Pakistan wanted Sidhu Reinstated - Capt Amarinder's startling revelation I Abhijit Iyer-Mitra

2022.01.24 11:58 xxiwisk Pakistan wanted Sidhu Reinstated - Capt Amarinder's startling revelation I Abhijit Iyer-Mitra

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2022.01.24 11:58 nine16s The Bills just played two of the greatest back to back playoff games ever.

Seriously. Herculean effort by the Bills. You can be pissed all you want about the last 13 seconds of the game but it isn't like Buffalo didn't walk over KC in the last two minutes either. Within these two playoff games, the Bills became the first team in playoff history to not punt or turn the ball over against the winningest coach in modern sports history, Gabe Davis had a game WR's can only dream about, Allen was a man on fire and watching him and Mahomes was like watching Ali and Tyson go blow for blow until eventually someone had to win.

If the Bills went all the way I'd say that postseason might've gone down as the greatest postseason offensive performance by any team.
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2022.01.24 11:58 Munakata856 Nike mercurial superfly 7 mbappe x bondy

Anyone know where to get this or sellers/platform that might have it?
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2022.01.24 11:58 Suspicious-Rise-9857 Did this during health class (excuse the ball hair)

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2022.01.24 11:58 RaRa103615 My quarantine buddy, she's loving that I'm stuck home

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2022.01.24 11:58 KreigsMarineKris Coin?

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2022.01.24 11:58 Abslfuchiha1 Zenitsu thunderclapping my way to victory ⚡️

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2022.01.24 11:58 Chance-Art2022 It's getting hot in here... Worried little Wood

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2022.01.24 11:58 Do5iDos Sleeping Beauty

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2022.01.24 11:58 Substantial_Ad7698 WiiSX is broken

I have only tested all games so far, but ace combat 3 audio lag and stutters while playing, and worms minor slowdown when the application was in a wii family editon, and when tested in a wii u, the games are made up of repeating loops in every psx game, but the cotm audio lag is gone, I just updated to the latest version of wiiflow
Testing in my Wii family edition i found:
Xenogears crashes the system after saving the memcard
Driver 2 (Beta) is crappy, and when verificated by the ISO using PCSX-Revolution emulator, everything so plays well but is very slow
Resident evil 2-3, Biohazard (JP) only boot into a blue screen
Tales of destiny 1&2 crashes during introduction screen
Tonyhawks pro skater 2-3 loops with sound issues and crashing
Tony hawks pro skater 4 not working
Star wars jedi power battles has some sound issues and random crashing
Creatures, tony hawks pro skater crash the system
Ace Combat 2 gives code dump
Alien resurrection (US+EU) crashes immediately, and when verificated by the ISO using PCSX-Revolution emulator, everything so plays well but is very slow
Tales of destiny crashes
Driver 2 (US+EU) seem to trigger some kind of infogrames piracy protection lock out, and when verificated by the ISO using PCSX-Revolution emulator, everything so plays well but is very slow
So any to fix this? They all work on DuckStation emulator on my PC Computer that has no issues with this game works fine.
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2022.01.24 11:58 sondrelg Flake8-type-checking now has support for FastAPI and Pydantic

If you use flake8 to lint your code, check out flake8-type-checking 👏 We just released v1.3.1 to make it runnable in a FastAPI or Pydantic project.
It's a plugin to help you organise your imports into type-hinting and non-type-hinting imports. Among other things, it will help you eliminate sources of import circularity, and maybe make your app slightly faster.
Let me know if you have any feedback on how to improve the docs or the plugin!
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2022.01.24 11:58 pokabu101 [BDSP] LF Pearl Exclusives, FT Diamond Exclusives

I'm looking to complete my National Dex and need the following Pearl exclusives still. They are:
Weedle, Sandshrew, Vulpix, Slowpoke (x2), Teddiursa, Magby (w/ Magmarizer), Bagon, Lotad, Stantler, Shieldon
The Diamond exclusives I have are:
Caterpie, Ekans (x2), Growlithe, Seel, Gligar, Elekid (w/ Elctirizer), Larvitar (x2), Seedot, Kecleon, Cranidos (x3)
I also have a few starters and random semi-hard-to-find Pokemon too.
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2022.01.24 11:58 throwawayssodium2022 I feel so trapped. My parents wont let me go to university far away only local and no residence. I am struggling in chemistry . Im a hs senior. Im not allowed to talk to my friends. Im not allowed to watch tv. Im not allowed to do anything fun anymore. My younger siblings get treated differently.

