is Kendrick Lamar because I really love his storytelling and all his albums are 🔥
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