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2022.01.21 13:34 linusl Baba Yetu (acapella) - Civilization IV

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2022.01.21 13:34 oylesinetakilan-adam beni tanior musun

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2022.01.21 13:34 artfellig stove no longer lights from flame

stove no longer lights from flame I'm in an apartment with a gas stove. The burners have spark generators that ignite the gas, except they stopped working long ago, so for the last couple years I've been using a long lighter to light stove; turn knob for gas, and touch flame to burner.
This morning this stopped working; I can hear and smell the gas when I turn the knob, but touching the flame to burner where gas escapes does nothing. I tried all burners. Very strange, as I've done this a thousand times and they always lit instantly after applying lighter.
Gas stove that won't light, even when flame is touched to it.
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2022.01.21 13:34 OhSh1tAGh0st Whats your best turn 1 play?

I think general consensus is that a Sol Ring on turn 1 is the best start (not counting the 0 cost mana artifacts) but I know there must be better turn 1s for some commanders out there. What is your commander and what is your best first turn play? Talking about a single card, no turn 1 infinate combos just a better first spell to play. Mine is Hedron Crab in my Sidisi Brood Tyrant dredge deck.
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2022.01.21 13:34 junkfoodmami First shot!

Took my first wegovy dose yesterday! So far no side effects but definitely not feeling hungry (may be psychosomatic vs medication who knows)! But for documentation starting weight 254lbs 5’6 height! I can’t wait to see where I’ll land 😍❤️
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2022.01.21 13:34 mester006 Magyarország *területe* előre megy, nem hátra!

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2022.01.21 13:34 TessTheHuntress Ist es nochmal 36 stunden in der Woche Schule zu haben?

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2022.01.21 13:34 Chronos-X4 The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Hu)Man

