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Andy’s Christmas Special DLC || This Game Is Absolutely Errie!! (All Endings)

2022.01.21 14:49 Trezlike Andy’s Christmas Special DLC || This Game Is Absolutely Errie!! (All Endings)

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2022.01.21 14:49 shrekanimegirl69 Trust Me!

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2022.01.21 14:49 UKAbandonedMines New video up tomorrow in a mine where lots of artifacts really bring history to life. In the mean time, if you've not seen this week's video, where we visit a part of a mine that has not been seen since the 1860s then it is available here : https://youtu.be/to8BAVq7lrw

New video up tomorrow in a mine where lots of artifacts really bring history to life. In the mean time, if you've not seen this week's video, where we visit a part of a mine that has not been seen since the 1860s then it is available here : https://youtu.be/to8BAVq7lrw submitted by UKAbandonedMines to AbandonedMineExplores [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 14:49 5olara Somebody Stop Them

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2022.01.21 14:49 Green_Leader5682 GoActionFilmSchool

Don't have time to attend a fulltime film school?
Study filmmaking on evenings and weekends and become a film director!
Our Vision:
It's never too late to start making movies. Filmmaking is like writing: the more life experience you have, the better film you can make.
We are filmmaking school for people who have a dream of their life to make films but are too busy to attend full time studies. Kindly click on the link for more information and online registration:
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2022.01.21 14:49 Penfield451 SWOLA 71 - A Grim Fate of a Good Idea

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2022.01.21 14:49 Bazze97 Azizi or Larrieu as an anchor?

Larrieu is clearly insane and he also has leader personality which is rare (Azizi is a perfectionist) But as an anchorman/ball winning mid who'd you take if Azizi is going to cost around 65 Mil with 200k/w wage and Larrieu 140 Mil and 400k/w wage? I've stared at the comparison screen for half an hour and still can't decide.
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2022.01.21 14:49 MrStilton Do you always plan something to do when you take annual leave? Is it weird to want a week off to just laze around and watch some TV?

I fancy taking some time off work just to unwind.
I don't have anything specific planned to do. I'd just like to spend a week having lie-ins, catching up on some television and not having to think about work.
Is this odd?
If you do this, what do you tell your colleagues when they ask what you have planned for your time off?
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2022.01.21 14:49 teda15 How to make $1500 on Facebook Marketplace

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2022.01.21 14:49 cornbread36 Looks like it will between Flores, Quinn and Daboll

📷Ian O'Connor@Ian_OConnor·52mJust talked to source very close to Brian Flores. Q: Are you worried about Brian Daboll? A: Yes.
The Giant Insider Newspaper & Podcast@GiantInsider5m
#Giants have requested Dan Quinn already and Brian Flores and Brian Daboll are expected also. It will be a wide-cast search according to Schoen.
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2022.01.21 14:49 KajooKatli Streak 17 : Wieder eine schlaflose Nacht

Gestern Nacht habe ich nur 4 Stunden geschlafen. Deswegen bin ich schon sehr müde. Ich wollte meine Arbeit zum Abschluss bringen, damit ich am Morgen die Ergebnisse ans Team zeigen könnte. Aber bis 2 Uhr habe ich keine Lösung gefunden und bin vergeblich ins Bett gegangen. Morgen bin ich spät aufgewacht und kurz vor meinem Meeting habe ich die Lösung gefunden. Jetzt überrascht es mich nicht, dass nach Mitternacht schlatet keine Glühbirne ein. Kann man so etwas auf Deutsch sagen? Ich möchte den Moment beschreiben, in dem einem plötzlich eine Idee oder eine Lösung einfällt. Dies wird in den Cartoons durch eine Glühbirne dargestellt, die auf dem Kopf einschaltet.
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2022.01.21 14:49 watchyerheadgoose Prediction: What coaches end up where

