Not really NBD but with the new wheels and full suspension rebuild, or definitely feels it. 💚

2022.01.22 14:15 Maruqo Not really NBD but with the new wheels and full suspension rebuild, or definitely feels it. 💚

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2022.01.22 14:15 astraightcircle [WP] One day humans became stronger, more durable and bigger. But that was just the first day, and this process continues until today with no end in sight. You are the first human going to alien space and you have to try to explain these circumstances to the other races.

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2022.01.22 14:15 meekie03 Of all the weddings you’ve been to, what stands out the most?

Hoping for mostly good stories as I’m planning a wedding and trying to see what I should be focusing on and what will be most memorable. Tell me your stories and what you’ve loved or noticed that other people have done at weddings (i.e decorations, food, etc.)
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2022.01.22 14:15 Nikk201 GTWM Podcast Y11E10 (#1437) - Episode Discussion Thread

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2022.01.22 14:15 Euphoric-Regular-508 Organic Chemistry

So I am taking a college level Organic Chemistry course, Ive made it half way through with about a 65% average in theory and about an 80% average in lab.
As you know, organic builds off of the basic knowledge the further along you get. I dont really have a great "start" to the theory portion, and it doesnt really seem to be clicking for me. Does anyone have any suggestions for literature, sources, study methods or advice?
I have gone through a few videos online (crash course, khan academy) and flipped through my notes but my attention span isn't the greatest for that stuff either.
Please does anyone have a good direction to point me towards? Or just want to vent about similar struggles?
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2022.01.22 14:15 L1ttleN1tro81 Note, I did well

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2022.01.22 14:15 YeboMate Long pressing a video brings the video menu, then open the video in YouTube and come back to the comment and long press video again causes it to show comment menu and not video menu. Will try post a screen recording in comments.

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2022.01.22 14:15 selfaself Love selly

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2022.01.22 14:15 ElHombre123 My Bamboo Babies

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2022.01.22 14:15 TmauType2 Here’s a dance pop remix I made! Can I get some feedback?

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2022.01.22 14:15 charliedba Golden angel

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2022.01.22 14:15 theguywhocodes96 Suggestions needed for a flat in Gulberg Green

So one my friend's wants to move in with his wife in Gulberg Green and is looking for an accommodation possibly a flat with single or double bedrooms. Jagah family oriented ho as in neighbours ma bachelors ya hostels wala scene na ho, hope so you get my point. Anyone who can recommend me a real estate agent who can help out or point out such a place there?
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2022.01.22 14:15 agnostic_science Stress vs flare-up

Wanted to ask the community: What is your experience with stress/anxiety and your SFN? How do separate what you cause with your mind vs the stress your body is inflicting on your mind? ... Any tips?!
My background (in case that is helpful):
I had an acute neurological episode about a year-ago. Rubbery legs, crawling and pins and needles sensations, muscle fasciculations, bilateral limb numbness (started in hands and then got worst in the legs), green poop, persistent nausea, elevated heart rate. Went on for 6 weeks (a little worse every day). Then a month of recovery. Then a flare-up that was finally blunted with prednisone after that. Since then, mercifully just the paresthesias for several months. That had seemed to be slowly, slowly getting better.
My neuro was generally unhelpful. Basically told me an acute episode should just go away and usually not come back. I felt good. I was hoping that was the case, but... I don't know. It's like it got in my head again?
I started thinking about it more. It's been a stressful time in my life. And then, like, a few days after I start thinking about some symptom, it starts appearing again, just like it did before. "Well, I'll know it's serious if the nausea comes back." ... and then the nausea comes back like a day later. "Well, I'll know it's serious if the tingling starts to come back in my hands." ...and then the tingling starts up in my hands a few days later. Slowly getting worse. Symptoms I hadn't had in months.
I talk to my primary care and we decide to start a prednisone course again. And... my symptoms sort of stop less than 2 hours after starting... Which... that's not possible, is it? And then when I'm well and distracted, I don't notice my symptoms. But then when I start focusing on what could be wrong... I start to feel a 'flare-up' in symptoms. Pains starts. Pins and needles start. ...and then my body starts shaking and I think, is this... is this anxiety? Am I just traumatized in this coming back full-on? Am I just scared of what if this gets worse and nobody knows what to do or what this really is?
I know it's possible. But it's just a mindfuck to even think about. On some level I know parts of my body are damaged and broken. But on another level, I know I might be inflicting/revealing/accenting the damage through my anxiety. How do I even begin to deal with this ? How do I separate the things I can't control from the things I can? ... And (lol) How do I even talk about this with a doctor without sounding completely crazy - where they'll just write me off as having everything just be 'all in my head'?
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2022.01.22 14:15 paintingcatlady Cutest curl, my pretty girl

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2022.01.22 14:15 Gellennialz Anyone else the youngest in their workplace, and expected to know how to do *all* the tech stuff?

This might not apply to the younger GenZs in the crowd, but as a 1995 I am one of the youngest in my office. Whenever something needs photoshopped, formatted in word, the boss needs something pdf’d (a classic, but that one is easy to do), or anything tech related but not to the point of needing tech support, ppl expect me to be able to do it no problem. I mean I know I am pretty well versed in microsoft, but Ive never photoshopped a thing in my life lol. I’d still use powerpoint to make any graphics. Anyone else experience this?
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2022.01.22 14:15 Supercc Canadians, where do you now buy your USDT?

We know that USDT isn't optimal, but it gives access to so many alt coins.
We can't buy 'em from Newton anymore, nor can we buy 'em from VirgoCX
Where do you now buy them? At a low cost?
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2022.01.22 14:15 Playful_Barber_8131 Fun Fact: Yoomtah is from France 🇫🇷

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2022.01.22 14:15 BL4CKN166464N6 The trend is clear

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2022.01.22 14:15 iKMOD Maximize your earnings | KYC Verified | Dependable 24/7 | Referral code: GadgetGal

I passed KYC so team bonus pi's we earn together are guaranteed for you. To maximize our bonus Pi’s, I mine 24/7 without fail. I am a node candidate, currently running the blockchain on Testnet. Thank you.
Referral link: Gal
Invitation code: GadgetGal
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2022.01.22 14:15 NetworkMachineBroke Is there any truth to this? Or is this just another "Vuvuzela 100 bajillion dead" hot take?

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2022.01.22 14:15 atorndo What's the best tires wet and dry

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2022.01.22 14:15 DilapidatedDinosaur SPOILER [Xenoblade Chronicles 2] Side Quest

Is it just me, or is it really aggravating that the outfit literally has a helmet that can't be used?
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2022.01.22 14:15 Asifghosi786 #Metaverse #Fashion #RUNfarm #Runner #NFTs #AR @spacerunnersnft

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2022.01.22 14:15 EestiMentioned [/r/SatoshiBets] Centaurify - Launching Now on BSC

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2022.01.22 14:15 BOBTHEGOAT6969 Hey kid want to have some titan power?

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