From the War Diaries of Xelik Am'Dussias, former Scientist of the Lukonian Empire, translated from Standard Basic into English by Dr. Geraldine Wilcox, PhD...
I've already written and spoken at large about my experiences on Terra. However, now it falls upon me to address a crucial matter in the discussion of humans.
Simply put, it is all practically impossible to discuss this species in a comprehensive, satisfactory way. Mind the former term, "practically": there are certainly plenty of biological, sociological, anthropological, historical studies conducted by xeno-biologists, sociologists, and the like. Taken together with older studies authored by humans, there is an inexhaustible body of knowledge regarding human biology, history, customs, etc.
This entry won't deal with such topics. Rather, it's a philosophical musing on the nature of human existence.
I realize my so-called right to speak on this matter is suspect at best and nonexistent at worst, given that I am an Ailuran, what some humans call a "cat person" (as in "sentient being who happens to be a cat," rather than "person who is fond of cats," so to speak. It's important to make these distinctions crystal clear from the beginning).
The ephemeral nature of human life is known to practically all sentient beings, including humans themselves. If I were to quote every extant work of philosophy, fiction, art, etc. dealing with this topic/trope, I wouldn't be halfway done by the time our universe perishes under its inevitable heat death. I have already conducted a thorough examination of this topic in my previous works.
Being an Ailuran, I have outlived most of the humans I've met, including my beloved Anthony. This decaying, ailing body of mine will last at least six-hundred standard Terran years before death claims it. That being said, I should have plenty of time to devote myself to studying, researching, and any other endeavors I deem worthwhile. Moreover, I may undertake several at a given time: I might become a Doctor of Philosophy while I also run for Head of State in my adopted planet of Phaedra and take up funambulism as a hobby.
Laughable as this example may sound, it conveys the fact that my spheres of opportunity are virtually limitless. All I need is time, health, funds, and perseverance to see them through.
While the same certainly applies to humans, there are also certain caveats they can ill afford to ignore.
First of all, human life is brief. It begins and ends in the blink of an eye. Since most humans don't live to see their first century, their time on this plane of existence is absurdly brief by the standards of long-lived races such as mine. Therefore, humans can't afford to make mistakes when it comes to choosing their vocation, as chances are they won't have the time or means to correct them.
Second of all, not all humans are equal. Some humans are born into wealth and privilege, yet the great majority of them only share a pittance of such dividends. My beloved Anthony is one such example. Being of predominantly African descent (or "African-American"/"black," as he used to say) born in an area of the southern United States known as the "Bible Belt," the odds were largely stacked against him.
Being dark-skinned, he would often meet with disfavor, even outright hostility, from the light-skinned majorities that monopolized positions of power at the time of his youth. Branded by a centuries-long history of slavery, poverty, and marginalization, Anthony had to carefully gauge even his most seemingly trivial actions and words, as saying/doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and place would likely get him into trouble with law enforcement. For someone like Anthony, encountering the latter was all but a death sentence, a risk all the better avoided at all cost.
Of special note is the case of a young man whose name currently eludes me. All I remember is that it started with E. Anthony showed me pictures, transcripts, press articles at the time. I vomited when I beheld what was left of that young man. The worst part is, other than slightly breach rules of social etiquette and decorum at the time, that youth did nothing to deserve such atrocious punishment.
Anthony... he would become furious whenever he brought it up. One needed no psionic faculties to sense his fury, his disgust. He had choice words for humans who treated such wanton murder as a picnic, commemorating a day of shame and infamy with postcards, as if they were on vacation rather than taking part in a murder. I am quite convinced those persons are guilty: they may not have harmed the young man themselves, yet they allowed others to do it on their behalf. Not one of them rose and said "This is wrong. I will not be a part of this. You will not slay an innocent in my name. You'll have to trample over my carcass if you wish to spill the blood of this youth."
Dear Anthony learnt me of still older, more brutal instances of humans violating one another, legally or otherwise. While he was careful to emphasize that not all humans are like that or avow such injustices, I could tell a part of him was sickened by his race as a whole. Had Anthony given himself to rage and resentment, he would've done everything in his power to wipe out humanity as a whole, himself included. I know it for a fact he was intelligent enough to do thus if he so wished. The fact he didn't still surprises me to this day.
Third of all... human life goes on. Despite such atrocities, those who survive often find the strength to continue living. Most astonishing of all, some strive to atone for the sins of others, while others are devoured by shame, guilt, and something called "bad faith." A shame I can't recall Anthony's succinct definition...
I beg forgiveness if I seem presumptuous, yet I believe I know what makes humans so special, so different from all other races.
Humans are creatures of chaos. Try as they might to adhere to tenets of law, scientific procedure, and such, most of the things they do are predicated on chance. That being said, human action is (or at least appears to be) erratic, unfocused, aleatory, nonsensical. To quote a fellow xeno-scientist, "humans don't know: they hope."
Humans are creatures of contradiction. They seldom agree on anything, and even when they do, there are still significant differences. For example, one human biologist will differ from one of their colleagues regarding fields of expertise, methodology, ethics, and countless other considerations, never mind the fact both of them share similar fields of specialization.
Humans are creatures of hope. In the midst of suffering, violation, and destruction, they dare imagine better times ahead. They believe they can change their dismal circumstances for the better, that they can defeat any and all foes, from the foulest monsters to the pettiest sycophants.
Much as I admired dear Anthony's intellect and drive, it was his hope that kept us both going through the worst of time, that allowed us to surmount bitter defeats, to push on through the cruelty and injustice of his fellow humans and other races.
Anthony never gave up hope. He held on to it till the day he breathed his last. He loved, desired, raged, laughed, wept, taught, learned, created, destroyed, did pretty much everything other beings did, yet his actions carry a special way because they were done by a living being with a pitifully short lifespan, with far more limited means and opportunities, at least compared to non-human races.
Hope. That's what makes human beings human, so to speak. That's what has made me more like them, what brought my beloved and I together.
I no longer care whether or not I make sense. I know what I know. Make of it what you will.
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2022.01.21 13:34 FrogbossKen Give me a good topic for a persuasive speech!

I will perform the most popular comment's idea in class. Please be kind to me my fellow teens 🙂
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2022.01.21 13:34 Morgan-992 Last Day Promotion- Flexible Dog Molar Bite Toy , With this toy, your dog will entertain himself and be no longer alone! Suitable for all dogs! FEATURES Rugged & Durable High Elasticity Keep pets clean & Fresh in their teeth Safety Food TPR Material Easy Installation: Simply stick and go

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2022.01.21 13:34 Morgan-992 With the 3 different sizes of embroidery punch needle, the small/medium/ large, you can do many pretty and delicate artworks, such as backstitch, loop, satin stitch and more! Now you can transform any textile item with patterns, writing, flowers patches or more!

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2022.01.21 13:34 General-Nonsens3 If a trade worker can figure out how to repay his loans, then why isn’t a college graduate smart enough to figure out how to repay theirs?

