BOJ's Kuroda says Japan must cooperate with US, Europe on central bank digital currency norms

2022.01.28 02:20 SolidusViper BOJ's Kuroda says Japan must cooperate with US, Europe on central bank digital currency norms

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2022.01.28 02:20 maybe_navy21 F22 cheer me up

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2022.01.28 02:20 piikerr This could honestly be massive… Ability for all retailers to accept crypto at POS?

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2022.01.28 02:20 kylojrenh I hope everyone is doing well! If anyone wants/needs to talk, I'm willing to listen <3

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2022.01.28 02:20 _kiminara /ThePolice Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.28 02:20 Islandmilk Am I needy?

Is telling someone “you’ve been more distant than usual is everything okay?” being needy? Someone who called me needy before stopped replying to me after that message a few days ago.
I used to be needy a year ago but ever since then I have been trying to work on that. I have never begged anyone for attention or this particular person after being called needy.
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2022.01.28 02:20 cosmicbase_ Request: Hawai'i @ CSU Northridge [00:00 AM EDT]

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2022.01.28 02:20 junglejim43332 rulw

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2022.01.28 02:20 ytGrumpy what is a weird phobia of yours that if you told someone they would think your weird/crazy?

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2022.01.28 02:20 NovercaIis New Server for Newbies and those who wants to do Story Mode - The Island (Big Engram Overhaul)

Reason for me making this server is simple. I have only ever done 2 caves and never seen a boss. Single Player mode is HORRIBLE, as resources don't spawn when you are logged off.
Joining other servers has stupid rates of x10, I don't like and also get anxiety when I go from lvl 1 to 40 with a single hit of a tree. Like, let me enjoy each stages of the game. Thatch, Wood, Stone for fuck sakes. I am sure a lot of new players also feel this sense of overwhelming and discourages them.
Also sucks going into a pre-exsisting server where all the spots are walled up, pillar up, everyone has Dinos level 250+ and you're just that bob still running from a Diplo chasing you.
Here, this server is intended for new players who wants to play the story mode, go at a decent pace and have everyone hopefully be equal.
Server Will officially Open on 1/31/22 - 10am CST
Server Rates - Experience on a Sliding Scale

Harvest Rate
Taming Rate = X1
Dino Food Drains (DFD) = x3
(Example =
The Dino Food Drains makes Kibbles important to tame and makes Narco relevant as well.
Engrams Unlock as you level.
Mods and customize settings:
AND MORE - See Discord for more details!
Other server modification In Consideration:
Clipping Turned Off!!!!!!! Build on uneven grounds w/o a hassle!
  • All Thatch Structures Unlocks at level 4
  • All Wood Structures Unlocks at 14
  • All Stone Structures Unlocks at 28
  • All Glass Structures Unlocks at 40
  • All Metal Structure Unlocks at 70
  • Premade have their own levels
  • All Structure takes increase damage from wild Dinos x3
  • Removed Stone/Metal Tree Platform
  • Removed - XL WALL N+ and Behemoth Gates
  • Lots of saddles has been around, lots of early taming and nerfing some of the popular tames to later levels.
  • Overhaul on Weapon/ArmoBase Defense engrams for the better.
Every Engram has been thought out and makes a much more logical sense as well as progressional wise (Like WTF is Scuba so super late game for? and Gas Mask).
Rules are:
  • No blocking of resources
  • Clean up after yourself, dont leave traps randomly in the world
  • Be Nice, Toxic shit wont be tolerated
  • no PvP, griefing, harassment
  • No Power leveling via notes. I'd rather have a bunch of unexperienced players here than experienced players taking all the short cuts rushing to, basically what amounts to - showing off. I'd like to build a community of newbies - working to beat the map.
I intend to keep this map for 3-4 months before moving to the 2nd map of the storyline. Cluster is a potential option, depending on cost and/or donation.
I'd like to open this server in a few days or if I have 3-4 people ready to go.
I am open to feedback, mod suggestion, rates suggestion, server suggestions, etc.
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2022.01.28 02:20 eddwaaa How many men in here would consider themselves a “narcissist” and what are somethings you do ?

