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Bitcoin Daily Call

2022.01.21 03:20 MidasTouchConsulting Bitcoin Daily Call

Bitcoin Daily Call presented by in partnership with Vaultoro for January 21, 2022.
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2022.01.21 03:20 pratikk05 What's your current favorite TV Series?

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2022.01.21 03:20 Commercial-Curve-496 MSE / MARPE separator bands 5 days before device installation.

Hi, I’m getting MSE installed this Saturday. The provider told me that I have a dense bone in my palette, so I have a 50/50 chance of expansion (if it weren’t for that it would be an 80% chance due to the fact that I am a 28 year old female). Feel free to ask questions and I may be able to ask my provider this Saturday and provide a thorough response.
I noticed that there are no MSE or palette expansion groups, so I will be posting updates here.
I’m linking quick videos about the rubber band separators that I currently have in my teeth to make space for the appliance. Rubber bands must be worn 4-7 days before the appliance is installed.
If these videos are useless, please share your opinion. I hate filming myself, and prefer writing my experience, but I thought they could possibly be helpful. The next videos should be more thorough. Details are in the description.
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2022.01.21 03:20 ke6vin Looking for scholar~

Please fill this form:
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2022.01.21 03:20 Legitimate-Ad-8390 I can’t be alone in wondering why Britney acts so strangely sometimes

I’m sure you all remember the Britney the universe fell in love with in the early 2000s. Even as a rookie to stardom she came across as sweet, clever, energetic, and goofy. She was relatable and disarming and self aware. Although we will never have all the details of Britney’s story, it seems like somewhere in her late 20s after the conservatorship was put in place, her personality both on the internet and on camera shifted a lot and I can’t be the only one who notices. Obviously we’ve seen upside down smile, high pitched, shaky nervous Brit, who seems to reflect like some level of PTSD related to being in public and on camera. We also know that Britney has been medicated for decades, possibly against her will And possibly against good medical practice. Therefore, Brits behavior and personality could be influenced by that. Still, I keep waiting to see the charm and wit and talent we saw in pre-conservatorship Brit. I know it could easily be trauma related, but the way Britney acts is tbh -it must be said- borderline socially unacceptable and her public statements and IG posts are pretty much nonsensical and seem erratic and a little immature. Obviously I worship Britney and she has every reason to react and behave however tf she wants after all of this, but I’m genuinely wondering how her demeanor and behavior changed so drastically years into her adulthood. I can’t imagine OG Brit taking to social media with dead end ramblings idk. She’s such a damn enigma maybe none of us know or ever will know the first thing about her lol
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2022.01.21 03:20 Vacy02 Testing

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2022.01.21 03:20 NeonBlue2187 Cursed Moldavia?

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2022.01.21 03:20 CockroachNo2191 Nervous system dysregulation

Hi guys I was wondering if you any of you suffering with CPTSD flush when you’re excited or under pressure. Can you body tell the difference anymore?
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2022.01.21 03:20 DelCheWelfromGSX To get CP, who's money do u use

View Poll
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2022.01.21 03:20 sleep-over661 Get to know the foundation of BinaryCat, their founders, development, and the benefits its mentors considered for the thousands of betting-loving users

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2022.01.21 03:20 Humble_Point6640 Stop loss not working

Whenever i set a buy/sell limit order in futures and input my sl/tp, when my buy/sell order hits, the stop loss disappears when im in the position already. How can i fix this?
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2022.01.21 03:20 Bradduh 25% equity needed for a conventional non-occupant refi?

Moved to to Colorado a year ago and purchased a property, not too familiar with the state law here.
Long story short I’m looking to refi, rent out this property, and purchase another this year. I was told in order to do a non-occupant I’d need at least 25% equity in the property.
Does anyone know if this is accurate or simply the LO’s company policy? Thought it was pretty universal across the board anything below 20% would constitute PMI until it reaches that threshold.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.21 03:20 bucket--bot U okay bro? 🪱

in any time sjskbdksjdmd
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2022.01.21 03:20 ideasponge1 When Nishant Tanwar goes off the grid for days periodically,he is often seen loitering in the fields of Punjab.