You went to college, figure it out.
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2022.01.21 13:34 barf8bv FPGAzumSpass on Twitter: SPU complete

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2022.01.21 13:34 Main-Implement-5938 My Extremely Detailed Review of TGWCT--- (100% my personal opinion which some may love and some may loathe) potential trigger warning- not holding back on the opinion part

I'm listening to this album early in the morning in Los Angeles. Its still dark out. I have my headphones on. Where will you take me Aurora?
This album reminded me of how I felt after the first two Lady Gaga albums. I was so excited about Gaga's music, then Born This Way came out and I sighed and went "what happened to the production on this album?" It wasn't that the songs were all necessarily bad, but the production was off. On the Fame Monster each track was a banger you could listen to 500 times, Born this Way, not so much. It felt like a letdown. I know many were crazy about it, but I was not. That brings us to The Gods We Can Touch (TGWCT). I absolutely adore Infections of a Different Kind of Human and also All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend. In those two albums Aurora show us she is different, not your typical pop singer. They are so good I have both of them as CDs and LPs. I'm someone who has collected music now for over 15 years (many different genres), so I don't always get two versions of the same thing. Her unique sound is amplified by her use of vocal layering, occasional kulning technique and open sounding production which gave the music something new, fresh, and inviting. Now we are taken on a detour (which I'm hoping is temporary) into what I'm going to call hyper pop-frolic land. While the album has some originality in certain tracks, this is not something I will repeatedly revisit like the first two. I also enjoy some healthy criticism of music, not everything by everyone is great all the time, each artist has their moments. Perhaps this will gain her some more broader notoriety or fanbase, but it may alienate some who found her previous sound unique and beautiful, as they will now have to dig through the tracks to find similarity. If you haven't heard her previous albums and are a new fan, go out and buy her first two. Infections of A Different Kind s brilliant, a true genius on tracks like It Happened Quiet.
Aurora said on this album we are introduced to different gods through the songs, though other than Artemis having the title Artemis it is a bit like reading tea leaves. I think if I want to listen to a song that is explicitly about Greek gods I'll tune into Thrice's track titled Dadaelus (really lovely and all about Dadaelus singing about and to Icarus so perhaps they slightly ruined me into thinking this album would be a bit more like that). But anyways back to The Gods We Can Touch:
Forbidden Fruits of Eden- this is a vocal layering track which is well done. Devoid of lyrics it makes the listener focus on the melody which soars up and down for 40 seconds. It makes an interesting and powerful introduction, which led me to believe the album would be similar. 10/10
Initial thought: Yay I'm being taken away somewhere awesome!
Everything Matters- this is perhaps the strongest song on the album. With some more modulated acoustic guitar (which the feeling is reminiscent of earlier works such as Murder Song). This is a strong selection for the second track on the album. Pomme's singing on the last stanza was a good choice but she's so insanely talented vocally it does slightly overshadow Aurora. This song itself could be a Pomme song if it was entirely in French and sung by her. As a plug for Pomme if you don't own her first two cds go out and buy them. The piano bits are well written on this song and add to the overall theme of the music, which much like the first track leads are up and down an ocean of sound, we can all pleasantly drown together on Everything Matters, it is a pleasure. 10/10
Initial thought: That was great! I loved it!
Giving into the Love- this is a 1980's style song with a 2020 message and enthusiastic beat. While most of the lyrics seem congruent except for the chorus, which does not go with the rest of the song. This song is more of an anthem about being true to yourself and not caring what others think. Why the chorus is not "I don't care what they think," will probably be forever vexing to me. I think Aurora uses the word love on every track, so perhaps that explains the selection of the word. 5.5/10
Initial thought: Um what? 80s vibes, kinda bland.
Cure for Me- This song is lyrically similar to Giving Into the Love (along the I don't care what you think idea) but this is a typical pop song. Unfortunately the mixing and odd backing tracks (combined with some unusual English phrasing) really makes this not my favorite. I do wonder if the low parts are autotuned, though I know Aurora says she doesn't use it, it sounds...suspicious. There was a version of this song on Youtube that was acoustic and it wasn't too bad of a track, I prefer that over this carnival circus. The song itself is not terrible, but the backing/mixing is distracting. 3.5/10 acoustic version 6.8/10
Initial thought: WTH?
Continued thought: WTH?
You Keep Me Crawling - the intro parts remind me of another song- an old song. If I think of what it is I'll come back and edit this to include. This song is fun, but again the mixing is off once the chorus comes in, instead of bringing her vocals forward and surrounding they are compressed and centered, while this noise is there doing orchestra sounds. Its a shame because this could be so much better with different production. If the vocalist's voice is what is good about the song, there is no need to overshadow it with multiple layers of backing instrumental tracks and synth drums. By doing this synth drum and weird DJ type sound sampling it makes it sound typical. Usually Aurora songs are anything but typical. During the second verse there is a highly annoying backing sound that needs to go. We have the pop rhythm then some really odd sound, I assume it is some vocals that were sampled and distorted. But it is distracting. Imagine the song without it. Yeah it is better, don't deny! Lyrically it sounds like its about some abusive relationship, or is she talking about how she sees God? Or is that blurred and we don't know? Just something to ponder. But given how other songs seem to be about an abusive relationship I think it is probably about a person. 8/10
