Another reminder

2022.01.16 15:37 Local_Performer_6449 Another reminder

Idk if I'm being annoying but whatever happens I'm here for you! Ur so lovely and cute I'm happy to talk to you guys <3
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2022.01.16 15:37 chintu21 Eyy gayathri vasantham..

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2022.01.16 15:37 Life_Parsnip_6821 Primary School Teachers

Primary School Teachers As part of my BSc Psychology Dissertation, I am conducting a study on primary school teachers.
I am currently looking for participants to complete an online questionnaire. Please find the additional information on the study in the poster below.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.\_3yjFW4WAzDs4x4q
You will be re-directed to the participant information sheet and the questionnaire.
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2022.01.16 15:37 Manualham Need more monsters released so I can get everyone else rank 31+ the visual is killing me

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2022.01.16 15:37 micksack Has anyone who has a tv licence had a tv licence inspector call to their house looking for it?

Ours is taking up space on the notice board and the wife insists that its needed And the inspector could call at anything, she even doubled down and said they have called twice since we moved in 7 yrs ago. While I've always been told it's not needed once you pay it.
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2022.01.16 15:37 autohome123 Z-Wave JS - heal one node at a time

So I have a few battery devices and I've followed the directions to wake the devices but for some reason it doesn't register with zwavejs (no biggie).
I recently had a storm roll through and it knocked out 3 of my light switches. I've since replaced them but noticed a slow down in multi-device response on my network.
To fix the issue I tried healing the network but that doesn't work because these battery devices don't wake up. Can I just heal one device at a time? Is there any real difference doing this vs a whole network heal?
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2022.01.16 15:37 WeWillFreezeHell Révision de la Loi sur les langues officielles: vers une plus grande efficacité dans sa mise en œuvre

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2022.01.16 15:37 anitokio El anime "Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru" ha revelado su primer video promocional

El video confirma que el estreno está programado para el próximo mes de julio y confirma el elenco de voces y equipo de producción.
📰 #Fechadeestreno #imagenpromocional #SoredemoAyumuwaYosetekuru #videopromocional #Anime
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2022.01.16 15:37 allen122214 Made up an excuse for staff duty.

Got a call around 1030 this morning to pull my CQ shift, I got way to drunk last night after playing fortnight and watching my kids run around. Told my wife a week ago about my duty and she said imma have to figure something out to watch the kids. The hell with that I just threw it at my 1SG last minute when he called lol his problem now. Some other turd in group can pull it. Apparently they were looking for my number everywhere cause the one I changed it out for 3 days ago had my other number lol, I bet the turd on duty didn’t even look at the date, it’s from 2019 LMAO. Well gonna get more drunk and enjoy my 4 day. Sucks for who ever had to cover down for me. Cheers
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2022.01.16 15:37 thatkidd_melo Juicer arm

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2022.01.16 15:37 Keith_Phillip Costliest mistakes you've made?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post so let me know if not but I'm a first time builder on a second replacement part and got curious about other people's experience!
For me it was scratching up the back of my motherboard with the standoffs and potentially bricking a new GPU as well as a replacement 😭
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2022.01.16 15:37 FunStrength5314 What’s your favorite music that has no lyrics (links appreciated)?

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2022.01.16 15:37 Sensational-Indian When you have the Faith .!

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2022.01.16 15:37 PCS_ScorpioSam Daily Meditation "Hitting Bottom"

Hitting Bottom
"All bottoms have meaning, and all bottoms can be a starting point for a new way of life. There is hope. Healing is possible." BRB p. 124
We come to ACA because we've hit some type of a bottom. Maybe we feel hopeless because life hasn't gone as we hoped. Or we've lost too much because of our dysfunctional behaviors, and we realize that we don't know how to change on our own. We tried, but it didn't work. Maybe we find our way to a meeting because deep down we know there has to be something more.
Working the ACA program doesn't mean we might not hit more bottoms. Some of us are often blindsided by something we thought we'd dealt with. Maybe we've spent eons working on our over-responsibility character defect and have made great strides. Then in the face of overwhelming stress and grief, it feels as if we find ourselves right back where we were before we began recovery. We're in there trying to take care of everyone, being the buffer, trying to control the situation.
The difference this time is that we're not really in the same place. We now have tools: the telephone, the BRB, and the meetings. This new bottom tells us that we're a complex individual who doesn't have all the answers.
On this day, when I slip so far that I think I can't see daylight, I will not abandon myself. I will look at my situation as another opportunity for growth in the program.
Copyright © 2018 by Adult Children of Alcoholics / Dysfunctional Families World Service Organization, Inc. All rights reserved.
Page Number - 17
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2022.01.16 15:37 fennelliott What's one bitter truth that lives in your head rent free?

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2022.01.16 15:37 anonoktut Saying hi and posting my story ?

I’m (very recently turned) 40 and decided enough was enough Thursday and smoked my last joint. Was really sick all day Friday and a bit achey tummy yesterday but today I feel better , just tetchy and tearful. I’ve smoked off and on for 20 years but hardcore smoked the last few years since my children’s father left us. I decided to quit Thursday out of exasperation really ; can’t afford it at all as a single parent and feel so much guilt for spending money on it when I could have saved for a holiday for us etc I’ve quit before while having the kids and it’s never been his hard ; but I’ve come this far and owe it to us all. Thank you for this subreddit ... I’m so glad I found it (a few months I’ve lurked since someone suggested it on an intervention episode on YouTube (in the comments) ) Thanks for reading and your patience with my rushed and sloppy post Just wanted to get it out there.
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2022.01.16 15:37 ReyesGray Oil Leak - How do I fix this?

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2022.01.16 15:37 cherrib0mbb Why were so many roads closed around the Papago, south Scottsdale, and east Arcadia area this morning?

I was half an hour late to work trying to maneuver my way through with an unreliable GPS. It was insane. I had to drive through so many neighborhoods.
Please no snarky replies. It was crazy how many major and minor roads were cut off. I’m guessing some sort of event of course.
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2022.01.16 15:37 ShaolinTom U.S. and Russia are still at stalemate after Ukraine talks, the moment of truth is near

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2022.01.16 15:37 DirtyDolph1n If you could do anything and get away with it, what’s the worst thing you would do?

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2022.01.16 15:37 rajmksingh What is the best way to see Sold Prices for Calgary/Edmonton?

I was wondering if there is a HouseSigma-style website that shows sold prices for Calgary/Edmonton
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2022.01.16 15:37 kpblm_info Furmanska 3, Lviv

Furmanska 3, Lviv Furmanska 3 in Lviv offers accommodation with free WiFi, 600 metres from Peter and Paul Church of the Jesuit Order, 800 metres from Lviv Latin Cathedral and less than 1 km from Lviv State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. The property is 1. 3 Furmanska Street, Lviv, 79007, Ukraine
Processing img 63prc4bog3c81...
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2022.01.16 15:37 Ineedbabies123 Cd35 easy at home brand. I’ve had pink spotting for three days when I wipe. I thought I was getting my period but I got a positive opk. Has anyone had this before? Should I take an hcg test?

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2022.01.16 15:37 ProfessionalCry6843 A subtle difference worth point out

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2022.01.16 15:37 Jayscones I'm a professional writer and I'm baked. AMA I guess.

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