Ciao ragazzi cosa pensate di questo tnf nuptse 1996 di husky?

2022.01.16 18:35 alessandrogoff Ciao ragazzi cosa pensate di questo tnf nuptse 1996 di husky?

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2022.01.16 18:35 justus4_20 One of us.

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2022.01.16 18:35 TheOneSaneArtist Hifumi but I improved his design

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2022.01.16 18:35 eaglefucker Cross post from r/whatisthisbug

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2022.01.16 18:35 FerretMental 1 baby girl crying to gummy bear song

1 baby girl crying to gummy bear song
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2022.01.16 18:35 YouVision TAKING CARE OF THE DEVIL

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2022.01.16 18:35 awkwardtheturtle Fine ass in Wales

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2022.01.16 18:35 Otocolobus_manul8 Is it legal that there's barely any French signage in Nunavut?

I've noticed this in videos about Nunavut that the signs are in both English and Inuktitut. While this makes sense in a province with, presumably a small number of Francophones, is it actually legal given the official English/French bilingualism of Canada? Do these provinces have some sort of exemption from this due to their situation?
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2022.01.16 18:35 crashy76 Hadratus for Conan by Monolith.

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2022.01.16 18:35 AccordingShopping211 Ugh, missed this forced mate. Almost every move but the winning move loses the game instantly. Not a bad puzzle at least. (~1400 rating)

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2022.01.16 18:35 Professional_Help143 Ippag Dice

Today I found an old lighter in my grandfathers house. It turns out it is an Ippag dice. Sadly it does not work anymore. I assume the flint, gass will need to changed. Is there anybody who could clarify this process for me.
Thank you in advance
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2022.01.16 18:35 throwaway224910 automod test

Hey everyone,
I was admitted to the First-Year Engineering program as well as the Honors College(no scholarships sadly ). I'm not gonna ask about the honors college because I already see many people have asked about that. I want to transfer into the Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Program after FYE.
I am just wondering what courses I should take and which I should try and pass off with AP Credit if I want to keep my GPA high for both the honors college and to transfer into the AAE program. I already took AP Calc BC(5), Physics C: Mech(5), Physics C: E&M(5), Lang(4), Comp Sci A(5). I also took Physics 1 and APUSH(I really hope I do not have to take history in college) but I don't know if these courses are a part of FYE. In my high school, I also took Multivariable Calculus(calc 3 I think), Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations(calc 4?). Which courses would be best for me?
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2022.01.16 18:35 bucket--bot .-

some other reasons now tho she made it was colonized by britain if it by britain if it is nothing to some people
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2022.01.16 18:35 Equal_Pay_2261 ROKU streaming stick 4K Dolby Vision Autodetect malfunction

When set to Autodetect my tv reflects Dolby Vision regardless of the resolution transmitted by the program, eg. 720, 1080, 4K, 4K HDR, 4K Dolby Vision. In order to watch the program in it’s intended resolution I have to go into ROKU settings and manually change it to the proper setting. How do I get Autodetect to function properly? I am using the ROKU Streaming Stick 4K purchased several months ago. It’s inserted directly into the HDMI (ARC) port of my LG OLED 55CX. I also have an LG OLED 65” with a ROKU Ultra with HDR capability. When it is set to Autodetect it functions properly matching the setting, eg, 1080, 4K, HDR with the program resolution. Anyone have any ideas about how I go about “unfreezing” the Autodetect on the Streaming Stick?
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2022.01.16 18:35 serial4u Paramparca Episode 82 with English Subtitles - serial4u

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2022.01.16 18:35 OnHillStreet "I Can't Wash The Dust Off Me" Creepypasta Narration

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2022.01.16 18:35 jaypeejay 2018 SR5 V6 High Transmission Temp warning

Last night I was driving my taco and saw this warning and then the engine shut down. I let her sit for a few minutes, and started it back up and have had no issue since.
I think the cause might have been shifting a bit too aggressively and applying gas too roughly on a hill. I was heading down a paved hill in 4L (joking, I was in 2wd) and realized I had missed my turn so I stopped, threw it in R, gassed up the hill backwards beyond the missed turn, then threw it in D, and as soon as I started moving forward she threw the High Temp Warning.
I checked my paperwork from the Toyota dealer from my inspection ~3k miles ago and they indicated the transmission fluid was fine.
Since these newer trannys don't have a dipstick I can't simply check the fluid myself, so I'm hesitant to take it in to a transmission shop/dealer and pay for a basic check to find out it's fine, or worse be talked into flushing it when it's fine.
Ever had anything like this before? Is this just a matter of driving her a little more gingerly on hills?
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2022.01.16 18:35 Ubisoft_Server Do we still get credit for stuff mined if everyone dies?

