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Oh my Bursto

2022.01.18 00:42 PRSXFENG Oh my Bursto

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2022.01.18 00:42 Weekly_Future3671 Alliance question

How do you get inside an Alliance boarder? I’m part of an alliance, but not inside the “colored box”. Is that important?
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2022.01.18 00:42 Foooour Thanks mods

Or whoever else runs this shit. I really like this sub
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2022.01.18 00:42 sweetbella09 Please I need karma…. Upvoting all

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2022.01.18 00:42 Wonderful_Simple_225 Tanga ko naman.

bumagsak sa exam kase di nagcapslock hahahaha tanga ko naman. yaan na wala na magagawa. hahahhahha
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2022.01.18 00:42 crclsqre Windscribe works on hypixel apparently

Free vpn btw. Just used it (selected a location near where I live and maybe that’s why it wasn’t detected) and it worked fine, connection was good as well
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2022.01.18 00:42 chinchouplush chinchou server

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2022.01.18 00:42 jenna3037 What am I doing wrong?

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2022.01.18 00:42 cesga_0218 Devin Booker drops 48 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds, and 3 steals in a win vs the Spurs!

What a game from Booker! Really wanted that 50 but couldn't hit his last two three point attempts. Got pulled with the Suns up by 10+ as the Spurs already pulled their starters too.
18/33 from the field
5/13 from three
7/8 from the line
Source: https://www.espn.com/nba/game?gameId=401360483
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2022.01.18 00:42 fightforphilly Have we seen the worst of the toty crash already?

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2022.01.18 00:42 Still_Helicopter_765 I (23 M) talked to a girl (22 F) for a month and then got ghosted after a friends weekend

So I have been talking to this girl from a dating at for a month. We were both out of town for 3 weeks because of the holidays and work vacations. We have been having great conversations and eventually went on a date and had a great time. We planned on a second date and I made reservations for brunch and something else. Over the weekend she had “friends” come visit her. I got hit with a text after confirming our plans saying that something has come up and she isn’t ready to start a relationship. I assume it has something to do with her ex but I’m confused as to why someone would seem like they’ve had so much time with me and have a connection just to cut it off out of nowhere
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2022.01.18 00:42 freediverhd Race Prediction slower than usual running pace?

Since buying this watch, the Race Prediction for my 5km has always been faster than my actual running performance during my weekly runs.
In early January I set new running record for my 5km (PR 21:45) and now I am consistently running 5km 22:30. But my race prediction is now slower than my average run (22:55, or even 23:00). I reset the watch completely to try fix the issue. However its been another week, the training manager is functioning again after using the watch for 7 days. I have run 4 times, and I'm back in this situation.
What could cause a race prediction to be slower than your usual performance?
-age 38, vo2max 50, watch Descent MK2s, run 3 times a week 5km each time, no other training. Weather has been particularly cold in January (acclimation adjustment going against me?)
(2 photos included in this post)
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2022.01.18 00:42 wooopergang [dark souls remastered] (Xbox one) Need help with nito. pass is 9191

Msg summon sign spot
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2022.01.18 00:42 desertdawg24 I could taste n smell during when I felt the most sick but now I’m feeling better and it’s gone

I noticed last week (Tuesday) I had a sore throat and had a little bit of the chills and fatigue it didn’t seem like anything crazy so I started taking some Tylenol cold n flu medicine. After a few days I started feeling better but on that Saturday I lost my taste and smell and my nose has been clear mostly or just one side gets plugged but never both only thing I’ve noticed is when I drink some juice it taste almost rotten. Did anyone else experience something like this ?
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2022.01.18 00:42 mljb81 So I guess I'm spending the night on the couch...

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2022.01.18 00:42 rynris Advice on getting a second hand uplift desk

I’ve been contemplating getting a standing desk and have always wanted an uplift but I’m kind of balking on the price for a new one.
Just saw a 60” x30” one go up on Craigslist with the right table style I want (birch wood butcher block I believe?) for $399. It’s still feels pretty high in price but do y’all think it’s a good bargain?
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2022.01.18 00:42 tripsteady Using 100F Firewall as core router?

Hi guys
I'm setting up a business in the US and am dealing with an ISP called Cogent.
It seems like they dont provide routers, just fibre to the building itself. In Australia the ISP is responsible for providing us with a router, we connect this to our firewall - is this not the case in the US?
I've been told that I can use my 100F firewall directly as a router, by using a 1GE SFP LX Transceiver, is this a thing?
Have never come across this before, apologies for the ignorance.
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2022.01.18 00:42 jtd951 DIY video explanation - F25/F26 X3/X4 Central Information Display (CID) LCD panel replacement

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2022.01.18 00:42 missychevious11 She loves guarding the strawberries, but it can be exhausting haha

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2022.01.18 00:42 bafangoolNJ What pissed you off the most?

  1. Furio disappearing
  2. Vito not getting his hustle in AC/not having a fighting chance against Phil
  3. Tony not killing Phil himself
  4. Ralphie killing Tracee
  5. Christafah not getting off the drugs
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2022.01.18 00:42 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Hong Kong police charge two former aircrew over Covid rules | BBC

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2022.01.18 00:42 Pguinne Recommendations for dine-in dinner around/in Henley Beach?

I'm catching up with a friend this arvo for dinner in or around Henley, but I'm completely stuck on options. I live here but rarely go out so I don't really know what's hot atm. It's just a catch-up so we're not going for anything crazy fancy, and it could be any cuisine. I'm just so lost lol thanks in advance for any answers!
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2022.01.18 00:42 ivallena Lazy Rowan sleeping his morning away. The room has been dark since around 5:30-6 and he is still in bed when I’m getting ready for bed at almost 10pm lol.

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2022.01.18 00:42 ZigZag369 Please read the description on my NFT. I mean it ❤🤙🏼.

Tap & share if ever this resonates.
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2022.01.18 00:42 Maybabii2022 Drawn for a friend

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