Initial thought: That was interesting, but odd at the same time.
Exist for Love- This is a simple love song. It is kind of sweet and slow. Does it sound Aurora? Not really. It is very sweet from the lyrics, but I also think this is not something that is a standout. Where she sings "arms" she sounds like she is channeling Edith Piaf. Granted we don't usually hear this kind of extra "pop" sounding song from Aurora, its more of a slow ballad. 6.5/10
Initial thought: ZzzzzZzzzz lullaby
Heathens- this track is your typical AMDGAF or IOADK Aurora. I think that is why it is popular. The instrumentation, use of minors, mixing, everything. If you notice when listening to it, the instrumentation doesn't overshadow Aurora's voice like it does on other tracks. To me one of the more interesting parts is the bridge on this song - a nice addition that breaks the song up before diving right back into the action 9/10
Initial thought: fun!
The Innocent- this is another trip to Brazil or Portugal song. The lyrics are interesting but again the mixing and instrumentation can be distracting in parts of it. I almost feel that the sound of this song doesn't reflect the song lyrics itself (if that makes sense). It has a carnival sound going on again. The only hint of a normal Aurora feeling is on the bridge. I really wonder what the producer thinking. This song is ruined by the instrumentation/production portion of it. It make it sound silly. Yes...SILLY. An acoustic version of this song is desperately needed. 3/10 (in its current state).
Initial thought: um hard pass
Exhale Inhale- this song begins by Aurora doing a vocal exercise (or at least it sounds that way). In this song Aurora embodies mother earth and tell su please do not destroy her (as in other songs). While this is probably her most "preachy" song on the album, it is also one of the more well written ones musically. Parts of it are reminiscent of Enya (who is calling me? for an emergency?) Reminds me of early Enya. Perhaps she is reaching out to alien life. This has nice backing guitar tracks and strings, which if you notice don't overshadow her singing. 8/10
Initial thought: interesting.
A Temporary High- this song begins with a 1980s sounding keyboard and muted backbeat. It starts off great then the instruments come in and drown out Aurora yet again. I'm really questioning the production on this album. Do we need to buy this person new headphones? I like AUrora's use of vocals where she sings a bit lower "howling at the waves." This is a very 1980s sounding song. Its not unique but it is also not bad. I could easily imagine Lady Gaga singing it (now just imagine it- yes you can don't deny!). But do I want that from Aurora? Or is it too pop-typical? The sounds are 2:13 are weirdly placed. It makes it somewhat banal in my opinion. Maybe she will achieve some radio popularity with this song (remains to be seen), that could be good for her career wise, but it sounds like everything else on the radio. 4.5/10
Initial thought: meh, radio song, the thing you hear at the roller rink.
A Dangerous Thing- this song again sounds more like an Aurora song, which makes Aurora unique. The use of vocal layering, instrumentation and lyrics are what fans come to expect from her music and this song delivers. It is well written and has an exciting chorus that is catchy and easy to remember. While I hope this is not about a real person, it probably is, and clearly about an abusive relationship. Hope they were able to escape. This is what I expected sonically out of all the songs on the album. 10/10
Initial thought: I like this one a lot. Also I hope this is not about a personal experience she had, but it probably is.
Artemis- This song has some interesting lyrics. The use of the accordion makes it feel like it was written on some street in Paris. There is also a LOT of accordion. I'm not sure this song is for everyone, it is not a bad song per say. It ends right when you think it is going to do something exciting. It ends up being average. 5/10 (if it was her singing alone with nothing else it would be an 8/10).
Initial thought: WTH is with that accordion???!
Blood in the Wine- the beginning sounds like it was written in Arizona or the set of a spaghetti western. I'm glad Aurora is able to do the Good, Bad, and the Ugly scream but it is is an unusual vocal choice for a song. The chorus is really reminiscent of Florence and the Machine, but without the live drums. This seems like a woman-empowerment type song, don't shame women for doing what they do vibe. Though like most songs, it is also vague, so it is left up to interpretation. Because it sounds so typical (and like someone else could have wrote it) I don't think its quite the best here. 6.5/10
Initial thought: The Good, The Bad, and The Florence and the Aurora Machine?
This Could Be A Dream- this is a slow dance song. It is sweet and reminds me of some of the early slow tracks of Smashing Pumpkins tracks from Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (if you aren't familiar with them go by this album). I like this song, it is well done. It is one of the better songs on the album 8/10
Initial thought: Nice track.
A Little Place Called the Moon- the fun introduction here reminds me again of a spaghetti western. It is perfect though on this track, since it isn't exactly Good Bad and the Ugly. It seems different, unusual, and makes you want to come back to it. I would have preferred if more songs were like this, a strong demonstration of what Aurora can actually do vocally. This is Enya meets spaghetti western in a good way. Its fun, its different, its unique. If only more tracks on this album could have been like this... sigh. I want to stay on this moon-planet. 9/10
Initial thought: Take me with you moon-creature. Why wasn't everything like this?