My friend says yes, the random guy in lobby says no.
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2022.01.16 18:35 slime_pixie Why periods gotta make me eat so badly 💔

I’m just venting rly :( I used to have an ED and still suffer from some level of restrictive eating.
My period symptoms are always pretty severe and binge eating followed by a guilt ridden break down seems to happen every day of my period.
I literally just ate an entire baked wedge of brie covered in garlic salt and chilli flakes to myself with half a loaf of sourdough bread. Honestly it was pretty incredible.
Periods make me so depressed and now I’m sat here thinking I’m the grossest person on earth lol. No doubt I won’t sleep from anxiety about my body now
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2022.01.16 18:35 Newcryptoproject NFT Bonus Token ---Coming Soon

NFT Bonus Token ---Coming Soon Are you ready to own some of the best NFT...
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2022.01.16 18:35 Odd-Business-6839 ARIELLELAEL / Realskybri / Mati (matildem) / Sommer Ray / ELLE BROOKE / Voulezj / Skylar Mae (skylarmaexo) / Ashwitha / BBBLOVE / ZARA JORDAN / MEGNUT / MIA MALKOVA / HEIDI GREY / LilithCavaliere /Demi Rose / BILLIE EILISH / Mikafans / HannahOWO / Lavaxgrll / Sommer Ray / Mackenzie Jones

ARIELLELAEL / Realskybri / Mati (matildem) / Sommer Ray / ELLE BROOKE / Voulezj / Skylar Mae (skylarmaexo) / Ashwitha / BBBLOVE / ZARA JORDAN / MEGNUT / MIA MALKOVA / HEIDI GREY / LilithCavaliere /Demi Rose / BILLIE EILISH / Mikafans / HannahOWO / Lavaxgrll / Sommer Ray / Mackenzie Jones submitted by Odd-Business-6839 to premiumofleaks [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 18:35 AIArtlab VIRTUAL MUSEUM NOW AVAILABLE, look at bio

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2022.01.16 18:35 hudut_namustur Please help guys
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2022.01.16 18:35 william_devon My grand father (a medic during the WW2) said it was used by the Germans back then during the war!! It's been in the family museum... Does anyone knows what it's worth?? Anyone?

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2022.01.16 18:35 father-bean1 Boss is reverse Robin Hood

I’m so sorry this is long, but you can skip to the end if you want. I (23f) have worked at a small family owned bar for 5 years, but I think my boss intentionally stole tip money from me and my coworker last night to give to our bartenders…
First I want to explain how the bar is set up.. we have a cashiehostess station up front (this is where I work) We start pay around $9 an hour + tips. I make a little more + tips because I’m the manager of FOH. I usually work daytime shift and don’t make as much in tips as night time workers (we are way busier at night so that’s another reason I make a little more). The way things are supposed to work is people order food up front with us then pay, and then they order separately at the bar. It’s a little unorthodox but people grab their own drinks and we bring the food/take the trash, offer to get them refills, etc . The bartenders can also ring in food, but the cashiers still run it to the bar and don’t receive any tip outs. My boss knows this and pretends to sympathize with us, but she is the one that tells them not to tip us out. Our bartenders make MINIMUM $300 a shift (they get $4/hr for servers min wage) and that’s a bad day for them…cashier shifts in the morning make around $30-50 in tips and the nights make around $80-100 in tips.
I have begged my boss to train to be a bartender and even offered to be a floater since they always need shifts covered, but she continuously makes new excuses (I’ll be greedy if I’m trained because I’ll think the money is too good, I’m too clumsy, she doesn’t need another bartender, etc) even though she calls me one of her best employees. I do need the money and she knows that. I have to pick up dog sitting jobs and babysitting jobs just so I can make rent. I know I need to leave but I love the people I work with so much.
Here’s the part I need advice on..
A large party came into my job last night and put all their food and drinks on the same tab at the bar. My boss said that she would tip us out at the end of the night. The tab was around $700 so my coworker and I were excited to come home with good money that night. My boss handled the bill, but didn’t share with us how much they tipped. I was skeptical so I kept asking the bartenders what they made off that table and they didn’t have the ticket. My coworker and I helped bring dishes from the party back to the bar and cleaned up after them, helped the bartenders bring drinks (we were so busy none of the bartenders could check on them), so we thought we would get a good chunk of the tip. My boss came up and handed us $25 each. We were both super bummed out and assumed they didn’t tip very well. Today my boss slipped up in front of me and said they tipped 50%!!!! So the 3 bartenders got about $100 each and we got the measly 25 fucking dollars… my other coworker told me today that my boss was going to give us more Money but decided against it so the bartenders could get more $$ & told my coworker not to say anything to me.. I’m going to say something to my boss but I have no idea how to approach this without her finding out my coworker said something. I’m so bad with confrontation and I’m thinking of putting in my notice. Please help.
What would you do?
TL;DR large party came in our bar & boss gave bartenders a bigger tip out even though the servers did a majority of the work
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