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2022.01.21 03:20 EBeewtf Upper Right Abdomen Pain With Movement

So I’m only writing this here because I’m SMO and am worried about what is going on. Not looking for medical advice per say, but has anyone dealt with this??
It’s going on four months now. When I bend forward. Sneeze. Cough. Twist to my left. I have upper right abdomen pain, a bit towards my center, but definitely to the right under the ribs and feels like tearing/overstretching pain. Like it feels as if I was injured.
I’m freaking out that it’s cancer or something. I’ve gone through a lot of medical turmoil the past few years, so my paranoia for worse disease to happen is a little high. And I know that SMO peeps have a higher risk of cancer.
I’m getting a CT Scan for this next week and have to drink contrast. Bleh. I was supposed to have it done today but my mental health is just terrible this week so I canceled everything I was supposed to be doing.
I’m almost wondering if my fat is hurting. I have such a hard layer of fat over this area. It’s weird because I can still feel my ribs, especially while lying down, but upright I have this thick, hard fat layer.
Has anyone had this? I’m going on four months with this now. I had an ultrasound that showed nothing. Not even in my gallbladder. It hurts most while I’m sitting and stretching the area. Also hurts while lying down and stretching to the right. It seemed to have happened after I sneezed one day, but I can’t imagine it’s a sprained muscle going on four months.
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2022.01.21 03:20 Kazrael30 Just need to get the rest of those 10’s. Preparing my next PSA sub. 💪

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2022.01.21 03:20 BakedAlaskas4me Does your harmone problems, pcos and other related issues make you irritable to a point where you have said some crazy things?

I have said some hurtful things, apologized for it and still feel very awful about it. When I transitioned to college this eruption of emotions came. The years before were the opposite. These memories make feel very sad 😔. I even made my family mad but the know understand that I was actually experiencing problems in my body.
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2022.01.21 03:20 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert TRAFFIC PROBLEM 1213 JAMES ST 1/20/2022 10:12:03 PM incident #LLV220100080242
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2022.01.21 03:20 UMichStudy Participants Needed: Gender, Religion and Technology Study

Hello! I am a master's student from the University of Michigan, School of Information. Looking for married or individuals in long-term live-in relationships living in India for a research study about the impact of religion and technology on romantic relationships.
The interview (remote, via Zoom) takes 60 - 90 minutes and you will be compensated 1000 Rs. for your time.
If you are interested in participating, please take this survey to check eligibility and view the consent form to be filled out: Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary.
We're currently scheduling participants from now until the end of January. If you are eligible for the research, and you have provided contact information, we will contact you about setting up the interview.
If you have any questions regarding the study or the survey linked above please contact me at [](
Thank You!
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2022.01.21 03:20 not_circumventing do yall think rcb will be the next tiktok obsession

they already ran dg to the ground 2 years ago and for the past few months everyone hopping on haunted mound and they already ruined, sem started to be an ass to fans (not blaming him, and the fanbase is literal children. with that marjorie song blowing up on roblox tiktoks (annoying asf) and hi c already been known, i wouldn't surprised if rcb blew up even more this year, maybe not drain gang level but yeah
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2022.01.21 03:20 chalunkxlight Regarding to Vayne's Interwined Will chapter

Not sure if it's just me. But i really like how this chapter fresh out one of Vayne's most dangerous asset. Extremely skilled in manipulating the others.
Almost made Golbez to do his bidding. Played along with both Jegran & Kadaj's obsession and ego, and successfully made them join his group. All by just words without special power.
I really hope that other IW chapter in the future will do this kind of thing for its respective character.
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2022.01.21 03:20 Alcano2 I need to improve my shapes, but I dont know exactly what about it [OC]

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2022.01.21 03:20 FunctionallyReactive Do we ever think the producers ever overrule or at least sway the expert’s decision on matchmaking?

Just thinking of other reality tv (bachelor) and it seems obvious that sometimes the producers are pulling strings instead of the experts. Curious what the community thinks
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2022.01.21 03:20 OccamsStylist "Who needs metaphysics when you have science?" To which Wolfgang Smith would say...

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2022.01.21 03:20 smell-the-roses Dog friendly family getaway

My wife and I are taking an impromptu week off in the second week of February.
Could anyone suggest dog friendly accommodation for a family of four close to the beach, a couple of hours out of Sydney?
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