8n6hf z6a95 ayh8e an3dr dhs6d naei5 hfeds k3kn3 drhnn rn5et fh43b 7ddan 7hzbn drbr6 4tia8 2sirz 526yk 8rsbs 794sb dzseb k8zz9 23/GMT+2/PC - people for gaming and chat |

23/GMT+2/PC - people for gaming and chat

2022.01.28 04:50 tepi5512 23/GMT+2/PC - people for gaming and chat

Hi! I'm a chill Finnish person here lookin to game and chat.
Wanna play Warframe, Killing Floor 2, Left 4 Dead 2, 7 Days To Die and others.
Some of my other interests are Anime, Music, Tech, Twitch.

Please be 18+, speak English and have a same-ish time zone. x)
Steam Friend Code:
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2022.01.28 04:50 life_things_sl ඇයි ඒ කටට දීලා තියෙන්නේ?

ඇයි ඒ කටට දීලා තියෙන්නේ? submitted by life_things_sl to TKASYLUM [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 04:50 Anon_Ymou5 Tree House by artist Michael Banks

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2022.01.28 04:50 fuckyochickenstrips1 Thanks I hate river eels

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2022.01.28 04:50 abhinata Anyone else waiting to get invitation for FSD beta with 98 or higher score?

I havent received my first invitation yet to join FSD beta tester program. Near perfect score 99 since Jan 5. Running on Model S 2016, HW3 (Older camera, I think).
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2022.01.28 04:50 SamStriker2210 Help for Hackintoshing

Can anyone give me an iso that i can flash to install mac os on my computer:
Dell Optiplex 9020
500gb hdd
8gb samsung ram
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2022.01.28 04:50 cookingandcraft Grapes Cake.

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2022.01.28 04:50 lizzboa Selling CHEAP endgame EU account with 41k primogems. has Xiao, Diluc, Venti, Mona (AR56 with pity+guaranteed)

The account is perfect for someone who wants to start the game like a king. It is basically ready for someone that wants to really get into the game and farm artifacts. Has pity in weapon and character banner and it has 41000 primogems so you can C4 any 5 star you like. Characters are well leveled, they just need some work with farming proper artifacts until you get God rolls. Weaponwise the account doesnt need anything, Xiao has skyward and Diluc has R5 Serpent Spine (its a C1 Diluc and hits like a truck) Both hypercarries have Jean and Mona as support respectively. For more infos and negotiations DM me
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2022.01.28 04:50 Turnip3ater Connection lost (iOS)

Anyone else constantly get the ‘Connection lost Retrying’ message when loading the game? I have to force quit restart almost every time, especially if I’ve left it more than an hour or so since last playing!
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2022.01.28 04:50 uwaterloo2026 What courses should I take in 2A if I’m interested in Math fin, CO, and maybe a joint in Stats ?

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2022.01.28 04:50 Tyler_shiplee What upgrades should I do to my tamiya plasma edge II tt02b? I'm thinking about a motor and shockabsorbers but I'm not sure which motor...

What upgrades should I do to my tamiya plasma edge II tt02b? I'm thinking about a motor and shockabsorbers but I'm not sure which motor... submitted by Tyler_shiplee to rccars [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 04:50 DEFINITELY_NOT_PETE Anybody else getting stuck on a black screen when trying to install GTA4 Complete Edition?

The game let’s me download/install an update file and then let’s me pick which game to play aaaaaaand then it immediately goes black.
This is super annoying and apparently has been an issue for others. Anyone have a solution? I’ve already deleted game data utility. I’m out of ideas.
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2022.01.28 04:50 Beautiful_Path6215 Student looking for secondhand textbooks

Any bookshops for first year teaching student to look at for textbooks? thanks!
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2022.01.28 04:50 Cheese-Overlord Need help with first PC build.

So to preface this, I'm pretty much illiterate when it comes to pc building info. I've had a friend who is fairly experienced help me build this PC. We're pretty much stumped as to what to do here. So we completed the build an began to try to boot it up. We went through the basic windows setup and shortly after setting up network connection it bluescreened. So we tried again. Bluescreened again. It got to a point where the PC would start up, blue screen, restart, try to diagnose, blue screen again and then shut off. Some of the errors given were: Kernel Security Check Failure, IRQL not less or equal and Kmode exception not handled. Any help would be really appreciated.
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2022.01.28 04:50 me_llamo_clous [Webcomic Spoilers] Darkshine meme

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2022.01.28 04:50 socker-conny Idag är det 20 år sedan världens bästa barnboksförfattare gick bort 💔

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2022.01.28 04:50 AntiSonOfBitchamajig When you use a rocket engine to sear your steak:

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2022.01.28 04:50 vsamdbass What do you think?

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2022.01.28 04:50 ayushkx15 Desktop review 👁👁

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2022.01.28 04:50 Pharmer- 2018 15 inch MacBook Pro won’t charge but recognizes external monitor

My MacBook Pro does not charge at all. I plugged it into an external display and it recognizes the screen, but when I go to charge, it does not. Unfortunately it is now dead and I have no way of turning it on to recover my data.
Things I have have tried: -changed usb-c cords -changed power adapter -tried plugging into each of the 4 usb -plugged into different outlets -restarting computer -shut down computer -SMC restart
I am now at a loss. I have a scheduled appointment for Sunday but from what I have read thus far, the only thing that seems to match up with these symptoms is logic board failure. Does anyone have insight or other suggestions?
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2022.01.28 04:50 mohammednabarawy سيقوم WhatsApp بدمج المصادقة الثنائية للويب وإصدارات سطح المكتب من خدمته

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2022.01.28 04:50 bananafroggycrown LF the luxe shop!

Buying for less than og, ( buying new items only ) I have the fan, so deduct that. NYP below
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2022.01.28 04:50 uaskmebefore 叙利亚最近加入习近平“一带一路”计划 中国或收获巨大

叙利亚最近加入习近平“一带一路”计划 中国或收获巨大 1月28日,据美国之音报道,连年内战的叙利亚最近加入中国“一带一路”倡议计划。分析人士说,此举反映出中国对中东地区日益增长的兴趣。
中东研究所(Middle East Institute)资深研究员阿西尔(Ibrahim Al-Assil)说,中国与叙利亚1月12日在大马士革仪式上达成的协议“会帮助阿萨德突破外交孤立。它会帮助阿萨德得到更多的投资。”
... 时刻新闻

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2022.01.28 04:50 mary364353 Dm to get spoiled instantly

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2022.01.28 04:50 1230cal Justiceeee

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