How many men in here would consider themselves a “narcissist” and what are somethings you do that distinguish you from being “normal”?
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2022.01.28 02:20 ronkabaap I have a redmi 9 prime.

when i put it on silent mode and then receive a call the silent mode turns off automatically. This has become a problem. Started happening after updating to new UI.
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Please read this all. On my birthday 🎂 I experienced this.

  1. Got to my stop number 63. Customer was coming down road I was on and I had to backup to the fork in road behind me in rural route.
  2. Couldn't fully turn around to reverse. So I went into the neighbors property to do a 5 point turn. Got stuck Due to my ADHD, I 100% misunderstood my ability to safely reverse in the fork/ entrance of the customers neighbors property. Tried to get out using the totes, no help.
  3. Dogs are barking, Wife comes. Tells me that both her husband and her work graveyard. Husband is dead asleep and will try to wake him up to see what he can do. I apologize to the wife. Husband comes by looks angry.
  4. I text my my DSP ownemanager. Dsp manager tells me to call dispatch. Husband demands that I call someone. I call dispatch per my bosses orders and the husband (homeowner) starts to get angry as he is talking to dispatch. Walks about a 4 feet away from me.
  5. I turn 180°, I went to go retrieve the tote underneath the Van. As I had my back of my body turned to the Homeowner, I hear 5 gunshots go off ( I am a Marine veteran) and remember my USMC training kicking in. Not knowing where the sound where coming. I hurry over to the opposite side of van to take cover.
  6. I see homeowner shooting 3 more rounds of 9mm into the ground infront of him all angry. At this time I'm realizing that when the homeowner took my phone away from me, I realized he was intimidating my dispatcher.
  7. He is looking at me now, gun in hand. Barrel pointing down by my feet. He then hands me my phone and tells me to get my tow and get me the hell off of his property. Shoots 8 more 9mm into the ground . I apologize again and I and I tell him yes sir. Reloads his 1911 PISTOL, puts it in the back of his pants.. As he is walking back to his house, i call my dispatch again in a panic. Dispatch tells me to go to a safe space. I walk up to the original customers gate.
  8. Tow is on the way. Homeowner stayed in his porch in his house staring at me. Tow truck driver notices the shells asks me if i was shot at. No i tell him, he tells me was i being intimidated? I say i belive because I was stuck. I understand that why he shot the rounds as he was angry AT me or dispatch.
  9. I get out, get rescued. Boss asked me to RTS. I Get to station and upon upon giving my bag to DSP manageowner. He proceeds to blow up and explode on me (about telling me to keep my ass on the pavement. To attempt the delivery. Call text call. Why this is not the first time). I am incompetent and I do not understand anything that I tell him and I break down crying telling him that I'm sorry and that I try my best to understand because my mental health: " does not allow me to, fully comprehend, what is being said to me."
  10. He asks me what I want FOR HIM TO HELP ME. I tell him i need more suburban, and town routes. I can't think in the switchbacks and i overthink due to my ADHD. I tell him that I needed a week off to think about everything that happened. I WILL BE BACK 1/31/2022. In person i told him that. I sent a text message to reminded him. I never said I quit, I was trying to get clarification from him about my status of employment and his disciplinary action.
  11. He calls me on Sunday January 23rd 2022. To " ask about my mental health" I recorded the call and due to my ADHD, i interpet that he goes to chew me out again, ( my step father is recording and listening to the phone call). Boss sends me this text message on 1/25/22.
"Yes you are still employed with my company. I called you on Sunday to check on you and your health. You yelled at me and reminded me that I was calling you on your personal time. I apologized for doing so and I closed with telling you to take the time that you needed before coming back. I scheduled you for both Monday and Tuesday but you didn't show up. Do you not recall any of our conversation Sunday? When should I expect you at work? "
I REPLY WITH: "Hello Boss. Yesteday I took time to think about what would be best for my mental health, and I decided this morning that I feel more comfortable not coming into work until January 31st, 2022. I am still trying to comprehend everything, my ADHD does not allow me to fully comprehend what people tell me. I want to cope with the truama that happend that day, and when I do return to work I will possibly be in a better mindset to work.
Thank you for understanding."
  2. I have a mental illness accommodation complaint on the Bureau of Labor and Industries. Started to reset my UI for my state in case of anything. Applying to EBT, and all state help. Called. the police after it all ended after talking to my boss. and make a report for an incident ( no charges pressed yet). Called LEMT to report situation, dropped that area where incident happened.
I got veterans and mental help help via the police. I want a new dsp that I can talk to that REALLY CARES ABOUT ME.
What is going to happen?? I am 100% emotionally distraught. The after effects of the bosses actions and my ADHD ability to NOT have me COMPREHEND IS MAKING THIS WORSE. IM MENTALLY GOING DOWN HILL.
I am aware snitches can be lurking on this subreddit. I am going to talk to an attorney if needed. I cannot lose my mental health, apartment. I want my job back.
RETALIATION TOWARDS ME WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR ANOTHER B.O.LI. COMPLAINT FOR WORKER RETALIATION. I am trying to still comprehend everything that is going on. I haven't slept well, I haven't well, mentall stress is getting bad and I haven't showed for 2 days due to being emotionally distressed.
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2022.01.28 02:20 Night_owl-19 How can one differentiate between a true friend and a fake friend?

