Americans of Reddit, if your state was a drug, which would it be?

In a viral Reddit thread, Redditor /u/HAXposed questioned the r/AskReddit community about some of the most frequently broken unspoken rules that drives them crazy and many people came forward to share their biggest social etiquette pet peeves. Redditors were discussing this very topic when Miserablemermaid asked “Non-Americans of reddit, what was the biggest culture shock you experienced when you came to the US?” There were more than 30k answers given in just a day, so we collected the most interesting things redditors pointed out. More info: Reddit Visualizing the U.S. Population by Race. The American population is a unique mosaic of cultures—and almost 40% of people identify as racial or ethnic minorities today.. In this treemap, we use data for 2019 from the Kaiser Family Foundation, which bases its analysis on the latest American Community Survey (ACS) data from the U.S. Census Bureau.Then we break down the same data on a state-by ... Schools in your contract. In addition to MOS training, you may be able to get special training in your contract. When compiling your contract at MEPS, you might have the opportunity for an Option 4 (Airborne School), Option 40 (Airborne + Ranger Selection) or 18X (Special Forces enlistment option) contract.For an Option 4 contract, you are guaranteed a slot at Airborne School between your BCT ...

2022.01.16 15:45 NoBand2201 Americans of Reddit, if your state was a drug, which would it be?

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2022.01.16 15:45 mkelap Struggling to get through ACOSF

Y’all. The ACOTAR series is by far my favorite out of all of the books I’ve ever read, but I cannot get through ACOSF. Nesta is so pessimistic and bratty it just ruins the whole vibe. I have DNF’d it at page 137. Please tell me there’s some merit or value in finishing it, because I am struggling so hard to just get through it. 😭
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2022.01.16 15:45 Varien_1936 EchkØ - Give Me Something

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2022.01.16 15:45 filletOfische Propulsion Power Reduced? Do I need to stop driving?

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2022.01.16 15:45 Maleficent-Steak-759 Schon älter, aber egal 😏

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2022.01.16 15:45 cyberRakan Some influencers received the next clue from @TESOnline about the upcoming year reveal. So what do we think this leads us to now #ESOFam ?

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2022.01.16 15:45 lvr- X1E or T15p, which one is better?

Hi, I am planing to buy my first thinkpad but am not sure if I should buy a X1E or a T15p. I have to replace my current dell XPS with 16'' and anything from 15'' to 17'' will be ok. After some checking and comparing i decided a T15p is what i need, hence the smaller display size. I ruled the X-series out because of the smaller display size, but recently i noticed that there is also the X1 and the X1 extreme also has nice specs and a 16'' display.
I am a bit overwhelmed comparing the two models. Are there any general rules? Like the T-series has better quality, or vice versa?
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2022.01.16 15:45 Pv3x Alguien sabe donde puedo mandar a lavar mi bicicleta?

Alguien conoce un lugar cerca de San Luis donde laven bicicletas y que sea confiable?
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2022.01.16 15:45 astrokitty13 I make jewelry using ethically-sourced bones and pieces from vintage Jewry. Here are some of my recent creations.

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2022.01.16 15:45 M0u4a I need help

I got to the epidemic part of the game and i went for a guide in youtube it said to look for yhe language they all have in common i spent like 20 minutes quarantining people that speak russian. Then i had to shut the game down and i dont think it saved. Now they have multiple languages in common and i dont know what to do
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2022.01.16 15:45 maya0310 covid effects on your period?

i got my period two days ago, literally right after i recovered from covid. i’m on birth control to make my period lighter and less painful, so it’s normally very light and only lasts 3-4 days with minimal cramps. however this period is extremely heavy with huge clots in the blood and really bad cramps. it hasn’t been this bad since before i went on birth control. has anyone else had this issue after having covid? does your period ever go back to normal?
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2022.01.16 15:45 lilsxbigs Database Help

If anyone has a database with records of species number and animals in recent years, please send them to me! Any help is appreciated :)
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2022.01.16 15:45 Reasonable-Estate-60 Does anyone know why this is happening?

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2022.01.16 15:45 VashSyndicate Commissions Open. $50 USD. Full Body & Full Color

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2022.01.16 15:45 MeDaTrash Trading Royal High Stuff For Bloxburge Cash

Very Cozy Hat
Very Cozy Gloves
Fabulous Fur Boa
Darling Valentina Lace Cuffs
My Teddy Bear
Shadow Empress Fallen Angel Sleeves
Princess Starfrost Ribbon Bonnet
Princess Starfrost Cozy Bodice
( Heels )
Cherry Blossom Geta Sandals
Fluttering Butterfly Heels
Glittering Jelly Platfroms
( Skirts )
Babydoll Adorable Dress
Prinncess Starfrost Magical Skirt
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2022.01.16 15:45 onlinenow1 Convoluted GBA game testing

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2022.01.16 15:45 joshuasunn007 External hard drive ?

What are some of y’all using for an external hard drive everyone that I’ve researched has a negative review. I understand they all aren’t going to perfect so who has been using one without fail for long time? I wanna be able to store all my music files and all the effects loops etc …
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2022.01.16 15:45 Fryng Tried the 32 Heat Challenge today (Don't mind the Win Streak)

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2022.01.16 15:45 cutiepiedaily pp

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2022.01.16 15:45 Xonerboner371 I want to start trying events but I don’t know how to build good teams anything helps

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2022.01.16 15:45 HillarysHitman [WTB] Area 419 CZ457 Scope Mount (Mo)

Probably a long shot but I’m building out my 22lr precision gun and need this scope base in either 30moa or 50moa. Pay $80 or so depending on condition?
Link to product:
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2022.01.16 15:45 Ambitious-Bathroom AP Computer Science A with no prior coding experience?

Hi, so I’m interested in computer science and want an intro class so I want to take this class for my senior year. However, I heard it’s difficult for people who don’t have experience with Java.
For people who have taken this class: Is it possible to get an A in this class if you don’t have prior experience? How difficult was this class?
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2022.01.16 15:45 sisiinthegalaxy Any good TR fan fictions?

I know most of y’all on Reddit aren’t necessarily into fanfics but thought I’d ask in case anyone is. I’m just looking for some good fics to read. I prefer Mikey centered ones but if it’s really good I’ll take anything. I’m up to date on Paradise Lost and Fell from the Sky. Any other recommendations?
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2022.01.16 15:45 always_thirsty Today’s pocket car. 1970 Toyota Celica.

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2022.01.16 15:45 joytothesoul Help with Retaining Wall Ideas

I am thinking about possible options to make an inexpensive below ground leanto greenhouse. I have a few old sliding glass door panels with temper-glass for the roof. The highest side of the roof will be next to the cement block wall of the basement of the house. I’ve been considering different options for the opposite wall. This is Vermont, and the winters are very cold, so whatever I choose must be designed to be keyed into the slope or have and be tied to a sturdy foundation. There is cement block, retaining wall bricks, Gabon wall panels, treated wood retaining wall, but I want to do it as cheaply and using recycled materials would be helpful in that regard. My question: do you think that old filing cabinets could be used like bricks and filled in with the soil excavated to form the greenhouse for structural integrity? Do you think they would rust away and loose strength? Could they be used as concrete forms and pour concrete into them, maybe using rebar to tie them together?
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