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Kids music is garbage and kids should just listen to regular music

2022.01.23 22:29 theeurgist Kids music is garbage and kids should just listen to regular music

So apparently Baby Shark is the first video to hit 10 billion views on YouTube. A bunch of my friends were like, “yup, we must have listened to that crap a million times” like they hate it and deserve royalties for putting up with that garbage.
Like, come on! Don’t play bad music for your kid. You’re the adult. My son loves Queen and we play Beatles and Say Anything and all kinds of fun music.
I told my friends that and they looked at me like I spat on their mom. As if every rock or pop song I play for my son actively makes him dumber. Play music you enjoy for your kid.
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2022.01.23 22:29 werpyshmerpy Springtrap Matchup Tierlist Remake... I feel like I should start running.

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2022.01.23 22:29 YuckDaddy1 25M [Chat] how’s your day today?

Before you proceed my profile is very n s f w so if that’s not your jazz keep scrolling
a little about myself, I love gaming and recently made the switch from console to PC. I work overnights so my sleep schedule is a little crazy rn. I have an anxiety disorder so sometimes doing anything can be hard. Tell me a little about yourself, any hobbies? Favorite movie? Really anything.
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2022.01.23 22:29 Shortcut_fixer This is so true

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2022.01.23 22:29 Thatoneguy3605 my dad kneed me in the stomach and told me to kms because im missing one assignment in school

Im 16M, suicidal, has been diagnosed with severe depression, and my parents beat me and hate me. they told me im a mistake and unlovable, im starting to believe them, if im never good enough for my own parents, how will i be good enough for anyone?
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2022.01.23 22:29 Overall-Chocolate-49 BBA acceptance

I applied to the bba program and the economics and accounting program in December. I got into the econ and accounting program last week and I was wondering if it was still possible to get into the bba or if they only accept you into one program.
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2022.01.23 22:29 TheBean997 Hardest weapon to use for my ng+?

I beat the game and dlc on hard with the high damage big sword... I never used a bow or other weapon except for when necessary. I definitely have an affinity with the big sword and the gaming experience to understand the mechanics, so I'm going to do a new game on the highest difficulty and I was wondering what weapons would make it extra hard. I'm not going to do a broom run because I don't want to just hit the enemy 4.2 million times but would the fists or sword and shield be harder? I feel like the spear and big sword are easiest, bow is op and the broom would take too long.
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2022.01.23 22:29 Grenadier23 Film Analysis Podcast needs two cohosts.

I have recently undertaken a task that I now realize is insurmountable if attempted alone.

I have started work on a media analysis project which will result in an end product of a video series or podcast(but would work best as a video series). The project is called Director Deep Dives, and in it I explore the life and career of the most relevant film-makers working today. Each subject examines one individual, and essentially includes presenting a chronological bibliography of the person, as well as a summary and analysis of each of their films.

To produce this project to my standards of quality require a particular combination of skills, including:

-Ability to Research
-Storyboarding relevant details in an Excel document
-Writing of a Script
-Proficient Oral Communication Skills
-Sound Editing
-Video Editing
-Musical Ability
-Knowledge of DMCA and Fair Use practices

I possess some of these skills, not all, so I'm seeking like minded collaborators who share my passion for film analysis.

If this project sounds interesting to you, and you are proficient in any of these skills, I would love to interview you.

I will be picking 20 applicants to interview, paying each of them $5. After each interview has been completed, I will choose 5 from the original 20 to do a group interview with, paying each of those 5 an additional $20. During that interview, I will present some of the work I have already done, and the first filmmaker I will be examining. After I review the interview, I will choose two people that I believe will fit best on the team. I am willing to provide a 25% stake in revenue generated from advertisements and crowdsourced funding going forward.

At present, I have a 36 page script, a storyboard and timeline of life events and work in the form of an excel document, production notes in that same document (sound effects, music, movie clips, etc), existing accounts on several mainstream streaming platforms ready to post content, and a recording of part one of the first series in the form of an audacity file.