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2022.01.28 02:20 nixxiu Sad

My parents got mad at me for wanting to study music for college.
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2022.01.28 02:20 TrendingBot [Mildly Trending] /r/CHIBears - /r/CHIBears ≡GSH≡ (+202 subscribers today; 229% trend score)

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2022.01.28 02:20 Fearless-Nose-5991 You got any more of that 69 DD to jack some tiddies?

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2022.01.28 02:20 Default_Rice_6414 If anyone is trying to learn Arabic, start a post a day on r/ArabicStreak

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2022.01.28 02:20 Josay55 Where is the melody from family ties by Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar from?

Where is the melody from family ties by Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar from? I have heard it before (off soundcloud in 2020) by a really small artist. But online it says they produced it themselves. That can't be true. Where is this from?
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2022.01.28 02:20 Drizztd99 Digging through my old longbox and found this one. Dunno if it's worth anything but you gotta admit it's a hella cool cover.

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2022.01.28 02:20 NeeneMarie Itchy skin. Pregnancy hormones?

Currently 29/5 and for the past few weeks my skin has been extremely itchy. No matter how many times I moisturize, nothing works. There are no bumps or rashes. My skin looks totally fine. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life. My doctor seems to be oblivious to what it could be. We can rule out cholestasis. I was tested for it and everything came back normal. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what did you do to ease your discomfort?
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2022.01.28 02:20 CompetitiveAd3295 😍

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2022.01.28 02:20 FunkyMrShoes Anyone else feel like they desperately need to add more in-game mounts to acquire?

I know that everyone is cheesed that we are not getting a new class or and skill lines, I kinda disappointed aswell, but if you take the reveal stream for what it is, I feel like it would've been a great time for them to announce more mounts in game. I know there's the sunspire and the scrying one but I feel like we should have more.
For example, they told us that we are getting account wide achievements, which is awesome, but theres not really any reason do the achievements you know? Like what if they made it so like if you completed all the achievements in a sub-catagory ( aka all the Waking Flame dlc achievements) you got a mount. Like getting trifectas are cool and all but I don't feel any reason to do the wacky side achievements in dungeons.
Or if they added some to pvp like cyro, imperial city or battlegrounds, I really feel like that would help revive those areas.
Sorry for the ramble lol, there is so many damn cool mounts locked behind crown crates, it seems if they added them in-game instead by doing unique things, it would add extra incentives to go out of your way to do stuff you wouldn't normally do
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2022.01.28 02:20 Heathstar4 I have just started to consider getting an ultrawide, anyone know some good options?

For gaming or productivity 1440p preferably and 144hz+
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2022.01.28 02:20 No_Function5294 Mens mental health is incredibly looked past way too much and needs to be talked about more in society

I have personally been Affected seriously by mental health and on the edge of suicide and the pains and difficultly are unheard of in society and the women (not saying this is all women) but all of the ones I have contacted (not family) have brushed me of calling me a wimp and pathetic and saying “your not suicidal give over” or get over it and laughing and I hadn’t and still haven’t reached out as it is unnatural and hard for men to do and I’m (14) which makes me dread what the future may hold so I think the governments should do more to help the mental health of men and fix the unfair laws that men have
Disclaimer: i know there is gonna be a comment talking about woman’s mental health and so there is no misunderstanding I know there is woman’s problems and I hope they are sorted too but in the following mens issues are more severe eg suicide rates are higher by a great amount
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