Who do you guys think gets hired where? Just for fun. Could be realistic prediction, or dream scenario.
Miami- Kellen Moore- Young qb to develop and more cap space than anyone.
Jacksonville- Byron Leftwich- Jags need to get back into fans good graces after the Urban Meyer disaster. A former Jags player who could develop Trevor Lawrence makes too much sense here, which is exactly why this probably won't happen.
Denver- Dan Quinn- A lot of talent to work with on defense, he'll need to find a good OC and QB to turn that side of the ball around
Chicago- Brian Daboll- Just a stab at this one. Thinking they will want a coach who has developed a young qb. Daboll is credited with being very influential in the development of Josh Allen and Cam Newton when he was young and winning MVPs. Getting Harbaugh from Michigan could be a possibility here too.
Houston- Josh McCown- Crazy pick. I listen to Houston sports radio. They were talking about JM this morning. He was interviewed last year but took himself out of the running because he wanted to let his son graduate high school before staring in coaching. Interviewed again already this year. And is really good friends with Jack Easterby. Friends with Jack seems to be a much better qualifier than actual experience. Plus, Casario wants a guy he can control.
Las Vegas- Keep Rich Bisaccia
Minnesota- Kevin O'Connell- No real idea, just throwing out a hotshot offensive name. The McVay tree is really popular now.
NY Giants- Brian Flores There's a lot of talk in the Houston media starting that Flores and Deshaun Watson are actively trying to go to the same place. Flores was fired because he wanted Deshaun and didn't like Tua. Giants have the best draft capital to get Deshaun, and he would probably waive the no trade clause to play in NY. Giants are also qb needy with a draft class that is low on qb prospects. Flores and Watson also share an agent.
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2022.01.21 14:49 LegendsofLost Everything Wrong With Centrum: Tom Hiddleston

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2022.01.21 14:49 pneuma_monado Thought y'all might want to weigh in on this

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2022.01.21 14:49 HughJass9120 XBOX. HELP. CO-OP. Area Clearing.

Just finished the game, on new game plus now. Road of sacrifices. Area clearing and boss fights.
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2022.01.21 14:49 Specialist-Leading31 Woodpecker

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2022.01.21 14:49 ZOMBIEMOBSTER Any idea what time the presale goes live tomorrow? It’s 10:50 am right now where I live

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2022.01.21 14:49 lochydjango r/WeCantStudy Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.21 14:49 steveoehley Which path should I choose?

I see this on Reddit a lot.
After giving a short background, asking absolute strangers which path they should choose.
We do not know you!
We don’t know your strengths, what you enjoy most out of a job, what stresses you out, or anything else that makes you uniquely you.
While some advice on Reddit is good, the choice has to be yours.
Based on my own career change, I would recommend getting some life coaching from a well respected professional PLUS separate career advice.
Then making the choice. Yourself.
Feel free to DM me if you’d like further advice :)
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2022.01.21 14:49 theswantonator19 PokeRim (looking for HTML/CSS help using Skyrim Platform)

I'm working on a port of Pokemon Showdown! to Skyrim (video here), and I need to render some statistics and the battle states in a Chrome browser window or two using Skyrim Platform. Unfortunately, MCM isn't the best place for rendering massive amounts of text, and I need something to show sprites in, anyway. If anyone is interested, please contact me. (Also, the video doesn't have the persistent variables stored correctly for Pokemon 3-6, I know. I forgot to fix that before recording.)
P.S. I'm also looking for someone to make a mockup, but I may have found someone for that, already. Just let me know if you have any interest.
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2022.01.21 14:49 coffffeeee My friend had this music video vaulted for ages. I thought Reddit might like it.

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2022.01.21 14:49 DarkglassSojourners Shapeshifting Mutamorph by Cosmixian!

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2022.01.21 14:49 Independent-Eye6126 Fetch rewards referral code

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2022.01.21 14:49 KneeJamal Procrastinating on cleaning and now everything is gunked up.

Absolutely dropped the ball on this one. I used to be really good at dusting and cleaning off everything. Fast forward and MONTHS later I’m finally realizing that I should’ve been keeping up on maintenance. Everything is so gunked up and I’m thinking that might have something to do with the lack of “flavor” I’ve been noticing (captain obvious). Any suggestions on cleaning/utilizing the buildup on screens, chambers, and the top part of the chamber? Would love to replace them if possible too.
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2022.01.21 14:49 Aewfigureguy Anybody have a list of all the vintage/retro Spider-Man wave figures?

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