If you are interested in participating in this project, reply or send me a DM.
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2022.01.23 22:29 xGossipGoat A moment of humanity at the Australian Open

So was at the tennis this weekend on Saturday and was watching the game between Taylor Fritz and Bautista (turned out to be a great match btw).
In the crowd was someone who had a mental disability and he was slapping his thighs really hard and it was quite distracting. I figured it was just his method of applauding and everyone didn't seem to mind it too much.
Unfortunately it was loud enough that it caused Bautista to point in his direction and yell to cut it out however he was unable to do that and he complained to the umpire. This caused a bit of commotion and someone in the crowd started yelling "Shut the fuck up you wanker".
Everyone in our part of the stadium was understandably feeling very bad as he got up to leave and then the person who yelled out started clapping loudly. Then someone from our side yelled back at the guy "shut the fuck up, its not his fault" and pretty much everyone proceeded to give a round of applause.
It was very bittersweet but it nevertheless reassuring.
Everything happened so fast so didn't get to see who yelled that out but hopefully someone bought them a beer.
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2022.01.23 22:29 Xumade [B][USA-CA] Fuji 23 f1.4 or 33 f1.4 LM WR versions

I know these lenses are fairly new. Throwing some feelers out there to see if anyone got one and didn’t match expectations. Open to offers thanks.
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2022.01.23 22:29 Basil-Kooky Phimosis stage 3 what to do?

Have never discussed this with anyone before. I am 28 and I discovered I had phimosis about 10 years ago. From the diagrams I've seen, I'd say I have type 3 as I can see just a bit of the tip when I try and retract. It has not caused me any major problems as of yet. I can pee fine, erections feel great, and masturbation has been a regular activity of mine for well over a decade now. In terms of intercourse, I have rather limited experience. I've never been in a long term relationship, just the occasional fling here and there. I certainly don't recall being in any tremendous pain during these flings, but I don't recall them being anything mindblowing either. That said, a lot of these flings happened when I'd had a fair amount to drink.
I've tried many stretching exercises of the years not to mention steroid creams and none of them have made any difference. The thought of having surgery petrifies me beyond belief for the following reasons.

  1. I fear the pain would be too unbearable to handle
  2. I fear I may not ever get used to having my head exposed
  3. I fear it may prevent me from enjoying any kind of sexual pleasure including masturbation.
I've read stories about men committing suicide because they could not live with the post circumcision discomfort. I feel that having surgery would be more trouble than it's worth, especially given that i've lived with it reasonably fine so far. It is definitely a hard one (no pun intended).
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2022.01.23 22:29 Br442_206 Brightness changing when rotating surface go 2

is it just me or have others been dealing with the screen brightness changing when i rotate the screen. Im currently being blinde. Have anyone found a solution as i called microsoft support and they didnt find anything
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2022.01.23 22:29 jediobiwan Took some more pics of my SEL AWD in Lucid Blue today

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2022.01.23 22:29 Pink_Guppy Scuba half zip on short people?

I’m 5’2 and interested in getting a scuba half zip but I don’t want the sleeves to look ridiculous. I would likely get the XS/S. Can any short ladies share their experiences with the sleeves? TIA!
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2022.01.23 22:29 TheIsite Super confused by chapter 6 of “memories, dreams and reflections”. What is he talking about with anima and Elijah and Salome in his dreams?

So I’m reading Jung for the first time and am completely lost as to what chapter 6 is saying. In the chapter he’s talking about his dreams that feature Elijah, Salome and a snake. He then connects a certain I think unconscious voice with something called the anima. Does anyone know what I’m referring to? I don’t want to put the book down but I’m completely lost as to what this all means. If possible a short summary of the chapter and the key important points would be nice if you’re familiar with the chapter would be good.
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2022.01.23 22:29 alexandria820 Is it time for bed yet?

