Any drawbacks from using Typhon abilities?

2022.01.18 20:07 Lonestarrz123 Any drawbacks from using Typhon abilities?

Hi all,
I’ve recently started playing Prey and I’m loving it, (just got Sarah’s voice code ). However I’ve never used any Typhon Neuromods, without spoiling the story, will using Typhon mods result in a worse ending or not? I feel I’m making the game harder for myself if there’s no major impacts…
I’m aware that having more than 3 abilities equipped will cause turrets to target me but that’s all I’m aware of, thanks in advance
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2022.01.18 20:07 yukoyyy1 Kanye - DONDA

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2022.01.18 20:07 themattofdeath No email address.

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2022.01.18 20:07 blupolarbear Cant follow people

Can you give me some karma? Its so frustrating that i appareantly can't follow anyone until i have enough karma.
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2022.01.18 20:07 ZoobBot 201495

This is the 201495th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.18 20:07 Carsachi my ex is harassing me with texts and probably didnt delete my nudes

Me (26f) and my ex (23m) broke up years ago after almost 1.5 years of relationship and everything got really toxic until may 2021. I got really hurt after having sex with him knowing he had a new girlfriend, who he doesn't know in real life. I told him that I didn't want to be her friend and that we should stay away from each other, that I wish him the best but not next to me. I blocked him everywhere and he still finds ways to text me. He also said he used to stalk me. Last message he sent was:
I can't stop touching myself when I think of you or watch you. I am a idiot, will never be over this obsession.
As you can imagine, that was very disturbing and it made me feel kinda shitty. I think he could be saving my nudes. I ask him to delete them, but never was sure if he did. I don't know what to say or do. It makes me feel really like I am just flesh to fuck to him, so allowed to tell me nasty shit even when I try really hard to be away from him. It's a disgusting message that I really want to delete, but should I keep it as evidence? because this man doesn't stop, doesn't respect me. All I have is keep on blocking him or change all my numbers and addresses, which isn't a easy task right now (can't afford that yet)
TLDR: ex keeps on sending me nasty messages about touching himself thinking and watching me even when told him to stop it
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2022.01.18 20:07 Mabelina09 Doing a lap soon Very Scared

I’m so scared of doing my lap in three weeks. I heard it’s very sore afterwards and you get blown up. Can anyone tell me some of their experiences or just what I could expect. Any information appreciated!
Sorry for format, I’m on mobile.
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2022.01.18 20:07 CharityforElderly Charity for Elderly people

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2022.01.18 20:07 Quickmawz Will they bring back any sort of daily deals?

I really miss them. Will Wemade bring back any deals like the dailies? Or any other decent ones? I'm mainly looking for gold.
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2022.01.18 20:07 -Breezie- What are good controller settings for Xbox One?

I'm looking for good controller settings. I've looked a bit online and usually just find mouse and keyboard. I've only been playing about a month, but I think the settings I have now are inhibiting me. Thank you!
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2022.01.18 20:07 yoyo2008_v da secret true wholesome ending

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2022.01.18 20:07 hero47x I think that was the best use case/project ever for my 3D printer. Next week a motor will be added. 450h+ of printing

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2022.01.18 20:07 NotImpost mfw doctor sex

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2022.01.18 20:07 Any_Custard_9453 Ugh Ex's Mom just texted us together in a group chat

5 days NC we broke up last week. Pretty clear she hasn't told her family that she cheated on me and we broke up. Ugh I was feeling good in the gym when I got the text now I'm just sad. I want to reach out to her family but I need to stay in NC for my own good. Trying to stay strong.
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2022.01.18 20:07 IrishDickhead99 What’s your most satisfying revenge story?

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2022.01.18 20:07 Successful_Walk1157 29M Not Sure What I'm Working Towards Anymore

I recently turned 29, I feel much older.
I have a decent job now, a little over 50k/yr, but I still feel poor because housing is insane, paying 50% of my monthly net to buy rundown old boomer scraps, no thanks. Living on your own is a luxury these days, while my current roommates have done nothing wrong, I just want my own place, but getting my own place would take 40-50% of my monthly income to not live in the hood.
The USA feels like it's on the brink of social and economic collapse. Nobody in power seems to give a shit about young people. Boomers only complain about "hur dur stop eating avacado toast", like that's the fucking millennials are broke.
My dating life is going nowhere fast, all previous girls have been through online dating, which were more like flings that lasted a month or two. The exception being the last girl I met in person who I liked a lot at first, but she just tried used me and ghosted me when I didn't give her what she wanted.
I'm frustrated because I don't know what I'm even working towards other than trying to earn more money. Nothing makes me happy long term.
My attitude has become that like an apathetic old man. I dress ok, not stylish. I just don't feel like I want to impress anyone, I just don't care. I don't feel anything towards women, dating has sucked so much, so I guess I don't even recognize a relationship could happen to me so I feel nothing. I don't do anything really when I am home, just browse Reddit and YouTube. I do occasionally hangout with friends, but that's about it.
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2022.01.18 20:07 PlenitudeOpulence Democratic Senate candidate Gary Chambers smokes marijuana in new ad highlighting disparity and reform

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2022.01.18 20:07 Danmcp Is Playstation Trolling me?

Is Playstation Trolling me? Like a lot of people, I'm trying to request a refund for Battlefield 2042 from Playstation Store. So I dig through the menus on PS Store to find the refunds page.
Only I find they're closed to email enquiries and will be open between 10:30 - 19:00.
I check back in this morning. Closed again?! Please check back between 22:30 - 07:00.
Now I check back at 23:00 and guess what
Fuckers be closed.

Ps how do you close emails during certain hours. That's not how emails work!
Checked last night

Checked this morning

Checked at 23:00.
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2022.01.18 20:07 lil_miss_oshun been obsessed with the ultraviolet naked palette by Urban Decay lately 🤩 uses the first six shades!

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2022.01.18 20:07 pjayyash Meme coins

How does everyone feel about meme coins./investing?
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2022.01.18 20:07 Whyte_Rrose Ea really dropped the ball on Mäori.

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2022.01.18 20:07 brotzyyy just a quick look at the US National Debt

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2022.01.18 20:07 svanapps Market Wrap: Cryptocurrencies Decline With Equities, Traders Remain Cautious

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2022.01.18 20:07 sugary_despair 1968 The Antisocial Cookbook

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2022.01.18 20:07 BossmanDJ Weird times to pratice?

Yeah, so a lot of my coworkers started getting worried about me when a nice growl section comes along in a song that I try to imitate and I really can't myself. Recently I've started playing more Slaughter to Prevail at work and I get the best inquisitive looking stares 😆🤣 It's not too "Terrible"
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