Neighborhood recommendations for our budget?

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2022.01.24 14:16 afuturisticdystopia Neighborhood recommendations for our budget?

Hi all! First, sorry if this is a repetitive “where should I move” type post. I’ve been researching NYC and am feeling overwhelmed with info and could use some help!
Background: myself and my girlfriend currently live in PA and are considering a move to NYC for work. Both of us work remotely for companies that are based in Manhattan and would like the option to work hybrid in-person. Plus, we’re ready for a change in lifestyle and are excited by what NYC has to offer!
Our combined, pre-tax salary would be 120k. If we moved to NYC we would more than likely get rid of our cars and rely on public transit.
For apartments, ideally we’d want a 2 BR that’s in the $1800-2100 range and within a 30-40 minute commute to midtown. As far as atmosphere, a quieter area is fine but the more walkable, the better.
So far I’ve looked at Astoria and Sunnyside and like what I’ve found, but am looking for any other recommendations. Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.24 14:16 OddTie1729 Jodie Marsh has joined OnlyFans!

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2022.01.24 14:16 kevinowdziej A feast indeed

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2022.01.24 14:16 Equivalent-Summer974 gee i wonder where i got the issues from!/s

me: accidently yells from anger issues dad: no one understands you when you yell. me: true. but you need to learn the same thing. all those times you yelled at me to do something when i was younger didn't help dad: theirs a thing called respect when you
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2022.01.24 14:16 robloxgamerinroblox Trading For R63 TW:OH

my offer is twoh and r63 kcr
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2022.01.24 14:16 papabless1024 Could have been traveling the world and instead I’m working a job I hate and have no friends. I don’t know what to do.

Last September I (23M) was planning on working at a hospitality place in Germany for 15 months. Instead, I accepted a full time 9-5 job that I started in November. I hate it. I sit behind a desk all day while my friends are going skiing in Germany and seeing the world. it’s giving me severe anxiety and fomo that I’m wasting my life being depressed and alone. I chose the job because I wanted to pay off my debts and build funds but now I feel like I made a huge mistake. I realize it’s more the fact that I feel lonely than it is traveling, but there’s also so much more I want to do before starting a career. I’m considering begging for the job offer in Germany back but idk if they’d accept me. Or maybe choosing a new job, but idk how much better that would be if I’m still alone. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.
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2022.01.24 14:16 Toadkabab Spa/salon cleaning supplies safety question.

So this spa has been using lucas-cide since the everything opened back up pist covid. As some of the pictures show, everything in the room has a layer of sticky pink residue left over from spraying everything down between sessions.
The warning label is one of the most intimidating warnings I've read, so I assume this is potent stuff. Like a table spoon per gallon. So I don't use it when it's not needed and use other cleaning supplies. We have new hires and I don't think they are doing things properly.
Does anyone know if this is safe?
There have definitely been times where I hadn't noticed everything was pink and touched things in the room and rubbed my face afterwards without realizing. I keep my finger nails very short and idk if it's all in my head but after dealing with this stuff my nails and skin feel more sensitive.
I have videos but can't figure out how to post it. I show myself wiping stuff in the room with a clean white napkin and nuclear pink residue gets wiped off the wall, chair, door, stool, trashcan, hot towel warmer, fan, and I assume the vinyl tablecovetopsheet have it as well.
Any help is appreciated!
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2022.01.24 14:16 JohnMarstonGaming Kaiser Franz Joseph going hunting

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2022.01.24 14:16 Bat_Pope Yeah, you did everything you possibly could.

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2022.01.24 14:16 Patient_Ad6008 Last Days in the Desert Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Ewan McGregor Movie HD

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2022.01.24 14:16 KYLETHORPAYNE1611 Questions regarding piping and water supply?

I recently posted the other day on here asking about a tankless electric water heater and after I've done my own research, I've come to realize that mine doesn't have a tank so I don't have to do any flushing. But what I do have to do is replace the unit itself because it seems that the unit itself is the one that's faulty. My question is on my unit the pipes come in on the left and right side of the unit but the one that I'm looking at getting the pipes would have to go from the bottom. Is there any way to connect the pipes that are already installed on the wall that are on the sides and maybe run some sort of hose or something to the bottom of the new unit? If anybody knows it would be extremely helpful. Thank you
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2022.01.24 14:16 iloveshinedown1 Judge me by my mastery tokens

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2022.01.24 14:16 cavsnes Another alternative Art Box ** Super Street Fighter II ** Japan cover version

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2022.01.24 14:16 MarcusDantus1 Have I damaged my penis? Please help

Hello. The thing is that I've always had a problem with masturbating a lot (I'm 22), but a few weeks ago I think I masturbated too hard because I felt a shock in my penis (it felt like when you get electricity from the socket and everything shakes) . After that happened I noticed that my penis feels different. It feels very heavy, it doesn't have as much sensitivity and it doesn't get as hard as it used to
There are days where I can have a full erection, but it goes down very quickly. I can cum without any problems, but I am afraid that it has damaged my penis because before my erections were very hard and it stayed erect for a long time.
Has anyone been through this? Do you know if it is solved just by letting it rest? I haven't masturbated for a week, but it still feels the same.
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2022.01.24 14:16 Ill-Expert7653 Bhoot khushi h ho mitro

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2022.01.24 14:16 jjduplo A camisinha estourou

Esse fim de semana conheci uma garota e a gnt acabou ficando, fui pra casa dela e no meio na putaria a camisinha estourou, mas a gnt não percebeu e continuou... No caso já comprei uma pílula pra ela, mas agora eu tô morrendo de preocupação e ansiedade de ter pego uma DST!! O que eu faço?? Tem alguma remédio que eu possa tomar? Como faz exame de DST??
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2022.01.24 14:16 starwaterbird Genesis

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2022.01.24 14:16 Some-Finish9395 DRILL WEEKLY #32 IS OUT NOW- Including: Double Lz - Block Freestyle // Rakz - Ruthless // Bside - Peekaboo // El Busy - 4 quid // KAVO - Airforce One // Nino Uptown & Suspect - Frostbite // BounceBack - Gone Clear // Snoop - 007 // Tookie - Mad about bars - There any I missed?

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2022.01.24 14:16 thaway1028 Abdomen worship

Okay kind of thinking this is a strategy to encourage more weight gain. My wife and I had date night last night and during sex I kept commenting on how hot her abdomen looked as we were doing it. Told her I loved how it was jiggling and the sound it makes as we are going at it hard. She seemed to get into it as well.
She is not trying to gain weight but is steadily and getting past the muffin top stage to a fuller belly.
I guess I’ll just keep those snacks around and take her out and treat her to brunch frequently
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2022.01.24 14:16 MotherOfBrownies "You don't invite your current boyfriend to your divorce party"

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2022.01.24 14:16 mngchrn Arnold Schwarzenegger 3d portrait!

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2022.01.24 14:16 Daikidzin Мне кажется одной руки на весь список не хватит

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2022.01.24 14:16 Machcobra GYEN, one of the very few that stays green. My bet is on GYEN to do well in 2022, the coinbase issue was wrong but do we blame GYEN? I am holding long and strong and will add all I can, this is cheap!

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2022.01.24 14:16 sanjaybloodysanjay People who frequently claim a high-visibility vest and a clipboard will let you get in anywhere, have you ever actually tried it and how'd it go?

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2022.01.24 14:16 PSWeebGo21 What is a good beginner telescope?

I’m looking to find a good telescope for around 200 euros. I don’t know anything about telescopes so I’m not really sure what to look for. Can anyone give a guide on what to know? Thanks
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