i also get phsyically beat too: spanking, belt, slapped, punched, thrown to the floor. Two years ago in july i got my face punched and nose bled. In november i was choked.
These days I feel so shit ever since December 22nd and ever since April 2020. I feel like a shell of myself. I feel trapped. I feel so broken, so tired, so alone more than ever. I can’t enjoy doing the things I love the most anymore. I feel so miserable, unhappy everyday. I used to be happier prior to the pandemic. I struggled in tenth grade. I almost failed science, I was doing average in English and visual arts and was doing average in civics and careers. I was concerned but happy I had good loyal friends who invited me to her birthday party, they were good friends they got me gifts invited me to their events. For once in my life i felt like i was a part of the high school community cause in middle school i was discriminated and isolated and alienated from my peers and it was a harder environment and a hard time for me.
At first, being able to stay home was at first fun but it began to get so friggin annoying I felt trapped for 5 months without my cellular device phone during April-late August of the beginning of the decade. I couldn't contact my best friends from high school, I couldn't take any memories of during the early days of the pandemic, I missed out so much what was happening over the internet tik tok trends of the stay at home life, my television time is limited i cant even watch my favorite shows anymore, i don't play vidya games and im not allowed to , I have a short attention span now, I lost interest in reading books since eighth grade. I felt more isolated than anything.
December 22 2021, is a day that will live in infamy for me and is my current state of anger and misery. It bothers me and as a result I lost precious memories and precious times. I don't want to go into detail about what happened on this day but my device will be confiscated forever. This is my last christmas as a teenager, last christmas eve and last new years eve and new years day and last winter break of high school and i have 0 memories. 0 memories. 0 memories.
The thing that always brings me to tears is memories and documentation of my senior year. I will have months of no memories. I will have no photos of my 18th birthday, no prom memories or no high school graduation and events.
On December 22 2021, I broke glasses, I cussed and insulted and I threw candle holders down the stairs. I was punished for this and I am still miserable to this day knowingly “I will never get my phone back”. I will never have crucial highschool memories. Coming of age. No memories. Prom. No memories. Graduation has no memories. Last day of highschool forever no memories.
I never got to say merry christmas or happy new year to my best friends. I ghosted them and they feel like i'm being rude to them. Im treating them like shit on a daily basis. MY WHOLE FUKIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LIFE I WAS LONELY I WAS ALIENATED, ISOLATED AND WAS NEVER INCLUDED AND NOW THAT IM IN HIGH SCHOOL. I HAVE FRIENDS. I HAVE FRIENDS AND IM ISOLATING AND GHOSTING THEM. and i will never forgive the bastard asshole who enforced this punishment upon me. Whos keeping me from my irl high school friends. Parents suck.
They say to keep more positivity in my life. This line angers me the most the fukin most cause its contradictory. My parent dictators took away all my enjoyments and entertainments in life, they took away my cell phone, they took away the tv remote so i cant watch tv, they took away all my entertainment, i barely go outside. im a small youtuber and i cannot upload content to that channel cause i used my phone for photo and video editing which can only be accomplished on ios devices apple devices and it just bothers me. One of my goals at the beginning of senior year was to document it cause its my final year of highschool and i cant even. I cant even document my memories. When im older and with my kids ill be looking back at this shi and i will have not enough memories and i will look back at this with fury.
How am i supposed to have more positivity in my life when my parents took away my phone. MY gateway to talk to my irl friends etc.
My mind is not at peace. And it wont be. How is one’s mind supposed to be at peace and positivity when all their pleasures, all their entertainment in life is taken away. All their relationships; my friends are put on pause until June 2022 when i will see them again. I cant ig them i cant snapchat them and it bothers me. Im missing out on highschool and i feel trapped with these broke ass losers.
Nowadays all i do is homework all day in twelfth grade. 7am-9pm everyday with breaks to eat a snack. Im stuck sharing a bedroom with my younger sibling whos room i share with. These dictators treat me differently from my younger siblings. My siblings have their devices, they play games all day, they can contact their friends, they can do whatever they want cause they’re more well behaved than me. Im irrational, i act on impulse, i am always angry and miserable in comparison to my younger siblings who have more freedom and are more respectful to my parents than i am. My parents love my younger siblings more than they love me and honestly they deny this shit but its become crystal clear this shit this stupid shit has become more clear. They give them privileges, they let them have more fun in life and more freedom. Im treated like a little kid and im going to university in september 2022. I wanted to go to university to escape this suppression and im not allowed to go to university far away only local universities. These bastards didnt let me choose the school i wanted to go to. These broke ass stupid biches didnt even let me get a residence. Fuck another 4 years of being home with these suppressive dictator assholes.
My siblings have they’re tablets, they can have contact with their irl friends, they play fnaf and roblox games, they watch tiktok, they have their snapchat and instagram etc.
I don’t. I feel so isolated. So lonely and so angry.
My parents r ruthless and i have not a smidgen of love for them. They’re ruthless broke dictator biches and i dont love them. They treat me differently than they treat my siblings. They say lines that anger me such as having more positivity in my life when they took away all my entertainment.
Everyday i find it hard to get up in the morning. Im so fukin miserable each and everyday and listening to and hearing my parents voice angers me. They are only nice and love my siblings. They dont love me they hate me with a passion to isolate me from my friends for 5 months. They leave me out, they made my sisters more happy than me. They call me unforgiveable for breaking 5 cups, for throwing candle holders down the stairs for cussing at them. I call them unforgivable for them ruining my life, for preventing me from contacting my highschool friends. For taking away my tv, for taking away all my entertainment.
It doesnt feel like homeschooling anymore it feels like im stuck in a cage. A cage where im not allowed to talk to my friends. A cage where i cant watch my favorite television shows anymore, a cage where i cant watch anime anymore, a cage where i cant be myself anymore and its sad.A cage where i can’t do the things i love anymore.
To summarize my situation in one sentence:
I'm at home in someone else’s home. I feel trapped. I feel like I'm locked away from all the things that I love and the irl friends i care about and theyre telling me to stay positive. I lost a part of me,overtime. Im a shell of myself. A hollow shell who only does schoolwork everyday while my younger siblings have fun. Home is supposed to be where your true self is present, where you can be yourself. Im not myself anymore i feel like im being forced into a box and its horrible to me mentally.
Im so depressed and i graduate high school in fukin 6 months. Im almost 18 and i feel like 3 years old at a daycare
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2022.01.24 11:58 ZapDash [Serious] What small step, easily overlooked point, or "secret tip" do you think makes the biggest difference for the results of a process such as preparing a recipe, making a craft, completing a chore, etc.?