Overall score of The Gods We Can Touch- 6.8/10
Initial thought: Let me put some tears in bottles. (emo me after listening to this one)
Now go back, listen to it a few times, and you'll realize the songs you most likely gravitate to on this album are probably ones that remind you of her earlier works in some way due to the instrumentation and production
For comparison:
All My Demons Greeting Me As a Friend 8/10
Infections of a Different Kind of Human 9.5/10
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2022.01.21 13:34 TheBroox Free Tickets to Rampage Tonight (Jan 21, Washington DC)

I have 6 tickets to tonight's Rampage in DC (Entertainment & Sports Arena) that I can't move on StubHub even though I am practically giving them away. So I though why not actually give the away.
All I ask is that you actually intend to use the ticket. Please don't try to resell it as there is seemingly no secondary market for this show and it would just lead to the tickets going unused, which is the same situation they are in now.
If you would like to go to the show please drop me a line. It will more or less be first come first serve but I might prioritize kids if I get a swell of interest (unlikely given the secondary market).
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2022.01.21 13:34 owlizzle Don’t sign up for plans under my name without my consent

Hi, this happened yesterday and I’ve slept it off but I’m still pretty anxious/upset and want to vent. I’ll probably delete this after a while.
Anyway, I got an email yesterday about my Spectrum service being upgraded. Apparently my Mother had been messing with her Roku TV and somehow upgraded my plan (I pay for our internet service). I cannot cancel the TV plan without things becoming volatile between us, and I am trying to keep the peace right now. She says that I may cancel it once she finishes watching a show. I confronted her about this and was told that I have such a nerve to complain considering she supports me. This is absolutely true, I live under her roof. HOWEVER, that does NOT make what she did okay. Bearing in mind, she is 71, and thought she was getting the plan under her name since it was her TV. The refusal to allow me to cancel something that’s under my name is absurd though. If I DO cancel it, the peace would be broken and I can’t afford that right now. I cannot move out right now either and have no license (I’m working on it). Anyway, I’m now stressing about having to jump through hoops with Spectrum to get the plan canceled when she says it’s okay to do so. I’m just so upset over this, this is not okay.
Side note - She says she will pay for the TV plan but I do not trust her reliability. I also feel very uncomfortable with something I do not want being under my name.
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2022.01.21 13:34 luvlychica Check me

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2022.01.21 13:34 ElDarrenDrums Wish (Live) - Nine Inch Nails | DRUM COVER

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2022.01.21 13:34 oprimido_opressor Can you cook your own arm using only your body heat?

Let's suppose you can build a perfectly insulated structure around your arm, that will prevent it from losing any temperature to the outside, and associated with that, a system that drenates any sweet you produce.
Could your arm produce enough heat to cook itself?
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2022.01.21 13:34 Sylvester0311 2016 F150 Lariat

The heated seats on the driver seat aren't working anymore but work in every other seat. Has anyone had this problem?
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2022.01.21 13:34 sploush Get 6 free stocks from MooMoo worth up to $3,500 each! Plus you’ll get an extra $45 $LCID stock guaranteed with my referral link! $100 min deposit required. Promo ends 1/31/22! [USA only]

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Exclusive referral bonus: by using my link you will also get a guaranteed $LCID stock worth $45! $100 deposit required.
USA only.
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2022.01.21 13:34 magisthicc123 Need help with this dagger pair open world build

Dagger pair q3 w4
Guardian helmet
Assassin jacket
Hellion shoes on refreshing sprint
Undead cape
Invis pots and beef stew
If i find a target with low ip that i can 1 shot, i swap to:
Dagger pair w5
Hellion shoes ability
Poison pots
Im not sure about the guardian helmet though. Any suggestions for a better helmet? Also, i know dagger pair is suboptimal for open world. Im a filthy casual that uses weapons he likes.
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2022.01.21 13:34 RiddickNfriends Some screenshots from ME1 LE

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2022.01.21 13:34 big_man_with_a_gun Looking for some flirty [Chat]. Nothing serious, just fun.

M. Happy to chat to anyone. Drop me a DM.
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