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Vivien, the petricite mage

2022.01.20 10:41 Gravitywaver Vivien, the petricite mage


Vivien is a melee physical damage mage at base but deals hybrid damage and hybrid range. This derives from her connection to petricite and its utilization in a crystalline form to inflict physical harm on her foes. Due to the nature of petricite, similar to Sylas she is able to release the consumed energy from within the white stone.

Demacian Miners stumbled upon a white sword embedded into a large white crystal, while mining petricite at the northern petricite forest. Due to it close resemblance to the magic absorbing stone, they brought it in for further study. When they tried to extract the weapon they managed to crack the large crystal it was embedded in, causing it to shatter into a large cloud of petricite dust. It soon revealed a female person who had been stuck or sealed within that crystal. The person was soon to be identified as a great mage from the ancient rune wars. Frightened from their findings they tried sealing her with petricite gauntlets. But they soon found out that this woman was capable of controlling the magic absorbing stone.
Though slightly confused the woman showed no hostility towards them and was rather talkative, asking a lot of questions and answering questions asked towards her. They soon learned that this woman was named Vivien and that she had been in charge of suppressing the unlawful usage of magic prior to the so called rune wars of which she did not know anything about. She also explained that she was tricked sealed in this crystal by the very mages that followed her and as such her grudge or rather hatred towards mages became to be, despite being one of them herself.
Soon demacias council began their meetings, discussing what to do with Vivien while keeping her a secret for the public. Most of the council sympathized with her hatred towards mages and suggested her to join the mage hunters or even become a member of the crown guard family. But the crown guard representative themselves refused. They thought allowing a mage into their ranks just because her ideals align with theirs would not change the fact that mages are evil and would make them look like hypocrites. Knowing the risks too well their discussions continue.
Meanwhile, Vivien was guided through the courtyards by Luxanna Crownguard while being secretly monitored by mage hunters. The two where getting along well despite Vivien seeming quite a bit older than Luxanna. Even then Viviens appearance caused a few guards to stare after her. After learning about the events of the past from Luxanna, Vivien was amused by the though of what the councils decision what they would do with her.
"Seems like my incidental vacation are over" she quietly whispers to herself with a wide smile.
Contest Prompt:
Prior to the Rune wars she was part of a group of Mages that formed laws on usage of magic and upheld order. As the most powerful of the bunch she was betrayed and sealed away for eternity, ending the age of lawful magic usage as no one was strong enough to hold order over them.
Awakening after centuries of being sealed away Vivien finds herself to be the last known survivor of the old ages and the last member of the magic order.
TL;DR She is the last living member of the magic order which controlled magic laws prior to the rune wars. (their disappearance allowed mages to do what they want and cause the rune wars)

Abilities: P - Petricite Crystal
Upon casting an ability, Vivien gains a stack (indicated under her health bar). Upon reaching 4 stacks, the next basic ability and/or basic attack against a champion becomes empowered. Casting an empowered ability consumes the stacks.
The empowered basic attack against champions does not consume the stacks but becomes unavailable until the stacks are used up. This attack has 100 increased range and becomes unstoppable. Vivien channels the energy within her blade dealing an additional 10-55 (+25%AP) physical damage and reduces the targets AP by 10% and their mana/energy regeneration by 25% for 3s. Vivien also gains a magic shield equal to the total damage dealt by this attack up to a maximum of 100-350 (based on level).
Energy Siphon:
Upon casting an ability, Vivien gains 5 (10 on empowered cast) charges and an additional charge per enemy hit with an ability up to a maximum of 10 per cast. (Maximum charges are 15-32, based on level). While Vivien has charges, her basic attacks gain 350 range (250 on empowered basic attack), causing her to fling energy stored inside her blade at the target but consuming one charge. 80% of her attack gets converted into magic damage and an addition (10% AP) is added. Basic attacks within melee range remain normal and do not consume charges.
Magic penetration also applies to all ability damage despite it being physical. (Magic pen acts as armor pen for her abilities) Regular armor pen only affects her ability damage with 40% effectiveness.

Q - Piercing barrage
Vivien readies multiple petricite blades around herself before launching them at her target dealing 35-175 (80%AP) physical damage and marking the target with "Crystal crust" for 4s. If the enemy casts an ability or is hit by an ability of Vivien, the mark shatters dealing 50-150(+30%AP) physical damage in an area around the target and granting her a charge of "Energy Siphon"
Takedowns with this ability refund its cost and 30% of its cooldown. This ability can hold up to two charges.
Empowerment: On impact an initial shatter will deal 15(+15%AP) magic damage in a circle around the target.

W - Cataclysmic prison
Vivien forms a ring of crystals forming a wall at the targeted location. The crystals deal 80-270(+80%AP) physical damage on emergence. After a 1s delay, a wave of energy erupts inwards dealing 90-210(+75%AP) magic damage and stuns targets hit for 1-1.5s. Enemies can walk through the crystal wall but become slowed by 80% for 1.25s and take 150% the crystals emergence damage as physical damage.
Empowerment: Enemies that take damage from this ability have their resistances reduced by 15% for 4s and take an additional 5-25% damage from the energy wave.

E - Crystalline rupture
Vivien stomps the ground calling forth a fissure of white crystals in the targeted direction dealing 55-235(+100%AP) physical damage to targets it passes through. Targets marked by "Crystal crust" become slowed by 30% for 2s
If the rupture hits terrain, its range refreshes and it does not loose range while passing through it. The fissure has a maximum range from its cast location of 1200-2500
Empowerment: The fissure has increased width and travel speed and applies its slow regardless if marked or not. Additionally the rupture will leave behind a trail for 2s which deals 15-35(15%AP) magic damage every 0.5s to targets that travers it.

R - Queen of Petricite
Vivien burst with energy, raising crystals from the ground in all directions dealing 120-360 (+80%AP) damage split into half physical and half magic damage.
For the next 7s she gains a petricite crown which creates an aura around herself. Vivien and her allies affected by this aura take 15% (+2% per 100AP) reduced magic damage from all sources. [P: Energy siphon] will be active regardless of charges and all attacks become ranged even when in melee range. Attacks erupt around the target, dealing 25% of the attacks damage as magic damage to other targets in close proximity of the attacked enemy.
Effect duration is increased by 2-6s on Takedowns

I'm not the best at writing Stories/Lore so please be considerate when judging my writing. Also English is not my primary language so there may be typos and mistakes in my grammar here and there.
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I just got Tuscany EE. And was wondering if some modules should better be left out while playing 2 player games, I saw someone is playing with influence however they do no count the final scoring of it. Would like to have your input on it, if there are some modules which play not that great by 2 player games.
Thanks in advance!
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Snoop Dogg: "NFTs will replace all ticketing"
Benefits of NFT ticketing

Snoop Dogg
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