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2022.01.24 11:58 AntiqueCriticism9202 Doraemon

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2022.01.24 11:58 jebediah1800 The final week is upon us

Less than a week to go and here’s my reckoning: Background is that I made an utter arse of myself in front of my In-Laws at the end of November and seriously damaged that relationship, simply because I drank excessive wine too quickly. I just had to stop drinking in their company for a while and stopped completely throughout December. I had a couple drinks with my wife on New Year’s but that’s all. I’ve done DJ for the last few years, and wanted to again, so have remained on the wagon. Honestly? It’s been so easy, and I feel healthier and more in control. I have two or three 0% beers per evening, get earlier nights, have restful and restorative sleep, feel better the next day, the weight is coming off, I have fewer cravings and eat less junk, I can turn down offers and opportunities to drink with ease, it ain’t hard. The downside? My wife has restarted after 3 weeks and through December (so I recently discovered) had been hiding considerable extra secret drinking from me, so I’m disappointed she’s not on the same journey. I’m smoking now, whereas I didn’t at all while I was drinking heavily. And probably the biggest worry is how this is going to go after the 31st. I never miss work from drinking, but being sober has such an upside that it’s depressing to imagine getting back into that old dependency. All the best all who’ve come this far!
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2022.01.24 11:58 Malgoroth MHR set searcher issues ?

Hi everyone,
This morning I wanted to "optimize" my sets and try to include some of the new Azure set into my builds, so i went to the armor set searcher, and tried to build on top of my current LS build... But, surprise ! When I enter my weapon slots, charm and skills... No result. Is there a bug ? I see the new armors in the lists so the searcher should be updated.

I kinda wanted to use this site like I did for a long time, but if it can't replicate my current set, I don't think it's accurate enough to be trusted. Maybe the last update when they added the new armors broke something. What do you think ? Do you know any alternatives ?

If someone wants to try to replicate my build in the set searcher, maybe I'm crazy, but I did add my charm, set the weapon's slots, and add all the skills one by one :
- Weapon Slots 2-1-1 (Chameleos LS),
- Critical Eye 5
- Attack Boost 4
- Critical Boost 3
- Weakness Exploit 3
- Quick Sheathe 3
- Stun Resistance 3
- Speed Sharpening 3
- Protective Polish 2
- Free Meal 2
- Handicraft 1
- Wide Range 1
- Dragonheart 1
- Charm : Quick Sheathe 3 / Wide Range 1 / 2-1-0
((my current armor set is Kaiser Crown, Vaik Mail S, Valstrax Braces, Anjanath Coil S, Ingot Greaves))
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2022.01.24 11:58 KentmereGrove [Serious] What was the worst moment of your life?

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2022.01.24 11:58 Aninqxo Sell & buy back?

Hey, im pretty new to all this stuff and i made my first mistake. Got in at 8 with 1:2 laverage. Im down like 1k
Better hold and add some money, so i dont get liq. Or better sell and buy back as many shares?
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2022.01.24 11:58 xyz__xyz0 By mistake, I bought some tablets for plaque removal for dentures. Do you guys know how I can make use of them?

I was at a German market and since I don't speak German, I thought this product was like a mouthwash for real teeth. Very dumb of me. Anyways, do you guys have any idea if I can make use of it for cleaning cuz I don't wanna throw it away?
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2022.01.24 11:58 AddendumDifferent719 Design update. Any suggestions?

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2022.01.24 11:58 UknownSolider2 What’s the current best 11 for DLS22?

What the title says
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2022.01.24 11:58 mahershalal What are these fantastic birds? Tweet is in Dutch but these are def not European birds

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2022.01.24 11:58 GGSylence Battery discharge with new battery

F10. Is there a common issue that can cause this? Battery was installed 3 weeks ago and the car was doing great. Let it sit for 2 days and when I started it, I got the battery discharge notification. Worries me as I'm 16 hours from home.
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2022.01.24 11:58 TryingTimesComics Frog is sit

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