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Magic OG

2022.01.21 18:36 After_Writing_6801 Magic OG

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2022.01.21 18:36 Affectionate-Law-716 Doug Erickson's replacement, State Senator Simon Sefzik, sponsors bill to suspend Washington State gas tax for 2022

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2022.01.21 18:36 CM_Vanilla 300s server gang discord

Heya all, someone made a discord for the 300s and I thought it might be helpful to strategize and stuff so I’m sharing it. <3
If this expires hit up the owner; jeesssaaaayyyyy#6526
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2022.01.21 18:36 shudh_desi_gareeb E. Dennis - 2nd Yellow - Red card // WAT vs NOR

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2022.01.21 18:36 K1Krazzy [PC] W: Insurgent outfit H: Caps

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2022.01.21 18:36 AsiansInParris I didn’t know how to make digital images so I made potatoes, enjoy

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2022.01.21 18:36 tinypeacock167 Google Hub - Child!

I want to spot up a google home hub (the one with‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎­the camera) for my daughter so that different family members can call her and send her messages without it having to go through me or appear on my phone. Is it possible to do this by simply assigning it to her email account?
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2022.01.21 18:36 coofboye Close cousins of SARS-CoV-2 found in a cave in Laos yield new clues about pandemic’s origins

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2022.01.21 18:36 Mmufti play this when you’re down or in a late night drive

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2022.01.21 18:36 Guilding_Light22 Making sure I did this right

I started a game against standard Klaw and gave him Masters of Evil as the modular set. As per side 1B of the main scheme I discarded cards from the encounter deck till I got Weapons Runner. Since Weapons Runner has surge I drew another encounter card, Weapons Runner again. The next card was Assault from the standard set. Since I start the game in alter-ego the card gained surge. The last card was Whirlwind from the Masters of Evil set. So if I did this correctly I would start the game with 3 minions? If I did play this correctly is this bad luck or just how it goes with Klaw?
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2022.01.21 18:36 bears-vision plz

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2022.01.21 18:36 JustTheRealNews FEMA’s U.S. Fire Administration Launches New Podcast

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2022.01.21 18:36 Old_Truth6995 Skylar Rae xxxxx

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2022.01.21 18:36 Which_Project_6948 Under a flashlight

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2022.01.21 18:36 ListerineAfterOral Developers who make the NPC run the same speed as you are amazing

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2022.01.21 18:36 yallmyeskimobrothers I want make it abundantly clear to this sub just how inevitable GME is...

It doesn't matter if somewhere down the line I'm showing a 99.99% paper loss on GME. I will still hold and buy more. In fact, the higher my current loss, the more I will buy because I can afford more.
There are tens of thousands of people who have this exact same mentality. By sheer will alone, retail will outlast and overcome Wall Street. It's only a matter of time. Wall Street is very aware of this, and it terrifies them. Don't believe me? Start studying subtle social queues and watch how their demeanor changes whether they talk about GME.
The choice is yours alone how far you want to take this, if at all. Not everyone has the needed mentality to continue marching forward when red covers your trading screen. I just want to make it very clear that THIS IS HAPPENING, with or without you. Time is the only variable.
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2022.01.21 18:36 spacebobster The Holy Empire

My newest and only regional map for a new campaign setting i'm working on. Any advice and criticisms is greatly apprecieated. The setting is a dark fantasy sort of thing My main concern is that the contrast and colouring are bit too high to convey a dark and gritty world. But i also like it from a purely aesthic pov. City names are still under development!
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2022.01.21 18:36 JustinGotPasion Rescued Princess Blop

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2022.01.21 18:36 newtch23 What am I going to do about the missed work?

I have almost 20 kids who need to make up some kind of quiz because they’ve been out for a week or more due to covid. Admin is not extending the quarter grade deadline, which is Monday night.
I can either force all these kids to make up their quizzes in class on Monday, or have them take the quizzes at home on the “honor system” (they will cheat). What should I do?
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2022.01.21 18:36 curtisd7 Career mode (manager) questions

1)Is there any way to tell the potential of a player I currently have?
2)Also.. I can’t see any way of finding a players birthday? This is especially an issue regarding my academy players that are 15 , just wanting to know when I can get them on the pitch
3)Last question , some players have multiple positions . Cm/cdm for example. But they’re only happy in one of those. My cm right now is happy there, but push him back to cdm (which it says he can do) and he’s unhappy?
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2022.01.21 18:36 silkywilk Cameron Colglazier is an entertaining dude.

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2022.01.21 18:36 TheProngle Whyyyy?

I cant remove this hypixel message in a other server!
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2022.01.21 18:36 UrsaWizard Can you spot the baby zebra? Can’t get over how small this little guy is, and our first zebra babies!

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2022.01.21 18:36 bigpapapaycheck "Marvel"lous coins, really started collecting with this Spider-Man. 🦍🤟 stay cool, stack on

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2022.01.21 18:36 bucket--bot :D my eggplant

always find christ find christ find christ find christ find it here too. It's very much
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