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2022.01.23 22:29 hammadurb Start the Steal: New MAGA Emails Reveal Plot to Hand Arizona to Trump

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2022.01.23 22:29 cryptochrizt Ehdokas jota äänestin, sai 0 ääntä äänestyspaikassani. Mitä voin tehdä?

En ole vetämässä vaalivilppikorttia esiin, tarkistuslaskentakin suoritetataan vasta huomenna. Mutta entä jos senkin jälkeen näyttää nollaa? Äänestyspaikassa oli 10 hylättyä ääntä. En kuitenkaan ymmärrä, miten omani olisi hylätyksi voinut päätyä, sen verran selkeästi aina nuo kirjoitan. Onko näitä hylättyjä mahdollista nähdä jotenkin, että olisiko omani siellä? Ainakin lehdistölle näistä hauskimpien kuvia lähetellään.
Myös tyttöystäväni sanoi äänestäneensä samaa ehdokasta, samaan aikaan, samassa paikassa. Tästä en kuitenkaan täysin varma voi olla. Oman lappuni kuitenkin muistan varsin selkeästi, vaikka suvussa dementiaa onkin ollut.
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2022.01.23 22:29 heeralalazad Supreme God Kabir Creator of all the universes. Anant koti brahmand ka, ek rati nahin bhaar Satguru Purush Kabir hain, kul ke sirjan haar Respected Garibdas ji Maharaj has made it clear that the SatPurush Kabir Saheb is the creator of all things.... #KabirisGod #GodMorningMonday

Supreme God Kabir Creator of all the universes. Anant koti brahmand ka, ek rati nahin bhaar Satguru Purush Kabir hain, kul ke sirjan haar Respected Garibdas ji Maharaj has made it clear that the SatPurush Kabir Saheb is the creator of all things.... #KabirisGod #GodMorningMonday submitted by heeralalazad to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 22:29 captaintonyp Half sleeve done by Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio in Dormont PA

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2022.01.23 22:29 Important-Jacket-657 Jajaja 😎

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2022.01.23 22:29 fouadmn Planning projects as the only developer within a StarUp

So I (~ 3 years of experience fullstack developer) joined a startUp in Japan almost 2 months ago, and I found myself in a very strange situation.
Basically, this startup is outsourcing another development company (in another country) to build their product. They have done great work and effort. However recently I have been asked to worked on a big feature. At that time I was confused why this startUp has recruited an expensive engineer (me) if they have bunch of skilled (and much cheaper) people/team who built the whole thing and know everything about it. So I felt alone because of the distance and because those people work together in their country and speak the same language (language barrier, which is a whole new thing), and I had no idea how to work with them.
So when my boss asked me if I want to work on a new feature that is kinda special, I immediately accepted as I though I can work on that alone, but few days later, I have been asked to provide estimations and plan the whole thing (which I have never done before) in short time, where I guess a team should do that together rather than one person.
I am currently very confused and started to feel as an imposter. The people are very good, and so is the idea of the project , and pinned lot of hopes on me when I joined, which felt so heavy, so I don't know how to do what they asked for and how to ask for cooperation without looking incompetent and betray their trust on me.
I am sure I may have missed few details here and there, but I would appreciate if you could tell me what would you do if you were me, and how would you approach such situation.
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2022.01.23 22:29 Wonderful-Advisor112 Hmmmm

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2022.01.23 22:29 Enough-Rent-159 Understanding Swiss market

I am looking for some ideas to start business here in Switzerland. Products could be anything like food, clothing, yoga medicine etc from East(specially India).
Is Switzerland like some specific products from there ? (I.e tea, spice, silk, Ayurveda medicine etc) May be someone with similar experience can guide or connect.
I have recently moved from UK and have a good import links from India and currently researching swiss markets and understanding customer behavior.
I love swiss culture and possibly would like to contribute to make it better.
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2022.01.23 22:29 Significant_Bar_859 Akinator vioalated JJ

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